How to Make Money With an Online Dropshipping Business?

How to make money with Dropshipping? 

Every beginner has this question about making money online. And Most people don’t know how to sell online & build a successful online business. 

Our Dropshipping business experts have compiled this guidebook to answer this. Boost your eCommerce store sales with a proven marketing strategy. 

Keep reading to learn how Dropshipping business models work &  make it profitable.

How To Make Money With Dropshipping

Is Dropshipping Profitable?

Dropshipping is a growing market & is still very profitable. Yet it has evolved from its early days back in the 2010s. Now most market trends & user behaviors have changed. It means business ethics & success rates are different.

Now it has become more systematic & sophisticated. Following branding norms, you must treat it as a general e-commerce brand. The second thing is Product pricing and fulfillment costs. 

Find low-price products to sustain profitability in the Dropshipping business model. It won’t be profitable if your price margin gets disturbed too much. Try finding suppliers that have low pricing and good quality products. I keep your advertising costs in control to scale up with profitability. 

How To Make Money With Dropshipping?

In Dropshipping, you don’t need initial inventory to sell products. You just need to be good at finding and marketing low-priced products. This makes it a low-risk business model with less capital involved. Here is step by step guide to making money online through Dropshipping model. 

Step 1: Niche and Product research 

Perform your market research on a selected dropshipping niche. This is the most important process because low-demanding products are not profitable. You have to decide whether a certain product dropshipping is worth it. 

Do keyword research, and check competitors’ products to find winning ones. You only need a single product with good profit margins. Yet my advice is to build a niche-specific store around your winning products. As an online store owner, I prefer to sell bundles around my main product. 

Step 2: Store setup 

You even start individually without any business license. You need an LLC to scale on a bigger scale. I chose the Shopify Basic plan, including their Free domain for one year. Use Fiverr to find high-quality store developers or designers. 

Their cost is usually lower than big service agencies. If you know little about design, then Shopify has a Drag and Drop feature. It facilitates you to build a store without programming and coding knowledge. 

Done with your store setup? Ok, don’t forget to choose good payment options. I add both a Bank account and Paypal on my eCommerce platform. It gives my potential customers more options to pay. 

Step 3: Supplier hunting 

Now supplier hunting is important to find products with competitive Pricing. Big stores hire Dropshipping companies to build a successful business. You lower your retail price if you get a good wholesale price. It gives you low pricing and a competitive edge as an online retailer. Add your supplier to your eCommerce website for automation. 

Step 4: Marketing

Use social media or Search engine optimization for your target market. Paid ads are a good sales strategy that gives instant results but is costly. Use Facebook videos or Google ads for the target audience. Build your own brand identity with a social media platform for organic growth. Influencer marketing, in my experience, was not successful as I thought. Yet you give it a try. 

Step 5: Shipping & Fulfillment

You don’t have your own inventory in Dropshipping like other business models. There is no inventory management, so It saves you time & inventory costs. Supplier handles your customer orders on eCommerce platforms. Store owners need to pass their Shopify dropshipping orders. You should offer great customer service for customer satisfaction.

How Much Money Can You Make Dropshipping?

How Much Money Can You Make Dropshipping

It depends on several factors; you won’t get any certain answer. 

Like how big is your operational scale? 

Big-scale dropshipping store means you have continued profit coming in. Bigger online stores have a dedicated audience that lowers their marketing expenses. These Dropshipping businesses have private sourcing agents. They handle all supply chains and help them in finding cheap products. 

Initially, you can’t go with private agents because most of them have MOQ. You need to have a certain daily order quantity before contacting. Some of them are comfortable working in new Dropshipping stores. 

What are your profit margin and advertising costs? 

Usually, my profit margin on every product is around 20% to 40%. Yet my advertising costs fluctuate a lot. Social media marketing is the most used marketing strategy, and you also use it. 

Hunt good and reliable suppliers because they have low costs. It gives you a good profit margin with good shipping time. You make a big Dropshipping brand with a good third-party supplier. Optimize your supply chain to make money in the Dropshipping industry. 

We can Made Drop Shipping from China Easy

Leeline Sourcing is to help Shopify & small businesses sourcing products from China and build your branded business.

FAQs about How To Make Money With Dropshipping 

Can you actually make money dropshipping?

Yes, it’s a legit way to make money online by selling and buying. To be profitable, you must pay attention to price differences and profit margins. There are many people already making money through a successful dropshipping store. 

Is dropshipping a fast way to make money?

Sometimes, it is fast, but Crypto could be the fastest way to make money. In Cryptocurrencies, there is a lot of fluctuation and volatility. But Dropshipping is consistent and long-term with less barrier to entry. You make money without fear of losing it. 

Is it hard to dropship?

You may find it overwhelming if you are a beginner, but it is not. You start a dropshipping business without any complex technical knowledge. Marketing and product hunting are the two main things in it. Aliexpress Dropshipping through tools is easier than you think. 

What do you need legally to dropship?

It is legal, and you won’t need a lot of paperwork to start. Beginners don’t even need all the paperwork; your bank account would be enough. But registered Business or LLC is essential to scale up and business verifications. 

What’s Next

Do you know why any eCommerce business fails? It’s due to product pricing and shipping costs. You have a low-profit margin with these expensive dropship suppliers. Find low-price products if you want a Profitable business model. 

Where to get low pricing for good product quality? 

Leelinesourcing has thousands of high-quality products at low pricing. Contact us to get exact same products as your competitor, even with low pricing. 

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