Dropshipping in South Africa

Are you looking for a dropshipping supplier South Africa? Dropshipping has emerged as a popular business model in the past few years. It works sideways of eCommerce and helps buyers get quality products.

Our ten years of experience in sourcing has helped our customers get the best choices. In dropshipping South Africa, you need to decide on many factors, such as interest in South African consumers. It assists in following the right track.

Let’s dive into the South Africa Dropshipping business. 

dropshipping south africa

Why start a Dropshipping business in South Africa?

If you are starting a dropshipping business in South Africa, much good news is there! Here are reasons that compel South African dropshippers to go on with their South African dropshipping business.

  • Lower Startup Costs

Opening retail stores in South Africa can be an expensive choice. While opening online dropshipping stores is quite simple. You need to explore the best dropshipping suppliers and get the inventory.

  • Flexibility 

If you can not adjust yourself to one niche product, no problem! You have access to multiple product categories and find the relevant South African online shoppers.

  • No inventory management

Since everything will go on virtually, it saves time and effort in inventory management. As a South African dropshipper, you can directly fulfill your orders.

  • Low Order Fulfillment Costs

Order fulfillment in dropshipping businesses is like shopping online with wholesale pricing. You can contact various suppliers and ask them to ship best selling Alibaba products to your South African customers.

We can Made Drop Shipping Easy

Leeline Sourcing is to help Shopify & small businesses source products and build your branded business.

Best 12 dropshipping suppliers in South Africa

Here is the list of top dropshipping suppliers in South Africa. You can contact the dropshipping suppliers and get the best one for your business.

  1. BrandsGateway

Brandsgateway can be your good-to-go dropshipping supplier if you ponder opening a dropshipping store. Brands Gateway is a premium-quality clothing dropship supplier in South Africa. You can order the products and ask them to ship items to direct your customers. They use the fast shipping companies such as DHL, FedEx, UPS, etc. My customers received their items through prompt shipping with real-time tracking. 

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  1. Men’s Republic Distributors
Men's Republic Distributors

Men’s Republic Distributors is a South African supplier that offers more than 80 products. You can order Men’s Republic Distributors, send them your customers’ addresses, and request them to ship immediately to your customers. They update you about the product delivery and let you know when your customer will get the product. 

  1. Calasca
image 66 1024x426 1 1 1

Calasca is one of the top and biggest dropshipping suppliers in South Africa that offer more than 1000 products on its list. From Kitchenware to beauty products, you can grab almost all categories of products quite quickly. Brandsgateway can be your good-to-go dropshipping supplier if you ponder opening a dropshipping store. Brands Gateway is a premium-quality clothing dropship supplier in South Africa. You can order the products and ask them to ship items to direct your customers. They use the fast shipping companies such as DHL, FedEx, UPS, etc. My customers received their items through prompt shipping with real-time tracking. They offer trending inventory to start the dropshipping business and maximize your revenue with a reseller program.

  1. Planet54
image 67 1024x527 1

Planet54 is a South African supplier mainly focusing on clothing accessories. As per an estimate, they have more than 7000 articles in clothing, a vast source to shop online and sell through the reseller entrepreneurship program. I found their product quality and fabric elasticity excellent and High end.

They supply more than 100 stores within 3-5 days of shipment.

  1. The Scents
image 68 1024x416 1

As the name indicates, the scent is a vast resource for dropshipping suppliers in South Africa. You can find a variety of fragrances and ship them to the customer’s address. Surprisingly, their charges are pretty low, including Rs50 for shipment with an additional Rs20 for each product shipment. I go with bundling and kit formation due to their low prices. 

  1. DropStore
image 69 1024x467 1

Dropstire can be a popular choice for dropshippers looking for dropshipping suppliers in South Africa. With eCommerce plugin technology, the drop-ship store makes it easy to import the products from the dropship website to the online store on your eCommerce platform. Their automation features saved me a lot of time and handling costs. It can be a good source for online shopping for your products.

  1. GadgetGyz
image 70 1024x553 1

GadgetGyz is a dropshipping located in Cape Town and offers inventory related to gadgets, technology equipment, and smartwatches. They provide fast delivery of 3-4 days, making the whole dropshipping business profitable for both the dropshippers and suppliers in South Africa. Their real-time tracking without any error saved me from angry customers. My customers were happy with it. You can get tracking information for your shipments. 

  1. U Can Do It Yourself( Neat Freak)
image 71 1024x500 1

Neat Freak is not a lagging dropshipping supplier on the list. Neat Freak is a Durban Based supplier that provides inventory to thousands of dropshippers. You can explore the products, let me do the competitor research, and ship the products to your customers. Is that still difficult for you? Get in touch with this trustworthy supplier to get the best for your business. Still, I recommend shopping around and checking other suppliers for better prices and negotiations. 

Looking for the Best clothing supplier?

Leelinesourcing helps you find the Best clothing supplier with high quality at an attractive cost.

  1. Shopstar
image 72 1024x483 1

Shopstar is an eCommerce platform that has over 900 products for your dropship store. You can find the quality items from Shopstar and open the store on this platform to source the inventory. You get commissions for selling the products. The suppliers will directly ship the products from the store to your customer. My store saw a profit boost with its dropshipping automation features. 

  1. Wheelatrend(Print on Demand dropship supplier)
image 73 1024x529 1

Wheelatrend is one of the top dropshipping suppliers in South Africa, selling inventory to the dropshippers at wholesale costs. You can explore the products, purchase them, and sell them to your customers. The main focus of the Wheelatrend is printed merchandise, which makes it a popular platform for dropshipping. So this is print on demand service, I design my own prints. It helps me to connect with my customers.

  1. Cosmic Pets
image 74 1024x496 1

Cosmic Pets is a dropshipping supplier around South Africa that offers pet shops, pet care professionals, and vet clinics to the dropshippers. Before purchasing from this dropshipping supplier, you must join their partner program. A fantastic feature is their free shipment for purchases of Rs2000 or more. It makes my shipping costs lower for High-end products and boosts my profits. 

  1. Marijuanasa
image 75 1024x477 1 1 1 1 1

In dropshipping mechanism, you need to explore various products to avoid the wrong supplier. Marijuanasa is a cannabis industry dropshipping supplier that offers seed and relevant cannabis products. They have a fast delivery option of 1-3 days with accessible shipment features. You can list their products in your store and sell them without worries.

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3 dropshipping models in South Africa: which is the best option?

Dropshipping South Africa has three fundamental drop shipping models that ensure drop shipping success for dropshipping stores.

1. Buy from South African Dropship suppliers and sell to South African customers

There are many best dropshipping suppliers around the African countries. Since the wage around South Africa is low, it is an excellent opportunity to get South African suppliers, purchase inventory at wholesale prices, and sell online to the local community.

You experience good profits like me due to low costs. My customers paid standard prices, but my sourcing was low due to African suppliers. 

You can open your online store on a South African eCommerce platform. Moreover, you have access to an e-commerce website for your business to promote and sell inventory. 

It is relatively simple to dropshipping inventory from South Africans to South Africans.

2. Buy from Foreign Dropshipping companies and sell to South African Customers

Another option is to buy from foreign dropshipping suppliers while selling to the local community in South Africa. Many Chinese suppliers on sites like:

Undergo quality control with zero minimum order quantity. They process the immediate delivery system and automate inventory updates for your drop ship products.

This business model result in low-profit margins, as I experienced. My customers were expecting low prices, but my sourcing was not allowing me. 

There is one main advantage of buying from Chinese suppliers and selling in South Africa. You get higher profit margins. Isn’t it something you want to choose dropshipping products from Chinese suppliers?

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3. Buy from South African suppliers and sell to foreign customers

We have the third option to choose from for your dropshipping store. It is entirely inverse of the second business model.

You can choose the dropshipping suppliers in South Africa, order from them your inventory, and dropship products to foreign customers. You can sell products on sites like:

  • Amazon
  • eBay
  • Etsy
  • Shopify

These are popular channels for foreign customers for online shopping. You can target foreign customers on such eCommerce platforms to get higher sales invoices. However, I recommend going with good shipping carriers. High international costs and slow delivery time affected my store profits & foreign customers. 

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SAFE + EASY Importing from South Africa

We do the hard work in dropshipping, so you don’t have to: Product sourcing, quality control, shipping, and more.

FAQs About Dropshipping in South Africa

Why is dropshipping better than wholesale in South Africa?

Dropshipping offers retail prices, unlike wholesale products that provide lower costs per product. Dropshipping in South Africa can help you become one of the established retailers. The profit margins are higher in selling to dropshipping clients. That’s why most dropshippers have an online store.

What are the best-selling products in South Africa for dropshipping?

For dropshipping in South Africa, there are many popular products to sell. These include:

1. Clothing accessories
2. Android Phones
3. Secure server software
4. Mobile phones
5. Genuine fragrances
6. Watches

These are just simple examples of top-selling products in South Africa. You can find many other products to shop online, pay tax, and sell on your online store.

What are the popular payment gateways in South Africa?

There are many payment gateways to pay your best dropshipping suppliers. These include:

1. Credit Cards
2. PayPal
3. UKash
4. Zapper
5. Cash
6. Bank Transfer

Depending on your dropshipping suppliers, you can choose any of these payment methods.

Is Dropshipping Profitable in South Africa?

Yes. Dropshipping is a profitable business in South Africa due to following reasons:

1. You get inventory at wholesale rates.
2. There is no need to hire warehouses for inventory storage.

You can keep high-profit margins from each sale.

What’s Next

Dropshipping in South Africa is not a big deal if you know how to deal with the suppliers. Competition research, high product prices, and cheap quality are common challenges for dropshipping in South Africa. But, you can overcome these challenges by sourcing the right products.

Do you want to source quality items? Leeline Sourcing experts are there to help you get the best for your dropshipping business. Hit us with a call or message us to grab quality inventory.

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