AirPod Cases Wholesale Suppliers

You got the privilege of spending LESS and saving MORE. Our negotiation helps you save 40% of your budget, enabling HIGH-MARGIN PROFIT for your business. 

YOU scale your business from scratch with our special quality audit and shipping services. Our warehouse is also available for FREE storage of your goods for one month.

AirPod Cases Wholesale Suppliers

Top 1 Sourcing company in China

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No Risk Free Sourcing No Hidden Fee

You can get Free detailed product quote before order

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Leeline is your trusted sourcing agent partner in china

Wholesale Best AirPod Cases

Cool AirPod Cases

Wholesale Cool AirPod Cases

Cute AirPod Cases

Wholesale Cute AirPod Cases

Funny AirPod Cases

Wholesale Funny AirPod Cases

Matching AirPod Cases

Wholesale Matching AirPod Cases

Silicone Airpod Cases

Wholesale Silicone Airpod Cases

Stylish Airpod Cases

Wholesale Stylish Airpod Cases

Our AirPod Cases Manufacturing Services Include:

Sourcing product suppliers

Sourcing AirPod Cases Suppliers

You receive free quotes from the manufacturer through our agent’s help. You get a budget deal with us as there would be NO HIDDEN charges.

We don’t enforce any MOQ and integrate one-stop bundling to save you maximum time. 

AirPod Cases Quality Control

We do double-quality checking for all of your products. Your AirPods case MERCHANDISE WOULD BE long-lasting with fast charging features.

Thanks to our pre-manufacturing, factory audit, and random and final inspections.

Product Quality Control
Private Label & White Label

Private Label & White Label AirPod Cases

You build your brand with our low-budget OEM and ODM services. We handle logo printing and stunning product photography to reflect your Brand Value.

Dropshipping and Fulfillment

YOU get Risk-Free Dropshipping Of Your Brand with better quality production.

We do Shopify integration to manage your brand and timely ship your orders to your customers through 18 fast and secure shipping options. 

Dropshipping & Fulfillment

Hear it from fellow AirPod Cases Wholesaler

I remember how worried I was about the low sale. But when I contacted with leeline team, they told me all flaws of my business. From sourcing to shipping, they manage my whole brand. And I see the increase in sales within no time. All thanks to their incredible team.

– Eugenia, Washington

Source Your AirPod Cases and Make Big Money

We offer the best wholesale price and high quality AirPod Cases to help you boost your business.

Top 5 AirPod Cases Wholesale Suppliers

Don’t be FOOLED by the Airpod covers wholesale suppliers on the internet trying to impress you with FAKE reviews.

Having no experience in dealing with the global market could lead to fraud.

So stop wasting your time on research.

Our sourcing team has done enough market research and assembled a list of REPUTABLE and AFFORDABLE wholesale Airpod covers dealers.

Now you don’t need to go through the PAINFUL experience of finding FIRE-RESISTANT AND DURABLE wholesale electronics.

Dive into details to know more about our AUTHENTIC picks.

Top 5 AirPod Cases Wholesale Suppliers



Icellway has one of the DIVERSE networks of AirPods case production. They have specialized systems to prepare any kind of Bluetooth headset.

Gaming lovers will love its case for its fast charging and noise-canceling technology.

Your road to winning competition…

YOU can partner with them or any OEM/ODM service according to your brand requirements.


  • Icellway has LOW prices. You as a new user get the best chance to save MORE for AirPod covers with their price options. Do your branding at a LOW price and generate high profit. 
  • All ACCESSORIES are available at sale price for Bluetooth AirPods. You don’t have to look anywhere to purchase other products. It is your one-stop shop for all cases and mobile parts.
  • Fast lead time is GUARANTEED. They also ship worldwide. Your production would be ready promptly as compared to other suppliers.


  • No price and MOQ information was found on their site. You have to contact this manufacturer to get out basic information. 

2. LovingCase


The Loving Case is OUR TOP-PICK for the Customized production of wholesale AirPods cases.

You never disappoint with the material quality of the Airpod case. Icellway’s top-tier customer service is a plus point for you.

Your budget is low; NO NEED to worry. They have price adjustment policies to provide your best trade. 

Best: This manufacturer uses durable materials for their products.


  • Select a deal according to your CHOICE. Either OEM or ODM, they do all for you. 
  • Their LOW MOQ is suitable for startup businesses ensuring a pressure-free environment.
  • You will receive a SAMPLE OF THE AIRPOD case before bulk production. Best to test the waters.
  • Business in 30 other countries. Order from ANY LOCATION and receive it at your store. Just simple.


  • You have to pay 50% upfront before they ship your order.
  • They charge a flat rate for sample production.

3. Factory Direct

Factory Direct

Our next top-notch supplier is factory direct, with easy buyer policies.

They DO 100% quality testing for the best material to ensure that your items meet international standards.

You get a DIRECT PRICE from the factory through this supplier, as it partners with hundreds of verified suppliers. 

Get in touch with them to receive fast shipping and track your order anytime.


  • 100% payment security through SSL encrypted platform. Finally, your problem with a SCAM-FREE MARKET is resolved now. 
  • 6-month warranty for all products. 100% money back in local currency if your item is not up to mark.
  • Best for URGENT ORDERS. They have variety in stock, so your customers never are out of their favorite items. Plus, shipping in 60 countries is a bonus point. 


  • You only choose a variety of options after adding your product to the cart.
  • Refunds or exchanges are not applicable after 30 days.


Factory Direct

HKTDC is Your one-stop shop for buying versatile product categories.

In the last years, this seller has gained IMMENSE popularity due to items made of durable material.

It brings global trade to a single place to benefit buyers and wholesalers. You redeem various items from them stocked by different manufacturers. 

Best of all………

Their customer-focused website never gives you a bad shopping experience. Don’t forget to subscribe to their newsletter for amazing deals.


  • You have FILTER OPTIONS to save your research time efficiently. Filter country, location, factory, and VOILA! Your favorite seller would be in front of you.
  • COMPARE SELLERS, and choose one accordingly to your budget and requirements. Easy peasy shopping.
  • MULTI-LINGUAL SITE for a good understanding


  • You have to demand a quotation to get the deals which may take time.

5. Global Sources

Global Sources

Your very own reliable and price-competitive global source is our next favorite AirPods case wholesaler.

It is indeed the NETFLIX OF a wholesale marketplace where you create your business world.

Either selling or buying, there would be NO comparison of global sources. It connects you with industry-leading suppliers to provide ith impeccable merchandise.

Is that enough?

They have 10 million registered users containing 95 world retailers with versatile product categories. As a result, your customers get the best service.

Indeed a sea with limitless depth…..

Suggested reading: Global Sources Reviews


  • MOQ FREE shopping. You no longer NEED to RESTRICT yourself in any way. Here you easily discover the world’s best supply for your requirement. 
  • Their site contains all the information you need about the supplier, including their response time, services, experiences and lead time. Find the front-runner wholesaler without any hurdles.
  • 24/7 assistance is available through live chat.


  • You may see some unverified listings there, so do proper research.
  • New reviews are found for any supplier, like Alibaba.

How do you buy AirPods cases in bulk from China?

Follow this procedure to get wholesale AirPod cases from china.

Tip 1: Check google 

Put your keywords in the Google search bar and spend time searching for the best wholesaler to do bulk shopping for AirPods case. 

Well, this process can take a lot of time. We have already compiled a list of reliable dealers. Just choose from them to save time to spend on marketing.

Tip 2: Facebook Marketplace And Trade Shows

You can explore the number of wholesale on Facebook and trade shows too. But no one can guarantee their authenticity. So take help from a third-party eCommerce company to do it professionally.

Tip 3: Get Quotations For Them

When you end up choosing your favorite wholesaler, next you need to get a quotation from them. But this problem is time-consuming and a little bit tricky too, so you contact any ecommerce agency, like Leelinesourcing that will do it more professionally and get you a quick reply. Then you set a contract and proceed with follow-up production. 

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FAQs about Airpods Cases Wholesale

Where is the cheapest country to buy AirPods cases?

China is the cheapest country to buy AirPods covers. No one can beat china when purchasing bulk and low-price production. Their fast and cheap labor and material industry give you better pricing than the global market.

Can I sell replicas on eBay?

No,  eBay doesn’t allow replica selling. All products you sell on eBay must be original with a unique brand logo and design. 

Are replicas illegal?

YES, it is illegal to purchase counterfeit goods. Selling and buying replicas in the USA and other countries may result in a penalty and cancellation of your business license.

Is it worth selling AirPods cases?

Yes, it is worth selling air pod covers. As life is becoming digital, there is a great demand for AirPods in the market. And the trend is likely to increase in the coming years. So it will ultimately generate good revenue. 

Bottom line

To avoid being cheated by a dishonest wholesaler, you need to ensure every supplier of AirPod covers is good. Just take some time to do your research and select a trustworthy wholesaler who would give you a piece of advice on the matter. It would be great if you could have practical cooperation with them.

Want to save your RESEARCH TIME and get a quality assurance guarantee about the bulk purchase of AirPods? 

Contact us now to scale up your ecommerce.

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Hey, I’m Sharline, co-founder of  LeelineSourcing. We’ve helped 2000+ customers import from China.

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