Sourcing from Asia

Sourcing from US and EU companies has come to a challenging situation.

It is due to disrupted supply chains and trade conflicts. Companies worldwide might also find pricier goods yet not as quality as Asian products. 

Sourcing from Asia is an excellent alternative to sourcing from developed countries.

Various Asia countries serve as an extensive production base. They can produce affordable and quality goods to fulfill your local market.

This article will share the advantages of sourcing from Asia.

You’ll also learn how a good sourcing agent can improve your supply chains. Let’s get rolling!


Why do you source from Asia?

Most companies are sourcing products from Asia for various benefits.

Here are the benefits you get by sourcing from Asia:

1. Affordable & Quality Goods

Asian countries focus on cost-effective and quality goods to increase your profits.

They make good quality control based on high technical standards. 

I am always a FAN of Asian suppliers. It is because of both the HIGH-QUALITY yet affordable prices. If you want HIGHER PROFITS, ASIAN suppliers must be your choice

2. Intensive Labour

Your supplier from the Asian country also often has a massive workforce.

The manufacturing ability of these manufacturers could enhance your supply chain.

You can get large quantities of product from Asia to fulfill huge demand.

3. Experienced in Transportation

Do you know the real problem in a business? For me, nine out of ten times was the SHIPPING. The good thing is that Asian suppliers are very adept at it. That is great.

These trading companies are also experienced in exporting for your industry.

They have expertise to handle transportation activities.

For example, the customs and product regulations. It will save you more hassles on shipping and customs. 

4. Vast Choices of Products

You’ll get a range of choices from these Asia trading companies.

They have a comprehensive list of Asian suppliers and products for your industry.

You can choose the best items for your preferred product category. 

I have worked with many ASIAN suppliers. They have a WIDE COLLECTION of products facilitating you from A to Z. I easily increase my inventory range with their products.

5. Policy Advantages

The Asian countries have policy advantages when compared to the Western manufacturers.

The government supports their production, shipping, and other trade policies.

You will be satisfied with the sourcing process from Asia.

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The advantages of different Asian countries/cities.

advantages of different Asian countries/cities

Asia remains the sourcing strategy for companies all over the world. Let’s take a look at the benefits:


China goods are affordable, high-tech, and unique.

You can find quality goods in large quantities, even for customized products.

China suppliers also allow flexible payment terms and consolidation of private-label goods.

The top China exports: electrical equipment, toys, sports equipment, furniture, apparel, and footwear. 

Hongkong, China

You can communicate easily in Hongkong as most locals are fluent in English.

This city has a strategic location. It also has a highly skilled workforce with international experience.

It mainly exports: electrical machinery, office machines, other machines, apparatus, and appliances.

Taiwan, China

Most Taiwanese businesspeople can speak fluent English.

They manufacture products of high value even under low-cost production.

Besides, it also has a  high production capacity for any customization and innovation.

Top Taiwan exports: electronics, plastics, and household goods. They also have little textiles and agriculture products.


India is the alternative supplier country to China. It has a massive workforce and affordable pricing.

You will find fewer communication problems. It is because people in India speak fluent English.

The main India exports: chemical goods, valuable metals, fabrics, minerals, and machines.


Exporters in Indonesia enjoy low labor costs besides a large young labor force.

Its political stability also reduces your risks of imports.

Their primary exports: mineral products, fabrics, metals, rubbers, and plastics. You can also access animal and vegetable bi-products here, as well as machines.


Malaysia ranks well in ease of doing business.

Companies can buy affordable goods with no value-added tax (VAT). It is also located strategically with skilled laborers.

Malaysian top exports: machines, chemicals, metals, and mineral products. There are also plastics, animal, and vegetable bi-products here.


With quality infrastructure, Thailand can make business and shipments arrangements at ease.

Thailand 4.0 also changed the manufacturing base with more advanced technology.

Thailand’s top exports: transportation, machines, and metals. You can also find plastics, rubbers, chemical products, and foodstuffs in Thailand.


It is a top substitute country from China sourcing.

Vietnam has low labor costs, a young workforce, and fast-growing exports.

Their foreign-friendly policy and geographical advantages are attracting more clients.

Vietnam’s major exports: machines, plastics, rubbers, metals, and vegetable products. Besides, it also has textiles, headwear, and footwear.

Best 10 Asia sourcing agents

Sourcing Agents ServicesLocation
Leelinesourcing-Provide Sourcing plan for offshore business
-Offer a complete company service
-Takes care of all legal requirements 
-Available with more than five years of experience
Jing Sourcing-It helps both small and large businesses
-Integrated with more than 1500 American sellers
-Greatly increase the annual import revenue
-Takes care of the shipping agreement
Tradit Co., Ltd-Professional firm in design, manufacturing and sourcing 
-Exceptional experience with entertainment companies
-Pretty reliable to finalize your deals with
-Takes care of the quality control and inspection 
South Korea
Polymech Components Pvt. Ltd-It has more than 25 years of sourcing experience 
-Provide professional sourcing services
-It helps you to build your business in Asia
-Provide the assistance of faculty audits
Textile Sourcing Services-Holds a long history of manufacturing and sourcing textile products
-Enables the entrepreneurs to build their business
-Support a large number of companies within the country
-Offers supplier prospection, order preparation, and management
Refine Oita -Established since 1986
-Authorized supplier of Japanese products
-It also provides logistics support
-Promotes overseas e-commerce
Bungoono-City, Oita, Japan
Import Dojo-Supports large supply platforms like Amazon 
-Professional in all kinds of sourcing activities
-Holds experience of more than 12 years
-He has a professional staff of 200 people
China2west -Provides detailed information about sourcing 
-Holds a large network of suppliers
-Offer product layout, management, and order shipping services
-Takes care of all logistics involved
Three’s Company Inc-Available with more than 20 years of experience 
-Known supplier of apparel, hardware and related items
-Working as a distributor, reseller, dealer and buying agent
-Takes care of the products specifications
Ec4u Limited-It greatly helps in accelerating the business
-Maintains a consistent supply chain 
-Reduces the operational cost 
-Provide high-quality products
Europe, HongKong,China
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How can Asia sourcing agents help you?

 Asia sourcing agent

Hiring a sourcing agency could be helpful to the supply chain of your business.

Affordable and Quality Goods

The agents can help sourcing products for your business.

I have worked with LEELINE SOURCING. They have been outstanding in driving the profitable costs and finding the lower rate suppliers. I recommend using the sourcing agents for lower prices.

You’ll access a fair price, good quality, and high manufacturing capacity.

You can save more money too, even after adding the fees for sourcing agents.

Negotiation Coordination

The right sourcing agent could be the liaison between you and the supplier.

These agents have commercial knowledge and access to a reliable network of suppliers.

Your agent also tells your requirements clearly to the supplier team without language barriers.

Technical Assistance

These sourcing agents are good at technical assistance at the same time.

Buyers can rely on their agent to deal with contracts, payments, and delivery.

They can even handle quality control on your samples and orders. 

Leeline Sourcing agents have helped me in every TECHNICAL ASPECT. They applied quality control. Got me the required AQL. And purchased the best inventory to generate higher profits.

Lowered Risks

Businesses save more hassles by hiring sourcing agents from the Asian market.

My sourcing agents have a LONG LIST of suppliers. They already have worked with them. So, there is no risk of dealing with them. Moreover, QUALITY control helps differentiate the quality.

They can lower the risks of your company in your entire supply chain. 

One-Stop Sourcing Solution

Your agent can arrange custom declarations and import licenses for your business too.

They can even process overtime charges and consolidated cargo for you.

Want to find the Best Souring Agent from Asia?

Leeline Sourcing help you find factories, get competitive prices, follow up production, ensure quality and deliver products to the door.

How to distinguish the reliable Asia sourcing agents

It is essential that you differentiate a good sourcing agent for your business.

Here are some ways you can verify them:

Business License 

Whether the agent is in Asia or Europe, License is the first thing I check. It ensures the sourcing agents are real and know the eCommerce business dealings. Super cool for the brands.

You should always look for a licensed sourcing agent with professional certification.

For example, those with Certified Supply Chain Professional (CSCP) could be more reliable.

Expertise and Experience

It is vital to search for those with years of experience in your preferred industry.

They must be professional for quality checking services. These services are for the technical requirements and specifications.

Your sourcing agent needs to know how to verify a contract and enhance your supply chain.

Knowledge About Regulations 

A good sourcing agent should know the regulations well.

They should not solely rely on “guanxi” / relationships. It is to avoid improper business activities.

For instance, the import license, business process, labor laws, medical regulations etc.

Every country has many Safety regulations. Therefore, I ensure my agents have ESSENTIAL knowledge of the rules and regulations. That is where they help me sell smoothly.


 the reliable Asia sourcing agents

You can also identify their credibility of services via testimonials and comments online.

Check if they have a professional website with fluent English. You should also look at a good company reputation. 

Language Proficiency

Since I have worked with the China suppliers mostly, I check whether the sourcing agent is local. It helps me get CHINESE NATIVE AGENTS who Better understand the language and market.

Your sourcing agent must be fluent in the local language of your supplier and you.

They need to have the technical backgrounds to prevent miscommunication.

Suppliers Network

Usually, an experienced sourcing agent has a wide variety of supplier networks.

You’ll access more choices in product sourcing on different quality levels.


Your sourcing agent should be near the manufacturers.

It will save you more cost and get you quick updates on time.

Here is what I do. If my supplier is from Guangzhou, I make a LIST of all the sourcing companies in Guangzhou. It saves the costs on warehousing and transportation due to nearby location.


The costs and manufacturing process need to be transparent during the business.

It is also important that they arrange visits to the factory upon your request.

Predicting the future of sourcing from Asia

Sourcing from Asia has undergone an ever-changing situation since the 2020’s disruption. 

Compared to the past, brick-and-mortar businesses are declining.

More clients focus on e-commerce activities in 2022, after the COVID-19 pandemic. They prefer the adaptability to be new and sustainable technology. 

The supply chain has changed from the traditional one to the digital supply chain.

Many companies aim to reduce more carbon footprint by digital sourcing. It is applicable in materials, manufacturing capabilities, or transportation.

The companies worldwide also prefer cost-effective locations closer to the supplier base.

They prefer quick product development, more precise forecasts, and lesser downtime. All these help achieve faster delivery as they wanted.  

Companies over the world are also in search of a one-stop solution, be it wholesalers or retailers.

They choose partners to fulfill planning on supply and demand.

Besides, these companies also focus on sourcing, logistics, and manufacturing.


sourcing from Asia

What is the complete process to source from Asia?

You need to tell your potential manufacturers your technical specifications and quality requirements.

It includes your design, batch sizes, volume, packaging, and price. 

Then, choose a reliable production company.

Your company should arrange commercial invoices and contracts with them. You must know their lead time and payment methods.

How to source products from Asian suppliers?

Retailers can research online via search engines or social networks like Reddit and Facebook.

Besides, online platforms like Global Sources have extensive information about suppliers.

Trade shows are ideal as a ground presence to know the quality of their materials.

You can also hire a trading company from Southeast Asia as your sourcing agent. A good agent saves you hassles.

How to ensure quality control when sourcing from Asia?

Companies can travel to China to inspect by spending some travel expenses.

Otherwise, you can hire an inspection team based on your target import country.

To save costs for quality inspections, hiring a third-party inspection company is ideal.

They help to inspect the manufacturing company of your preferred industry.

How long does it take to get my orders delivered to me?

It is crucial to have timely delivery to ensure a smooth supply chain.

In this case, you should allow 10 – 12 weeks in order to get your goods in hand.

You also need to choose a suitable shipping method based on your cost and urgency.

Sea transports are cheaper but longer, and air transports are faster yet pricier.

Final thoughts

To adapt to the new norm, importers all over the world must find good product sources.

In this case, Asian countries are good choices to source products.

Many countries in Asia can fulfill the demand of Western customers. They have large production capacities.

You can also access good services, excellent product quality, and affordable prices here.

Consider finding a reliable sourcing agent or other trading partners to save hassles. They help coordinate the process for a better supply chain.

I hope this article helps in your journey of sourcing products from Asia.

Feel free to visit Leeline Sourcing for more useful sourcing information.

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