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Our Private Label Services Include:

Product Development

Product Development

Leelinesourcing adds your COMPANY’S NAME LOGO to every product. You reduce your time invested in the label and packing of every product. You start selling when you receive the shipment, as no extra work is required.

Confirming Samples

Check the sample before making the final purchase with us. You get LOW-PRICED SAMPLES. Our team works closely with manufacturers to get you BEST-QUALITY products.

Confirming Samples
Following Up Production

Following Up Production

With regular visits to the manufacturer, we ensure quality production. You get regular updates about the status of your order. Our SPECIALIZED TEAM makes sure you get ACCURATE ORDER quality and quantity.

Quality Inspection

You receive 100% high-quality products with Leelinesourcing. Each of your products passes a quality test, ensuring the best quality. Make more customers selling the reliable and best quality products.

Quality Inspection
Fulfillment and Shipping

Fulfillment and Shipping

We fulfill each of your orders by making fast deliveries. Get LOW-PRICED SHIPMENTS for your heavy shipments. Save time on shipping orders. We handle your orders, making SUCCESSFUL DELIVERIES to your customers.

Why Choose Us?

One-Stop Solution

Leelinesourcing handles all your tasks for the private label business. You save time on sourcing, packing, and shipping orders with us. You get your logo labeled on each product to promote the brand. 

Order Fulfillment

Get your orders packed and shipped to your customers with low-transit time. We keep your products safe in our warehouse until you get an order. 

Save Time 

No need to invest time to find a manufacturer or follow up on the production process. You reduce the time spent managing your private-label business with us. 

 Guaranteed Success

We source high-quality products from reputable manufacturers. You get 100% success selling high-quality products.

Hear it from fellow Private Label Wholesaler

Private-label business from scratch! It was my worst nightmare until I found Leelinesourcing. Their team is so helpful and professional. They helped me source, label, and ship my private-label products. I love recommending them to everyone who wants to start a private-label business

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Source Your Private Label Products and Make Big Money

We offer the best wholesale price and high quality private label products to help you boost your business.

How To Find Private Label Manufacturers: Super Guide

Do you want to START YOUR PRIVATE-LABEL BUSINESS but can’t find manufacturers?

Having difficulty finding a reliable and affordable private-label manufacturer sucks! 

With a decade of experience in helping brands by SOURCING PREMIUM-QUALITY goods. We summarize the best ways to find manufacturers. This helps you get better understanding of establishing your private-label brand.

Read the article to learn more about finding private-label manufacturers.

How To Find Private Label Manufacturers Super Guide 2020

Why Private Label?

Private labeling makes you enjoy the perks of your own brand. Instead of wholesaling a product, you are selling products under your own company name and brand.

This will allow you to have complete control on the products. You can control the pricing, quantity, quality and other important parameters to sell the products.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Private Labeling

Private labeling is most commonly used among multiple businesses. It is the right way to create a unique brand awareness. You can create your own brand and sell products with a higher profit margin.

Private labeling allows you to have complete control on the products you are selling. There are certain advantages and disadvantages of private labeling.

You can go through the details as follow to have a deeper insight into the advantages and disadvantages of private labeling:

Private Label

Advantages of private labeling

There are certain advantages enjoyed by buyers for private labeling. Most people think that customization is the only perk.

However, besides controlling the prices and customization there are other factors involved. These advantages make private labeling the best option for resellers.

These advantages are Including:

1.Many Private Label suppliers to choose from

There are a number of private-label suppliers to choose from. You are not limited to a certain supplier. You can change your supplier in case of any dispute.

What does it do? It increases my DIVERSITY to choose the BEST-FIT supplier.

If you are not satisfied with the quality of the products you are getting. You can always choose some other private label supplier. This will enable you to get the same brand on the products.

2.High-quality products from specialized manufacturers

For getting a high-quality product, you might need an adequate manufacturing plant. However, if you want to get private label manufactured products.

You can have high-quality products easily under your own brand. These are specialized manufactures and they know what they are doing.

Specialized manufacturers offer QUALITY PRODUCTS. I often purchase them.

3.You can order and test sample products

Private label manufacturers can offer you sample products for inspecting the quality. These sample products ensure the optimal quality of the products you are getting.

You can also check if the color and branding are according to your requirements.

4.Low manufacturing costs and slightly higher profit margins

While you can get the products at slightly higher prices from other brands. There are chances that you might get the products from certain other parties involved.

Also, if I get the products as private labeling, I get higher profit margins. The costs will be lower, and there will be no other parties involved. 

5.A scalable business model

With private labeling, you have options to expand your business. There are high chances that you can expand and grow your business to new heights. There is no other brand involved and you have full control over your business.

6.Unique branding & marketing

I get access to unique branding and marketing. Your branding will allow you to have market recognition. 

Brand awareness through private labeling allows you to create your name in the market.

This way, you are ensured to have recognition and you can grow your business to significant heights.

How To Find Private Label Manufacturers

Disadvantages of private labeling

While several people believe private labeling has more advantages. These advantages outnumber the disadvantages of private labeling have. These disadvantages can be compromised, given the advantages, one can get through private labeling.

However, to give you a better idea of private labeling. Please have a look at some disadvantages below:

1.Slow communication because of the language barrier

There are certain private label companies that are domestic. However, if you are looking to save on costs. You might have to choose an international manufacturer.

Here, the language barrier can be an issue for communication. Although, you can always use a translator.

2.Lower perceived product quality from your customers

Some customers only like to buy products built within the country. This is sort of a trust that you will have to lose. While having your products manufactured from some other country, you have a chance of lowering your sales by up to 10%.

3.Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ)

These private label manufacturers make products for you. Due to the customization, and branding. There might be slightly higher MOQs for the products.

As each product is built according to your satisfaction. You will need to comply with the MOQ of the manufacturer.

4.Longer shipping & delivery times

While there are wholesalers who have the stock ready. If you go for private label manufacturers. You will need to wait for months, to have your products shipped to your country.

Because each product is made specifically for you, there is a high chance that you will get late deliveries.

5.Legal issues

If you are selling products under private label. You have full responsibility for the products unless otherwise specified. Civil lawsuits are not uncommon in case of malfunction or any side-effects of the product.

Hence, the safer practice will be to publish about the product liabilities. And also, be prepared for any legal issues coming your way.

6.Higher competition

With so many products and brands already in the market. You might get involved in a market that has high competition. You need to choose the products carefully and be on your toes. This will enable you an effective market image.

Higher competition

How to Find Private Label Manufacturers

Once you have made up your mind. That you are going to conduct business through private labeling. The question arises, how to find private label manufacturers.

I have a guess. There’s a high chance you will take your search to the Internet. Am I right? The Internet is flooded with Private Label manufacturers. These manufacturers can be overseas or domestic.

In this digital world, There is no limit to the possibilities. Business is made so much easier with the help of technology.

If you are still confused, stay tuned. We are going to help you find the right Private Label Manufacturer for your business.

What are private label manufacturers

Private label manufacturers are those who manufacture the product for you. They use their own materials. The labor force used is their own. The machinery used is their own.

But the best part is, they manufacture the products with your brand and Logo. There is a difference between white label and private label manufacturers.

White label manufacturers create specific products. They create these products as their own specifications and you have the option to put your own logo on these.

However, private label manufacturers do the opposite. They create a product from scratch for you. The product is manufactured according to your requirements.

You have to communicate your needs and they will manufacture the right product for you. And that too, with your own branding and logos on it.

What to look for in private label manufacturers

Now, since you are clear on what are private label manufacturers. The question you should ask is.

What to look for in a private label manufacturer?

It is pretty simple. To make your business profitable. There are certain key aspects that you should be mindful of.

While looking for a private label manufacturer. Please consider the following:

Product specialization

Product-specific manufacturers are better. I have talked to many such suppliers. The reason is the professional approach.

Versatility is not always a good option. You may come across a private label manufacturer, who can commit manufacturing any product for you.

However, they might be outsourcing your business. Hence, to ensure optimal quality standards. You should always be looking for a private label manufacturer that specializes in the product.  The purpose-built facility always comes handy as well.

Competitive pricing

These private label manufacturers can offer a highly competitive price for you.

Hence, the right practice would be to check with multiple private label manufacturers and find one at the right price.

That suits your budget as well. This way, you can compare the prices between different manufacturers.

High Quality/Low Defects

Most of the private label manufacturers are honest with you about their quality. You should keep in mind that these products might have known defects.

You should be choosing the manufacturers with high quality. Also, the lesser the defects are the better it is for you and your business.

When I choose my manufacturers, I specify the AQL. It helps sort out the quality of products.

Reliable Delivery

You must consider the private label manufacturer with good reviews. You can find reviews about a manufacturer on the Internet or their own website.

You should choose a manufacturer with positive reviews regarding their delivery. The reliable manufacturer is with their delivery. There are more chances for your business success.

Reliable Delivery

Where to find private label manufacturers

Once you have a clear idea of what to look for in a private label manufacturer. You need to find the right private label manufacturer now.

The process is simple and you can find private label manufacturers easily on the Internet. For your convenience, we have shortlisted some top methods.

So, you can find the right private label manufacturer for your business.

1) Find private label manufacturers with JungleScout

JungleScout is an online platform with a whole buffet to choose from. They have a directory for private label manufacturers.

JungleScout is a GOOD TOOL. I can guarantee a TRUSTED environment for researching suppliers.

You can easily find the right private label manufacturer for you through their directory. There are also reviews and pros and cons listed in this directory.

Jungle Scout

2) Find private label manufacturers with Google Search

Google search never hurts, Right?

If you are looking to find a private label manufacturer. All you need to do is type it in google. You can find both domestic and overseas private label manufacturers through google. You can also read their reviews on google and contact them directly.

3) Find private label manufacturers with Alibaba

Alibaba is an online business platform. While it seems like a wholesale platform from afar, it actually is not. You can find the right private label manufacturers easily on Alibaba.

And if you conduct business with them through Alibaba. You have the convenience of having secure transactions as well.

I always have some filters to find the BEST SUPPLIERS on Alibaba. My risk-free strategy keeps me out of trouble.

Suggested reading:How to Find the Best manufacturers on Alibaba


4) Find private label manufacturers with Reddit

Reddit is a universal platform. While many use Reddit for leisure and fun. Their forums and classified is filled with vendors. It is another great way to find the right private label manufacturer.

You can also read about the reviews of manufacturers. There is also an option for you to contact these manufacturers through Reddit.

5) Find private label manufacturers with Salehoo

Salehoo was the FIRST DIRECTORY I used to find the supplier. It is one of the best tools.

If you still have any doubts. Or are unsure about a Private label manufacturer. You can always turn to Salehoo. Salehoo is all about wholesale vendors.

They have a directory of over 8,000 trusted vendors and private label manufacturers.They have screened the vendors and manufacturers listed on the website.

So, there are no chances of getting scammed. This is one of the most secure ways to find the right private label manufacturer for your business.


6) Find private label manufacturers in trade shows

Trade shows are one of the most secure, and reliable ways to find the vendors. Trade shows are conducted regularly in every country. You can find a wide range of domestic and international private label manufacturers in these trade shows.

In Trade shows, you have access to a private label manufacturer directly. This will enable you to ask any questions in person.

Also, it will build trust. You can also check any products they have a sample for quality inspection.

If you are looking to find the right private label manufacturer. You must visit the relevant tradeshows, both domestic and overseas.

Trade Show

7) Find private label manufacturers by LeelineSourcing

Leelinesourcing is the right choice for you if you don’t want to get into all the hassle. They have a network of private label manufacturers that are trusted and reliable.

I have used their SOURCING SERVICES for my apparel. They undoubtedly get the top suppliers for any niche.

Leelinesourcing work for you, and not the manufacturer or vendor. This way, you can rest assured that you will get top quality products.

And that too at the right cost and prices. From finding the right supplier for you. To negotiating the prices, communicating your needs, and quality inspections. Leelinesourcing can cover your back with all.

They also provide you with free warehousing services overseas. Leelinesourcing can help you with the export and import of the products to your country. They can help you with any documentation required and shipping arrangements.

What more could you ask for?

Leelinesourcing is the one-stop-shop for all your needs. When it comes to buying products from a private label manufacturer.


Domestic vs. Overseas Private Labeling Manufacturers

Now, when it comes to private label manufacturers. There are two choices for you. You can either go for a domestic private labeling manufacturer.

Or, choose an overseas private labeling manufacturer. Both have their own pros and cons. To get you a better account of the advantages and disadvantages.

You should take a look at the following:

Domestic Manufacturing

Domestic private labeling manufacturers are those, who manufacture the goods in the same country you are selling them.

The materials used are sourced from the same country. The labor force is local. And they follow all quality standards emphasized by the country as well.

The advantages and disadvantages of a Domestic private label manufacturer would be:


  • Domestic manufacturers are easy to work with.
  • You can inspect the quality.
  • Conducting a factory audit is easier.
  • Fastest shipping.
  • No language barrier.
  • Verifiable payment and security.
  • More trust of your buyers.
  • High-quality manufacturing standards.
  • No customs involved.


  • Higher manufacturing costs as compared to overseas manufacturers.
  • Lesser choice, if you go with domestic manufacturers only
Pros and Cons

Overseas Manufacturing

Overseas private label manufacturers are one of the most cost-efficient ways. These overseas manufacturers are located in most industrial friendly countries of the world.

Hence, they have lower production costs and more profit margins for you. Most overseas manufacturers are located in China and the South American region. There are lesser labor costs, as well.

That contributes a lot towards increasing the profit margins for you.

Some advantages and disadvantages of using overseas private label manufacturers would be:


  • Low manufacturing costs.
  • Low labor costs.
  • High-profit margins.
  • Lots of choices.
  • Variety of products available.
  • Hight competition means low prices.


  • Often you get low-quality standards.
  • Language and communication barrier.
  • Payment methods support disputes.
  • Lesser ways to check quality in a person.
  • Cultural differences in products and business.
  • Shipping charges.
  • Import duties.
  • Low perceived quality from customers.

How to contact private label manufacturers

You have a clear picture of where to find the private label suppliers. And the advantages and disadvantages of using them. You can also efficiently compare overseas and domestic manufacturers to make the right choice for you.

Now, the next step after you have chosen a private label manufacturer would be to how to contact them.
There is nothing to be worried about that.

You just need to follow the safe practices below, to ensure and optimal dealing between you and your private label manufacturers.

We have compiled a checklist for you to effectively communicate with your private label manufacturer.

How to contact private label manufacturers

1.What to pay attention to when contacting suppliers

While communicating and contacting with a private label manufacturer. You must keep these points in mind. These will ensure that you are conducting your business safely with the supplier.

These points are highly competitive and will increase your profit margins significantly.

a.Read the positive and negative reviews of manufacturers

Once you have chosen a supplier for your private label manufacturing needs. You need to conduct your proper research. The right way would be to read about the positive and negative reviews of manufacturers.

Positive reviews give me A GREEN SIGNAL for the supplier. Negative reviews do precisely the opposite.

This way, you can compare that if the positive reviews are worth to compromise on negative reviews.  while comparing the negative and positive reviews.

You must ensure that positive reviews outweigh the negative reviews. This is the right practice to ensure the quality and right pricing.

There are several methods you can use to read positive and negative reviews, including:

  • Reading reviews on the manufacturer’s website.
  • Reading reviews on third-party websites.
  • Reading the reviews on Google.

b.Compare their prices to their competitors

Another advantage of private label manufacturing is high competition. There are a lot of manufacturers who are manufacturing the same type of products.

This way, you can get better rates. Competition makes the rates go lower.  You must compare the prices from each private label manufacturer with its competitors.

Also, you can check their advantages and disadvantages in the light of pricing. Business is based on calculations. You need to calculate all the costs while contacting the manufacturer. This will ensure an optimal profitability margin for you.

Also, don’t forget to calculate the shipping and custom duties while contacting an overseas manufacturer.

To ensure optimal comparison. The best practices would be:

  • Ask multiple manufacturers for a quote.
  • Compare the prices.
  • Check their pros and cons with the price comparison.
  • Compare domestic and overseas suppliers.
  • Calculate shipping and import duties.

2.Questions to ask when contacting private label manufacturers

So, now you know what to look for while choosing the right private label manufacturer for your business. The next step would be to ask them the right questions.

Remember, it is always better to ask in advance. This will ensure that you are getting the right products at the right prices.

Also, it will increase the profit margins for you. By asking the right questions from your private label manufacturers. You can have the peace of mind that there is no hidden clause. No one likes surprises in the business.

Hence, the questions you should ask your private label manufacturers should be:


Most of the private label manufacturers have MOQs. Minimum Order Quantity is necessary for these suppliers. They have to source the material and manufacture a product according to your specifications. Also, there are other factors like labor costs involved.

Hence, you should always ask your private label manufacturer for the minimum order quantity they support.
Don’t forget, the pricing may decrease if you raise your order. So, you need to communicate the Minimum Order Quantity with your manufacturer.

And also, ask them if there is a chance to get a better price if you increase the order quantity.

There are high chances of getting lower shipping charges per product.

If you import more products together. The more the better fits here perfectly.

b.Confirm Private Label Product Details and Customization

Private label manufacturers, manufacture the product from scratch for you. Hence, there should be no hesitance in sharing product details. You need to send them all the specifications required by you.

The more specific your details are, the more satisfying your product will be. I have listed some essential information you should get. Here are the details:

  • Any quality standards.
  • Specifications like color, and dimensions.
  • Customization specifications.
  • Be very specific about the branding.
  • Packaging details.
  • Logo placement.

c.Shipping Cost

Shipping cost is another big factor that affects directly on your profit margins. The more you spend on shipping, the more your profit will shrink. You need to ask the shipping costs from your manufacturer in advance.

Private label manufacturers ship the products regularly. Hence, they have contracts with the shipping companies. It won’t hurt to ask.

You can get a better rate if you ask your private label company to ship the products for you.

Again, be mindful of calculating the shipping costs while comparing an overseas and domestic manufacturer. A domestic manufacturer will mean lower shipping costs for you.

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Shipping Services

d.Price and Production time

Pricing is one of the largest factors. The more it will cost you, the less profit you can make. Make sure to ask the pricing clearly from your supplier/manufacturer. There should be no doubts when it comes to pricing.

You can compare the prices among competitors as well.  Negotiating pricing is a great practice to ensure the best pricing.

Also, make sure to ask them if there is a chance to increase the Order Quantity. More order quantity can get you better pricing on the products.

Also, production time matters a lot. Be very specific about the number of products you want. And ask in how much time they are able to manufacture that number for you.

It helps me make a FINAL DECISION for the supplier. Otherwise, I move to the next supplier.

This will ensure that you are prepared to market and brand your product efficiently. Private labeling is all about supply and demand. You need to control the market under your own brand.

Hence, you should efficiently be controlling the supply.

e.Payment method

The payment method is another important thing to ask from your manufacturer. You should confirm the payment method before committing to anything.

Some overseas manufacturers only support limited payment methods. With these overseas manufacturers, you need to consider the currency conversion rate as well.

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Send Money To China


8 Types of Private Label Manufacturers

If you are looking to have a private label business started. And are short of ideas on the product. We can help you with that.
There are a number of products sold over the world. According to studies, a significant percentage of products sold across the world are private label manufactured. There are a lot of options for you to choose from including:

1.Skincare Private label manufacturers

Skincare is one of the MOST DEMANDED niches. I manually observed it.

Skincare products are widely sourced across the world. Their demand makes it one of the most profitable businesses to conduct through private label manufacturers. Some private label manufacturers for skincare products would be:

2.Clothing, Shoes and Accessories Private label Manufacturers

Clothing, shoes, and accessories have a huge market. No matter in which country you are, there is a great demand for apparel. If you are looking to have clothing, shoes, or accessories manufactured through some private label manufacturer. The right choices for you would be:

  • Moshi Leather bag
  • Hawthorn
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3.Health And beauty products Private label manufacturers

When it comes to health and beauty, with the right branding and marketing, I think you should not worry about it.

You can easily make your place in the market. There is a slightly lower competition. And people prefer brands. Some examples of health and beauty private label manufacturers are:

  • Highland medical Co, Ltd.
  • Sichuan JRK Biological Technology Co, Ltd.

4.Cosmetics & perfume Private labeling manufacturers

Cosmetics & perfumes are a widely used commodity. Their demand never ceases to end. If you want to start a private label business with these. You have plenty of options like:

  • Singwong Asia Pacific Co, Ltd.
  • Snowtree Group Co, Ltd.
  • Guangzhou Frandy Daily Chemical Co, Ltd.

5.Foods and drinks Private label manufacturers

Pre-packed foods and drinks, especially sauces make a great market. If you intend on hitting the food industry with private label manufacturing. Especially from the Asian origin. The right choice for you would be:

  • Guang Zhou Yilin Foodstuff Co. I have used this manufacturer. It brings up the best quality drinks.

6.Electronics Private label manufacturers

Electronic products make the most of imports across the globe. There is a huge variety of electronics products. If you are looking to start a private label business. Electronics would be a good choice for you. Some top electronics private label manufacturers would be:

  • Shenzhen Pengchu Industries
  • Lider Mobile accessories
  • Elebest

All the manufacturers mentioned above have been BLESSING for me. They have the BEST PRODUCTS available in the market.

Suggested reading: Shenzhen Electronic Market Guide

7.Home& office supplies Private label manufacturers

Home & office supplies is another good option to start a private label business. If you want to get the right manufacturers for Home & office supplies. You have plenty of choices including:

  • Weifang Shengxin Printing Co, Ltd.
  • KD craft Ltd.

8.Supplements and Nutrition Private label manufacturers

Supplements and nutritional products need no introduction. Their demand is high, in every part of the world. If you want to start a business with supplements and nutrition products. Your private label manufacturer choices are but not limited to:

  • Sichuan JRK Biological Technologies Co, Ltd.
  • Shijiazhuang Hualiu Health Care Products Sales Co, Ltd.

How Leelinesourcing help your private label business

Leelinesourcing is the right choice for you if you want to start a private label business. They can help you with the complete process. They charge you no agent sourcing fees at all.

The best part is the convenience and assurance of quality. Leelinesourcing can help you with the complete process of importing your products through a private label manufacturer. The services they provide are:

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Amazon FBA Prep Services



Private label manufacturing can be a great boost to your business. It provides you with an opportunity to create a unique impact and hit the right targeted audience.

If you are looking to start a new business.

You should definitely consider private labeling. There are certain advantages and disadvantages as discussed above.  If you want to have your products manufactured overseas, especially in China.

Leelinesourcing is the top choice for you. They are providing top quality services with best prices.

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