Dhgate Reviews

Checking out the Dhgate reviews has helped you grab quality items. Moreover, it helps determine whether the specific Dhgate seller is legit or not.

Our experts have more than ten years of experience and helped customers buy from Dhgate. Many review sites on Google facilitate the customers to post positive and negative reviews. It answers the question, is Dhgate safe? Is Dhgate legit? Moreover, you can understand why Dhgate can be your next shopping site.

In this article, we will comprehensively discuss why DHgate is a legit & safe online store.

Dhgate reviews

Is Dhgate legit and safe?

Yes, Dhgate is a legitimate site with a safe trading experience for buyers. With access to international and Chinese suppliers, getting good products is no longer a problem. Buyer protection options on Dhgate can ensure safe trading.

Overview of Dhgate

1. Company profile

Dhgate is an online marketplace place with potential buyers and many suppliers. B2B and B2C trades are integral features of Dhgate. Moreover, you can find the categories of quality products on the Dhgate website. Most sellers on the Dhgate platform are factories working in China. You can contact a seller directly on this platform. I love to interact with manufacturers. They have better prices and more room for negotiation in terms of quality & customization. 

2. Products quality

For online shopping, you need to check product integrity. A good supplier will facilitate the high-quality items on the Dhgate website. To get good quality items, you must research and select multiple products. Check their prices and decide on the best one. The price of the same product may range greatly from different sellers. I first check the sample and test it on many quality standards. Then I further proceed with orders and contract terms.

3. Shipping cost and time

Some sellers state in the product listing that they will provide free shipping. Dhgate shipping deadline depends on the methods you have chosen. From fast shipping to slow delivery methods, all are available on Dhgate. Here are some shipping methods.

  • Express shipping through UPS, FedEx, and DHL
  • EMS
  • EPacket
  • Hong Kong post
  • Singapore Post 

I choose urgent shipping for time-sensitive products. Also, I go with FCL or LCL shipments with my large bulky orders. We don’t need to pay much for Sea shipping. 

The average time for shipping is around 5-20 days, depending on the carrier used. Get tracking numbers or tracking information from your Dhgate suppliers. If you need an item quickly, you may need to communicate directly with the seller to arrange rush shipping, or you may need to buy the item elsewhere.

4. Return policy

The return policy of Dhgate allows the sellers to create the return time deadline. Usually, the sellers allow 3 days, 7 days, and even 30 days for returning the inventory. So, the return applies to specific products that the seller will enable you to return. However, if the seller fails to ship within the original deadline, the order will be automatically canceled and you will get a full refund. So, you can check the return policy in the International manufacturer company profile.

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5. Payment methods

Dhgate accepts multiple payment methods. Here are different Dhgate payment methods on the Dh gate.

  • Credit Cards
  • PayPal
  • Bank Transfer
  • Western Union

These safe payment methods offer buyer protection and make the partial refund or full refund process relatively easy.  I go with these official methods to avoid any potential risk. It keeps me safe and secure. A good seller will ask you to pay through these methods.

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If you hard to negotiate with suppliers and pay on Dhgate safely?

LeelineSourcing is ready to help you buy items on Dhgate low cost and efficiently.

Reviews of Dhgate

Dhgate is a popular site. But you need to check Dhgate reviews online. Here are some Dhgate reviews 2020 etc.

Review #1

IMG 20220424 201910

The buyer is impressed with the Dhgate product’s quality. At the same time, he wants you to go through the description, find a reliable seller and order the products for your online business. Whether you order lithium-ion battery products or wedding dresses on this wholesale marketplace, never forget to check multiple sellers simultaneously. However, the customer says the refund process is a bit complex but must be improved. I agree with it, and I think most people face refund delays. Yet if your outsourcing went well, then no need to file a refund. 

Review #2

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There are third-party sellers on the Dhgate. Before ordering any item from the supplier, it is better to check the product reviews.  I mostly go through good and bad reviews to determine the quality of the product. Most active suppliers engage with reviews and try to follow their suggestions. 

In this positive review, the buyer has explained two things. First is the quality product at the cheap pricing, and second is the seller shipped items at the deadline. Check the detailed seller rating, like the picture above, to ensure the seller has good potential. Moreover, if you face any issues, simply open the buyer protection window and create disputes.

Review #3

IMG 20220424 201834

Dhgate has the replica products of Nike, Gucci, and many other brands working worldwide. That’s what this buyer is mentioning in the feedback. The buyer has pointed out the shipping process. It takes time. If you want the products quickly, it is better to choose express shipping that takes 5-7 days through the fast shipping options like the post office, DHL, and FedEx. Remember to add the exact address of your home when ordering the inventory. In my experience, these shipping methods are costly. Try to go with freight methods by shipping agents to save more money.

Review #4

QADWB578OERFtS9CfQQDFfTW22nPAD3Hiou4t5R60LZQpV 2xfsu9FeiAiOTN9z1KuQYfVTf1vZnU62XQpqhTyXEHx5jd4Sj4Qj i8rVX Se VAetkoE6jXfrgzjK7XzrOXPDf4V

The buyer has only ordered one type of inventory from the Dhgate that are shoes, and has shared the relevant experience. In this positive review from the customer, there are two positive points 

  • Quality
  • Pricing

Both of these characteristics of Dhgate are unmatchable to other platforms. There are two problems also. The item shipped is sometimes late, and the size of the shoes is somewhat different. So, you can check other reviews to understand this case from international manufacturers on Dhgate.

Review #5

IMG 20220424 201810

The buyer has faced some serious problems and thus left a bad experience with his review. According to him, the products are copyrighted and don’t procure quality. Moreover, he has sent many messages to customer service with no replies. To put the solution to this case, we would like you to check whether there is an unscrupulous seller or not. In case of any issues, you may get the problem to customer service then. As I said, you should go with both good and bad reviews. In this upper review, we see their quality issues. It gives you an exact idea about quality standards. 

Review #6

IMG 20220424 201758

There are many customers worldwide that are doing long-term business with Dhgate. They sometimes face problems as the customer has faced. There is an issue with the refund process. The return process of the Dhgate is terrible, according to other buyers. Generally, for such online stores, they couldn’t provide good after-sale service. Whenever you apply for a refund, it is better to check whether the seller is genuine or not. It will prevent you from facing many severe problems around the corner 

Review #7

The buyer has issues with the product quality on the Dhgate. Remember, some scammers are making money by scamming people. Does it make people question is Dhgate real? Undoubtedly, dhgate is an open platform with a seller’s warehouse built in China. To find professional sellers, you need to check the sellers’ profiles and even order the product samples sometimes to check the quality control. An authentic seller will facilitate you with a quality product without any questions.

Review #8

IMG 20220424 201733

The seller has talked about his scams on the Dhgate. Maybe the seller has already ordered some products from Dhgate and appreciates the honest sellers available on Dhgate that offer quality. In this negative DHgate review, the seller has ordered a pair of shoes five months ago, but it was never delivered. Before ordering, ensure the seller is authentic. Then, add the correct information, get the tracking number, and know the delivery time. If the product is late or never received, you can request a refund.

Review #9

bHOP5Pu5mUAlvFSBgOslxrp30sRgb6I172B72TFN6MgwSxWdRzsgeor9VoFIwBN7SvFoSi6PPAhUJrnlVxg8DSbXbb54MfSZfNJAese zWc1jz6YniRyRQhPZSawBFrfmtdTiWdq

Remember, you can never get scammed on dhgate if you follow the right strategy, find the authentic sellers, and order the inventory. In this case, the seller has ordered the item that, after two months, hasn’t been received till now. Even the seller has given the wrong information about the product shipping with the wrong tracking number. Cause buyer regret ordered stuff from it. In that case, the buyer should have emailed dhgate customer service and highlighted the issue. If still you don’t receive a reply, you can use the return policy.

Review #10

IMG 20220424 201708

The buyer has ordered nine products in the last five-week. Some sellers have asked for more money that may be related to the shipment process. Again, we recommend never ordering the wrong product and adding the wrong address. Since the return policy is difficult, it is better to prevent these cases and choose the best sellers on the Dhgate. No doubt, frauds might happen on dhgate but you can prevent it by checking the vendor status on the dhgate. The truth is that 5 out of 10 satisfied customers will leave a review. Unsatisfied customers almost always leave a bad review.

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SAFE + EASY Buying from Dhgate

We do the hard work in Dhgate, so you don’t have to: Product sourcing, quality control, shipping, and more.

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FAQs about Dhgate reviews

How to Know a True Review from a Fake One?

There are many good reviews and bad reviews on the seller’s profile. But you need to differentiate the authentic review from the fake products.

For this reason, you can assess all the reviews and check others’ experiences with the specific merchant and its products. Fake reviews are pretty easy to spot.

How Can You Edit a DHGate Review on the Website of DHGate?

To edit the reviews, the process is simple.

1. Click my orders tab.
2. Go to completed orders
3. Check the review and locate the edit icon.

And boom! You can edit the reviews quite easily. 

How to request a refund on Dhgate?

Dhgate gives a refund guarantee in case you are on the right side. To get a rebate, you must visit the product order page and choose the return option. You can add further details required for the reimbursement process. Always pay attention to your order status.

How to contact Dhgate customer service? 

If you have a problem regarding your inventory, it is better to contact Dhgate customer service. In case of refunds or any other problem, the Dhgate mediation service will be helpful for you.

What’s Next

For shopping in an e-commerce store, you must ensure the site is not a scam site. Surprised to see so many negative reviews. Dhgate site will help you get multiple suppliers, but it is better to check whether these are authentic or not. So, check the reviews on DHGate real or fake from reviewing websites.

Do you want to buy quality products from Dhgate? Leeline sourcing has over ten years of experience and know-how in sourcing products. Hit us a call right away!

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