Wholesale Shoes From China

You will pay no hidden fees and market-competitive shoes at a low price. We can save you 40% on your budget thanks to our negotiation deals. You can also secure your one-month free inventory in our warehouse that will be delivered to your customers through fast shipping. 

Wholesale Shoes From China

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Wholesale Block Heels

Our China Shoes Manufacturing Services Include:

Sourcing product suppliers

Sourcing Shoe Suppliers

Through our dealing, you would not be restricted to any MOQ. We will get you free quotes to solve your queries, and we will source your required size for all kinds of shoes. 

Shoes Quality Control

To ensure that your customers receive 100% quality products, our team manually inspects your production and removes all faulty items. If you need, we can also factory audit.

Product Quality Control
Private Label & White Label

Private Label & White Label Shoes

You can fully customize all your products at the best deal. We will print your brand’s logo, do stunning photography and make sure to package it professionally. Plus, all this process will be done while maintaining a high turnaround time.

Dropshipping and Fulfillment

We will drop ship your brand products with hassle-free shipping at a 50% low cost than the market. You can choose from a variety of shipping methods. We will remove price tags and merge multiple orders to save you time and money.

Dropshipping & Fulfillment

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Source Your China Shoes and Make Big Money

We offer the best wholesale price and high quality shoes to help you boost your business.

How to Buy and Wholesale Shoes from China: A Complete Guide

In 2017, more than 50% of global footwear production took place in china, which depicts the great strength of china’s wholesale shoes. It is now estimated that this show market will increase by 0.6% annually and may cove 44.8 USD billion in revenue. 

These stats show that you can’t go wrong by adding footwear as your business niche. The difficulty lies in only getting a top-notch inventory of your selected category. LeelineSourcing has been helping businesses source for ten years. Our team has conducted extensive research to determine the best china wholesale shoes.

Dive into detail to select reputable wholesale shoes from China and be ready to excel in the competition.

Wholesale Shoes from China

What Style of Shoes Can You Buy from China?

Apart from quality control and affordability, you can enjoy many more advantages from shoes from china online. Let’s discuss different styles of shoes that you can import from china:

Wholesale Ballet Shoes from China

Buying ballet shoes may seem easy enough, but it can be very tricky. Things may get complicated, especially for the newbie importers. China provides all the latest ballet shoes from the China shoe market with a perfect fit for most people.

They deliver quality wholesale ballet shoes styled to suit your customer’s requirements.  There are many sellers in Chinese markets with high-quality shoes at the low prices. For help and queries, manufacturers are always available so you find what you are looking for.

Wholesale Boots from China

If you are planning your business with wholesale boots from china, there are many options to consider. Boots manufacturers here have the best and cheapest boots in the world.

There is a wide range of high-quality boots at an affordable price rate. Despite the type and material of the boots, there is still a huge variety for everyone.

Chinese brands have trusted and tested experience in this field. So Chinese shoes for sale are also famous with the clients.

You can get your hands on any product you want 24/7 services and instant processing time. China offers shipment services all over the world. Get your wholesale order at your doorstep now!

Wholesale Casual Shoes from China

The China shoes market of footwear has increasing fashion demands. This market is growing fast with all types of fashion and casual designer shoes. Many premium shoe manufacturers from china sell their quality shoes wholesale.

They can also custom design according to their client’s requirements. They always stick on honesty, quality, and good services. China commits to offer better online wholesale causal shoes and dropship service all over the world.

Casual shoes manufacturing companies have excellent services, a decent reputation, and cost-effective products. Here, you will find a wide variety of styles, designs, and adequate stock supply to your country.

Wholesale Casual Shoes from China

Wholesale Formal Shoes from China

Besides fashionable and causal wholesale shoes, china offers quality formal shoes as well. Importing wholesale shoes after careful manufacturing and quality inspection. Formal shoe manufacturers aim to create stylish, fashionable, and professional variety of shoes.

Every formal shoe manufacturer in china is a hallmark of quality. With low prices, they provide the best value for your money.

Old brands and many new members of the industry are also an affordable option for importers. Simple designs and detailing turn buyers’ heads towards China when it comes to formal shoes.

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Wholesale Infant Shoes from China

Many sleek and stylish infant shoes are available for importers in bulk amount. Every pair of kids shoes features breathtaking craftsmanship and reliable construction. The choice and quality of materials are also excellent. Wholesale infant shoes offer good value for money, quality and affordability.

There is a rich selection of these shoes on online websites and stores. Find baby shoes of your choice and experience an ultimate example of craftsmanship.

The longevity and versatility of these shoes mean they are worth investing money. At such a low price point, you will get exceptional pairs. Experience high standard levels probable from reputable manufacturers.

Wholesale Running Shoes from China

Want to get affordable, high-end wholesale running shoes from china? You are in the right place!

A lot of suppliers in china deal with branded/local running shoes. Most of them are high-class shoes and are available at a wholesale rate. With efficient and useful tools, sellers in china can cater to your every need and demand. They deal with a multitude of buyers across the world. You can be sure of their services and extensive experience in the field.

Get help from these sellers today. Contact them and use their platform to develop your business abroad.

Wholesale Rubber Shoes from China

China is a wholesale capital of business trade. There are thousands of sellers to help people around the world. So, if you are also looking for a place to buy shoes in bulk, china is an excellent choice.

Sellers from China specializes in managing the process of their merchants. They offer delivery of high-quality rubber shoes from china and ensure on-time delivery. Here, you will get high-standard services and safe arrival of the shipment.

You can visit china to know more about suppliers and vendors. Buy shoes in different fashion styles to suit your client’s preference.

Wholesale Rubber Shoes from China

Wholesale School Shoes from China

Business owners looking to buy bulk quantity of shoes for their venture must consider china as their option.

This country is the right place for you and your business. Here, you can find many wholesale school shoe owners.

These vendors sell hundreds of different types of school shoes. If trendy shoes and wholesale goods are your priority, check out Chinese sources for the job.

Different sellers adhere to the provisions of the clients. They provide ideal opportunities to interact with each other. In China, you can conduct business operations in a smooth and efficient manner.

Wholesale Shoes for Men from China

A lot of men wish to wear different types of shoes according to their liking and preference. As a business owner, your primary concern should be to get hands-on a variety of men’s shoes for the clients. Your aim should be to fulfill their routine and primary shoe requirements.

If purchasing men shoes in bulk is your plan, go for large wholesale markets of China. There are many renowned and famous shoe suppliers in different provinces in China. These shoe suppliers can deliver durable and high-quality shoes to the importers at the most reasonable rate.

Wholesale Shoes for Women from China

Women’s footwear is richer and varied as compared to Men’s shoes. If your clients are fond of high-end fashion material and style, Chinese markets are a worthwhile consideration.

Women shoes from china are great for your on-the-go customers. Women’s shoes are many iconic and best-selling shoes manufacturers that you can choose from!

Many brands offer comfortable, stylish and affordable shoes in bulk amount. Almost all them offer women shoes/sandals at a wholesale price. Manufacturers from different cities of china are available 24/7 for your help and support.

Wholesale Sneaker Shoes from China

China is a comprehensive marketplace with many years of experience in wholesale trading. There are thousands of registered vendors and manufacturers in the country. Importers from all over the world are coming to China to expand the limits of their business.

You can find all types of wholesale sneaker shoes in china. This platform is for people who want a fast, reliable, safe and authentic medium of dealing.

Many companies have advanced features to compete with aggressive marketing trends. Any other country in the world has never set up such functionalities.  Head out and find shoe wholesalers to avail sneaker shoes at rock bottom rates.

Wholesale Sneaker Shoes from China
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Best 10 Wholesale Shoes Manufacturers in China

1. Shenzhen Dancebeauty Clothing Co., Ltd

Shenzhen Dancebeauty Clothing came into existence in 2013. It has more than 15 years of experience with all kinds of dance wears and dancing shoes.

This company is on the list of topmost suppliers from china. Currently, there are 3 operational shoe factories that produce shoes. There are 15 franchises in different areas of China.

More than 300 employees work day and night to deliver bulk orders with the best quality and services. Shenzhen Dancebeauty portrays strong manufacturing abilities and production line. Each member of the team strives to offer high-quality products to the customer at cheap rates.

2. Sichuan Avatar Shoes Co., Ltd

Sichuan Avatar Shoes Co., Ltd

This china shoes factory is famous for its gaining expertise in the field. It insists on quality product and quality service.

Everyone here works over good cooperation concepts and high-quality of merchandises. Some of their specialities include sandals, knee-high boots, hunting boots, rain boots and pumps. Sichuan Avatar Shoes has its manufacturing factory.

The production line consists of all types of advanced machines. The workers have more than ten years of experience in the field.

They know how to meet customer’s demands well.  The owner’s aim is to adhere to business philosophies and customer satisfaction.

3. Taizhou Zhibo E-Commerce Co., Ltd

Taizhou Zhibo E-Commerce Co., Ltd is present in Wenling province of china. It is, no doubt, the largest shoe manufacturing company in china. It offers unique services to import wholesale shoes and many other products from china.

Its specializes in making shoes for men, women and children. They use high-quality material and trendy designs to cater to smooth working.

Thanks to its exclusive manufacturing facilities, you will never compromise on the quality of the wholesale shoes.

This company’s main global market are those of European countries and Asia. But, their R&D team is working diligently to start a business in other regions of the world. They have a vast list of satisfied clients and are hoping to flourish more in the future.

4. Quanzhou Luojiang District Baitao Trading Co., Ltd

This company has over 20 years of experience in processing and production business. Quanzhou Luojiang District Baitao Trading specializes in the production, making and sales of men and women sports shoe.  They deal with high-quality men and women casual wears as well.

It has an extensive quality management system. The company facilitates sample customization, handling and OEM production.

The best thing here is that the company owns a product research and development facility. There are several production lines to ensure good quality products.

5. Quanzhou World-Win Import And Export Trade Co., Ltd

Quanzhou World-Win Import And Export Trade Co., Ltd

It is another famous professional manufacturer and exporter of high-quality shoes in china. The company is well-known for delivering quality canvas shoes.

They also sell sports shoes, leather shoes, tennis shoes, safety shoes, casual shoes, training shoes and children shoes. You can also avail wholesale outdoor shoes and espadrille at a reasonable price.

Quanzhou World-Win, Import And Export Trade, has its factory. This is the reason why the rates are more competitive than other sellers in this Chinese shoe market. There are many brands that sell shoes at cheap rates.

They also own a department of shoe design and R&D. both these teams work untiringly to achieve customer satisfaction. You can wholesale shoes import from China.

6. Xiamen Itec Shoes Co., Ltd

Xiamen Itec Shoes came into being in 2002 in Fujian province of China. Since then, the company provide amazing footwear solutions to people around the world. At present, they are dealing with many European and American brands.

This company is the best shoe wholesaler in china as it owns 6 production lines. More than 1200 workers work day and night to manufacture wholesale shoes to suit people of all ages and genders.

Its dedication to production, research and development in stylish shoes makes it different from other known brands. It is no surprise they have come such a long way in such a short time.

7. Quanzhou Gaobo Trading Co., Ltd

Since 2014, this company is delivering exceptional merchandises to people around the world. They have amazing professional and manufacturing experience. If you are looking to import shoes of high quality & factory prices, CHOOSE them.

Their reliable quality control team is great. It is still incomparable to some of the biggest names in the China shoe market.

This company export most of the products to Asian countries. The main products are hiking shoes, hunting shoes and sports shoes.

They also deal with quality snow boots, skating shoes and ladies fashion footwear and other fashion accessories. It salaries 500 skill workers to ensure the safety and quality of imported products.

8. Ningbo Jago E-Commerce Co., Ltd

Ningbo Jago E-Commerce is a name that even international clients know.

The owner of this company began his venture in 1988 in Zhejiang, China. The showroom of this company is by far the biggest of all.

It covers an area of about 500 square meters. More than 300 employees are currently working here to deliver your desired products at your doorstep. Some other services of Ningbo Jago E-Commerce include ODM and OEM facilitates.

It specializes in products like wholesale PU boots, sandals and ballerina shoes. You will also find high-quality espadrille, sports shoes, hiking shoes, rubber boots or other cheap shoes in the store. And also customized shoes!

9. Quanzhou Zhongyu Footwear Co., Ltd

Quanzhou Zhongyu Footwear Co., Ltd

Quanzhou Zhongyu Footwear is in the field of men’s handmade leather shoes for over 10 years now. They are one of the most famous and professional wholesale vendors to contact in china. The owner has a strong workforce to manufacture a wide variety of bulk shoes.

Some of their loved items are boots, outdoor shoes, sports shoes, driving shoes, dress shoes and canvas shoes. Yet, casual shoes and loafers by the company are equally famous among buyers.

Its professional customer care service can accommodate your orders well. Be sure of receiving luxurious and high-quality shoes from China shoes wholesale distributors.

10. Jinjiang Great Shoes Tech Co., Ltd

Another leading footwear manufacturer in china is Jinjiang Great Shoes Tech.

This athletic shoe supplier in china is making fashionable shoes for over 15 years. Some of its main products are casual shoes and sports shoes.

They also deal with slippers and kids footwear. Their primary markets are the middle east, Latin America and Australia.

Jinjiang Great Shoes Tech has its development department. They can create designs according to customers’ demands.

Their R&D team is strong enough to deal with bulk order in an effective way. Send them your design for sampling today and benefit your venture even more.

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How to Import Shoes from China?

1. Identify Your Import Rights

Becoming an importer can be very overwhelming. Before purchasing, know your rights as an importer and shoe business owner:

  • Your social security number and the company’s internal revenue number is enough.
  • For European importers, obtaining an economic operator number is a must.
  • Japanese importers must state them to the director-general of the customs department. It will help them obtain an import permit.
  • Canadian residents must own a business number set via the Canadian revenue agency.
  • For Australian importers, there is no requirement of any sort.

2. Ensure The Goods You Wish To Import Are Permitted Into Your Country

Choosing the wrong or low-quality products means a waste of time and money. To be a successful importer, you have to ensure the goods are allowable within your country.

Make sure you are doing enough research on the topic. Know if there is potential for the goods you are planning to import. Also, gather as much information as you can before attaining the documentations.

Obtain product descriptions and samples to know tariff classification. Your only job is to ensure the arrival of the quality shoes in your country. Take care of it first and then grow from there.

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Ensure The Goods You Wish To Import Are Permitted Into Your Country

3. Classify Your Goods And Calculate The Landed Cost

Classification of imported items is a crucial factor to consider. Regulate the ten-digit tariff classification number for the shoes you are importing from china. Use the number with the certificate of origin to know the rate of duty.

After this, do the landing cost calculation. To calculate the landing cost, add the following factors together:

  • The product price from the supplier
  • Shipment charges from fright agent
  • Custom clearance charges
  • Duty, tax, and landing transport charges

If the landing cost is within your budget, go ahead, and start the purchasing.

4. Find Your Supplier In China And Place An Order

Now you can place your order for wholesale shoes with any exporter, shipper, or vendor. Request a proforma invoice or quote sheet from the supplier beforehand.

  • Make sure that the supplier agrees to ship under FOB regulations. He must give you more control over the shipment.
  • Ensure that the supplier every spec of your targeted goods and packaging.
  • Double-check the upper material and manufacturing process of the China shoes to be confident in your purchase.
  • Try to place an order at least 3 months before you need China wholesale shoe suppliers at your doorstep.

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5. Arrange Your Cargo Transport

Many costs come with wholesale shipping shoes from china. It involves container fees, terminal handling, packaging, and broker fees. If you want to have a full picture of complete costs, consider each factor in advance.

  • Consider sea/air freight and courier services when shipping from china.
  • Know that delays are a part of the process. Be ready and plan in view of that.
  • Go for a quality freight forwarder agent. They ensure manageable costs, smooth operations, and constant cash flow.
  • Make sure the shipment transportation is safe and quick.

6. Track Your Cargo And Get Prepared For Arrival

International shipment of goods from china takes time. When the shipment arrives, you must file all the entry documents for the China shoes. Your entry documents must include:

  • Arrival notice by the freight agent
  • Packing list with details of imported goods
  • The official invoice with information on purchase rice, the origin of goods, and tariff classification.
  • Bill of lading registering the wholesale shoes

Speed up the clearance of your shipment by:

  • Involving the merchandise in a systemic way.
  • Place some marks and numbers on pages.
  • Display the quantity of every shoe in the box, case, or the whole package.

It is always your responsibility to arrange the analysis and proclamation of the shoes.

7. Obtain Your Shipment

When you receive the shipment, make the necessary arrangements for the customs broker. Clear them through the customs with convenience.

Pick up the load for sales. You can also opt for door-to-door service. Let the courier service delivers goods at your designated address.

Once you have the shoes, ensure their quality. Check out the packaging, labels, and instructions. Always contact the supplier and inform them you have the package under your supervision.

Please review the items and contact them again regarding the quality of the shoes and other batches’ reordering.

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How To Land At The High-Quality Shoe Factory?

1. Do Your Research Online

Everything you are looking for is on the internet. In this globalized world, it is easy to learn different aspects of e-commerce.

Despite your geographical location, you can find a suitable shoe manufacturer from china. Before setting your foot in the country, check out all the best-selling brands in the market. You can get factual information on their website. Use the sites to narrow down your list among favorites.

2. Check For The Customer Reviews

Customer’s responses and reviews never lie to anyone. The review section redirects the feelings of the customers about the wholesale shoes.

If you think most of the clients are happy with the final product, place your order.  There is a big chance that their designer shoes are high-quality and you will love them.

On the contrary, if you see customers complaining, avoid them as much as possible. In general, reading customer reviews means getting your hands on inside information.

They are usually a correct representation of the manufacturer and his products. Rest, the final choice is yours!

3. Get Recommendations From B2B Directories

Do you wish to land at the highest-quality shoes from wholesale shoe vendors? Get recommendations from well-known  B2B directories and marketplaces.

These sites are very helpful, especially with wholesale and import business. They usually check the validity and reliability of shoe suppliers. They usually perform this process before listing them on the China shoes market.

Working with them can be very effective for your venture. B2B directories are important as they save your money and hassle while collecting information about the brands. Some of these websites include Made In China, IndiaMart, Alibaba.com, and HKTDC.

B2B Directories

How LeelineSourcing Help You Wholesale Shoes From China Smoothly

Guide You To Find Right Shoe Manufacturer

Choosing the right China wholesale shoe suppliers for your shoe venture is very crucial. It is the most daunting challenge that you may face as a business owner.

LeelineSourcing is here to help you with the process. They provide clarity to newbies and professionals in finding a reliable manufacturer.

They help you determine the type of supplier prerequisite for the business. LeelineSourcing knows which area of the country specializes in the products of your interest.

While you can do the initial research online, it is still hard to distinguish fraud suppliers from genuine ones.  This company relives you off of these troubles and help you find reliable suppliers.

Private Label Solutions

As the industry leader, LeelineSourcing supports your wholesale shoe business through private label solutions. The professional team get you, sellers, with branded product portfolios at affordable prices.

With this service, you can leverage your brand to give exclusive products to the clients.  The sales representatives are always at your service to help you improve your sales strategies.

Private label solutions are already accessible at low costs. With LeelineSourcing, you can buy at the bulk volume at even competitive price rate.

Private Label Solutions

Confirm And Follow-Up Your Order

Once you are well-aware of your products, LeelineSourcing engages in your order confirmation and follow-up.

They keep checking the milestones of your wholesale shoes until the end of the import process. LeelineSourcing keeps notifying their clients about their wholesale shoes and notifies when they are ready for the shipment.

They also notify you if there is any delay in the shipment. Team members of the company are in constant touch with the supplier and importer in the form of calls, messages, emails and notifications.

Best Quality Control and Inspection Services

Quality control system and inspection services are important during import business. It ensures that the quality of wholesale shoes from china is according to the customer’s demands. The set-out process and actions must be monitored in a proper manner.

If you want to hire a professional to help with the sourcing procedure, look no further than LeelineSourcing.

This company check the samples and the final product against the requirements set by the importer. They help ensure that there is no defect or error in the wholesale shoes. They settle the consistency of the products and authenticity of material and quality.

Best Quality Control and Inspection Services

Expert In Paperwork To Clear Customs

LeelineSourcing team members can help you through the customs clearance process with ease and convenience. From cargo to truck clearance, they can guide you with the entire process.

They specialize in custom clearance services with prompt import authorizations.  They are available 24/7, 365 days a week at your service to help you any time of the day. LeelineSourcing is also a great sourcing agent for first-time importers and high-volume importers.

The professional and custom compliance experts provide outstanding logistic solutions to the clients. They ensure you have access to expert resources in field-best practices.

Best Logistics Solution For Your Orders

LeelineSourcing has the most comprehensive management for logistic solutions. The institution of product flow from the source of origin to the importer’s doorstep is outstanding.

They meet the requirements of their customers in an exceptional way.  They can move your wholesale shoes quick and cheap, with fewer risks throughout the supply chain. They save you more money, serve the best services possible and can be your best shoe suppliers.

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FAQ about Wholesale Shoes from China

What Kind Of Shoes Is The Most Selling Round The Year?

Shoe trends may come and go. Yet, some shoes remain the most-selling ones round the year. Out of all the shoe types and kinds, sneakers and casual shoes are always in style despite the fluctuating trends.
Every season is about high-quality sneakers. Whether they are simple or have dramatic details to them, they hold a special place in everyone’s heart.

What Are The Most Famous Colors And Sizes For Shoes?

Regardless of fashion trends, black is still the most favorite color for shoes. They match with clothes of all kinds; they are versatile and very easy to pair with accessories. The most popular shoe sizes, on the other hand, are 9,9.5 and 10.

What Are The Best-Selling Shoe Brand?

Many reputed shoe brands are using the latest technologies to create unique shoes for customers. Some of the best-selling shoe brands in the world are Nike, Adidas, Reebok and Vans.

What Are The Best Places To Buy Cheap Wholesale Shoes?

You can get your hands on cheap wholesale shoes through online dictionaries and websites like Google. Get in contact with the manufacturers and get the low prices quotation for the order. Another way to look for shoes is through china sourcing agents like LeelineSourcing.
These agents are quite famous and give convenient shopping experience to the clients.

How Is The Shoes Industry Going? Is There Still Any Business Opportunity?

The wholesale shoe industry is undergoing variable growth since the past few years. But, in the future, global sales are likely to upsurge and recover with the rising popularity of e-commerce.


China shoes wholesale market is the best to get your inventory as there you can find various products. But you must do complete research to understand your customers and then source the best sizes for targetted customers. 

If you are struggling to get quality products, contact us now to get the market’s competitive products and grow your business in no time.

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