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Sometimes, the supplier sends ineffective inventory. The product quality is low. So, is there any solution to it? Yes, it is nothing except the Alibaba inspection service!

Our ten years of expertise can help you go through the product quality and get detailed inspection reports.

When you buy from Alibaba suppliers, ensure the quality inspection of the products. Alibaba offers quality inspection through multiple inspection companies.

Today, we will discuss the Alibaba inspection service and develop a better solution.

Alibaba Inspection Service

What is the Alibaba inspection service?

Alibaba is a Chinese multinational company. Its specialty is in e-commerce, technology, the internet, and retail.

The inspection service helps you make sure you will get the same goods you are paying for.

The high-value orders’ inspection is an essential task. For these inspection tasks, companies are available like Bureau Veritas and CCIG. Alibaba’s team doesn’t do this work.

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How does it work?

Below mentioned is the working principle of Alibaba Inspection services.

  • Check for product conformity.

Product Conformity means a set of strategies. You must check for completed product conformity. It will save you from a loss. Inspection service provides customers and other stakeholders with confidence.

  • Reduces the risk of quality-related issues

Inspection service reduces the risk of quality issues. Their inspectors make sure that the quality of the stock meets the buyer’s conditions as per inspection service requirements.

  • Enjoy Alibaba’s lower price.

Alibaba inspection companies have professional inspectors with high efficiency. That will provide you with the best services at a reasonable cost.

The inspection cost at Alibaba is as low as $118.

Want to buy on Alibaba easily and safely?

Leeline Sourcing helps buyers source the right product and solve all their problems at the best service.

What is the Alibaba production monitoring service?

We recommend the Alibaba production monitoring service for small orders. Suppose you choose the Alibaba production monitoring service. They will call suppliers to confirm that your product’s shipment is ready.

How does it work?

  • Keep up-to-date on production.

Alibaba monitoring team will keep you up-to-date about their progress. Within seconds they will verify their progress regardless of the situation.

  • Reduce the risk of order delays

This monitoring service makes sure that your order will be on time. Alibaba Inspection services are very much efficient. Alibaba Inspection service providers also care about your time and money.

  • View product details before shipment

They also confirm the shipment of products by viewing a product detail before shipment. Alibaba’s monitoring service will certify everything.

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How much does it cost to do an Alibaba inspection service?

It depends on the service you need. Here is a list of pricing.

  • For production monitoring — 48 USD.

There are three levels for inspection:

  • Level S-3 costs 118 USD.
  • Level G-1 costs 178 USD.
  • Level G-2 costs 188-218 USD.

So, you can get the Alibaba inspection service as per requirements.

Which payment methods does the Alibaba inspection service support?

Sellers are doing business through this platform around the world. So it supports several payment methods, which are as follows.

  1. Payment through Credit card/Debit card.
  2. Online Transfer
  3. Online bank payment
  4. Domestic Wire transfer (T/T)
  5. International Wire transfer (T/T)
  6. Western Union
  7. Pay Later.

All these payment methods are valid at Alibaba. You can pay in any way that you like the most. All the practices are safe and secure.

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How do you perform an Inspection when importing from Alibaba?

Nowadays, you can add the inspection service only to the Trade assurance orders. Here are different methods to do it.

Method 1:

You can ask the supplier to choose the inspection service on the trade assurance order. You need to determine the level of inspection, such as G1.

Method 2:

The buyer can select the service on the order management page. Check the details and apply for the quality inspection.

Method 3:

The buyer can apply for inspection and pay the fee seven days before the shipment. It is only possible if the supplier agrees to this case.

There are multiple steps to check the details and inspection report.

  • Step 1: Visit the Order details page.
  • Step 2: Make your payment fee for the inspection.
  • Step 3: Check the status.
  • Step 4: Get the report and analyze it.

Top 10 Alibaba Inspection Companies in China

There are a lot of inspection companies working in China. But the following are the top 10 best inspection companies in China.

LeelineSourcingLeelineSourcing is the best name in quality control and inspection services in China.
They have a team with vast experience. They have a lot to offer when you think about buying in China.
Asia Quality FocusAsia Quality Focus is the best quality-control service. They’re an expert in the following:

1. Hardlines
2. Soft lines
3. Industrial inspection
4. electrical products
SGSSGS is also a leading company that gives the best inspection services. The company gives the following full range of services:

1. Energy
2. Construction
3. Oil & gas
4. Industrial manufacturing
5. And many other relevant fields.
QIMAQIMA is famous for Asian inspection. This inspection firm is making its way to the top companies with its innovation.
It uses an intelligent move for quality inspection. 
V-TrustV-Trust is the most famous and reliable inspecting company. They have a wide range of products that they inspect. It includes:

1. Electrical products
2. Hardgoods
3. Softgoods
4. Agricultural and food
5. Industrial products.
QazoomQazoom is an online platform. That helps to find professional inspecting agents in China.

Qazoom is very much beneficial for small importers. It is an affordable option for small and medium enterprises.
Bureau Veritas InSpecBureau Veritas is a famous Inspection company. It is an online booking platform.
BV’s specialist products inspecting agents are present in various 20 countries. Including  China, India, and Vietnam.
Tetra InspectionTetra Inspection is a name of reliability. They give excellent and efficient product inspections services.
The customer can choose the service according to their requirements.
InTouch Manufacturing ServicesInTouch Manufacturing services started working in 2008. It provides inspection and quality control services to Chinese merchants in the USA.
Sofeast  LimitedRenaud Anjoran started Sofeast ltd from France. It is a Shenzhen-based company.
And it works in project management and quality assurance.
They provide a variety of services. The primary benefits are:

1. quality consulting
2. assessment of technical documents
3. in-depth factory audit services

If you hard to negotiate with suppliers and pay on safely?

LeelineSourcing is ready to help you buy from alibaba low cost and efficiently.

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FAQs For Alibaba Inspection Service

What happens after you complete the payment for the inspection order?

In the first step, the Inspection company receives the inspection order. Then it will send a confirmation email to both seller and buyer via email.

After that, they will make a strategy and start implementing it.

What aspects of the product(s) should you check with the Inspection Service?

They will inspect the following aspects when you appoint an Inspection company.

1. Performance
2. Durability
3. Dimensions
4. Quality
5. Production Capacity
6. Storage
7. Environmental factors
8. Working hours
9. Staff attitude

How do I know if they have enough experience with my product?

It is straightforward to figure out whether the inspection company is suitable.

1. The following are the few points that will help you:
2. Get information from their other clients.
3. See the reviews about their service.
4. Search them on Google.
5. Compare with others.
6. View their rating among other companies.

What should I do if the inspection report indicates a failed or pending status?

You can do the following things according to the two different situations.

If the inspection report indicates a failed status.

1. review the documents and negotiate with the supplier.
2. demand a product replacement.
3. request a new inspection.

If the inspection report indicates a pending status:

1. After viewing the unfinished state, you can decide whether the identified points are acceptable.
2. You can proceed to shipment.

What’s Next

After going through the guide, I believe there will be no more questions about the quality inspection.

Usually, there are multiple third-party inspection companies like LeeLine Sourcing and many more. Before choosing any, try the inspection techniques to ensure these are above par.

If you need quality inspection services, LeeLine sourcing is there. We have more than ten years of experience and know-how it all works. Hit us a message to get in touch

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