Aliexpress Shipping: Ultimate Guide to Save Cost

Sharline Shaw

What are the delivery times of Aliexpress Shipping for dropshipping? 

Shipping time affects customers directly, and it’s important for all. Our Aliexpress dropshipping experts wrote this Aliexpress Shipping guidebook

It helps you to choose the best shipping at a lower cost & good transit time for dropshipping orders. And your customers get fast shipping. A winning situation for both! 

KEEP moving!

Aliexpress Shipping

How Long Does AliExpress Take To Ship?

Have you started Aliexpress Dropshipping? 

Great, Now your customers receive an Aliexpress tracking number. So he tracked it, but what is the delivery time? 

Well, it depends on two things. 

  1. Your destination country
  2. Seller’s shipping method 

The EU or UK has shorter delivery times than the US. The second and most important thing you choose is the shipping method. Every method has a different estimated delivery time. 

Here are the most famous methods that I have used in the past: 

  • Free or Standard shipping 
  • Premium shipping
  • DHL or Fed-EX or any third-party service

These shipping methods are based on my experiences. Free shipping takes around 25 to 35 days to arrive in the USA. It could be very frustrating and long waiting for your customers. Provide a reliable tracking code so they check its status in the shipping country. 

Premium shipping takes around half of the Aliexpress shipping times than Standard. Conversely, DHL Express or Fed-EX takes around 7 to 17 days for the US. They are trusted shipping partners in the international market. 

Pros And Cons Of Aliexpress Shipping

Pros And Cons Of Aliexpress Shipping


  • Multiple shipping options

You get many shipping options with different delivery times. You even get urgent and premium shipping in just one week. Conversely, 4 to 6 weeks are shipping too. It gives you the flexibility to choose shipping methods depending on your budget. This thing helped me to control my sourcing and shipping costs. 

  • Affordable and low costs

Almost all options are affordable, except some of them are expensive. Wait, you also get a free shipping option too? I know it’s slow, but it does the job of shipping. On the other hand, there are premium options at the best prices too. 

  • Buyer protection

You get 75 days of buyer protection. The refund option is good if your customer complains about the lost package. It is useful in case of slow shipping options like free or standard shipping. 


  • Limited tracking 

Free or low-cost shipping options come with limited tracking information. It may not show real-time tracking, but it would be enough as follow-ups

4 AliExpress Shipping Methods

4 AliExpress Shipping Methods

You have several Aliexpress shipping options for an Aliexpress order. I categorize them into the following: 

  1. Aliexpress Shipping (Standard & Premium) 

Ever tried Aliexpress’s free shipping? Most of the time, it is standard shipping. It is the cheapest shipping method, so most sellers offer it for free. Your Aliexpress package takes 3 to 6 weeks for the US through the standard option. 

Now go towards the Premium or Express shipping option. It is a little bit costly but not so much, don’t worry if your budget is tight. Including package tracking, arriving in the US usually takes 2 to 3 weeks. It is a fast and affordable shipping method. The delivery process is relatively safer than the standard one. 

Free shipping is best for general products. Use express options for high-end products. 

  1. Cainiao Shipping (Super Economy & Expedited Standard) 

Cainiao is a shipping company that works alongside Aliexpress and has two categories. The super economy is the cheapest and the slowest in shipping. This ALIEXPRESS delivery takes weeks or months. I advise avoiding dropshipping because you end up with angry customers. 

The  Cainiao expedited standard is the fastest Aliexpress shipping method. Its estimated shipping time is 10 to 20 days for the US. Both shipping services have tracking details, so you track them all time.

  1. Shipping carriers Partners(UPS, DHL & Fed-Ex, EMS)  

Well, these are the top and best Aliexpress shipping carriers globally. Sellers use their shipping services to ship orders to customers. These best shipping carriers depend on Aliexpress sellers’ policies. You also request the supplier to send it through them because they have good handling. 

Their services are best for my High-end products for my profitable online store. Real-time tracking is very important for High-End products. Fortunately, they have good international shipping, including an updated international tracking number. My customers don’t face any issues with tracking orders on third-party applications. Use a shipping carrier with good tracking infrastructure. 

Delivery time is exactly the estimated delivery date; sometimes, it’s even lower.  

  1. ePacket Shipping 

Now comes my favorite & best shipping method for small dropshippers. ePacket is a subsidized postal service by the Chinese government. Many carriers and shipping companies offer it. You even choose China Post for this. They introduced this service for eCommerce or online business owners. It is the cheapest Aliexpress shipping method. 

Now is the most reasonable price and the best service. It has package size limitations, but most Aliexpress parcels comply with them. Use the Aliexpress website or third-party tracking applications to check order status. Put your tracking numbers to see expected Aliexpress delivery times. 

How Much is Aliexpress Shipping?

How Much is Aliexpress Shipping

The cost depends on the shipping method, destination country, and seller’s shipping policies.

Many sellers offer free shipping, but most of the time, it is standard shipping. It takes several weeks(3 to 6 weeks) to arrive. Premium & express shipping is faster but costs more.  

There is no exact price because it is variable and changes over time. Yet, you go to Aliexpress and choose your destination country. Here it shows the different shipping options with estimated delivery times. Then you get an exact estimate of shipping costs. 

You may also get discounts from sellers. Aliexpress has a variety of discounts to save you more costs. 

You receive better shipping and cost in the off-season. During the Holidays there is a very rush in shipping, and costs go up. A simple rule of Demand & supply!

 A Fast , Easy and Cheap Way to Ship from China 

Do not hesitate to contact Leeline Sourcing at any time regarding your shipments from China.

FAQs about Aliexpress Shipping

Is AliExpress shipping really free?

Free shipping is usually standard shipping with a longer International transit time. Even in some cases, it has limited tracking, so there are no follow-up updates. It takes around 20 days to 40 days for China to US shipping.   

Why is AliExpress shipping so slow?

Free shipping or Aliexpress standard shipping is usually slow.  Conversely, Aliexpress premium shipping options are fast and come with good handling. But you must pay a cost or fee for a premium or express shipping methods.   

Does AliExpress have shipping from the USA?

Of course, they have different shipping methods for the USA. There are two main shipping categories for the US. Standard and Premium/Express shipping. Standard shipping takes 20 to 40 days, while Premium takes 7 to 15 days and handles better.  

What shipping method is best for AliExpress?

You get different Aliexpress shipping methods with tracking information. If you have low-profit margins, then free shipping is enough. Yet it is the slowest method but works for your customer. Express shipping is expensive, so use it when you have profit margins.

What’s Next

You build a dropshipping brand through custom packaging & branding. Branded packaging helps you to build Customer trust. Your brand gets a long-term brand identity. It is difficult to get custom-branded packaging through an Aliexpress supplier. 

Where do you find a branded packaging dropshipping supplier? 

Leelinesourcing adds custom labels & branded packaging to your dropshipping items. Contact us to share your custom designs and packaging requirements Now! 

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