Private Label Cosmetics

Start YOUR Cosmetics store with Leelinesourcing. And save yourself from the HASSLE of finding the right supplier and fulfilling the order.

We Handle the Sourcing, Packaging and Fulfilling your Orders. Along with Private Labeling of the items. 

Private Label Cosmetics

Top 1 Sourcing company in China

With 10 years of experience in china sourcing business

No Risk Free Sourcing No Hidden Fee

You can get Free detailed product quote before order

Trusted by over 2000 Customers

Leeline is your trusted sourcing agent partner in china

Wholesale Best Cosmetics


Wholesale Blush

Eyeshadow Palette

Wholesale Eyeshadow Palette


Wholesale Lipstick

Liquid Foundation

Wholesale Liquid Foundation


Wholesale Lash

Loose Powder

Wholesale Loose Powder

Our Private Label Services Include:

Product Development

Product Development

We assist you in finding the best COSMETICS. Product Manufacturing, Quality control, and Premium Packaging Suppliers are all handled by us.

YOUR consumers get premium label products to increase your Unique BRAND AUTHORITY. And BOOST Your SALES

Confirming Samples

YOU get an in-hand sample along with its Photos and Videos. We analyze the product’s usage and effectiveness.

YOU get positive results. More orders mean More Profits

Confirming Samples
Following Up Production

Following Up Production

YOU don’t have to worry about production as our company closely monitors the speed. And the standard of the production process.

Our Team observes EVERY STEP to ensure there are no lacks during the manufacturing.  

Quality Inspection

Consumers love Classy products and suggest these cosmetic products to others. Our Team keeps a HawkEye View of the manufacturing. Maintain QUALITY STANDARDS of YOUR Products.


Quality Inspection
Fulfillment and Shipping

Fulfillment and Shipping

Our team handles Shipping, Packaging, and Fulfillment. We remove price tags from the items and combine multi-item orders into one.

So YOUR CUSTOMERS get all their products at once. Thus creating a sense of TRUST and RELIABILITY

Why Choose Us?

Gain Brand Credibility

Brand Visibility and Credibility are essential for gaining more profits and becoming successful. YOUR store also become one of the most liked ones after we help you establish an online store from SCRATCH. 

Quality Assurance

One thing that builds a loyal customer base is QUALITY. We assure our clients, like YOU, that cosmetic products will be of the highest standard. It will enhance your product’s value, thus increasing demand. 

Success Ratio

We have a real-time success ratio of over 87.4%. This means most brands we handle earn well above thousands of Dollars. And you can become a part of it too. We assure 100% success.

All-In-One Solution

You getting EVERYTHING you need to start a store at Leelinesourcing. We handle product sourcing, manufacturing, packaging, labeling, and delivering it to Your Customers. So sit tight and enjoy a successful ride with Us. 

Hear it from fellow Cosmetics Wholesaler

I started a Cosmetics store a year back but couldn’t find success. Then I came across Leelinesourcing. They have been a lifesaver for my store, taking it up to thousands of dollars every month in profit. One of my best decisions was to hire the Leelinesourcing company.

– Kathleen, Texas

Source Your Cosmetics and Make Big Money

We offer the best wholesale price and high quality cosmetics to help you boost your business.

Top 5 Private Label Cosmetics Companies

Are you planning to start your Private Label Cosmetics Product Line? 

We know how Formidable it can be to find the right supplier.

Making it easier for you, we FOUND 16 different companies and came out with the conclusion of the best five. 

These companies have the potential to provide unlimited amount of Private Label Products. Including on-demand delivery, screen printing/labeling options, and standard packaging options, among others. 

We explain all the details further in the article to help you Kick start your online business 

So let’s dig into the 5 Best Private Label Cosmetics companies.

Top 5 Private Label Cosmetics Companies

1. Audrey Morris Cosmetics

Audrey Morris Cosmetics

One of the Oldest Private label cosmetics sellers in the US market. Offering both NATURAL and MINERAL-BASED Cosmetics. 

YOU get your own new skin care and body care store set up and growing in no time with Audrey Morris. Providing a wide range of on-display cosmetics and product selection. 


  • Highest Quality cosmetics and skin care products. YOUR consumer chooses formulas according to their skin type, i.e., dry or sensitive skin. 
  • You send your packaging to fill in their cosmetic formulas. YOU get to sell in your custom-made containers with personal branding. It makes sure your logo vision projects in the bilingual label content. 
  • It uses natural ingredients or botanical extracts that provide results. Thus leading to returning buyers and YOUR sales boost




YOU get an extensive range of custom formulations and colors. Lady Burd makes it easy for sellers like YOU to select the best blend of formulas

YOU can collaborate with the in-house chemist and share your ideas to create a product. Using the available formulas would attract your audience and be harm-free


  • It offers custom blends so your clients get what they need. And come back for more. They are also offering three custom boxes for packaging. 
  • A vast library of cosmetic private label products and tools. It gives your clients the freedom to choose the best. 
  • Cruelty-free natural products that work. You get happy clients, and lead to more considerable checkouts. 


  • They don’t help in creating the unique product label.  

3. MANA Private Label

MANA Private Label

Offering a diversity of private label skincare products in the cosmetics industry. Including Skin care products, Hair care, Body care, and more. 

MANA helps its consumers create a loyal customer base. The quality and quantity allow for better opportunities for individuals. YOU create your own skin care line with new products.  


  • Unique packaging options on certain special events such as Valentine’s Day. It gives you easy access to products with customized packaging with a Logo for your special ones.
  • A One-Stop-Shop for all cosmetics products and tool kits. Also, whatever you need to run a successful business with very low minimums required.  
  • Loads of branding options and little transit time help you outrank your competitors. 


  • High-end products are a little too expensive with minimal profit margins. 



YOU start your own white label skin care line with products from ONOXA. YOU add items to your shop from its different product categories with just a few clicks

They claim to provide an easy-to-use and quick production process. And always deliver on their promises. 


  • They are offering sample kits. So YOU check for the standard of the products and if they are suitable.
  • YOU get on-demand delivery on any day of the week while requiring a low minimum order quantity. Saving you from the hassle of investing large amounts at once. 
  • It provides loads of templates for Logos and labels, making it easier for you to choose the best ones. LOGO increases STORE IDENTITY and AUTHORITY. Which impacts sales. 


  • The products are not certified All-Natural or Organic. 

5. Pinnacle Cosmetics 

Pinnacle Cosmetics

You Launch YOUR New Makeup Stores with Pinnacle Cosmetics. 

They help you get up to date with the latest trends. Also, assist YOU in establishing your BRAND. You schedule an appointment. And they’ll help you choose the best products per your store’s interests. 


  • 24/7 Excellent customer service with exceptional support. Especially for individuals planning to start a new cosmetics skincare products line.
  • They are offering trendy products. Buyers are always looking for in-trend products; you can be on the top of their list by selling such items. 
  • Offering custom packing to help you STAND OUT between established brands. And create value for your products, which helps you grow your business name. 


  • YOU cannot sell your products Worldwide with this agency. 

How do you start a private label cosmetics business?

It is the most challenging phase of your life if you are new to this industry. 

Follow these easy steps. (Ease your transition from an Ordinary Individual to a Cosmetics Product Business Owner.)

Step 1: Search for Cosmetic Products Companies

The initial step in launching any business is finding a Supplier for manufacturing. 

YOU choose any website from above and contact them to get the best quotes. 

YOU search Google for agencies yourself, but we took your headache upon our shoulders. And narrowed down the list to the FIVE best ones

Step 2: Get a Sample and Place Your Order

Now CHOOSE the products you want to sell on your STORE and try to get a hold of the sample ordering process. Samples help you determine the product’s quality and effectiveness. 

Note: Make sure the products are harm-free and cruelty-free. 

Repeat this step until YOU find the best organic products for your business. Customer satisfaction is the most important for BUSINESS GROWTH. 

You all come across companies that offer product knowledge training. So, if you need that, go for it as well. 

Step 3: Start Your Own Brand /  Private Labeling

Once YOU have found the best supplier with quick lead times. Check if they provide Finished Product Label Design and Expert Graphic Artists

Some companies here provide Personal Branding Labels in various styles. It helps to create the most Attractive Private Label Packaging for your products. 

Now Order your first shipment at a minimum quantity with packaging. And begin marketing your products at full pace. 

P.s. Leelinesourcing is offering private label cosmetics services at competitive market rates. 

Looking for the Best China Sourcing Agent?

Leeline Sourcing helps you find factories, get competitive prices, follow up production, ensure quality and deliver products to the door.

FAQs about Private Label Cosmetics

How much does starting a cosmetic skincare line cost?

YOU start a skincare line with $500 – $10,000. YOU can go full-throttle by spending $20,000 on your cosmetics and makeup line. YOU spend the extra bucks on marketing and advertising your products. 

Can you do private label without brand registry?

NO. You need a Brand Registry in the country YOU want to sell your products inside. But, it will be easy for you to register your company in any country, including the US, UK, and Australia. 

Do retailers own private label brands?

YES. Retailers buy products from third-party manufacturers and sell them under their company name. YOU can also become a retailer by registering your company. And labeling the products to show that the products you sell belong to your cosmetics line. 

What is the most important need for private labels?

Product Quality, Loyal Buyers, and Targeted Marketing are the most important things. Get a Brand registry and start selling ONLY premium cosmetic items. 

What’s Next

Cosmetics and Makeup Brands can be Huge Successes if you do everything right. 

YOU have EVERYTHING cut out in front of you. 

Now it’s time for you to choose what you want to explore. 

Do you want to become a successful cosmetic e-commerce store owner or watch others do it before you? 

Get This! 

Leelinesourcing can take away all your worries by handling Product Sourcing, Packaging. 

Contact us And Getting Orders Fulfilled on time!

Do you want a successful import business?


Hey, I’m Sharline, co-founder of  LeelineSourcing. We’ve helped 2000+ customers import from China.

Do you want a better price on product or shipping?

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