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How can a traditional offline brand be successfully transformed into an online B2B?

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From e-commerce to brick and mortar retail networks, most companies are still digital and focused on investing in their online experience. According to a survey of 160 US B2B buyers conducted by digital services company AVIONOS in 2018, 89% to 90% B2B buyers said they had increased the number of products they bought online compared … Read more

Myths and Facts of Party Balloon Market Leelinesourcing Wants to Share to You

Myths and Facts of Party Balloon Market Leelinesourcing Wants to Share to You

If you want to have  a great conversion of certain product and enjoy an excellent sales performance, it’s very imperative for you to conduct an in-depth research and analysis of the product. This means you have to analyze all the aspects of the products and make report for your steps including research report and analysis … Read more

Best 15 Chinese Trading Companies in 2022

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Trading companies play a crucial role in Chinese markets. They usually don’t deal with the production process, and instead, they outsource goods in bulk and sell them to their buyers. If you deal in hard-to-find products or want to buy products in low quantities, a trading company is your go-to option. There are so many … Read more

Sourcing Company

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Product Sourcing overseas for your business can be a time consuming and difficult task. Sourcing the goods from another country requires certain important steps that you must complete. Without proper research, you might have to compromise on quality and pricing. In such cases, a good Sourcing Company is your right chance of getting the best … Read more