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Q. Do I clear the goods via customs in my country? A. We will ensure that all our quotations include the import duty and customs clearance procedures. We can however offer FOB China prices and allow you to arrange your own shipping but most customers prefer a complete door to door delivery solution when sourcing...
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Q: I am in dilemma. I am customizing the product. I am worried what if people do not like my customization. Is it prudent to stick to existing product or try new customized one? This is my first product. Please help. A: In every business, market validation is important. You can take the samples and show friends...
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Guangzhou Electronics Market : Super Guide 2021 China is one of the largest manufacturers in the world selling products in wholesale. China manufacturers a wide range of products from small commodities to heavy machinery. It is not easy to describe the scope of imports from China. There is hard to find a country in the...
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