Dropshipping Marketing: The Ultimate Guide

Sharline Shaw

Dropshipping is a term every online business worker has come across.

Even after having a broad scope, there are still a few people in this world who have do not know the meaning and purpose of dropshipping marketing. 

In business terms, dropshipping is a direct accomplishment method in which a particular store supplies products in bulk.

For a naïve person, handling online business shouldn’t be a big deal. Somehow, sooner or later, you will have to deal with dropshipping.

At that point, it can be tough to find proper information and services to carry out dropship marketing.

Dropshipping is done by a seller who buys products from a third party and then sells them directly to the customer. As the products come from different parties, the seller doesn’t have to handle them directly.

Here’s a simple explanation of how it works:

  • The customer finds a product he likes and places an order on the retailer’s website
  • The retailer manually or automatically conveys the order and details to the original dropship dealer
  • After that, the dropship dealer delivers the request to the customer directly as a man of the retailer

Dropshipping WorkWhy Should You Dropship?

A very topical question these days is whether you should start to drop shipping or not. Many online marketers are considering dropshipping as a source of enhancement for their business.

However, a few eCommerce professionals try to warm marketers about the gains and losses of online marketing. Still, people are hopeful and enthusiastic about dropship marketing.

So, are online marketers following the right strategy of dropshipping? Do they have real grounds? Let’s find out.

Here’s why you should dropship:

  • If you are considering to start dropshipping in 2020, you’re in luck because the eCommerce growth is quite stable this year. Even already established personalities and companies are reaching out to dropshipping because it is profitable in the long-run. Still, as a side business, of course.
  • As the brick and mortar system doesn’t seem to be working this year, dropshipping entrepreneurs have another reason to dropship online. Dropshipping is free from hustling with the brick and mortar retailers. Hence, it is a reliable option to succeed.
  • Dropship marketing is an accessible business, as it is entirely ONLINE. That said, a lot of people are attracted to online shopping, so there’s no cross in that.
  • With the help of automated tools available today, dropshipping has never been easier.
dropshipping marketing

Dropship VS Traditional Business

DropshipTraditional Business
 The inventory does not belong to the retailer.


The retailer has no link to the shipping process.

A few products require maintenance. Hence, they are difficult to ship.

Payment is made beforehand.

The fees are a lot.

Shipping costs can also increase the price.

It may take a while to justify potential or pointed out mistakes.

Paperwork and order confirmation can be a lot of hard work.

In dropshipping, supply security is inevident.

The retailer cannot ensure customer satisfaction.


The retailer is responsible for the supplies.


Orders are easy to fill

The in-house inventory contains high margins

It may cost you a lot of money in the beginning

Excessive inventory leads to higher capital costs

Insignificant storage space


What is Dropship Marketing?

Dropship marketing is a trendy business model that allows a company to sell products without having a proper inventory or warehouse for storing products, or to ship products themselves.

In dropship marketing, the retailer teams up with the dropship supplier that stores and manufacturers products packs them, and ships them to the retailer’s customer.

In that process, the supplier has no reflection in front of your customers. It’s all you; the product is delivered on your behalf.

This business model is attractive as it offers the ease of managing business whenever and without physical appearance. Additionally, you only need two things to make it work; good internet connection and a laptop.

Dropship Marketing

Now that you know what dropship marketing is, let’s get the point where you understand its pros and cons. In contrast to this, many business people who have physical spaces use dropshipping for certain goods as it offers space for more products.



  • Lack of control over lead times and order fulfillment
  • You have to rely on a third party for stock
  • Less profitable
  • Low-quality customer service


What Makes Marketing For Dropshipping So Hard?

Are you a newbie in dropshipping, and you have come to a point where things don’t seem to add up? Well, here’s a fact: you are not alone.

Dropship marketing can be difficult for a variety of reasons. Below are some fundamental reasons why dropshipping is hard for marketers:

  1. While it is good for the business, you still need to empty your wallet before you stabilize everything.
  2. Dropshipping involves unique strategies of presentation, description of products, images, marketing your shop, finding suppliers and high-quality products, and not to mention, mastering dropshipping tools.
  3. Dropship marketing consumes a lot of time.
  4. You need to figure out a new niche for every sale.

Now, these were the reasons that make it hard for marketers to keep track of dropshipping.


Things That Must Be Determined Before Starting Dropshipping Marketing

As we’ve already covered essential topics in the broad category of dropship marketing, but still, an ordinary business cannot succeed without basic knowledge.

In the process of dropshipping, many aspects require determination, from tools to suppliers; each and everything counts.

Dropship marketing is not difficult, not is it a piece of cake. Below are some essential factors/power-points to consider when doing online dropship marketing.

1. Determine Marketing Product

Before you start jumping through hoops in dropship marketing, you need to trigger your product search senses. You cannot market an outdated product because no one will buy it. Your marketing products should be trendy and easy to access.

Take a look at these examples:

  • Power Tools: Like any other retail shop, your online shop must have it all. Now, power tools are not a stretch; they are a necessity for hardworking artisans who often order equipment online. Power tools can include a bandsaw, chainsaw, alligator shear, air compressor, belt sander, angle grinder, biscuit joiner, heat gun, jointer, hedge trimmer, and more. You must do some research to find out which power tools are highly-in these days.
  • Tech Supplies: Similar to power tools, tech supplies can have numerous categories. They can include storage supplies, arts, graphics, and crafts, finishings and fixings, CAM/CAD, electronics, and more. Just because tech supplies have a broad spectrum, doesn’t mean you go for the higher shelf. A few necessary tech supplies can go a long way for online shoppers. We recommend you do a little research on the trendy tech supplies moving in the retail market before you purchase anything.
  • Lifestyle Niche: Having products related to your online shop’s lifestyle niche can make a big difference. Even if you can’t figure out which lifestyle-related products to include in your shop, you can take suggestions from famous lifestyle bloggers. Although you can ask your retailer about the latest hot commodities in the lifestyle niche. Products in the lifestyle niche include fitness, beauty, dating, entertainment, food, fashion, and more.
  • Beauty and Health Niche: Products in the beauty and health line are vast. Some popular products in that category include makeup brushes, headbands, strip lashes, serums, electric massages, beauty creams, fitness supplements, and more. Again, make sure to ask your retailer about hot products.

2. Determining Market Target Population

Dropshipping advertising is not as easy as it sounds. For every marketing strategy, there is a different target audience. You must identify your target population so that the channels, information, and language you use can help you effectively connect with your audience.

When you have a broad and precise audience to dropship with, marketing must be all about efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

If you want to estimate the right audience, you have to perform a target audience analysis. Here is a list of some factors you must consider when targeting an audience.

  • Age range

Every age incorporates a different kind of behavior. You can’t expect a four-year-old to act like a thirty-year-old. However, millennials’ purchasing behavior is different from the Z Gen. In addition to this, not everyone that buys your product uses it.

For instance, if you are selling baby toys, then the parents must be the buyers. Hence, you have to convince the parents to buy your products.

That said, it is crucial to justify your target population’s age so you can create promotional ideas for them. However, if the age range is difficult to identify, then cut a few cords on your target market. The more loopholes you find when identifying your target population, the more precise you can make it.

  • Location

Justify the location of your target population. Is your dropshipping business within your country or somewhere else? According to an estimate, the majority of dropshipping marketers are foreigners, but their target population is mostly US citizens.

So, if you are not drop shipping products all around the globe, do not offer an open window to non-US buyers.

  • Education level

Identify the education level of your audience through their personality.

What do they like? What are the most conscious about? How do they spend their leisure time? What are their favorite online places? Where can you access them the most?

Once you find the answers to these questions, you will discover the educational level of your buyers. In addition to this, you can create according to their interests as well.

  • Income

By income, we don’t mean you start investigating the income of your customers. It merely means to set prices that are according to your customer’s personalities. Of course, some products may have a higher value when you buy them from the retailer, but you may need to compromise when selling.

That way, you can increase your regular customers and become a successful drop ship marketer.

  • Family information

If you have a lot of regular customers who suggested their family members buy products from you as well, then you have to make an impression on them.

By taking a look at the customer information, you’ll be able to identify which customer linked with the other. That way, when you create promotional ads, you can notify them as well.

Target Population

3. Determine Marketing Goal

An essential step to dropship marketing is to identify your goals and figure out several ways to execute them. Regardless of what your aims seem to be, you have to set them wisely.

An excellent way to get a hold of this concept is to consider the following primary goals in dropship marketing:

  1. I want to attract new store visiter to my online shop every month
  2. I wish to enhance the recognition of my online website

Now, these goals are general, straightforward, but have a deep understanding. At the same time, it will be difficult to estimate the success of your marketing strategies because you are unaware of what to evaluate.

What is meant by “enhance the recognition of my website”? Do you want your store to be on Forbes? Do you wish to earn $20,000 monthly?

Or does it mean to generate the most likable Instagram post ever? Anyhow, the strategies to enhance the popularity of your store can be many.

FUN FACT: “Enhancing the recognition of my website” is not a marketing goal; it is merely a wish.

As for the other goal, it is time-bound, justifiable, attainable, and measurable. In addition to this, you can easily verify whether you have achieved your objectives or not.

For instance, if you get 100 unique customers each month, it will be a flop, and you will need to change your marketing strategy to something else.

Therefore, you have the freedom to set one goal and use all of your marketing budgets to achieve it. On the other hand, the best method is to place at least three goals and evenly distribute your marketing money.

Marketing Goal

4. Focus On Marketing And SEO

After setting your marketing goals, the next crucial step is to find a way to drive traffic to your online store. One of the most common problems newbie marketers face is the lack of recognition and traffic to their online platforms.

The online marketing world is full of people who take months to develop a website to find out no one knows it exists.

Driving traffic and marketing is essential for the success of your dropship business. It is hectic to outsource, especially if you have an uneasy budget. A reliable way to enhance your business’s traffic is to create your marketing, outreach, SEO, and guest posting methods.

That is crucial during the first six months of your website when no one knows you exist. With your site launch, you have to make time for SEO, traffic generation, and marketing for the first six months.

After the struggling-months pass, you can cut some slack and focus on the work you pitch in. Still, it is impossible to put too much effort into marketing in the beginning.

Furthermore, if you lack SEO and marketing expertise, these resources will be your guide:

SEO Resources

  • SEOBookA brilliant SEO blog and the residence of a private paid community for all SEO professionals.
  • MOZ: The most popular SEO community online. They have a beginner’s guide to SEO, which is very practical and useful for beginners.
  • DistilledThis SEO and marketing agency offers a pro-level blog and several guides and courses, many of which are free of cost.
  • SearchEngineLand: A stunning SEO blog, where you can find several new posts every day.

Marketing Resources

  • QuickSprout: A blog from the famous entrepreneur Neil Patel for marketing, traffic generation, and SEO.
  • Sparring MindWays to use behavioral psychology to populate your business with new customers.
  • HubSpot Blog: Contains suggestions to almost every inbound marketing strategy, from social media tips to driving traffic.
  • CopybloggerTips on content marketing with bonus tips on how to write effectively.
  • Seth Godin’s Blog: Reliable advice on creating an audience and marketing.
  • Mixergy: Not entirely for marketing, but contains a lot of information for inspiring entrepreneurs.

5. Have A Long-Term Marketing Perspective

The process of creating an efficient dropshipping business is like designing anything else full of potential and value.

Still, a reasonable amount of investment with time and commitment is necessary. Unfortunately, some people believe they can make six-figures within the early stages of part-time work. Sadly, that is not how it should be.

According to a reliable estimate, it will take at least one year for every startup business to bloom with success. Other than that, the starting months will always be nerve-wracking. As the famous saying suggests, it takes a village to make a marketing business successful.

The best coping method for your startup is not to expect anything in the beginning because you will not get wealthy overnight. Stick to your business until you start making six-figures.

6. Don’t Ignore The Marketing Details

In a dropshipping business, you must focus on your marketing details and strategies. Focus on more information like company name, email marketing services, logo, and other such minor stuff.

Furthermore, the high-grounds of marketing details include remarkable customer service, long-term commitment, marketing, increasing value, and understanding your audience.

That said, newbies spend a lot of time struggling to make decisions between service providers and marketing strategies. Instead of wasting time, be productive, and start implementing.

Moreover, do proper research and make accurate decisions, but do not let the minor decisions rattle you.

7. Calculation The Marketing Budget

The first step to calculate your marketing budget is to know your budget. Well, the budget must be unclear for your newbies. Additionally, it would help if you saw the marketing math.

For the new companies, it is best to use 12-20% of your projected or gross revenue on marketing. Additionally, more modern companies must ramp up before investing in their business.


The Best Way of Marketing on Dropshipping

When it comes to popular platforms that use dropshipping business, Amazon is the king of eCommerce, with using the dropshipping model since 2011. In this section, you will learn the best ways to begin your dropshipping business.

There are plenty of unique ways for you to market your dropshipping business. Take a look at these quick and effective methods to market on dropshipping.

· Use Social Media Marketing:Share Social Videos To Drive Traffic And Engagement.

In every online website, you will notice several places where promotional videos are posted. By the year 2021, social videos will become the ideal way of generating traffic to your website. Additionally, google ads dropshipping is also a prominent way of promoting your business.

It is an effective method for dropshipping businesses to transform their marketing focus to adopting video content to advertise their products. That will not only increase brand awareness but will also increase traffic to your website.

For instance, some bloggers share promo how-to videos on their social media accounts. As a result, your audience will direct back to your website to watch full videos.

Furthermore, for a minor dropshipping business, it can be challenging to create social videos as it involves a lot of creativity and process. As a reliable alternative, search for pre-made viral videos on popular websites and then share them with your website.

Other than that, make sure to create your posts full of call-to-action strategies to generate traffic for your dropship site.

· Facebook Ads For Dropshipping Marketing

Facebook marketing is the best way to enhance your business. With Facebook Ads Manager, you can create promotional ads for your marketing business. Additionally, it offers analytics data and audience insights to estimate the performance of your advertisement.

Firstly, head to the Facebook ads manager to create ads for your dropshipping business. After that, start making your ads and analyze your marketing objective.

In addition to this, select your target population, for whom you are creating the ad. The rest of the process is simple, and you will receive guidelines as you execute every step.

· A Blog For Dropshipping Marketing:Start A Blog That Drives Organic Traffic To Your Dropshipping Business

Blogging is always a useful way to attract users. You may have noticed; many marketers have their success blogs on their websites for user engagement. In a dropshipping business, launching an inspirational blog will get you to heights.

You can take notes from famous marketing influencers when writing a blog post about dropshipping. Also, it would be best if you kept in mind that all traffic-engaging blogs must be SEO-optimized.

As we have mentioned a few SEO and marketing resources above, you can visit those pages and blogs to make your dropshipping blog a success.

· Email For Dropshipping Marketing:Capture Visitors Into Subscribers With Compelling Email Pop-Ups

Email marketing is another effective way to generate traffic to your website. However, it would help if you had transportation to get free traffic in this method.

Without a doubt, email marketing is an excellent way to have frequent customers visiting your website, back and forth.

Your goal is to make your customers subscribe to your email or channel. That way, you can know more about email marketing. Once you get a good number of subscribers, you can start marketing your new arrivals through emails to every one of your customers.

Email Marketing

· SMS Dropshipping Marketing

SMS marketing is genuinely the best part of eCommerce. It can help you score your dropshipping business in no time. Of course, SMS is a revolutionary and functional way of access to generate leads for your business.

Nowadays, you won’t be able to find a person without a phone, so SMS marketing offers a high rate of success.

· Build Trust By Adding Customer Reviews, Ratings, And Testimonials To Your Site

Your website will look unimportant and unreliable if it does not have good ratings, testimonials, and reviews.

Upload your previous work on your website and ask your customers to give you feedback and rate your site. However, the rating of your website will automatically increase once you start using dropshipping tools

· Identify Where Your Niche Hangs Around Online And Then Join Their Group.

If you excel in a particular niche, then locate reliable retailers. They offer the same product in bulk and in high-quality. As you know, dropshipping products require a lot of connections, so if you find a reliable retailer, join their group.

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Communities & Forums

· Encourage Shoppers To Buy More With Upsell And Cross-Sell Marketing.

Upselling is a marketing technique in which sellers encourage customers to buy expensive and additional items. Whereas, cross-selling means to practice selling other services or products to an existing customer.

Both of these methods are useful for dropship marketing. You can alert your customers about new products via email or SMS and then emphasize upselling and cross-selling marketing.

Upsell And Cross-SellSome Tips To Building A Successful Online Dropshipping Business

By now, it must be clear to you how fantastic the dropshipping business is. Still, there will always be bumps in your way. Luckily, with these start-up tips, you can avoid risks of loss:

  • The first tip is to select a particular niche; it can be anything. Also, make sure you have connections with enough retailers who excel in your niche.
  • Do a little competitive research.
  • Find yourself a reliable and expert supplier.
  • Create your dropshipping website.
  • Generate a customer support plan.
  • Lastly, optimize and analyze.

Frequently Asked Questions

· What Is The Best Product To Dropship?

There is no proper answer to that. But, you have your retailer to provide you the products that are trending among customers. Ask about their best-selling product and start dropshipping.

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· How Much Money Do You Need To Start Dropshipping?

For starters, you will need a handful of bucks. An estimate will cost you between $500 to $1000 to start a dropshipping business.

Suggested reading:Dropshipping In 2020: How to Start a Dropshipping Business?

· Can Dropshipping Make You Rich?

If you do it right, then yes, it can make you productive. You can follow the strategies in our content and watch how your dropshipping world shifts from low to high.

Suggested reading: How to Make Money With an Online Dropshipping Business in 2020?

· How Can I Promote My Dropshipping Business?

You can promote your dropshipping business via social media, videos, SMS, email, ads, and more.

· How Much Does It Cost To Dropship A Facebook Ad?

If you use regular five-dollar Facebook ads, your total cost of every day will be $25. On the other hand, if your selling product has a profit margin, then you need to wait a few days to line up. Overall, the campaign will be around $100.

· Is It Worth It To Advertise On Facebook?

Facebook advertising is affordable, and it can generate plenty of leads for your dropshipping business. So, yes, it is worth it to advertise your business on Facebook.

How Leelinesourcing Help You Find Best Dropshipping Suppliers And Wholesalers

The dropshipping business sure is hectic if you are doing everything all alone. Have you ever thought of hiring someone else to supply your products and run product search efficiently?

If yes, then LeelineSourcing is providing remarkable services for dropship marketers. LeelineSourcing can help you in a variety of ways, including:

  • Product search; we will find trendy and high-quality products for you to dropship.
  • You will receive a quota that is currently running in the market; no extra funds required.
  • LeelineSourcing will inspect and Audit the products for you before shipping.
  • We will try our best to offer you suitable rates as possible.
  • Besides that, LeelineSourcing offers one-month free warehouse storage for all of your dropshipping products.

Therefore, with LeelineSourcing, your job becomes much more manageable.

Final thoughts on Dropshipping Marketing

Luckily, dropshipping marketing doesn’t seem to be going anywhere soon. It is an ethical business for entrepreneurs and for those who are already making good money.

Even the process is easy going, but you will only face trouble when searching for suppliers. Otherwise, things will end in your favor.

An important thing every drop shipper must know is the starting will always be difficult. Still, you will gradually reach a point where you’ll be signing checks and traveling. Hence, this is a profitable business.

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