How to start Dropshipping Advertising?

Don’t know about Dropshipping advertising to start selling products? 

Wait for a second! New dropshippers lost money in Dropshipping business due to the wrong advertising strategy. Our advertising experts have handled the marketing of most businesses to boost sales. 

Step-by-step guidebook of the most converting advertising tips to get MORE SALES. Create successful ads for your dropshipping store with our overview of ad types. 

Stick to this article till the end to learn about advertising in detail.

Dropshipping Advertising

Type of dropshipping advertising

Type of dropshipping advertising

So you have decided to start advertising for your Dropshipping store. Am I right? 

We know how difficult it is to get traffic to your Dropshipping store. You need to spend hundreds of dollars to get traffic. Turning those traffic into sales is another more difficult hassle. 

For almost years, I have handled many dropshipping ad campaigns. So here are a few of the most converting types of advertising you must know! 

Social Media Marketing: TRAFFIC from any social media channel is more engaging. They are more likely to purchase your items. You need one ad for good sales from Facebook, Tiktok, and YouTube. Test and use product samples to make dropshipping ads. 

Search Engine Marketing: Backlinks and content help you to engage your audience. It also gives you social proof while running Google search & shopping ads. Use keyword research tools to find valuable keywords. Track your performance from google analytics. 

Email marketing: It is more of a retargeting campaign, but my results were excellent. I typically retarget customers after 3 to 4 months of their first purchase. 

How much money do you need to advertise dropshipping?

How much money do you need to advertise dropshipping

There is no certain answer to this because It depends on your budget. 

Every eCommerce marketing strategy needs a different budget. For instance, you want to do influencer marketing. You need to contact many influencers in your niche and ask about their quotes. It’s a hectic process, so my assistant handles it most of the time. 

Every influencer has a different rate in their audience’s demographics. So it varies a lot, and negotiation is still a part. 

If we talk about Facebook advertising, then it includes different costs too. First, you need to have a professional Video ad. 

But where to get high-converting video ads? 

Either your supplier provides some source material, or you hire a Graphic designer. Keep their costs in your mind as advertising costs. 

Take the same example in Search Engine optimization too. Sometimes you need less content and backlinks to rank for certain keywords. It means different costs than other keywords. 

In short, your costs depend on Marketing goals and target market. Some people start their marketing from 50$ and others from 500$. I initially kept 500$ to 1000$ for marketing dropshipping businesses. 

How to advertise dropshipping on Facebook?

Facebook Ads are not a Hard nut; it’s simple as other social media platforms. 

Facebook does not work the same way after IOS & Privacy updates. Pretty Difficult situation for dropshippers, Isn’t it? 

No more waiting. Here’s how you advertise Dropshipping ads on Facebook. 

Step 1: You must have an active Facebook business page & Ads Manager account. Log in to your Facebook’s AD manager to run Facebook ads. 

Step 2: Search the interest of your Target audience for an ad campaign. Shortlist your relevant interests, and Facebook dropshipping ads work best for me. Yet you choose Carousel ads or Instagram ads depending on your product. 

Step 3: Design your campaign with different ad sets and interests. I keep every single interest separate in ad sets for successful dropshipping ads. It’s much easier to optimize in this way. If you have different video clips, make separate ads for each one. 

Expert advice: You need specially designed dropshipping video ads for Instagram story ads. Design them separately with recommended sizes of high-quality video ads. 

Step 4: Optimize your ads side by side and kill underperforming ads. Start your ad budget, including small amounts, and keep increasing it slowly. Better to hire a professional to edit the personalized content of your online store. It helps to increase sales & drive traffic of potential customers.

Dropshipping ads examples

I have gathered two examples of Dropshipping video ads for your better understanding. Let’s debunk them one by one: 

Dropshipping ads examples

You see the video ads in this upper example because they convert more. They have text at the start and are also visible in the Screenshot. 

If you want the same style, you need to hire a Graphic designer or video editor. However, CANVA is enough for me because it’s a great tool. You also use any other great platform or tool if you want. 

They have added a Call to action in the description with hashtags. It helps in the organic boosting of your videos. 

Dropshipping ads examples

The second example is here, which is a very simple and short, and crisp description. Again it is a video ad but very limited description

Some dropshippers use short descriptions so customers won’t get overwhelmed

We can Made Drop Shipping from China Easy

Leeline Sourcing is to help Shopify & small businesses sourcing products from China and build your branded business.

FAQs about Dropshipping Advertising

What are the top traffic sources for Shopify?

Shopify receives top traffic from Social media, Organic search & Email marketing. Use your own footage in Instagram stories to attract customers. In recent times TikTok ads are generating good traffic to product pages. 

Why do I have traffic but no sales on Shopify?

You may need to optimize your product listing, like description & product images. The second tip is to create engaging dropshipping video ads or Google ads. Optimize your dropshipping ad side by side with unlimited revisions. 

Which online stores have the highest traffic?

Instagram users love interacting with stories and have the highest traffic so far. Try to engage your audience in stories for more traffic. Don’t do it if you plan to use a single video across all ads. Use it in different recommended sizes ads for dropshipping.  

What’s Next

Most dropshippers make false claims while creating videos and ads. Fast delivery is their common claim, but customers get orders with slow shipping. We all know they end up as bad comments on your social media platform. It causes irreparable damage to your brand’s reputation. 

How to get fast shipping from suppliers to avoid all this mess? 

Leelinesourcing has thousands of dropshipping suppliers through prompt shipping. Contact us to start your dropshipping and get high-quality ad copy Now! 

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