Best Things to Buy On Aliexpress

In the last decade, we have sourced and provided many businesses with best things to buy on Aliexpress. Our comprehensive services range from product sourcing, development, negotiating price, and order follow-up to shipping. So you’ll get the best wholesale price to maximize profit for your business.

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Our Aliexpress Manufacturing Services Include:

Sourcing product suppliers

Sourcing Product Suppliers

Leelinesourcing specializes in sourcing top-quality and standard products at a lower wholesale price. Using our sourcing services, you’ll get top-selling products on Aliexpress from verified suppliers. After getting your product idea across to us, you’ll receive real-time feedback on an exact prototype.

Product Quality Control

 We visit and conduct factory auditing to ascertain if they are capable of manufacturing your product’s specifications. Also, we thoroughly inspect your products at the factory before shipping your order. Your customer will receive the complete product.

Product Quality Control
Private Label & White Label

Private Label & White Label Products

We offer private label suppliers to make your products unique. You’ll get the best private label design customization from our graphic design team; just provide us with your design ideas and focus on running your business. 

Dropshipping and Fulfillment

We source and ship top-selling aliexpress products to customers globally. You’ll get shipping and logistics services tailored to your budget to ensure you get your products on time.

Dropshipping & Fulfillment

Hear it from fellow Aliexpress Wholesaler

We’ve collaborated with them since 2020, and their system has helped us boost sales. In addition, our agent is super helpful and gets the prototypes in record time. Highly recommended!

– Austin, Nevada

Source Your Products and Make Big Money

We offer the best wholesale price and high quality products to help you boost your business.

Top 25 Best Things To Buy on Aliexpress And Sell Online

There are many best things to buy on Aliexpress at an affordable price. Since your goal is to start the business online, you can look at the product category and explore more popular products.

Our ten years of experience have helped our customers find AliExpress best selling products. Aliexpress has various categories, including macro and microniches. Famous brands source amazing product parts from Aliexpress to save money. It is something that you can do to start your business right away!

In this article, we will explore the best things to buy from Aliexpress.

best things to buy on aliexpress

Is AliExpress Legit And Safe To Buy From?

Yes. Aliexpress is a legit platform that offers good quality products. Moreover, different kinds of payment options through the use of the escrow system let you trade safely. However, you need to avoid scammers by adequately researching and discussing the project.

I am WORKING on Aliexpress from past one year. Never FACED a single problem. The QUICK REFUNDS are going to resolve all the issues on time.

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Top 25 Best Items To Flip on Aliexpress

Here are the top 25 best-selling products on AliExpress that you can choose for your dropshipping business:

iPhone Tempered Glass

​Iphone Tempered glass

Your phone screen can get damaged due to any reason. However, like many people, you can promote your dropshipping business by investing in this.

This product has a price range between $8 to $10, and you can easily buy it in bulk from AliExpress. You can sell it for around $12 and earn a $4 profit by dropshipping. The demand is high as phone screen damages occur daily, and people would love to buy protectors.

Portable Charging Bin

Portable Charging Bin

Nowadays, modern consumers want the ultimate luxury of fast charging for their accessories. The user friendly option for a portable charging bin that provides portable charging.

Also, the users can charge the bin at convenience, which is convenient. It comes with a variable price range between $7 to $20.

You can find it in bulk from AliExpress and earn profit by dropshipping at higher margins. Google trends show an increase in their consumption; hence opting for them is a great choice.

Wireless Bluetooth Earphone

​Wireless Bluetooth Earphone

People are tired of wired earphones because they produce inconvenience and malfunction too soon. That is why people are using it.

You can find quality Bluetooth connection earphones between $15 to $50 and get a discount while purchasing in bulk from AliExpress. You can easily earn a $20 profit minimum on each piece.

One of the best thing about the EARPHONE is the increasing demand. In the first week, I sold 100 products. In the NEXT WEEK, I sold 150. A sudden 50% rise is not a SMALL thing.



Women are fond of ornaments and jewelry items. These enhance attractiveness and grab attention. That is why necklaces sell like hot best items on aliexpress.

Generally, Necklaces cost between $9 to $30. You can quickly sell them at a profit of $10. AliExpress has a wide variety of necklaces that you can buy in bulk at a good discount.

iPhone Case

Floral iPhone Case

Everyone drops their iPhone from time to time. That produces damage and loss of value. So, almost every user spends money to buy a protective case for his iPhone.

Generally, an iPhone case has a price between $10 to $30. You can find it in bulk from AliExpress and drop ship it to customers, earning at least $5 profit on each piece.

Looking for the Best Products On Aliexpress?

Leelinesourcing helps you find the Best Selling Products on Aliexpress with high quality at an attractive cost.

iPhone Cable

.Iphone Cable

iPhone users tend to complain about cables. We’ve seen on social media that these cables get damaged very often.

AliExpress has many long iPhone wires that you can buy in bulk. It will cost between $10 to $15, and you can easily earn a $5 profit with your dropshipping.

Rainbow Brushes

Rainbow Brushes

Many times I prefer rainbow brushes for my business. Do you know why? Because they are SUPER-CHEAP. On the other hand, their product quality is VERY HIGH. I remain satisfied with their inventory.

Makeup is a necessity for women in this modern age. That is why all accessories for makeup sell like hot items everywhere. Rainbow brushes enable women to have a luxurious look and attractive appearance. Generally, rainbow brushes cost between $12 to $20.

AliExpress has a wide variety of rainbow brushes that you can buy in bulk while earning a handsome profit.

Nail Art Design

Nail Art Design

Nail art is a trending phenomenon in women of all ages. That is why Nail Art Designs are selling rapidly on the internet. Generally, these designs cost between $5 to $10.

AliExpress brings various nail art designs that you can choose from. The more exclusive the invention, the better the chances for for-profits, which usually are $5-$10.

Various Necklaces

Various Necklaces

Women buy necklaces to beautify their appearance. However, they do not stop after buying one since they amuse them in manners males don’t know.

Generally, a necklace costs between $10 to $30 depending upon the build material and design. AliExpress has a wide variety of necklaces that you can buy in bulk. You can choose multiple items, get them in bulk, and easily sell them for $50.

I have made over 30%-50% profits by selling the NECKLACES. These are green products having demands in every season. Don’t worry when selling these products.

Teeth Whitening Powder

Teeth Whitening Powder

Teeth whitening powder has been trending in the other marketplaces for quite some time now. The need for the perfect smile urges people to buy this product.

That’s why teeth whitening powder has its demand. Generally, teeth whitening powder costs between $8 to $30. If customers don’t refer to potential dental sites, you can quickly sell it with a $10 minimum profit margin.

Flowered iPhone Case

Floral iPhone Case

People need to make an aesthetic statement. If you own an iPhone, holding a gorgeous phone case is necessary too. Apart from many intrinsic designs available, you can opt for selling the flower iPhone case as it’s pretty popular among females.

There’s a wide variety available on AliExpress that you can buy in bulk from $7 to $20. You can earn at least $10 profit on each item by dropshipping it as the item sells itself.

Nail Stickers

Nail Stickers

Women like to show beauty in almost everything, especially in nails. That is why they use nail stickers to make a statement in public, which makes these stickers become selling items.

AliExpress has different colors of nail stickers that you can buy in bulk. Generally, nail stickers have a good price between $4 to $10. So selling them can earn you at least $3 profit easily.

Long Sleeve Top For Girls

images 6

Long Sleeve Top is always one of the Most demanded items. I generated thousands of bucks by selling this item. You can do the SAME with the right deals. Just make ways with the right strategy.

Girls prefer a long sleeve top for casual wear. That is why it has a surplus demand.

You can buy products in bulk from AliExpress in different sizes to suit your business needs. It would cost between $20 to $40, and you can earn a minimum of $10 profit on every sale.

Micro USB Cable

Micro USB Cable  (Android)

A micro USB cable is entirely in the market and has a surplus demand. That is why it is one of the best-selling products on AliExpress.

On average, it would cost around $10 to $15. Buying it in bulk will earn you a profit of at least $3-$5. If you’re lucky, you can get a discount from the supplier.

Magnetic Micro USB Cable

Micro USB Cable

Another innovation that minimizes dysconnectivity for your USB cable. The magnetic micro USB cable is still the best selling product because few people can afford wireless charging tech.

That is why it’s included as one of the hot-selling products on AliExpress. Generally, it costs between $10 to $20. You can earn a profit of at least $3-$5 by dropshipping it.

Diamond Texture iPhone Case

Diamond Texture iPhone Case

This iPhone case converts the phone’s look into a luxury and expensive item. Moreover, it goes with modern fashion.

I myself change the iPhone cases every month. It has a HIGHER DEMAND in the international market. Trying the custom design is the BEST SCENARIO.

There is plenty of variety on AliExpress that you can buy in bulk. Generally, it costs between $5 to $15, and you can earn at least $5 profit on every sale.

Fake Eyelashes


Fake eyelashes have been in trend and popular fashion since the advent of modern popular culture. Women wear them on almost every occasion because it beautifies their eyes.

That is why this item is one of the AliExpress best sellers. Generally, it costs between $7 to $30. You can order them in bulk from AliExpress and earn at least $10 profit on every sale.

Nail Gel

Nail Gel

You got to keep your nails pretty, right? That is why nail gel is the best product on AliExpress.

Moreover, there’s a wide variety of nail gels that you can buy in bulk. Generally, it costs between $9 to $20. It gives you a margin of at least $5-$10 with dropshipping.

What I love about the NAIL GEL is it’s ALL-TIME favorite product. Women are going to buy it in every season. Moreover, I do not need a FORTUNE to start it. 

iPhone Screen Protector

Screen Protectors

iPhone protector provides a protective shield that saves the phone from scratches and damage. People tend to buy them to keep their precious cell phones safe.

Phone protectors have a great demand in the market and are a great option to include for your dropshipping needs. You can buy it from AliExpress for $5 to $10. A $3-$5 profit can quickly be earned on every protector. If the market’s short on protectors, you can easily increase the margin by $10-$15.


9.In-Ear Earphones

Although the trend of earbuds has taken over; still, many users prefer using earphones as it provides security and ease of use and it has two way audio feature.

Generally, earphones cost between $5 to $100 depending upon quality. You can buy them in bulk from AliExpress and reap at least $10 profit on every sale.

Gofuly Watch

Gofuly Watch

Gofuly watch is trending on the internet nowadays because it goes with every style and comes at a low price. Generally, it costs between $3 to $5. You can buy it in bulk from AliExpress, and earn at least $3 profit on every sale.

Lipstick Pencil

Lipstick Pencil

The good thing about the Lipstick pencil is its HIGH DEMANDS. I started selling in this niche and made thousands of bucks. I try this product for higher profits.

Lipstick is a necessity for every woman. That is why it is best selling on online sites and has many positive reviews. If you can buy suitable varieties in bulk from AliExpress, you can earn a good profit margin. It costs between $5 to $10. You can get at least $5 profit on every sale.

Men Titanium Ring

Men Titanium Ring

Men prefer to wear titanium rings to showcase status. This and the mesmerizing designs are the very reason why it is the best seller on AliExpress.

You can find plenty of variety on AliExpress and buy it in bulk. Generally, it costs between $14 to $30. It can quickly provide a margin of $10-$15 profit concerning the ring’s appeal.

Xiaomi Screen Protector For iPhone

iPhone Screen Protector

Xiaomi has stormed the market with its appealing products. That is why its tempered glass screen protectors are also being used for the iPhone and are selling like hotcakes.

AliExpress has them in bulk that will cost you around $8/piece. You can earn at least $5-$10 profit easily.

Is it a small amount? I sold 50 articles in the FIRST week. The profit margin was 50%. 5K USD is 50% of 10K USD. Just imagine for such a high profit.

Magnetic Car Phone Holder

Magnetic Car Phone Holder

People need it to have convenience while safe driving the car. That is why it is an in-demand item.

You can find it between $20 to $30 on AliExpress and buy it in bulk. Selling it with a $5 profit margin will provide a reasonable chance of growing in the market.

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We can Made Drop Shipping from Aliexpress Easy

Leeline Sourcing is to help Shopify & small businesses source good products from China and build your branded business.

How To Find Best Selling Products On Aliexpress

I DO research for hours. Finding the BEST item is not an easy job. For this reason, I must find 5-10 items with the DIFFERENT pricing. Compare the prices. And make the RIGHT DEAL with the right supplier.

Aliexpress has top things for a new buyer. You can easily explore the trending products, favorite music merchandise, and USB port.

However, finding the best-selling Aliexpress products gives you an idea of Aliexpress products. There are three methods to explore the top selling product on Aliexpress.

Method 1: Top Rankings and Top Selection Products

In the top-ranking section, you can explore the top selling products on the search bar. These may be mixed categories or the same product name in a single class. Here is an example of top-ranking products on Aliexpress.

  • Wireless Charge
  • Car Accessories
  • LED power display
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Portable Camera Tripod
  • Noise cancellation wireless headphones 

Usually, there are six different product categories on the top page.

Top Selection Products

Top selection products are usually the featured products that are typically three in number. By that means, you will see the three top selection products, purchase them, and sell them on your online store or local store. You can visit the Top selection of products section and find the number of products.

Method 2: Choose the Product Category by Orders and Ratings

You can filter your product search results by the Orders and Ratings. Hover to the Filter option, and choose the Orders and rating filters. That’s all. All the top products by several orders will be on the top of the list.

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What should you notice when importing from Aliexpress?

Are you pondering about online shopping on Aliexpress? Importing from Aliexpress ensures safety and fast shipping. If you are a Chinese brand, this is not a problem. For foreign buyers, you need to pay the customs duties 

There are many factors to look at when importing from Aliexpress.

  • Shipping Policy, Method, and Cost

Shipping methods may include International logistics. The shipping options are:

  • By Air
  • By Ocean Freight
  • By Railway

You can determine the shipping fee for a particular product. Moreover,

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  • Payment Method

Aliexpress has buyer protection and releases payment only when you approve the order status. The payment methods available are PayPal, AliPay, WebMoney, etc. You need to look at them and pay.

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  • Refund Process

The refund process usually works for products not received within 60 days of purchase. Sometimes, if the product is poor quality, it is also a perfect solution for your buy and sell online business to return an item, create a dispute, and get your refund.

Once I ordered from a seller. The seller confirmed the order and went away. The good thing was the ALIEXPRESS REFUND that was issued later. I can contact customer support to resolve all your problems.

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  • Customs taxes

Whenever you import inventory from China to US or UK, you need to pay the local taxes implemented by the government. So, keep those taxes in mind and move ahead with your best price.

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SAFE + EASY Importing from Aliexpress

We do the hard work in Aliexpress, so you don’t have to: Product sourcing, quality control, shipping, and more.

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FAQs about the best things to buy on aliexpress

What Should You Not Buy From AliExpress?

Some products, such as amazing wall clocks and jewelry, have sound quality. You can buy this product as your perfect gift. Some products such as clothes, duplicate items, and sensitive products should not be purchased from Aliexpress since they might cause issues with imports, different shapes, and sizes.

Can You Bargain On AliExpress?

Price negotiation is an essential part of the deal. You can negotiate the price with the supplier if you’re ordering in bulk. However, the option isn’t available for single products.

Does AliExpress Sell Fake Products?

Scammers sell fake products at extremely low prices. They promote the goods as genuine and sell them to scam people. That is why it is highly recommended to assess the different sellers’ profiles competently.

Why Is AliExpress So Cheap?

Being a B2C subsidiary of Alibaba, AliExpress connects Chinese manufacturers with the entire world. Manufacturing is cheap in China, which results in so many products being inexpensive. So it’s an excellent way to start online store.

Is any other stores platform like Aliexpress?

Of course, one of the best Aliexpress alternatives is Alibaba. Alibaba is one of the world’s largest retailers and e-commerce companies that can easily accessible. You can find the best hot-selling products on the platform.

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What’s Next

Have you ever purchased from Aliexpress before? If yes, you already know AliExpress best sellers available on the Aliexpress store. For some people, it isn’t easy to explore quality merchandise. If the same problem is with you, you can contact LeeLine Sourcing.

LeeLine experts have more than ten years of experience in the Sourcing field. We know how to find reliable suppliers and get the best deals for your business. Hit us a message to discuss this in detail.

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