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Alibaba Inspection Service

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Leeline is Your Purchasing Agent for Importing Goods from Alibaba

Product Sourcing


We find the most popular Chinese goods for you, confirm the high-quality factories, obtain the best prices, and reduce your procurement costs.

Factory Audit

Factory Audit A Definite Guide

In the process of cooperation with Chinese suppliers, factory audit is a very important part. It can help you confirm the factory’s production capacity and qualifications, and ensure that high-quality products are delivered on time.

Product Inspection

product quality inspection is very necessary

Usually there will be some differences between samples and mass-produced products, and quality inspection can ensure that the large-scale products can be consistent with the quality of factory samples.

Amazon FBA Prep

good prep services

Reasonable FBA prep can reduce Amazon FBA expenses. Leeline’s FBA Prep service is committed to providing customers with the best FBA Prep experience, greatly reducing the cost of FBA Prep for customers.

Shipping To Amazon FBA

Amazon freight forwarder

If you do n’t know how to choose the FBA freight forwarder, tell us your shipping requirements, Leeline will do its best to help you transport the product to Amazon warehouse on time and efficiently.



We have helped many Amazon, eBay, shopify sellers purchase, directly ship products to customers, help you expand your business.

Leelines is the Best Option to Ship Goods from Alibaba

Product Sea Freight Shipping from China

10 years of sea transportation experience

When freight occupies a large profit of the product, the use of shipping can greatly reduce transportation costs and increase product profit margins.

Product Air Freight Shipping from China

by air

Leeline can come to your factory to pick up the goods, arrange the plane, and deliver the goods directly to your warehouse, with fast timeliness and good price.

Product Rail Freight Shipping from China


It takes about 15-20 days to import goods from China to arrive in Europe. If you are satisfied with the time limit, rail transportation is the best choice.

Product Door to Door Shipping from China

door-to-door services

Air, sea and rail transportation can be realized door-to-door transportation, as long as you tell us the pick-up place and destination, Leeline will arrange some delivery arrangements for you.

Alibaba Inspection Service

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China exports a considerable amount of stocks monthly. For this, every importer needs an inspection company.

Especially when you visit the factories and check the inventory before sending it. Alibaba Inspection service is a service to consider.

Inspection is very much necessary before the shipment of products. It ensures the quality of the product.

It makes sure that every single product must be in good condition. And the buyer receives the right quality product.

Inspection means that an agent (inspector) sent to the factory to check each product. They make sure that every product is well-formed. And make sure that the quality of the product is fair.

There are many different types of inspecting agents. There is a wide range of fields for them to work.

Like garment products inspection, automated product inspection, food inspection, and many other kinds.

Alibaba Inspection Service

What is the Alibaba inspection service?

Alibaba is a Chinese multinational company. Its specialty is in e-commerce, technology, internet, and retail.

The Alibaba inspection service helps you to make sure you will be getting the same goods you are paying for.

The high-value orders’ inspection is an essential task. For these inspection tasks, companies are available like Bureau Veritas and CCIG. Alibaba’s team doesn’t do this work.

How does it work?

Below mentioned is the working principle of Alibaba Inspection services.

Check for product conformity.

Product Conformity means a set of methods. You must check for product conformity. It will save you from a loss. Alibaba Inspection service provides buyers and other stakeholders with confidence.

It provides your company with a competitive advantage.

It eases regulators to ensure that safety, health, or environmental conditions are right.

 Reduces the risk of quality-related issues

Alibaba inspection service reduces the risk of quality issues. Their inspectors make sure that the quality of the stock met the conditions of the buyer.

The inspection company makes sure that the product is in good condition. And you will receive the same product that you want. So you don’t have to worry about the quality of the product.

Enjoy Alibaba’s lower price.

Alibaba inspection companies have professional inspectors with high efficiency. That will provide you with the best services at a reasonable cost.

The inspection cost at Alibaba is as low as $118. It depends upon the number of goods. It has three categories, depending on quantity.

Suppose your order is for 500 pieces. They will charge you 188-218 USD. That is quite a reasonable price for inspection.

What is the Alibaba production monitoring service?

We recommend  Alibaba production monitoring service for small orders. Suppose you choose the Alibaba production monitoring service.

They will call suppliers to confirms that your product’s shipment is ready or not. They will also verify the quantity of your product.

It will provide Provides continuous tracking and reporting of the production process. Alibaba’s monitoring team makes sure that the amount of the product is complete.

They also perform a visual inspection. And report if any issue found in the product. These monitoring services are available in 48 USD.

How does it work?

Keep up-to-date on production.

Alibaba monitoring team will keep you up-to-date about their progress. Within seconds they will report you about their progress.

Regardless of what is the situation is. They will always be in contact with you and provide you with all the necessary information.

Reduce the risk of order delays

This monitoring service makes sure that your order will be on time. Alibaba Inspection services are very much efficient.

Alibaba Inspection service providers also care about your time and money. And will restrict the company to deliver your order on time.

View product details before shipment

They also confirm the shipment products by viewing a product detail before shipment. Alibaba’s monitoring service will certify each and everything.

View product details before shipment

Should you use the Alibaba Inspection Service?

Inspection is an essential part of doing online shopping. We recommend all buyers from Alibaba to use inspection services.

Either it is Alibaba or from an independent inspection company. It should be a must-have for every buyer who wants to buy from China.

Suppose you are ordering a natural product. And you are sure about the quality; then you can take it as an option and also can ignore it.

And save the inspection process cost. But, if you would like to have the right quality product, you should have to use inspection services.

How much does it cost to do Alibaba inspection service?

Alibaba Inspection services are cheap and affordable. Most of the buyers didn’t care about the product’s quality and other things.

There are very few buyers who are serious about this matter. That’s why the inspection services are cheap. Following are some prominent inspection companies:

  • Intertek
  • SGS
  • BV

And even the regular inspection companies (Asia Quality Focus, Asia Inspection, Pro QC). All charge at least 290 USD per person-day for inspection.

Some of Alibaba’s inspection companies have low costs as well. That is 118 USD to 218 USD depending on the number of your products.

Besides these Alibaba, monitoring services also have a little cost. They charge 48 USD to provide monitoring services.

How much does it cost to do Alibaba inspection service

Which payment methods does the Alibaba inspection service support?

Alibaba is the most famous and renowned business platform. It is the most recognized place for buying and selling products.

Sellers are doing business through this platform around the world. So it supports numbers of payment methods, which are as follows.

  1. Payment through Credit card/Debit card.
  2. Online Transfer
  3. Online bank payment
  4. Domestic Wire transfer (T/T)
  5. International Wire transfer (T/T)
  6. Western Union
  7. Pay Later.

All these payment methods are valid at Alibaba. You can pay in any way that you like the most. All the practices are safe and secure.

Which payment methods does the Alibaba inspection service support

How do you perform an Inspection when importing from Alibaba?

Alibaba is one of the biggest B2B e-commerce stores. It offers a variety of products and sellers from around the world.

Most of the users on Alibaba have one purpose that is to find a reliable supplier. On who they can trust and build a good relationship with.

But there are several questions. The question is, How do you make sure that the quality of the wholesaler’s product is satisfactory.

Or if the products they’re making are up to your requirements? Without having to travel overseas?

You can have your order examined by independent professional agents. And inspection companies are present on Alibaba.

These inspectors will visit the manufacturing site and provide reports. Including photos, to confirm. That the goods that they are producing and shipped meet quality standards.

By using Alibaba Inspection Service, you find hundreds of competent inspectors. And also the confidence in our safe payment choices to pay them.

Add the service to your Trade Assurance Order.

Trade assurance is an order security service where Alibaba acts as an escrow company.

The wholesaler arranges the goods for shipment.

And you place your payment in a particular account designated by Alibaba. When the order is ready, the products and the money exchanges.

What is good about trade assurance is that Alibaba supports your money back. In the case of a supplier failing to meet the terms of the order deal.

It includes quality issues, delays in shipment, and processing problems. Trade assurance makes sure that you are secure. You have to consider this option while inspecting it.

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Alibaba Trade Assurance

Complete payment

You make an order and appoint an inspector to check the goods and their quality. Then you have to start the payment process.

It is vital to make you and your seller comfortable. You have to start the payment, with a secure option like trade assurance.

You have fewer chances of getting scammed. Also, the supplier will become happy. And you will have a good experience in the future.

After completing the inspection, then according to the report, you can take action.

Service provided

When importing from Alibaba, they offer the following type of services.

Inspection details confirmed with buyers and sellers via email

Complete the inspection process. Then the inspector will give you an inspection report. In which they will mention all the necessary details.

Like product quality, packaging, defects, and all the other vital information. That will help you make the final decision.

You can get your report via email. You should confirm after checking the report that you are comfortable to buy.

Inspection performed on-site

They will show you via an online platform or in any other way. That what did they do in an on-site inspection. How they check the product.

What are their parameters for inspecting the item? They will provide you with step-by-step information about their every process. The inspecting agent will do the on-site inspection according to the appointment time.

Deliver the inspection report within 24 hours

Alibaba’s inspection services are high-speed and reliable. They are very famous for finishing their work on time.

Also,  they give preference to the quality time of their client. They are very much quick in their field of work. They will provide you with an inspection report within 24 hours.

That is after completing the inspection process. So you don’t have to worry about shipment delays or anything.

Deliver the inspection report within 24 hours

Check report online: Go to your order details page to view the inspection report.

After appointing the Inspecting agent for your product, you don’t need to despair. You can’t travel overseas to check your product by yourself, that’s why you hire them.

So you have to relax. Your Inspection company will perform all the necessary actions. They will examine the product, make sure your shipment is on time, and also make a report.

This report is about the supplier as well as about the product. You can check the report online. By visiting your order details page.

All the necessary data, like Seller’s & Buyer’s information, Order’s details, product type, color, size. Each and everything will be there. It is a straightforward and easy process.

After watching the inspection report, you can guess the services of the seller. So in the future, you will have enough information about sellers. So, you can choose them according to your requirements.

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Best China Inspection Services For Your Quality Control Need

Review service

Review or feedback is very much critical. Both for the service providers and yourself. While reviewing the services, you have to be more significant.

The review helps suppliers to be more competent. Provide a useful, constructive analysis of their service. You have to give detail, specific, and honest reviews. It will help them to upgrade their facilities.

Also, you can give them any good ideas that are useful to them. You have to provide some valuable suggestions about the enhancement of their services.

You have to understand that your review of services means a lot. So you must give an honest review of the service you use.

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Best Pre Shipment Inspection Service Company In China

Top 10 Alibaba Inspection Companies in China

China is a business hub for people worldwide. Most of the buyers and sellers see China as a profitable marketplace. Also, China has a vast range of different products.

Buyers from outside China also buy from here. So they cannot travel to China to check the product’s quality and other necessary things.

So they have to hire inspection companies. There are a lot of inspection companies working in China. But the following are the top 10 best inspection companies in China.


LeelineSourcing is the best name in quality control and inspection services in China.

It is working in this field for more than a decade. Further, it has strengthened its position with its excellent services.

One of the company’s exciting components is its reliability. The company charges a minimal amount.

LeelineSourcing has a team with vast experience. That helps you to find the best products for yourself.

They have a lot to offer when you think about buying in China. They can be your eyes and ears while you are sitting at home and dealing with suppliers.

Besides all these, they will provide you with a quality inspection service. The facility of videography and photography of your product are worth mentioning.

It will then be easier for you to know that your product is safe and sound.

Moreover, the firm is also known for its workability. Their team is hardworking and professional. The unit works with complete focus and integrity.

There real-time insights offers are very much known far and wide. Suppose you are looking for the best inspection company. Then LeelineSourcing should be your destination.


Asia Quality Focus

Asia Quality Focus is the best quality-control-service-provider company. They offer their services to top brands and importers from more than 135 nations since 2007.

Asia Quality Focus is an expert in the following:

  • Hardlines
  • Soft lines
  • Industrial inspection
  • electrical products

Asia Quality Focus gives the best quality control services in 12 countries in Asia.


SGS is also a leading company that gives the best inspection services. For importers looking to import from China.

The company provides a 100% guarantee of quality services. It is also famous around the world for its workability.

SGS has applied high standard compliance. The company gives the following full range of services:

  • Energy
  • Construction
  • Oil & gas
  • Industrial manufacturing

And many other relevant fields.


QIMA is famous as an Asian inspection. This inspection firm is making its way to the top companies with its innovation.

It uses a smart move for quality inspection. This company is also very famous for its online insights. They give the buyer quick interactive modules.

QIMA design modules to provide clients real-time information. They give information about the procedure of inspection.

Furthermore, they provide their customers with a complete sensible stage. It makes it more comfortable for them to regulate quality inspection.



V-Trust is the most famous and reliable inspecting company. It provides the best inspection services in several countries.

They serve in China and also in India, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Cambodia, and Malaysia.They have a wide range of products that they inspect. It includes:

  • Electrical products
  • Hardgoods
  • Softgoods
  • Agricultural and food
  • Industrial products.

It is a high standard inspection firm, recognized around the world.


Qazoom is an online platform. That helps to find professional inspecting agents in China.

Qazoom is very much useful for small importers. It is an affordable option for small and medium enterprises.

It provides a chance for small importers and businesses to adjust the price.


Bureau Veritas InSpec

Bureau Veritas is a famous Inspecting company. It is an online booking platform.

BV Inspec helps importers to register inspection fast.

BV’s specialist products inspecting agents are present in various 20 countries. Including  China, India, and Vietnam.

You can book your product inspection anytime you like. BV’s new platform also assists you to reschedule your review. They have the best staff. All the inspecting agents are well trained.

Tetra Inspection

Tetra Inspection is a name of reliability.

  • They give promising and efficient product inspections services.
  • The customer can choose the service according to his/her requirements.
  • They also provide a supplier audit service.
  • Tetra Inspection offers easy three-way verification.
  • The verification process enables testing the products according to the clients’ needs.
  • It also helps them give reliable reports right on time.

InTouch Manufacturing Services

InTouch Manufacturing services start working in 2008. It provides inspection and quality control services to Chinese merchants for the USA.

Sofeast  Limited

Renaud Anjoran started Sofeast ltd from France. It is a Shenzhen based company.

And it works in project management and quality assurance. It also offers Inspection services to importers.

They provide a variety of services. Main services are:

  • quality consulting
  • assessment of technical documents
  • in-depth factory auditing

Furthermore, the company also offers project management software for importers.

Sofeast Limited

FAQ For Alibaba Inspection Service

Can all buyers use the Inspection & Production Monitoring Service?

Yes, all the buyers can order for both services. This service is for everyone. You can use the inspection and Production monitoring service from any part of the world.

How do I find the best quality inspection company?

There are many quality inspection companies around. You have to contact reliable companies. And also choose those companies that provide you high-quality.

What happens after you complete the payment for the inspection order?

In the first step, the Inspection company receives the inspection order. Then it will send a confirmation email to both sellers and buyers via email. After that, they will make a strategy and start implementing it.

With the Inspection Service, what aspects of the product(s) should you check?

They will inspect the following aspects when you appoint an Inspection company.

  • Performance
  • Durability
  • Appearance
  • Features
  • Dimensions
  • Quality
  • Production Capacity
  • Storage
  • Environmental factors
  • Working hours
  • Staff attitude
  • Working behavior

With the Inspection Service, what aspects of the product(s) should you check

How do I know if they have enough experience for my product?

It is straightforward to figure out that the inspection company is suitable or not.

The following are the few points that will help you:

  • Get information from their other clients.
  • See the reviews about their service.
  • Search them on Google.
  • Compare with others.
  • View their rating among other companies.

What should I do if the inspection report indicates a failed or pending status?

If the inspection report indicates a failed status:

You can do the following things:

  • You can review the documents and negotiate with the supplier.
  • You can demand a product replacement.
  • You can request a new inspection.

If the inspection report indicates a pending status:

After viewing the unfinished state, you can decide whether

  • The identified points are acceptable.
  • You can proceed to shipment.

How LeelineSourcing Help You With Your Alibaba Inspection Service

LeelineSourcing is one of the best company that provides high-quality services.

They will help you reduce risks, assure quality and quantity. We provide our clients with high-quality content and suggestions for products.

We also offer one on one and video check.And other essential checking services with regular reports.

LeelineSourcing also offers you real-time insights into the inspection process.Through their professional services, they make it easier for you to negotiate. You can deal with suppliers while sitting at home.

We have a hard-working and professional team. They will also provide a comprehensive factory audit. Also, offer you the necessary documentation. They have the best auditors.

We will go far to confirm your deal at the best price. We will provide you a quality inspection and factory audit services.

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Final Thoughts on Alibaba Inspection Service

Alibaba Inspection services are exceptional. They provide high-quality inspection services at a low cost.

Their inspection companies are reliable. Also, the process of getting access is easy. Alibaba Inspection services are one of its kind in the related field.

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