How To Find Dropship Suppliers On Aliexpress?

Sharline Shaw

I often hear, “How do I find dropship suppliers on AliExpress?” 

I browsed the online world. Realizing that not a single article ANSWERS this question in detail.  

My sourcing team and I crafted this article. It lists what you must know about finding the best AliExpress suppliers. You won’t waste HOURS trying to find this information alone. 

Spoiler alert: LeelineSourcing is the best dropship supplier. This company finds the CHEAPEST products. Shipping is also EXTREMELY fast! 

Keep reading to find the BEST AliExpress suppliers today! 

How To Find Dropship Suppliers On Aliexpress

Why Is AliExpress Important For Dropshipping?

Why Is AliExpress Important For Dropshipping

AliExpress is my ultimate GO-TO eCommerce business platform when dropshipping. There are TONS of reasons why. I’ll list them one by one. 

  • Shopping Cart Feature 

AliExpress has shopping carts like most online stores. Alibaba? None. This shopping cart allows you to BUY products on AliExpress. In just MINUTES! No need to negotiate just to buy from AliExpress’ best sellers! Huge time saver! Allowing you to focus on other aspects of your store. 

Overseas manufacturers in platforms like Alibaba require a very HIGH MOQ. I’m talking about hundreds! Even thousands. Bank-breaking values for a small online business! 

AliExpress sellers have a LOW minimum order quantity. Buy even one product for FACTORY PRICES! You always stay within your budget.

Tools like Oberlo make it easy to start your AliExpress dropshipping business today. Just one click. Your own online store houses thousands of AliExpress dropshipping products. No expensive overhead costs. Even my non-tech-savvy clients were successful in setting up their online businesses! 

List of Aliexpress Dropship Suppliers 

SupplierService Location 
Leelinesourcing Sourcing the best dropshipping products Mainland China 
TopDser Dropshipping agent Guangzhou China
FulfillmanFulfilling AliExpress dropship orders Mainland China 
NextSmartShipSourcing agent Shenzhen China
SourcinBoxSupplier Researcher for DropshippingZhejiang China
TikSuperDropshipping agent Shanghai, China 
Jing SourcingAliExpress Shipping CoordinatorYiwu China
Bansar ChinaAliExpress Order Fulfillment AgentMainland China 
WiioSupplier Researcher for DropshippingHangzhou China 
CJDropshippingAliExpress Product Sourcing AgentMainland China 
EPROLODropshipping agent Mainland China 
SupDropshippingAliExpress Shipping CoordinatorZhejiang China
AutoDSAliExpress Product Sourcing AgentIsrael 
BanggoodSupplier Researcher for DropshippingMainland China 
Pound WholesaleAliExpress Order Fulfillment AgentUnited Kingdom
EcommOpsSupplier Researcher for DropshippingMainland China 
DropHippoAliExpress Order Fulfillment AgentShenzhen, China 
HyperSKUDropshipping agent Guangdong, China
FillSellAliExpress Product Sourcing AgentMainland China 
Dropship China ProSupplier Researcher for DropshippingChina 
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How To Find Dropship Suppliers On AliExpress?

Need to find good and reliable suppliers on AliExpress? I’ve done this process DOZENS of times. Let me tell you the exact steps I go through every single time.

Step 1: Find high-quality products on Aliexpress

Let’s use the website’s product research tool. Commonly known as the search filter.

Here’s how this goes: 

  1. Search for your desired product. 
  2. Change the sort settings to “Orders.”
  3. Click “4 stars and up.”  

Now, you’ll find the BEST VERSIONS of the same product in AliExpress. The results YOU see are guaranteed genuine and have positive feedback. 

Note: Choose at least 3 products on the AliExpress product page.

Step 2: Analyze Each Seller 

OPEN each product you selected in step 1. Then, ANALYZE the seller performance and feedback score of the suppliers. 


LOOK FOR THE feedback percentage next to the seller’s name. You’re looking for at least a 95% overall rating. Avoid any AliExpress seller that has a MUCH lower score. 

“Should I buy from new suppliers? 

Based on experience, you shouldn’t. 

Stick to long-term AliExpress dropshipping suppliers. I don’t know many successful dropshipping stores with new AliExpress suppliers.  

Step 3: Quality-check each supplier 

Learn how each AliExpress supplier works around the following factors: 

  • Shipping method and shipping speed
  • AliExpress buyer protection
  • Product Quality 
  • Returns/Refunds 

The BEST method is to go to the customer reviews section of each dropshipping supplier. Check what OTHER retail buyers are saying about the seller’s OVERALL performance

Step 4: Choose the best supplier 

Contact the reliable supplier that CHECKED OFF every criterion you had. Click the Contact Now button under its AliExpress profile. Then WRITE down your business goals and needs. 

You may also use this opportunity to ask questions. Including how the seller guarantees HIGH PRODUCT QUALITY. Or whether they have terms and conditions to be your dropshipping business partner. 

How to Find Dropshipping Products on AliExpress?

How to Find Dropshipping Products on AliExpress

Many of my clients find this process DAUNTING. My honest input? It’s easy! Just follow my tips below. Your product research process becomes TEN TIMES FASTER. 

  1. Look for High Demand Products 

This process is easy. Just SELECT one of the product categories on AliExpress. Then, on the filter section, choose ORDERS. You’ll see HUNDREDS of products that are so in demand. They’re selling for tens of thousands of pieces each.

Secure High-Profit Margins:

Hop ONTO a US-based eCommerce store like Shopify. Then, open the AliExpress marketplace. 

Search the same products on BOTH platforms. Then, compare prices to see the price difference. 

“Is there a 50% price markup?”

Well, that’s a GOLDMINE right there! Make sure to include that product in your NEXT dropshipping endeavor. Match the prices on the US-based platforms. Maximize your profits.

Pro tip: Stick with dropshipping products with a 30% profit margin

  1. Contact sourcing experts 

Skip the ENTIRE trouble of finding suppliers and products with the lowest price. Contact sourcing experts like LeelineSourcing. They’ll help you find the MOST reliable AliExpress suppliers. Including FAST shipping options. 

Affordable prices are guaranteed! Save energy and time with sourcing agents

Looking to place an order with a new Chinese supplier?Are you sure they’re reliable?

Secure your supply chain by checking your suppliers’ ethical, environmental, social and manufacturing capacities for compliance through Leeline’s Supplier Audit Programs.

FAQs about How To Find Dropship Suppliers On Aliexpress

Is AliExpress a wholesaler?

Yes. AliExpress is a wholesaler with MANY suppliers from China. It’s one of the best dropshipping wholesale platforms. Protecting dropship businesses with buyer protection policies. And guaranteeing low shipping costs and product prices. 

Is AliExpress or Alibaba better for dropshipping?

AliExpress is better for dropshipping than Alibaba. Many sellers on Alibaba require a HIGH MOQ. Making it BEST for businesses that buy in bulk. Not for drop shippers. On the other hand, AliExpress’ top sellers don’t require you to BUY hundreds or thousands. You link AliExpress stores with your own store. Allowing you to secure low, upfront costs as a drop shipper. 

Does AliExpress have warehouses in the US?

Yes. AliExpress has warehouses in the US. This platform is a GLOBAL wholesaler. So it also operates in the US along with Europe. Most suppliers on AliExpress are from China. But some of their products are STORED in international warehouses. Including the AliExpress dropshipping center in the US. 

What’s Next

Finding dropshipping suppliers and products on AliExpress is NOT hard. Just follow the steps and tips I’ve listed above. You’ll IMPROVE your dropshipping store significantly. 

Need a helping hand for your dropshipping career?

Contact LeelineSourcing. We have decade-long sourcing experts. Always READY to introduce you to AliExpress suppliers offering the lowest price. 

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