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Uniforms Suppliers

LeelineSourcing Find The Best Uniforms Suppliers and Manufacturers In China For you.

Leeline is at your assistance to provide you with wholesale uniforms.

Leeline will supply you with uniforms of high quality from a variety of uniform suppliers.

Leeline provides you with an FBA forwarding service for uniforms shipment.

Leeline inspects the quality of uniform manufacturing companies.

Leeline takes the necessary time to audit the factory of your Chinese uniform manufacturers.

Leeline negotiates for you with wholesale uniform suppliers to earn the best price possible.


Top 10 Trending Uniforms To Sell

1. School Uniforms

Importing School Uniforms From China

School uniforms are worn by the students who go to school. The school uniform imbibes the feeling of equality among the students. This uniform helps them to take pride in what they are wearing. They are manufactured with viscose and acrylic yarns. These fabrics are stable, durable, and lightweight to wear. 

According to studies, the school uniform industry is estimated to increase to USD 32320 million by 2026. It is estimated to have a rise marked in CAGR by 7.3%. Guangzhou province of China has the best wholesale school uniform manufacturers.

2. Hospital Uniforms

Wholesale Hospital Uniforms From China

The doctors, nurses, wear hospital uniforms, and various other staff members working in hospitals. This uniform uses a blend of cotton and polyester for manufacturing. This material keeps the bacteria only on the dress and does not transfer it to the human body.

Recent studies have shown that the demand for hospital uniforms is expected to reach USD 99.9 billion by 2027. It will exhibit a CAGR growth of 5.9% during this period. Many excellent medical uniform suppliers in China offers reasonable prices.

3. Military Uniforms

Buy Military Uniforms From China

The military troops wear military uniforms. This uniform helps to distinguish the cadets, and a sense of discipleship is seen among them. Most commonly, nylon and cotton blends are used for manufacturing as they offer high durability. 

The military uniforms are expected to hike to USD 163.33 million by 2024. This growth has expected a CAGR growth by 3%. Wuhan Fronter Industries and Jiangsu are the prominent uniform wholesale manufacturers. You can expect the superior quality of supplies from their side.

4. Guard Uniforms

Wholesale Guard Uniforms in Bulk From China

The guards outside many prominent places, wear the guard uniform. It acts as an identifier for the criminals that someone is present for security, and it won’t be easy to have an escape. Guard uniforms are designed with polyester or polycotton.


The guard uniform market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 4.3% to reach USD 72900 million by 2023. China’s security uniform suppliers have many years of experience and offer many choices in uniforms.

5. Hotel Uniforms

Wholesale From China Hotel Uniforms Suppliers

All the hotel staff is committed to wearing the hotel uniform. The team wears the same uniform to symbolize equality. And it is also a key factor to promote their venture by having a label on their dress. Hotel uniforms are made with cotton.

The hotel uniforms tend to witness a promising future with the increased demands. Zengcheng city is one of the centrally located spots in China to provide excellent hotel uniform materials. 

6. Corporate Uniforms

Wholesale From China Corporate Uniforms Manufacturers

Integrity and solidarity of the company is a crucial aspect to achieve. This aspect can be shown when employees of the company wear corporate uniforms. This uniform helps them to remain committed to one another and the company. Corporate uniforms are manufactured with polyester.

The industries related to the manufacturing of corporate uniforms will face a spike of USD 43 billion by 2025. It will register an increase in CAGR by 5% overall. You can import corporate uniforms in bulk from Xintang town in China. They provide wholesale manufacturers with a gateway for reliable uniforms. 

7. Salon Uniforms

Importing Salon Uniforms From China

Salon uniforms are worn by the staff working in the salon. It helps them to avoid contact with various products or to spill something over their clothes while working. These uniforms are designed with polyester viscose suiting fabric.  

As per the increasing demands in this sector, the need for salon uniforms will increase substantially. China is taking a center-spot for providing salon uniforms to the importers. 

8. Sports Uniform

Wholesale Sports Uniform From China

Player of every game has their distinct uniform. This sports uniform helps the players to distinguish between the team when they are on the fields. It becomes a quick identifier for a particular group. Sports uniforms are primarily designed with polyester to give players breathable and durable attire. 

According to various studies the sports uniforms will encounter an increase of USD 248.1 billion by 2026. It will mark a CAGR growth of 5.1%. Fujian is a leading province in China that manufactures sports uniforms to offer a great deal to wholesale uniform distributors. 

9. Industrial Uniforms

Importing Industrial Uniforms From China

All the worker working in an industry wears the industrial uniform. This uniform not only helps them to stay protected but it makes them all appear similar. An industrial uniform is manufactured with polyester cotton. This fabric helps the workers to work proficiently without worrying about the heat and cold. 

A CAGR spike of 6% is expected to be witnessed by 2027 for industrial uniforms. It will mark an increase to USD 12 billion by this period. Zhili district in China is a leading dealer in industrial uniform manufacturers.

10. Workwear Uniforms

Wholesale Workwear Uniforms From China

Workwear uniforms are worn mainly by those who are involved with manual labor. It provides them with the utmost sense of safety and durability while working. Workwear uniforms are made with a blend of polyester and cotton. This fabric helps the workers to remain cool and also saves them from any uncertain event. 

According to recent reports, wholesale work uniforms will rise to USD 43 billion by 2025. It will mark a spike of 5% CAGR growth. Weifang province in China is the leading supplier of workwear uniforms. 

Wholesale Uniforms From China and Save You Cost Up To 50%

Product Sourcing

Uniforms Product Sourcing

Leeline assists you to grab wholesale uniforms from a variety of manufacturers. You will get the best deals for your investment with their help.

Factory Audit

Uniforms Factory Audit

Leeline takes the command in its hand to provide the factory audit of the uniform’s manufacturers. It is assured that you will receive the best of the product.

Product Inspection

Uniforms Product Inspection

Leeline communicates with the uniform manufacturing companies on your behalf to provide you with quality material. The products are carefully examined so that each penny is worth it.

Amazon FBA Prep

Uniforms Amazon FBA Prep

Leeline directly deals with the uniform suppliers and keeps a proper tab regarding the packaging details. They use their logistics of Amazon FBA Prep to get the best shipping options to ship your product to Amazon. 

Shipping To Amazon FBA

Uniforms Shipping To Amazon FBA

Leeline conducts a smooth shipping plan from China for your wholesale uniforms. Their goal is to provide you with as little as possible of the shipping cost.


Uniforms DropShopping

Leeline gives you the privilege to get the uniforms at wholesale. They act as a dropshipping agent to get the required products from the supplier and safely deliver them to your place. 

Why Choose Leeline To Wholesale Uniforms From China

  • At Leeline, you experience a fast response for your quote with the list of best and reasonable wholesale uniform suppliers from China.
  • With Leeline, you get the best prices directly from the wholesale manufacturers with transparency.
  • With Leeline, you get your wholesale uniform supplies at minimal prices as they negotiate on your behalf.
  • Leeline offers you the protective storage of wholesale uniforms at their warehouse for one month without paying a single penny.
  • Leeline exports the uniforms from wholesale uniform suppliers to various manufacturers worldwide at a minimal shipping cost.
  • Leeline gives you the option of free returns and a money-back option within 120 days if you are not satisfied with the wholesale uniform suppliers.

With the assistance of Leeline, you can get your wholesale uniforms customized to suffice your business needs.

Wholesale Uniforms and Shipping From China

Uniforms Sea Freight Shipping from China

Uniforms Sea Freight From Shipping

Leeline assures that you get your uniform supplies within the stipulated time. They use the sea freight option for transportation of your goods to get delivered to you. It is also very convenient to ship bulk uniforms through the Leeline sea service.

Uniforms Air Freight Shipping from China

Uniforms Air Freight From Shipping

Leeline offers you reliable air freight services if you want your shipment to be delivered as soon as it can. They will ship you with your order of wholesale uniforms with proper care via air freight shipping service.  

Uniforms Rail Freight Shipping from China

Uniforms Supplies Rail Freight From Shipping

If your consignment has large volumes of uniforms, you can expect them within 15-20 days with Leeline’s rail freight shipping assistance. Our rail freight services give you a great deal of help to pick up materials from uniform manufacturers, and your worries are eliminated.

Uniforms Door to Door Shipping from China

Uniforms Door to Door From Shipping

Leeline gets the order from the place of origin to the destination with the help of their door-to-door shipping service. You need not take any pain that how your uniform supplier will deliver you the uniforms on time.

Best 10 Uniforms Suppliers In China

1. Zhengzhou Xingyuan Garment Co., Ltd.

1. Zhengzhou Xingyuan Garment Co., Ltd.

Zhengzhou Xingyuan Garment Co., Ltd. is a renowned uniform manufacturer situated in Henan, China. It was established in 1999. They produce durable and comfortable uniforms by using modern technology. 101-200 employees work hard and create strict trading management. Except for having an excellent reputation in China, they have eight years of experience in supplying their uniforms worldwide.


Main Product

They offer sophisticated styles of uniforms that are also long-lasting. You can get hospital uniforms and workwear from them. Also, their school and hotel uniforms are made up of high-quality fabric. You can also get comfy loungewear from them. Their primary markets are the domestic market, North America, and South America.


Why Choose it?

Zhengzhou Xingyuan Garment Co., Ltd. follows the business purpose of “honest management, moral commence, make classics, and create perfection”. They use advanced equipment to produce their uniforms. So, you can trust them for bulk orders. Moreover, they ensure customer satisfaction and fulfill their demands. Their website shows good reviews from their clients. Also, their response time is less than 4 hours.

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2. Wuhan Boster Clothing Co., Ltd.

2. Wuhan Boster Clothing Co., Ltd.

Wuhan Boster Clothing Co., Ltd. is a uniform supplier situated in Hubei, China. Since 2015, it has been manufacturing and trading professional and long-lasting uniforms worldwide. They have their fabric factory, which is SGS certified. Having 15 years of experience in the wholesale industry, this supplier has won the hearts of their customers. Their professional staff of 500 people provides their honest services.


Main Products

They provide an extensive collection of military uniforms. Their ACU Army Combat uniform is famous all over the world. Also, you can get work uniforms and uniform jackets of various styles and sizes from their collection. They also export uniforms internationally. The main markets outside China are in Middle East, Africa, and South America.


Why Choose it?

All its buyers highly praise this supplier. Customer satisfaction is their priority. They respond to online conversations very fast. So, their response time is less than 4 hours, and the response rate is 95.29%. Also, the team is friendly and tries to create a double-win relationship with long-term buyers. Moreover, their website shows 22 positive reviews from recent customers.

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3. Hebei Laifa Import and Export Trade Co., Ltd.

3. Hebei Laifa Import and Export Trade Co., Ltd.

Hebei Laifa Import and Export Trade Co., Ltd. is a famous nurse uniform manufacturer. This trading company has been supplying durable uniforms all over the world. It is situated in the Hebei province of China. They try to upgrade the professional appearance of medical staff by providing sophisticated uniforms. Over 50 employees strive to provide their honest services to the clients.


Main Product

They offer a vast collection of medical staff uniforms. From face masks to capes and aprons, you can find all of them from their store. Also, they supply casual sleepwear for both men and women. Their garments are comfortable and available in all sizes. They export uniforms to Africa, South Asia, and Southeast Asia. 


Why Choose it?

Hebei Laifa Import and Export Trade Co., Ltd. has excellent customer service. They ensure customer satisfaction. Their website shows 105 good reviews with a 4.7-star rating. The team is online 24/7 and responds quickly. Their response time is less than 3 hours. They have an excellent response rate of 97.35%. Moreover, they accept custom orders also. 

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4. Guangzhou Care Uniform Co., Ltd.

4. Guangzhou Care Uniform Co., Ltd.

Guangzhou Care Uniform Co., Ltd. is one of the leading manufacturers of uniforms. It was established in 2018 as a wholesale uniform supplier in Guangdong, China. Over a brief period, it has become an influential trader in the wholesale industry. The workshop is a vast building covering an area of 2500 square meters. They have advanced machines and never compromise on the fabric quality. Their team is comprised of 101 to 200 workers that are expert and professional.


Main Product

Guangzhou Care Uniform Co., Ltd. offers a vast uniforms collection. You can visit their catalogue to see workwear like hospital and hotel uniforms. Also, their airline and security uniforms are famous. Moreover, you can also find school uniforms from their store. The foreign markets to which they export their uniforms are Middle East, North America, and Western Europe. 


Why Choose it?

This uniform supplier has taken a short time to become successful by its excellent management and constant development. It is based on honesty, integrity, and customer satisfaction. They try to respond to the clients quickly and have a response rate of 95.59%. Their response time is 6 hours. So, they are reliable and can be trusted as the leading supplier.

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5. Nanchang Ketai Safety Protective Articles Co., Ltd.

5. Nanchang Ketai Safety Protective Articles Co., Ltd.

Nanchang Ketai Safety Protective Articles Co., Ltd. is a trading company that was founded in 2011. Situated in the Jiangxi province of China, it is a famous industrial uniform manufacturer. Their uniforms are highly appreciated in a variety of markets throughout the world. Their working team has 51-100 employees who are all experienced and hard working. Their headquarter is located in Nanchang. 


Main Product

All of their products have international quality standards. They have a comprehensive uniform collection, including yoga suits, firefighting suits, and restaurant uniforms. You can also get Kungfu uniforms from their catalogue. Their primary export market is in North America and the Middle East.


Why Choose it?

They have outstanding customer service. They follow the service concept of “a garment delivery, a shoelace warranty”. They respond quickly, and you can get the quote within 24 hours from their vigilant team. They possess an efficient dispatch method, with three days for proofing and seven days left for shipping. You can trust them while placing large orders. Moreover, their buyers leave good reviews on their website. 

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6. Nanjing Xuexin Garments Co., Ltd

6. Nanjing Xuexin Garments Co., Ltd

Nanjing Xuexin Garments Co., Ltd is one of the leading uniform manufacturing companies. It was established in 2013 in the Jiangsu province of China. It is also an expert in trading its famous garments. This supplier has more than 200 expert employees. The team is vigilant and tries to fulfill all needs of the customers.


Main Product

Their uniforms show an amalgamation of durability and style. They have a vast collection of scrubs and under scrubs. Their hospital uniforms are comfortable and breathable. You can visit their website for more details. Their primary markets are located in North America, Middle East, and Eastern Europe. 


Why Choose it?

This nurse uniform manufacturer is highly expert in the field of fabric production and design. Nanjing Xuexin Garments Co., Ltd offers uniforms that are stylistic and optimal in performance. They strive to satisfy their customers. Also, their buyers are always happy with their services. Their team is always online and responds quickly. They have a response rate of 99.65%.

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7. Guangzhou Senhao Clothing Co., Ltd.

7. Guangzhou Senhao Clothing Co., Ltd.

Guangzhou Senhao Clothing Co., Ltd. is a well-known uniform supplier situated in Guangdong, China. It was established in 1998. They manufacture high-quality uniforms that are long-lasting, and the colors never fade after washing. Almost 1500 efficient workers try hard to provide their excellent services. They have two showroom offices located in Hong Kong and Guangzhou. 


Main Product

Guangzhou Senhao Clothing Co., Ltd. is engaged in manufacturing quality uniforms and supply them all over the world. Their cooperate uniforms are available for both men and women. Also, they produce comfy and breathable security uniforms. Moreover, if you need school uniforms, you can find them in their collection. Except for satiating the domestic market, they export their uniforms to the Middle East and North America.


Why Choose it?

Guangzhou Senhao Clothing Co., Ltd. has made the customization process much easy. They always let their customer know about the progress of the order. Their uniforms are one of their kind. The items go through 3 rounds of inspection before dispatch. Their customers are satisfied with their services and leave positive reviews on their website. They are entirely reliable and can be trusted. 

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8. Yuemai Outdoor and Camping Co., Ltd.

8. Yuemai Outdoor and Camping Co., Ltd.

Yuemai Outdoor and Camping Co., Ltd. is a military uniform supplier located in Jiangsu, China. It was established in2013. They offer high-quality army uniforms at competitive prices. 5 to 10 employees are working hard to meet the customers’ demands. They have 20 years of experience in producing and supplying high-quality uniforms to international armies.


Main Product

Yuemai Outdoor and Camping Co., Ltd. offers an extensive range of military and tactical uniforms. They provide comfortable and durable garments. Their uniforms are high-performing and long-lasting. Their primary export is in North America, Eastern Europe, and South America except for the domestic market.


Why Choose it?

They try to build a solid and long-term relationship with their customers. The quality of their products is un-matchable. Also, their prices are affordable. They offer good customer service and respond to messages quickly. Their response rate is 95.49%, and response time is less than4 hours. You can trust them with bulk orders.

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9. Henan Shangmiao Garment Co., Ltd.

9. Henan Shangmiao Garment Co., Ltd.

Henan Shangmiao Garment Co., Ltd. has experience of 15 years in supplying wholesale work uniforms worldwide. It is situated in Henan, China. They have a vast building covering an area of 19,898 square meters. It was established in 2016. Over 300 employees form a hardworking team that tries to meet the customers’ needs. They are committed to providing good quality uniforms at affordable prices.


Main Product

They offer a vast collection having uniforms of all kinds in all sizes. Their hospital uniforms are pretty famous. You can also get beauty salon uniforms and hotel uniforms from them. Also, the military and guard uniforms are made from high-quality fabric. Moreover, if you need comfortable and durable school uniforms for kids, you should visit their website. Their primary markets are Middle East, Southeast Europe, and Northern Europe. 


Why Choose it?

Henan Shangmiao Garment Co., Ltd. ensures punctual delivery. They have efficient after-sale services also. Customer satisfaction is their top priority. Moreover, their website shows positive comments from their buyers. They are reliable and let their customers down. They welcome the new clients and make good relationships with their regular buyers.

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10. Mianyang Lions Trading Co., Ltd.

10. Mianyang Lions Trading Co., Ltd.

Mianyang Lions Trading Co., Ltd. is a uniform manufacturer that was established in 2019. It is located in Sichuan, China. By the hard work of a very short period, they have earned a good reputation globally. They have 11-50 employees who are experienced and punctual. They have their factory for designing and stitching uniforms. They only accept small orders.


Main Product

They have an extensive collection of work uniforms. From hospital to hotel uniforms and from guard to military uniforms, you can find all of these on their website. Their garments are available for every gender. You can get them in every possible size. Also, you can get comfortable school uniforms for your kids. Their primary markets are South America, North America, and Southeast Asia.


Why Choose it?

Mianyang Lions Trading Co., Ltd. is one of the famous industrial uniform manufacturers. They welcome their clients wholeheartedly and fulfill their requests. They always have a large stock available. Their customers are always satisfied with their services and leave positive reviews on their website. The team is vigilant and is always online. Their response rate is 98.62% and less than 3 hours. 

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Best 5 US Uniforms Factory


1. Oasis Uniform

11. Oasis Uniform

Oasis Unifrom is one of the leading wholesale uniform manufacturers in the USA. It is headquartered in Beverly Hills, California. They have an expert team striving to fulfill their customer’s needs. Their designing team knows how to incorporate the convincing touch to the uniforms for the professionals working in various fields. They are experienced in the wholesale industry, providing a wide range of uniforms all over the world. 


Main Product

Oasis Uniform offers a massive range of uniforms to their clients. They constantly re-stock their collection. Visit their catalogue to be dazzled with the varieties they possess. You can get guard uniforms as well as doctor uniforms at excitingly low prices. Also, they export their garments to Australia and many other countries.


Why Choose it?

They provide the facility of customization also. If anyone wants to change the design, their design team gets the idea from you and works closely to produce the design exactly you wanted. Also, they send samples before making any deals with their customers. You can trust them as they always try to meet peoples’ expectations.

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2. All Seasons Uniforms

12. All Seasons Uniforms

All Seasons Uniforms is a famous uniform wholesale supplier in the USA. They provide premium quality uniforms to their buyers. Whether you need a single piece or bulk amounts, you can contact them freely. Despite their simple work uniforms, they also offer additional services like custom emblems, direct embroidery, and screen printing.

Main Product

Their clothing line possesses uniforms for every category of industry and speciality. Their flame-resistant and high visibility clothes are in high demand. Also, they provide high-performance clothes for athletes. Moreover, you can find scrubs and lab coats for medical health providers from their collection.


Why Choose it?

Whether you need a single pair or need to re-stock your whole store, they will provide you with what you exactly need. They have the guts to handle your order and deliver it punctually. Also, they have excellent customer service and are always available to respond. They are standing by their phone lines during work hours, ready to respond to you and discuss the deals with you.

Contact Uniforms Manufacturers Now!Contact Uniforms Suppliers Now!

3. Executive Apparel

13. Executive Apparel

Executive Apparel is a leading uniform manufacturing company located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It was established in 1934. Donald Singer is the CEO of Executive Apparel. Since its launch and growth, this supplier has always been committed to excellence, creativity, and exceptional services. Donald Singer started the business by sewing leather police uniforms. And now this company is providing work uniforms for every field.


Main Product

They always have an extensive range of varieties and colours in their collection. Their uniforms are stylish, colorful, and attractive. You can visit their catalogue to see their massive collection. For men and women, their garments are equally stylistic and elegant. From pre-school to collegiate students, their uniforms are all famous. 


Why Choose it?

They have been in the wholesale market for a very long time. Their experience is beyond any other company, so that you can trust them. Their warehouse is always full of in-stock styles for immediate orders. However, their design archive has hundreds of styles for custom programs. They ensure fair prices and also give exciting discounts to their customers.

Contact Uniforms Factory Now!Ask A Shipping Quote

4. CISCO Athletic

14. CISCO Athletic

CISCO Athletic is a soccer wholesale uniform manufacturer and supplier. It was founded in 1982 in Baltimore, Maryland. They sell directly to their customers without having a retailer as a third party between them. The company is winning through teamwork. The fabric is generously cut and assembled by American workers. They use premium quality raw material and design the uniforms from scratch.


Main Product

They are engaged in supplying custom-made athletic apparel. They provide uniforms for all games, including baseball, rugby, soccer, and basketball. They use the most delicate athletic fabrics and assemble according to the customers’ specifications. 


Why Choose it?

CISCO Athletics offers its products at prices 30% less than retail prices. As there is no retailer or wholesaler between them and their customer, this benefits you to have reasonable prices. Their goal is to deliver the products in a scheduled time. Save time and money by dealing with them. Their team is friendly and treats you with respect and courteously. 

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5. J.A. Uniforms

15. J.A. Uniforms

J.A. Uniforms is a family-owned business and famous as a uniform wholesale distributor. It was established in 1997 and is located in Miami. Their success is because of strict adherence to standard manufacturing practices and extensive staff training. They are dedicated to producing top-quality and elegantly designed garments for 20 years.


Main Product

They are engaged in producing stylistic and fashionable work uniforms. Their uniforms are comfortable and long-lasting while maintaining a sharp look. In addition to their simple uniforms, they also offer the services of embroidery and screen printing. Moreover, their custom sewing is also famous. 


Why Choose it?

Their teams pledge to have the responsibility to satisfy their customers. They always remain one step ahead in order to exceed the customers’ expectations. Their whole process is environmentally friendly. They use organic cotton and natural dyes for producing top-quality uniforms. They always welcome their customers with hospitality and take care of their demands.

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Best 5 UK Uniforms Factory


1. Bulk Workwear

16.Bulk Workwear

Bulk workwear is a leading wholesale uniform supplier in the U.K. It is famous for its quality garments. They offer a wide range of essential uniforms intended to fulfill the demands of the modern working individual. Their team is highly experienced and tries to meet customer needs.


Main Product

Their collection is full of uniforms for every field of industry. Whether you need workwear for a doctor or a guard, you can easily find them on their website. Visit their catalogue for more information. Also, they offer customized designs at competitive prices. They apply logo or customized to the garments of your choice. 


Why Choose it?

Bulk Workwear aims to provide its customers with its best services. They never compromise in terms of quality. They try to exceed their customer’s expectations. They always welcome their buyers friendly and try to build a long-term relationship with them. They only accept bulk orders. They offer huge discounts on large orders.

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Stevensons was established in 1925. It is a family-owned business located in St Albans. They supply wholesale uniforms to more than 550 schools across the U.K. They provide top-quality garments at comparatively low retail prices. An experienced and dynamic management team professionally leads it. They have 95 years of experience in the cloth manufacturing industry.


Main Product

Their products are highly appreciated and liked in many schools and businesses. They supply uniforms directly to the schools and clubs. Their garments are made with organic material and natural dyes. Moreover, they also offer customized logos or designs on your selected uniforms.


Why Choose it?

Stevenson’s are in the wholesale industry for decades. You can trust them for placing bulk orders. Their 24 hours online uniform shop has made it simple and easy to buy uniforms. Moreover, their customer service team is always available to answer the calls and respond to the chats. 

Contact China Uniforms Manufacturers Now!Contact Uniforms Suppliers Now!

3. CORPROTEX Apparel

18.CORPROTEX Apparel

CORPROTEX Apparel is U.K.’s leading wholesale work uniform supplier. They have been designing, manufacturing, and supplying top-quality garments for over 21 years. They have gained an enviable reputation in the wholesale industry. Their team is experienced and dedicated to meet the customer’s demands. They not only strive to supply the best fitting garments but also excellent service. 


Main Product

They offer a wide variety of work uniforms from top national and international brands. Their styles range from corporate to casual. They supply uniforms for healthcare, sports, spas, catering, and the automotive industry. Except for satiating the U.K. market, they also export uniforms to Ireland and Europe. 


Why Choose it?

They have outstanding customer service. They let you choose a versatile and comfortable work uniform. Moreover, they assist every step of the way to review and decide the uniform that is best for you. They have built a relationship of trust, honesty, and reliability with their clients. They have a common goal to satisfy their customers.

Contact China Uniforms Suppliers Now!Ask A Shipping Quote

4. Total Clothing

19.Total Clothing

Total Clothing is a renowned wholesale uniform supplier working locally and nationally. The factory is located in Peterborough. They have experience of 28 years in the printing and embroidering garments. Their team is punctual and serves the best services to the clients. 


Main Product

Their catalogue range consists of over 1000 different items. You can get uniforms for every field of the industry from them. They warmly welcome you in their physical store and provides complete details before making deals.


Why Choose it?

Their customer service is excellent. Also, they ship the orders within time. They are working with nearly 1000 schools and companies so you can trust them. Their customers are always satisfied with their services.

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TRUTEX was established in 1865 in a small village Lancashire. Having experience of almost 150 years, this uniform supplier is renowned worldwide. Also, they export uniforms to over 25 countries. They pride themselves on their excellent services and premium product quality. Their garments are long-lasting and comfortable.


Main Product

They provide a wide range of collection of work uniforms and school uniforms. You can get school uniforms in every size from them. Moreover, they discuss with their clients the designs and work keenly to produce the items you want.


Why Choose it?

Their team is always happy to respond to you and guide you through the process. They interact with their clients and advise them on the best choice for their institution. All the products of TRUTEX are made to last. This means that their products are manufactured keeping longevity in mind. Their uniforms are easy to wash and dry.

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Wholesale Uniforms From China: Ultimate Guide



China is a hotspot for manufacturing various types of uniforms. They export uniforms all over the globe. China is a leader in providing high-quality material for uniform manufacturing. Thoughts made that the uniforms’ quality is lacking because of their cheaper cost. But China has invested a lot in manufacturing equipment. This is why China provides the best material at the lowest price. 

There are some factors that you should always consider before importing the products from China. This task can be pretty tedious, but if you follow the proper guidelines, then you can get it done flawlessly:

  • Be sure about your requirements that what sort of wholesale uniforms the business demands. 
  • Make sure about the investment that you are going the make and the quality of uniform supplies you are getting in return
  • Be aware of the best wholesale manufacturers from China that supply good and cheap price for the uniforms you are interested to get


How do you start a uniform shop?

Uniforms are worn in various professions. Depending upon the type of professionals around you, you must specify a niche for your shop. You can pick up those uniforms that are hot sellers in your area. Once you have decided upon that, you can strategize a detailed business plan. It will help you get a glimpse that how you are going to run your shop. Your business plan should incorporate the cost of business, monthly expenses, description of your selected niche, the profit analysis plan for three years, competitors, growth plans, and marketing plans. All these make a perfect plan for a uniform shop. 

Uniforms 1

Once you are done with these basics, you must get a legal permit from the government for your shop. This is one of the most crucial steps in starting a uniform shop. Then you can find the retail and storage locations for your uniform supplies. After that, you can move on to purchasing and personalizing your merchandise. Once all set, you only need a good website and marketing to flourish your uniform shop.


Is the school uniform business profitable?

The school uniform business is highly profitable. A school uniform is one of the necessary things that every school-going child will buy. Anyone can start with this business from his local location. A small amount of capital is all that is required as it does not require high-end machinery. You can expect a considerable margin if you export the uniform supplies from China.

China manufactures a large number of wholesale uniform supplies. Leeline will assist you with the easy importing of uniforms.


Where can I buy wholesale uniforms?

You can get wholesale uniforms from China. It supports a large number of uniform manufacturers with high-quality material. Among the wholesale uniforms provided by Oasis uniform are wholesale uniforms for a variety of industries. You can also get the uniform accessories along with the uniforms from them. They offer a variety of designs and even allow you to get custom designs according to your choice.


If you want the import process of these wholesale uniforms to be super easy for you, then Leeline can serve your purpose. They will assist in the hassle-free import of wholesale uniforms for you to get the best from China.


How much can I earn with uniform supplies?

The earning from uniforms supplies depends upon various factors. You can only expect good earning if you keep a keen eye on these factors. You need to see the salary of workers and profit of store per square foot. These are some of the basic requirements that need to be met with the sale of uniform supplies. 

If you purchase wholesale supplies of uniforms from China, then there is a large scope of margin. This margin can help you earn greater profits. When you import the uniform supplies from China, your growth and earning will substantially increase. 


How do I buy items from China in bulk?

You can buy items from China in bulk through various websites. If you want to purchase in bulk, then you can get it from Alibaba.com. This is one of the most prestigious sites from where you can buy items from China in bulk. This company is headquartered in Hangzhou. You can use this site to get bulk products, even for reselling. Leeline is your sourcing partner to get you delivered with these bulk items prolifically. 


How can I get a price from a manufacturer?

If you want to get a price from the manufacturer, then you can get assistance from Leeline. Leeline provides you with the facility to get a quote from various manufacturers from their supply chain. When you get the prices of multiple manufactures, you get an option to select the best price for you. Leeline helps you with the privilege to get the best services. They also have a thorough check on the quality of the material to get the best product.


Can I put my label on wholesale clothing?

Relabelling is a very common practice that is being done in the garment industry. If you want to put your label on wholesale clothing, then you can do it. This allows you to procure wholesale clothes and sell them under your label. If you want to put a label of your own, you need to keep some things in mind. 

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The clothing must be from the wholesale brand for which you want to change the label. Also, the clothing design should be basic and not very distinct. Moreover, you can’t even change the clothing label to make it look like some other brand. 


Can I buy wholesale uniforms from a manufacturer?

Yes, you can buy wholesale uniforms from a manufacturer. China is one of the leading names to provide you with wholesale manufacturers for uniforms. You need not visit them physically and get things done for you. You can get the assistance of Leeline to get the best prices and services from wholesale manufacturers in China


Leeline will connect you to the best wholesale manufacturers. You can import them easily without any trouble. Leeline will also make Shipping much easier for you to get the wholesale uniforms from the manufacturer. 


How do you source uniforms from China?

Leeline sources uniforms from China once you put a query for the same. Their agent will see your requirements and come up with the best prices within two working days. Leeline also assures that you get the best product at the best prices from the market. They also do a quality inspection to provide you with the best.


Leeline offers FBA Prep Service for your uniforms so that you can check every step of product packaging. If you want some customizations, then Leeline is there is suffice your needs. Then they ship the product meticulously at reasonable prices for a better experience. 


Is it legal to buy wholesale and resell?

Reselling the wholesale products purely depends upon the situation. Some wholesale distributors allow this. But, on the contrary, some are against it. If they hold the rights, then they may not allow reselling. If they are unique in their work, then they might not allow reselling to maintain their authenticity. Otherwise, there will be no such issue for the same. It all depends on the wholesaler’s rights and how he wants to deal with the reseller. 


Is clothing made in China of good quality?

There was a notion among the people that Chinese clothes are not of good quality. But, nowadays, China has made a lot of investment in its clothing market. And this wholesale market is rising at a rapid rate. China has spent a lot on the training of workers and getting the best equipment. China’s contribution to the world’s clothes manufacturing is increasing at a good pace. 


China is a home for high-quality and authentic manufacturing of clothes. People can get a variety of options to select from China’s wholesale market. China provides good quality clothes at actual prices, and the quality of the clothes can’t be questioned. 


How do Chinese manufacturers communicate?

Chinese manufacturers can be easily communicated with the help of sourcing companies like Leeline. You need not learn their native tongue to communicate with them. When you choose a reliable sourcing partner like Leeline, then they arrange everything for you. They get the best prices for you from various manufacturers that are authentic and provide high-quality material. 


If you want to convey some special message or want something customized, then Leeline supports you for the same. They get your requirements met and ship your product only after proper quality testing. In this way, you need no directly communicate with the manufacturers, but your things will still be done.


Where is the biggest uniform wholesale market in China?

Yiwu International Trade City is the biggest uniform wholesale market in China. You can get all the small commodities in this market at a terrific price. All the market is well-organized so that you can have a glimpse of every commodity in the market.


Why does China specialize in manufacturing?

China has become a central hub for manufacturing due to the main factor of low labour cost. But this is not the only factor responsible for China’s specialization in manufacturing. Other contributing factors include a profound business ecosystem, lack of regulatory compliance, and low rates of tax and duties imposed. These all factors have together made China a specialized nation in manufacturing. 

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How do you know if a uniform supplier is reliable?

There are some key factors that you can check for the authenticity of the uniform supplier:

  • The supplier should have a great network
  • He should offer great and fast customer support
  • He should be experienced in his field
  • He should provide fast service


Final Thoughts on Wholesale Uniforms from China

China has proved its mettle in the manufacturing industry to provide wholesale uniforms worldwide. Your business will be benefitted to a great extent if you import uniforms from China. The variety and the quality you get from the wholesale manufactures of China are of supreme quality. You can deal with them directly and even get the type of customizations you require. 

If you want to import the uniforms from China, then Leeline is there to assist you with the hassle-free shipment. Deliveries will be made to your place within the stated timeframe. All your goods will be checked so that you get the quality material of uniform supplies from China. 

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