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Top 30 FAQ About Shipping From China

2018 The Hottest Questions on Logistics of Products Purchased in China

Logistics is always a troublesome problem for people purchased products in China. Therefore, Leelinesourcing offers you this article. This article is a summary of the hottest questions on the supply chain especially the logistics of products purchased in China. The questions include shipment terms, expenses, customs clearance, and package, etc. After reading it, you will … Read more

Shipping From China to USA

How to Reduce Shipping Cost When Import from China

Importing from China is pretty common these days. The country boasts numerous wholesale websites and markets for you to choose from. This allows you to purchase premium quality goods at affordable prices. However, one of the most important parts of the entire importing process is “Shipping”. There are several shipping modes available through which you … Read more

Import Tax From China To US 2021 : Customs & Duties Guide

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Many entrepreneurs are INTIMATED about the Import Tax from China to the US. But honestly, calculating and minimizing it is easy. Most of the importers face lots of issues while importing products from China. You just need the right information.  Shipping from China is my forte. So, I listed useful tips on importing taxes from China … Read more