Is DHgate Safe? Is DHgate Legit? eCommerce Guru Secret

Sharline Shaw

DHgate is often MENTIONED along with major eCommerce marketplaces. 

But is this platform really legit? Is DHgate safe for sourcing products? 

As a decade-long sourcing agent, let me ANSWER this once and for all. Below’s a detailed review of this eCommerce platform. You’ll know whether it’s SAFE to buy from DHgate. Along with the downsides of this platform. 

No more missed product opportunities! More profit for your business. 

Just keep reading.

Is DHgate Safe

What Is Dhgate? How Does It Work?

Is DHgate Safe

Let me tell you.

Dhgate is an eCommerce site like ALIBABA, established in 2014. It serves eCommerce business owners worldwide.

Nowadays, Dhgate PLATFORM is one of the most popular platforms. 

The reason?

32 million product listings. 31 million INDIVIDUAL buyers. Can you imagine it?

Listen more….

It has 2.2 million sellers and SHIPS products in 220+ countries worldwide. That shows how DHGATE is dominating the industry.

Above all, it not only serves GIANT COMPANIES. Instead, consumers can directly buy the products from the buyer. Dhgate suppliers have LOW MOQs. 

So how does Dhgate work? It is simple.

  • You go to the DHGATE.
  • Find a supplier.
  • Negotiate.
  • Settle the payment method with sellers on Dhgate.
  • Pay through the supported payment methods.

Later online sellers in DHGATE will ship products. You wait for the Dhgate Standard Shipping team to arrive at your doorstep. It is SUPERCOOL, right?

Is Dhgate Legit?

DHGate website is a legitimate organization that earns over $9 million in annual sales. It is a Chinese business-to-business e-commerce website to connects global businesses. DHGate has many good reviews, its sellers sell Dhgate good quality products and provide reliable after-sales service.

I used DHgate to conduct initial market and price research along with Alibaba. They have good prices, and most suppliers are from China. It helps me to get a better pricing idea. 

But since DHGate is such a large marketplace, it has different sellers such as third-party sellers, etc. with varying quality levels.

Dhgate Reviews: Is It Safe?

Overall, it is safe to buy from real online sellers on DHgate. You can find a reliable shipping company on DHGate, and track your shipment after delivery. Besides, the DHgate buyer protection secures the buyer’s money before the buyer accepts the goods. 

DHGate also helps resolve dispute resolution related to product quality controls. But, you must be cautious about the quality and physical safety upon receiving goods.

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Why Is Dhgate So Cheap?

Why is Dhgate So Cheap

I have NOTICED the prices of sellers on Dhgate and the local market. It was just a total surprise. One hundred and ten percent difference.

For one moment, I asked myself. Is it possible to have 110% LOWER PRICES from Chinese wholesalers? But online marketplace like DHGATE has made it possible.

How? Let’s check the reasons.

  • Direct deals with the manufacturer

DHgate sellers are often manufacturers. And the factory price of something is always significantly LESS.

Therefore most sellers offer a CHEAP price on the Dhgate website.

  • Bulk purchasing/selling

When you buy things in bulk:

  • Production cost reduces.
  • Shipping cost decreases rapidly.

You get lower shipping fees from a shipping carrier with saving on the product price also. Bulk products are always cheaper.

  • Production cost is less.

The production cost of a product depends on the RAW MATERIAL price, and laborer cost. And both are less.

So, products are cheaper.

  • Taxes in China are Fewer

China implements fewer taxes on the local production industry. It is a significant factor in cheaper prices.

How to Buy from Dhgate Safely?

How to Buy from Dhgate Safely

Is Dhgate legit?….. Is Dhgate legit and safe?…. I often reiterate the questions. There are SOME SCAM sellers. It is true.

But you have to TRADE safely. It is only possible with the following tips.

  • Find a legitimate company

A company with AUTHENTIC information can open a DHGATE account. But you still have to be ALL eyes.

Check the online store. Know the TRANSACTIONS. Assess dhgate customer service. A scammer seller FAILS at such points.

I always read the reviews. A RELIABLE supplier is good at WINNING hearts. 

There will be 1-2% of the negative reviews. And that is not a BIG SHAME. You trust DHGATE manufacturers with 95% or above POSITIVE reviews.

  • Negotiate before buying

Negotiation can RIDDLE out all the INTRICACY. So, negotiate before you choose.

  • Use Dhgate Buyer protection methods

Choose Dhgate Payment methods. Use an escrow system. And request DHGATE mediation service. Do this whenever you open a dispute for a refund request.

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Best Items on Dhgates to Wholesale

Is DHgate Safe

DHgate is an emerging e-commerce store that can compete with Aliexpress. Many online sellers on DHgate sell products. For instance, bags, watches, shoes, jewelry, apparel, cell phones and others. 

I have seen almost all categories of goods on DHgate, so you get broader niches. I use categories filters to find exact products. 

You can buy quality dhgate goods at cheaper prices that ship directly to your doorstep. Visit this link to find out the best items to wholesale on DHgate. You can trust DHgate and buy from DHgate with confidence.

I go with an inspection service to avoid any potential issues in quality. I only choose verified suppliers and pay attention to their past reviews. 

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Looking for the Best Products on Dhgate?

Leelinesourcing helps you find the Best Products on Dhgate with high quality at an attractive cost.

How to Dropship on Dhgate Safely?

How to dropship on Dhgate safely?

DHgate is a legitimate and popular online store for global buyers. Still, it is vital to be cautious when shopping on DHgate. Here is how you can dropship on DHgate safely:

1. Check the Agreements

Pay special attention to the handling and shipping agreements.

2. Avoid Branded Goods

Avoid buying branded products at low prices as many are fake.  I outsource branded goods from official distributors with reselling permission. 

3. Use Permitted Payment Methods

Only accept the official supported payment methods on the DHgate real website.

4. Read the DHgate Reviews

Check the DHgate review sites and the DHgate seller reviews. Don’t just read positive reviews, there are many negative reviews indicate that the actual product is likely untrustworthy.

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How Long Does Dhgate Take to Ship?

The estimated delivery time for DHgate standard shipping is approximately 20-45 days. The delivery time is dependent on the shipping method, the seller, and the buyer’s location.

DHgate regular shipping carrier is usually delivered by ePacket or China Post. Fast delivery often requires more shipping fees, typically more than the item cost.

I consult with suppliers if I need fast delivery. I won’t mind paying extra for urgent delivery with special handling. 

image 1
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How to Pay on Dhgate Safely?

How to pay on Dhgate safely?

After verifying the right supplier, you should be extra careful before making payment too. You must only use the DHgate payment methods. Let’s take a closer look:

Safe DHgate payment methods include:

Credit card

Credit card payment is traceable, fast, and convenient with protection from its companies. Pay attention to the credit card details.

Western Union

It enables you to transfer money swiftly and securely. 

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Paypal allows you to transmit traceable payments online using a credit card or a bank account. It gives me security for a refund in case of any issue with the supplier. They deduct almost 3%; believe me, it’s worth it.

Online Bank Transfer

Payment is made directly to DHgate’s HSBC bank account. I don’t make direct payments to suppliers without notifying DHgate. Only follow official routes by DHgate to have your safety.

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What Is The Returns & Refund Policy in Dhgate?

Returns & Refund Policy in Dhgate

Have you ever PURCHASED the items from Dhgate’s reliable sellers? There is 1-2% of the RETURN CASES.

It is because a professional SELLER maintains its reputation. 

Dhgate RETURN AND REFUND policy refers to:

“The process during which the customer is not satisfied with the PURCHASE. And want his money back.”

It has some types. These are:

  • Products not received.

Undoubtedly it is the cruelest problem. Suppose the product is not Received. Both local retail store owners and overseas buyers remain in agony.

There are some cases here:

  • Dishonest sellers don’t send products.
  • Reliable sellers have sent the products, but the address has not been found.
  • Products delivered to wrong places.

In such a case, the buyer wants a FULL REFUND. And buyer protection gives a REFUND guarantee through the dispute process.

  • Products are not according to the description.

 If a reliable seller does not send quality products, that is a BED OF THORNS for buyers. Online shoppers might also request a Refund WHEN:

  • Product quality is LOW.
  • The wrong product is received.
  • The customer received a damaged item. 

In damaged cases, quality and PHYSICAL SAFETY are not optimal. It causes this scenario.

How to Request A Refund on DHgate?

Request a Refund on DHgate

Want a FULL or PARTIAL REFUND? Here is a big deal. But no issues. I have the EXACT METHOD to follow to get your REFUND successfully.

  • Step 1: Go to the MY ORDERS section on your buyer page.
  • Step 2: Click on OPEN A DISPUTE.
  • Step 3: Tell the REASON why you opened a dispute. Upload the RELEVANT video or IMAGE evidence.
  • Step 4: Confirm your PROPOSAL and submit it.

That is it.

Suppose you are RIGHT. What will the SELLER do?

An unscrupulous seller on DHGATE accepts the REFUND REQUEST. What to do, then?

You have to hire a SHIPPING company at a competitive price. Send the products back to the PARTICULAR seller. Looking at the SHIPPING fee for a SHIPPING method counts on you. You should tell the ESTIMATED shipping time and SHIPPING DEADLINE to avoid confusion.

Many sellers don’t accept REFUND claims. What to do, then?

Dhgate will MEDIATE. You should keep your proof ready. Dhgate will resolve the matter.

Why I cannot open a dispute?

For personal use products, such as underwear, wedding dress, etc., dispute cases should be opened within 7 days from the date the buyer received the item(s).
Please see below for limited categories:

How to open a refund on Dhgate?
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Top 15 Dhgate Alternatives: Sites Like Dhgate

If you’re still worried, “is dhgate safe” you can find more reliable sellers on DHgate alternatives. There are many other platforms that work similarly to DHgate. Let’s take a look.

BangGoodBanggoodWhy Choose BangGood
AliExpressAliexpressWhy Choose AliExpress
TmalltmallWhy Choose Tmall
Alibabaalibaba-suppliersWhy Choose Alibaba
TaobaotaobaoWhy Choose Taobao
LightintheboxLightInTheBoxWhy Choose Lightinthebox
JD.comJDWhy Choose
1688 COM1688 supplierWhy Choose
Gearbestdownload 4Why Choose Gearbest
Chinabrandschinabrands 1Why Choose Chinabrands
Global SourcesGlobal SourcesWhy Choose Global Sources
Made-in-Chinamade in china com reviewWhy Choose Made-in-China
Tomtop1519897817031Why Choose Tomtop
DealExtreme361 3617578 dx logo dx dealextreme hd png downloadWhy Choose DealExtreme
GeekBuyingdownload 5Why Choose GeekBuying

Looking to find a reliable supplier?

As the best China sourcing agent, we help you find factories, get competitive prices, follow up production, ensure quality and deliver products to the door.

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Alibaba Vs. Dhgate: Which Is Better?

Both Alibaba and DHgate are famous online shopping platforms in China. But which is better for both sellers and buyers? You can learn more at this link:

1. Development pattern

DHgate’s influence and popularity are limited. Alibaba’s average daily traffic is more than 40 times that of DHgate.

2. Product coverage

DHgate focuses on everyday consumer goods. Alibaba’s best selling products cover light industry to heavy industry. 

3. Suppliers and Customers

DHgate attracts individual sellers and small buyers. In contrast, Most of Alibaba‘s suppliers and customers are large and medium sized businesses.

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Aliexpress Vs. Dhgate: Which Is Better?

Aliexpress is an online store owned by the Alibaba Group. It is also a common question for many, whether Aliexpress or DHgate is a better platform. Let’s discover further:

1. User experience

Many people uesd to ask: Is Aliexpress safely? On AliExpress, buyers can negotiate discount deals with sellers. Furthermore, it is a younger platform that provides a better user experience.

2. Dropshipping

Since AliExpress has a huge variety of products, it is more suited for dropshipping. DHgate focuses on small selling wholesale, but several dropshipping merchants have emerged recently. 

3. Delivery time

It is nearly identical on both platforms.

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4 Ways to Help You Find Best Seller on Dhgate

best dhgate sellers

When integrated with your dealer, the following aspects are some time-saving hacks to get a smooth business deal.

1. Paid attention to seller’s rating

Always deal directly with sellers recommended by most online shoppers. The higher the seller rating, the zero the chance of getting stuck.

Filter items concerning seller rating preference. It will give you a hassle-free environment for your product.

2. Paid attention to details in the handling and shipping contract

A professional seller should stock up before the inventory finishes to counter delays.

Most delays during the pandemic are caused by the high online demand and few available logistic resources. You should contact your particular seller earlier to know their preferred delivery process. 

Remember that more products and slower delivery cost lower delivery charges.

3. Avoid branded products as most can be counterfeit. 

Never buy items that look like branded products because:

  1. Most brands have their distribution system for multiple countries, and you might be sued.
  2. Cheaper products can be defective. The photo shown online does not match the real object.

You must ask for inspections for cheap goods. In fact, you should avoid buying them for your dropshipping business.

4. Only pay using the site’s official methods.

Some ways of paymentmay appear to cut costs, but most are fraud.

Always use the official payment process on the DHgate real website. Its escrow service never pays the seller until you receive the products.

If you are first purchase be aware of such questions, as writing the wrong address, shipping cost, monetary fraud, etc.

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SAFE + EASY Shopping from Dhgate

We do the hard work in Dhgate, so you don’t have to: Product sourcing, quality control, shipping, and more.

FAQs About Is Dhgate Safe?

Does Dhgate accept Paypal?

Yes, you can choose PayPal as your payment method. You will be sent to the PayPal website, where you can complete your transaction.

Using your PayPal account, you may track the status of your payment.

How to cancel a DHGate order?

To cancel your order before processing, go to your order page and click the “Cancel Order” button. 

After 2 hours, you must “Request Refund” and wait for the seller’s response. If the seller does not reply within 7 days, you will be immediately refunded.

What to avoid buy from Dhgate?

It is completely legitimate to buy branded items and then try to sell them. The buyer beware of reselling any goods that involve the customer’s safety. Because there may be an unscrupulous seller, remember to inspect products prior.

Also, the quality standards of the top merchant on DHGate may differ from those in your local retail store and physical stores.

Are Ubuy & DhGate safe platforms to purchase online in India?

Ubuy is a KUWAIT-BASED e-commerce site. Dhgate has headquarters in CHINA. Both are excellent platforms. You can buy the PRODUCTS from thousands of DHGATE WHOLESALE suppliers. Prices are pretty low.

Is it reasonable to buy branded stuff from DHgate?

I think not. You should buy only if that particular brand runs the STORE. Otherwise, you might land a COUNTERFEIT bid. Therefore, it is better to look at the company profile before you make a PURCHASE.

What’s Next

Have you ever PURCHASED from Dhgate? If it is a FIRST EXPERIENCE, it might be the LAST too. (because of sellers’ scams)

To trade SAFELY, involve local sourcing companies. They always have CONTACTS of quality DHGATE companies. Quality control FURTHER gets you the best items.

Want that?

Contact LEELINE SOURCING. You’ll make MORE money and higher profits. Call us to get the FREE QUOTE.

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