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How can a traditional offline brand be successfully transformed into an online B2B?

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From e-commerce to brick and mortar retail networks, most companies are still digital and focused on investing in their online experience. According to a survey of 160 US B2B buyers conducted by digital services company AVIONOS in 2018, 89% to 90% B2B buyers said they had increased the number of products they bought online compared … Read more

Top 20 leading B2B E-commerce platforms

China accounts for a quarter of the worlds 20 leading B2B E commerce platforms

There are several B2B e-commerce platforms around the world that have been around for decades. T his article will list the top 20 B2B platforms in the world to make it easier for you to buy and sell products. The top 20 B2B Trading Platforms in the world 1. Amazon Business Amazon is one of … Read more