10 Types of Packaging: MAKES Safety Easy For Product

Sharline Shaw

I was stunned by the PRODUCT PACKAGING. Different styles of packaging are JUST GREAT. For example, if I order an APPAREL, my first catch is:

  • How does the product packaging it?
  • Is packaging beautiful?
  • How is the product quality?

It is just my EXPERIENCE from the customer’s point of view. 

The most crucial point here. Types of packaging define how and what you need for your products. 

Our experts at LEELINE SOURCING have helped sellers choose suitable product packaging. We help determine the BEST PACKAGING MATERIALS. You impress your customers and get more sales.

Do you want to know retail packaging types?

If yes, let’s talk about the type of packaging in detail.

Ready? Let’s talk!

Types of Packaging

Three Categories for Packaging

Three Categories for Packaging

Believe me; I have never HEARD plastic crates as the packaging in my home. But here we have got it.

I won’t CRACK the code to what category the CRATES belong. Let’s find it.

· Primary Packaging

All the packaging varieties of the products are included in the primary packaging. For instance, if you do food packaging, it is primary packaging.

From a PLASTIC to a CARDBOARD BOX containing the gifts is part of primary packaging. A shipping container often has the primary packaging stored in it.

Here are some examples of primary packaging.

  • Laminated Pouches
  • Plastic Containers
  • Tin Can
  • Parchment paper
  • Wet Strength paper
  • Laminated tubes
  • Mono Cartons
  • Retort pouches

Many other examples are included in the primary packaging.

· Secondary Packaging

Have you been to the warehouses? Hmmm…..yes, I guess.

However, our PLASTIC CRATES used in the home grocery products or stores are a good example. Trays and crates in warehouses contain large quantities of small items.

These come under the secondary packaging category. Everyday packaging products include:

  • Plastic Trays
  • Plastic Crates
  • Wooden Crates
  • EPS trays

· Tertiary Packaging

Bulk or transit packaging comes under the category of tertiary packaging. 

It involves all the products that are ready to ship. They may contain multiple individual boxes inside the product pallets.

The typical examples of tertiary packages are:

  • Wooden Containers
  • Corrugated Fiberboard
  • Wooden Pallet 
  • Plastic Pallet
  • Stretch wrapped pallet

Details about Different Types of Packaging

Product packaging comes in diverse materials and styles. Here are multiple types used in PACKAGING INDUSTRY.

1. Paperboard and substrates

Paperboard and substrates

Paperboard and substrates have many APPLICATIONS in food packaging and other products. Even they help in packing the GLASS BOTTLE.

It is made up of PULP pressed between the two layers of PAPER. They are strong and offer protection to fragile items.


  • They have the HIGH STRENGTH to protect the products. My customers appreciate my efforts to use the paperboard and substrates.
  • Printable. You can print your business logos. It INCREASES branding opportunities.
  • They are inexpensive options used widely. You get lower prices and INVEST in your business growth.


  • They do not possess High strength. Therefore, your ITEMS may damage upon falling.
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2. Rigid Boxes

I have seen tons of RIGID BOXES. Do you know the MOST similar point in all the packages? They contain premium products. Jewelry, gift, and smartphones are one TOP products.

Rigid boxes comprise the 4 TIMES THICKER PAPERBOARD than standard recycled paper. It gives them the ESSENTIAL rigidity for the safety of expensive gifts.


  • They look more CLASSY AND PREMIUM. My customers remain stunned by such packaging.
  • Great CUSTOMIZATION FEATURES. That means I can CHANGE the dimensions tailored to products.
  • I sent them to the RECYCLING PROCESS last week. It saved bucks and INCREASED profits.


  • They are VERY EXPENSIVE due to the premium quality paper used.

3. Glass

Have you seen the KETCHUP in the glass bottles? At the more prominent restaurants or PIZZA shops, you can observe.

At home, most of the products, like Sugar, Salt, are packed in glass bottles. A glass has enough STRENGTH to hold the liquid products in place and offer safety. 

It is not prone to environmental factors.


  • It has got a UNIQUE design and flexibility. I have tried a bunch of packaging DESIGNS for packing peanuts.
  • Glass is a RECYCLABLE item. That means you don’t have to INVEST AGAIN once you have it.
  • Eco-friendly choice. It does not impact the environment, unlike the plastic packaging material.


  • It is EXPENSIVE compared to the paper material available.

4. Chipboard Packaging

Chipboard Packaging

Chipboard packaging is SIMILAR to MDF but has many different features. The paper is compressed, and manufactures the chipboard.

The density of the CHIPBOARD defines its strength. Higher density means more stability. 

There are many pros and cons of CHIPBOARD packaging. These are:


  • It is a SUPER AFFORDABLE option. I have used it to package most of my products.
  • Green Choice with recycling and sustainability impresses my customers. They feel safer.
  • Provides EFFECTIVE brand recognition with marketing.


  • It is thin and does not give HIGH PROTECTION features like other types.

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5. Foil Sealed Bags

These contain the ALUMINUM foils around the bags. This packaging material is trendy due to its 100% Vacuum sealed features.

It is a SUITABLE choice when you have less space. CDs, DVDs, and RAM sets are sent to a CONSUMER in foil-sealed bags.


  • It condenses the products to save SPACE when being stored. Therefore, I used it to ship hardware products and RAMs.
  • Foil-sealed BAGS are inexpensive options. I have saved HUNDREDS of bucks by using them.
  • What I adore the MOST, is the PAINTING AND PRINTING features. They allow more branding and a premium look.


  • It does not PROVIDE ENOUGH protection when it falls on the floor.

6. Corrugated boxes

Have you ever thought of the CARTONS being shipped? Hmm…..I guess you haven’t.

They are the CORRUGATED boxes. You can add an EXTRA LAYER to protect products. Food products like PIZZA can be packed in these boxes for the end users.

Shipping companies ship products using this packaging design. They have the following PROS and CONS.


  • I have printed my BRAND LOGO and some instructions on them. They have the PRINTING ABILITY.
  • Corrugated boxes are 100% SUSTAINABLE and made from paper.
  • They are inexpensive. It INCREASES the profits of the sellers while enabling EASY shipping.


  • MOISTURE and HUMIDITY can decrease their protection strength. 

7. Plastics

Plastics are one of the MOST COMMON packaging materials. They serve a high protection duty. And help in shipping lightweight to heavyweight products. 

In the shipping process, you can OFTEN find the use of plastics.

Here are some pros and cons of plastics.


  • I have used it many times. It is because of the LOWER COST and high protection features.
  • It is DURABLE with airtight and water-proofing features. It makes the package good for the LIQUID products also.
  • Plastic is flexible based on the variety of shapes. You can find many forms.


  • Plastic is not a BIODEGRADABLE product. It poses health side effects.

8. Bubble Mailers

Bubble Mailers

You must have seen a BUBBLE WRAP around the products. A bubble mailer is a BUBBLE WRAP suitable for clothing and gadgets.

A seller who uses POSTAL shipping bubbles mailers your products. They also COMPRISE the paper but have protection features.


  • They are an INEXPENSIVE option. It has saved me MORE MONEY and increased my profits.
  • Bubble mailers are available in multiple sizes. (C4 – A4 size, C5 – A5 size, C3 – A3 size). It is excellent for your business.
  • The use of PAPER material makes them recyclable. You can make the environment green and save OVERHEAD costs.


  • They don’t offer as much protection as other options do.

9. Cotton

Who hasn’t HEARD of the cotton? It is a popular item used everywhere in the apparel industry.

But have you ever seen the COTTON packages? Let me tell you. Cotton bags are used to carry solid items and premium products. They have got many FEATURES with 100% protection to the products. 

Here are the pros and cons.


  • It keeps my PRODUCTS safe from dirt or any contamination. That is an incredible feature of COTTON packaging. 
  • I have painted and printed them. Such an EASE makes it one of the TOP RAW MATERIALS for producing packages.
  • The remarkable fact is it is REUSABLE. You can reuse cotton for extended periods.


  • Cotton bags are not a very good choice for LIQUID FOOD packaging.

10. Flexible Plastic Packaging

Previously, I mentioned plastic. Now, flexible plastic packaging is another type of PLASTIC packaging.

It comprises linear low-density polyethylene or low-density polyethylene. Due to flexibility in the shapes and STRUCTURE, we call it a flexible plastic.

Packaging material offers to package Food, Pet Treats, Toilet paper, etc.


  • I have got the flexibility of the forms. From SHRINK to stretch wrap, it makes the PACKAGING perfect.
  • It is an INEXPENSIVE option. You save every penny for your products.
  • Protection is very HIGH. No need to worry about your products once you have them. 


  • It is not an eco-friendly OPTION. Adverse health effects are possible.

Uses and Functions of Packaging

Uses and Functions of Packaging

I have always loved packages from Chanel or Louis Vuitton!

Do you know what makes them VALUABLE? Unique boxes that allow you to carry your products safely. Not only safety, but packaging also helps in following purposes.

  • Contains and Protects products

Packaging keeps your products safe and sound. 

I have SHIPPED TONS of packages without single damage. In actuality, the external packaging provides easy shipping and safety. Even dangerous products remain safe

  • Helps in handling products.

Packaging helps better handle the products.  For example, if you use the WOODEN PALLETS in the warehouses, it is GREAT. You can expect better safety because of the WOOD packaging.

  • Provides access to marketing

Do you want a FREE MARKETING option? I recommend modifying your packing. Whether a single pack or a multi-pack, make it more SYNCHRONIZING with your brand.

You’ll achieve a better REPUTATION and more sales.

  • Communicate with your customers.

It seems ODD, but it is a great way to write precautions. Proper use of the direction of your products printed on the package talks to your buyers.

  • It makes a unique identity.

You can print the brand logos and Business identity.  

It helps in:

  • Better promotion of your brand.
  • Stand out your brand from your competitors.
  • It gives a unique equivalency putting, sketching your BRAND in the user’s brain.

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Consideration for Packaging Materials

Consideration for Packaging Materials

I know you must be EXCITED to choose the packaging, but NO RUSH! You’ll lose your BUSINESS with one wrong step.

Before you consider PACKING material, look at the following factors.

  • What is the nature of your product?

There are THREE FUNDAMENTAL natures of products.

  • Solid
  • Liquid
  • Gas

Since I am TALKING about packaging, narrow it down to solid or liquid. What is the NATURE of your product?

Plastic packaging is suitable for all types. In contrast, cardboard boxes don’t handle LIQUID. Therefore, you should know what you want to pack.

  • Packing Material cost

Some materials are costly. On the other hand, some are CHEAP. It depends on what you prefer.

Before Choosing the RIGHT MATERIAL, know what you choose. Is it expensive? Does it fall under your budget?

My choice is ALWAYS an INTERMEDIATE option. Better packaging yet less expensive.

  • Eco-friendly option

Paper is eco-friendly, but plastic is not. I prefer PAPER over PLASTIC.

Before landing the BEST packaging material, keep it as an option. Often it’s better to prefer an eco-friendly choice.

  • Transportation Factors

Not all the packaging is suitable for SHIPPING. If you are shipping, have the correct box in your hand.

It is where I consider what I should choose.

FAQs about Types of Packaging

1. Which plastics are recyclable?

Recyclable plastics avoid extra costs on the packaging. Here are different plastic films with recycling opportunities. 
· Polyethylene
· Polystyrene
· Low-density polyethylene 

2. How to recycle different types of packaging?

Packaging recycling features vary from one packaging to another. Moreover, it is an eco-friendly choice if you do. 
· Paperboard packaging requires throwing into the paper bin for recycling.
· Coated packaging needs proper separation and bleach.

3. What is the best packaging for milk?

Milk requires glass BOTTLES to avoid pouring or popping out of the package. The best option is the high-density polyethylene bottles. However, POLYETHYLENE TEREPHTHALATE is another best option.

4. What are the types of packaging for medical products?

Packaging material in the medical industry varies a lot. For example, for blood, you use the vials. BLISTER PACKAGING may be used for pharmaceutical products. Here are popular packaging options.
· Vials.
· Bottles.
· Blister packs.
· Sachets.
· Syringes.
· Ampoules

5. Which type of package is the most effective in advertising?

If you want to increase the brand identity, almost all types of packaging materials help you do that. Therefore, choose an appropriate option of the best packaging types with recycled materials.

What’s Next

As a seller, I THINK OF PACKAGING as the way:

  • To promote my BRAND
  • To win customer trust.
  • Provide essential SAFETY to the products.
  • Ship delicate items with crucial security. 

In that case, PACKAGING DESIGN and the color palette is the KEY thing.


Contact LEELINE SOURCING. We have got expert designers TO PREPARE the best designs. Our experts select SUSTAINABLE packaging materials. You get a competitive edge compared to other sellers. More SALES occur!

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