Guangzhou Wholesale Market Guide 2024

China has emerged as a huge market of the export economy for the world. You will find manufactured products all over the market wherever you go. 

In fact, the GDP of China mainly relies on exports of manufactured goods and raw materials.

Guangzhou wholesale market is among the oldest and most famous wholesaler markets. This wholesale market has been known as  China’s hub for export since the 1980s.

Many trading companies worldwide source the products from China to resell. This guide will share the best products and the best 12 Guangzhou Wholesale Market. Let’s dive deep!

Guangzhou wholesale market

Hot selling product in Guangzhou

The wholesale markets in Guangzhou have many hot products. They are an excellent place to source for your retail stores or wholesale business.

Clothing Premium and low-grade clothes for women, and kids. 
Bags Laptop bags, backpacks, handbags, and luggage. 
Jewelry Gold, silver, bread, stainless steel, or imitation jewelry. 
Other Apparels Shoes, underwear, watches, and wedding dress.
Beauty Accessories You can source cosmetics, wigs, and skincare products. 
Phone Accessories Cases, USBs, batteries, and chargers are also available.
Restaurant Supplies There are many toiletries, linens, and dinnerware.
Automobile Accessories Spark plugs, air filters, brake pads, car lights, etc. 
Miscellaneous Goods You’ll find toys, molds, tooling, furniture, electronics .
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Best 12 Guangzhou Wholesale market list

There are many wholesale markets in Guangzhou spread across the city.  These markets are categorized for the product type for the convenience of buyers. 

Here are the 12 best Guangzhou Wholesale markets you should visit:

1. Clothing Wholesale Markets

The clothing wholesale markets feature good-quality clothing in bulk at wholesale prices. You can get a wide variety of fabrics, quality, colors, and designs for your wholesale clothing business.

All clothing markets are the BEST in China. I have purchased wholesale clothes. The prices are very, very CHEAP. Sole reason to buy more.

Here are the famous clothes wholesale markets in Guangzhou clothing city: 

Clothing Wholesale Market
  • Thirteen Hong Market:

Thirteen Hong Market is a well-known wholesale market for women’s clothing in China. It is also called the Shisanhang clothes wholesale market.

This wholesale clothing market consists of several plazas to supply clothing needs worldwide.

Address:  Located in the business circle on No 13. RD.  of New China Building.

Products: This clothes market is a source of women’s clothing.

  • Shahe Wholesale Market:

Shahe market is a big clothing wholesale market that supplies many products. 

This wholesale market consists of three main market areas. It also has several floors that provide women’s clothes and other wholesale clothes. They usually sell middle and low-grade women’s clothes at low prices.


THE market is located in the third breakout of Guangzhou, in Tianhe District.


A wide variety of clothing products are featured in Shahe market. It ranges from low-grade women’s clothes to jeans, hats, and t-shirts.

  • Baima Wholesale Market:

Baima clothing wholesale market is the most standardized management and famous clothing market. International customers love the Baima market due to its location. 

Locating close to large-scale factories, it supplies the widest variety of clothing. 


Baima market is only 2 kilometers from the Old Canton Fair buildings. The closest railway station is on 16 Zhannan Rd, in Yuexiu District.


This clothing wholesale market features tons of variety for all. The nine floors provide women’s clothing and men’s t-shirts in premium quality.

The prices are relatively lower for its location close to most factories. You can also find low-grade clothes here.

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2. Electronics Wholesale Market: 

Guangzhou market is famous for electronics too. Whether mobile phones, accessories, parts, or other equipment, you can find them here. Good quality and affordable electronics are available here.

There are two famous wholesale markets for electronics in Guangzhou:

New Asia International City of Electronic Science & Technology
  • New Asia International City of Electronic Science & Technology:

This city is a popular market in Guangzhou. It is famous for accessories and technology products.


55 Xidi 2ndd Rd, Changti Road Shipping Leisure street in Liwan District of Guangzhou.


This marketplace features mobile phones & other electronic products. It also has accessories, parts, and more.

  • Nanfang Building:

The building is a hub for electronics, mobile phones, laptops,  and related accessories. Though a little exaggerated, this is the world’s cheapest market to get such products.


It is conveniently located at Nanfang Mansion, in the Liwan District.


This market in Guangzhou offers a wide range of products. For instance, Bluetooth speakers, earphones, headphones, phone covers, memory cards, and USB drives.

3. Watch wholesale market

Replica or Chinese brand watches are famous worldwide. Even without the expensive brand’s logo, they have value for money.

You can buy wholesale or single pieces here at the best prices. The two best watch wholesale markets in Guangzhou are:

Watch wholesale market
  • Zhan XI watch market:

ZHAN XI road is where most OEM watches can be sourced easily. These markets make and sell low to high-end watches. You can find replicas of almost every major brand here as well.


It is conveniently located on ZHAN XI road in Guangzhou.


The Zhanxi Wholesale market supplies watch needs all over the world. You can find watches of every quality, price, and brand here easily.

 Many OEM manufacturers are selling their products in this market in Guangzhou.

  • South Watch Center:

South Watch center is a plaza in the ZHAN XI Watch market devoted to watches only. Many OEM and other wholesale booths are in the plaza.

 They sell watches of every quality and style. You can find the watches here regardless of your budget range.


South Watch Center is located on New Kowloon road in Guangzhou of South China.


Some of the best replicas are found here. All they lack is the SKU or serial number from the manufacturers. If you want inexpensive and good-quality watches, this is the market for you.

4. Hotel Supplies Wholesale Market:

The Hoteling business requires toiletry, cutlery, and linen items in bulk. Guangzhou is a must-visit place to source hotel suppliers. 

Thousands of affordable products are available of different quality. Let’s look at the famous hotel supplies wholesale markets in Guangzhou: 

Hotel Supplies Wholesale Market
  • Nantian International Hotel Supplies wholesale market:

The market in South China has over 200,000 square meters and 1,500 shops. There is a bank, business center, and other supporting services like freight. 

This market is the largest in south China. You can source many hotel supplies here.


Zhenxing St, Haizhu District, Guangzhou China.


 You can source all types of hotel supplies from this wholesale market. They range from soaps, shampoos, housekeeping products, trolleys, cookware, food machinery, linens, and more.

  • Shaxi International Hotel Supplies wholesale market:

This wholesale market is relatively small. Yet, you can source some of the best quality hotel products. 

There are over 1000 shops with logistic support suppliers. The market focuses on quality and sells only premium quality products.


This wholesale market is at Dashi Road, Panyu District of Guangzhou.


Looking to target executive hotels with luxury supplies? This wholesale market is the right place for you. 

Many stores here supply thousands of types of products. It includes silk and satin sheets, pillows, and pillow covers. 

You can also find cutlery, cookware, and other luxury hotel supplies.

5. Wedding Dress Wholesale Markets: 

I love Chinese wholesale markets. Suppliers have a wide variety of dresses. Their prices are much lower. Highly profitable for a person like me.

This wholesale market covers all needs of wedding dresses worldwide. You can find traditional or modern-style wedding dresses and accessories here.

For instance, the Eastern, Western, European, Chinese, Asian, and Indian styles. The primary wholesale market is:

Wedding Dress Wholesale Marke
  • Jiangnan North Avenue:

It is widely known for its bulk quantity and best quality wedding dresses. 

Hundreds of shops here sell wedding dresses and accessories. They cater to the cultures spread across the globe.


Jiangnan (wedding dress street) North Avenue in Guangzhou city


There are numerous wedding products in this wholesale market. You can find wedding dresses for men and women, accessories and other products. 

This wholesale market supply dresses for Asian, European, American, and other cultures.

6. Jewelry Wholesale Markets: 

Jewelry is an essential part of apparel for a complete style. Sourcing quality jewelry at a low cost? Then this wholesale market is your must-visit. 

Guangzhou has several dedicated wholesale city for fashion jewelry, including:

Jewelry Wholesale Markets
  • Xijiao Building Jewelry Market:

Xijiao building is one of the best jewelry markets. It supplies a wide variety of jewelry that is trending across the world.


2, Zhanqian Road, Liwan District, Guangzhou


This wholesale market has a wide variety of fashion accessories and jewelry. For instance, stainless steel jewelry and African jewelry. 

Many jewelries are sold here, and you can find all types of jewelry you want.

  • Liwan Plaza:

Liwan Plaza is another place to find the perfect jewelry to be sold out at the best possible prices. This place is all about stones, beads, crystals to make jewelry.


9, Dexing Road, Liwan District in Guangzhou


You can find every style and type of crystals, beads, jades, pearls. There are also jewelry-making supplies in bulk.

  • Taiking Jewelry City:

It is the best place to shop for diverse jewelry and accessories. The market is like a global presentation of cultural jewelry to the world.


111, Taiking Road, Yuexiu District in Guangzhou city


There is virtually nothing under the category of jewelry that cannot be found here. You can shop for jewelry, scarves, hats, Hair ornaments, Key chains, and much more.

7. Guangzhou Handbag Wholesale Market: 

At first, I was confused. Even doubting Chinese products’ quality. Now I choose wholesale handbag products. After trying the China market, I am pretty impressed—quality products at lower prices.

Guangzhou’s bag industry is known all over the world. There are twenty-four wholesale markets in Guangzhou selling bags and other leather supplies. 

Some top markets that sell bags are:

Handbag Wholesale Market
  • Zhonggang Leatherwear Mall:

No other place in the world does the leather bags thing best than here. If you are looking for quality leather bags at the best prices, this is the place for you.


11-21, Sanyuanli Avenue, Baiyun District in Guangzhou.


This market sells all sizes, colors, and quantities of premium leather bags. Whatever you need about leather bags, this is the place for you.

  • Jinyi Leatherwear Plaza:

Jinyi leatherwear plaza is a huge building with thousands of shops. This  1000 square meters building sells leather handbags, backpacks, and more.


1453, Jieffangbei Road, Baiyun District in Guangzhou


The market sells a wide range of Wallets, Handbags, and backpacks made of leather. You can buy the products wholesale at some of the best prices worldwide.

8. Fabric Wholesale Market: 

Fabric Wholesale markets are world-famous for their unstitched fabric. This market has various qualities and fabric types. No other markets can compare to Guangzhou fabric markets.

Some famous markets dedicated to selling fabric in Guangzhou are:

Fabric Wholesale Market
  • Guangzhou International Textile City:

There are many textile factories located in Guangzhou. They sell various products, including fabric, garment accessories, and more. 

The Guangzhou international textile city is one of the largest and popular markets. The suppliers here can meet global clothing demands.


144, Xingang Road, Haizhu District in Guangzhou


guangzhou international textile city is meeting the needs of people across the globe. It has unstitched fabric, lining, and other garment accessories.

  • Ruikang Lace Accessory market:

This market in Guangzhou is devoted to laces, lining, and other garment accessories. You can find items needed to make beautiful dresses here.


Fengyang Street, Haizhu District, Guangzhou


The market supplies laces, lining, and other garment accessories in bulk.

9. Auto Accessories wholesale markets:

Several markets in Guangzhou sell auto accessories and spare parts for vehicles. There are benefits they have over the brands and vehicle manufacturers.  

They have fewer preparation costs, hence cheaper yet durable products. The famous markets in the district are:

Auto Accessories wholesale markets
  • Guangdong Yongfu International Automotive Supplies Center:

This is the biggest market, with auto parts and spare parts diversity. 

You can find anything you want conveniently in this market. Whether a bolt for vehicles to suspension, fuel filters, or car care products. You name it.


48, Yongfu Road, Tianhe District, Guangzhou.


There are many products here like spare parts and auto parts. You can also find car care products like polishes, lights and other equipment.

  • New Guangzong Auto Parts Trade Market:

This market is famous for larger auto parts. For instance, lights, steering wheels, windshields, and more. You can source such parts easily over this widely spread market in bulk quantities.


113, Baiyun Avenue North, Baiyun District, Guangzhou 


The market sells larger auto car parts like lights, bonnets, engine spare parts, etc.

10. Cosmetic Wholesale markets:

Cosmetics is one of the BEST niches. I generate a HIGH number of sales compared to other niches. And China markets LEVEL UP my profits.

Cosmetics are widely sold commodities worldwide. You should visit the cosmetics wholesale markets in Guangdong province to source them.

There are diverse quality products for cosmetics here, from low to high-end prices. The most famous in the market are:

Cosmetic Wholesale mark
  • Guangzhou Beauty Exchange Center:

This market has an extensive range of product types. For instance, electronic beauty accessories and machines, wigs, and makeup. 

You can find these products here in relatively large quantities.


121, Guangyuan West Road in Guangzhou


Guangzhou beauty exchange center has lots of products like wigs and hair, makeup, and cosmetic packages. There are also electronic beauty accessories and machines of several qualities.

  • Guangzhou Xingfa Plaza:

This market is dedicated to cosmetics. It supplies a massive part of the world’s cosmetic requirements.


138, Xingfa North Road, Baiyun District, Guangzhou


The market sells all types of cosmetics and related products.

  • Guangzhou YifaPlaza:

It is another wholesale market selling cosmetics. This multi-story building is a must-visit place for you to buy cosmetics.


96-98, Jichang Road, Baiyun District, Guangzhou


There are many sellers here selling cosmetics wholesale for reselling purposes.

11. Jeans Wholesale Market: 

Chinese Jeans and denim products are famous across the world. They are durable, affordable, and diverse in fashion trends and styles. 

Why do I love Chinese jeans? 

China’s market has CHEAPER jeans. My profit margins even REACH 100% per product. That is excellent news.

The mall that is dedicated to Jeans products is:

Jeans Wholesale Market
  • Xintang International Jeans Mall:

The mall has Jeans and other denim wear products for men, women, and kids in all colors and styles.


Xintang, Zengcheng District, Guangzhou


This mall is devoted to jeans only. Jeans here come in all kinds of qualities and styles. There is also a massive variety of color and size options available.

12. Shoes Wholesale Market

At present, foreign customers are mainly from Middle East, Latin America and Africa. Now foreign buyers can also buy shoes here.

Numerous suppliers in the Guangzhou markets sell a wide range of shoes. The most famous and important markets are:

  • Buyun Tiandi Shoes World:

Buyun Tiandi Shoes World is a 20-story building. Hundreds of shoe suppliers here sell at highly competitive rates.  

It is located in the Guangzhou Railway Station which is a good place to wholesale footwear for your business.


28, Zhanxi Road, Liwan District, Guangzhou


The building has a wide variety of formal shoes for men, women, and children.

  • Guangda Foreign Trade Shoes Plaza:

It is a huge shoes wholesale market spanning a large area. All types of shoes are available in this market at wholesale prices.


Fenggang, Guangzhou, China


This shoes wholesale market has all types of shoes. They range from joggers, sneakers, ballet shoes, leather shoes, sports shoes, children’s shoes, formal and casual wear.

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13. Underwear Wholesale Market

Guangzhou has dedicated markets to supply underwear and lingerie wholesale. The most famous of the markets dedicated to underwear is:

  • Guangzhou Jinxiang Underwear City:

The market has of hundreds of shops. These sellers are known for their unmatched prices worldwide.


193, Zhanqian Road, Liwan District, Guangzhou


This market offers a wide range of Lingerie, Pajama, and underwear.

14. Toys Wholesale Markets

Made in China toys are famous across the world. They make toys according to all cultures. No place in the world does not get their toys imported from China.

I love the diversity of toys in CHINA. Most suppliers offer a high-quality CHEAP price—higher profits on the way. 

The two most important and famous markets of Guanzhou, selling these toys are:

Toys Wholesale Market
  • Onelink Plaza:

Unlike other markets, this plaza in Yuexiu District is not only dedicated to toys. Several other products are being sold here. Yet, most of the market is covered with toys.


39, Jiefangnan Road, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou


A wide range of toys, home décor, and gift products are available here.

  • Guangzhou Zhonggang Toys Wholesale Market:

This plaza is dedicated to toys made in China. These Chinese wholesale suppliers sell in bulk quantities.


399, Yidexi Road, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou


This market sells all types of toys. For example, drones, cameras, cars, planes, and much more.

15. Eyewear (Glasses) Wholesale Market

China produces some of the best eyewear in the world. There are many replicas of famous brands and Chinese brands here. You can also find a wide variety of prescription eyewear. 

The most famous market in Guangdong province to buy eyewear is:

Eyewear Wholesale Market
  • Guangzhou Glasses City:

It is a vast market and the best place for you to buy eyewear wholesale.


260, Renminzhong Road, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou


This market covers sunglasses, polarized glasses, prescription eyewear, accessories, lenses, and more.

These markets sell specific products types. You can easily compare different qualities and styles.

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Looking for the Best Chinese Products?

We help you find the Best Products in Guangzhou with high quality at an attractive cost.

Five problems when buying from Guangzhou wholesale markets

You might face problems while buying products in the Guangzhou markets. Some  common problems for the international customer in markets are:

Send Money To China

1. Suppliers have a booth in wholesale markets, which doesn’t mean they are reliable.

There is a wide range of qualities available in these markets. You need to critically inspect the products for quality issues. 

There might be frauds showing you some other products and sending other products.

2. Suppliers in the Guangzhou wholesale markets don’t speak English:

There are many suppliers in the wholesale markets that don’t speak English. For effective negotiation, you might consider getting a translator along with you.

If you don’t speak any Chinese, you just can’t do anything. As a result, foreign buyers normally will hire either an interpreter or a sourcing agent to help when they are in the wholesale markets.

3. Suppliers in the Guangzhou wholesale markets don’t accept USD, only RMB:

These market suppliers do not accept USD or any foreign currency. They do not usually accept cards as well.

To make payment, you must exchange the currency before visiting these markets. You can do so through your hotel or a currency exchanger.

4. Suppliers in the wholesale markets in Guangzhou only ship within China, not overseas:

You might face a problem shipping your products out of China to your country. It is because some suppliers can only ship within China.

You can get help from freight forwarders located in these markets. Or, contact your sourcing agent for help in this regard.

5. Products from the wholesale markets may not be suitable for your country:

You must check these products bought at the wholesale markets in Guangzhou.  Specific raw materials may not follow the product standards of your country.

You need to research and buy the products according to the import standards of your country.

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How to Ship your products from Guangzhou?

My experience? 

Express shipping is IMPRESSIVE for me. It gets CLIENT faster and more in the number.

To ship your products from Guangzhou, there are several effective methods. The most common and efficient methods would be:

  • Express shipping: 

Guangzhou has an international Airport. You can ship your products easily and conveniently from this airport to your country.

It is the fastest and most secure method to ship your products from Guangzhou to your country.

Guangzhou has its own port, hence one of China’s best places to shop. When I have to ship bulk products, Sea Freight is my Choice. Relatively Faster and cheaper. Freight shipping is perfect for large quantity shipments at affordable shipping costs. 

But you need to expect a longer time to have your products shipped to you.

  • Airfreight: 

You can get fast and secure shipments for your high-value products via air freight. This method typically costs much higher than sea transportation. 

Air freight is the BEST-FIT choice. My clients are more confident. Real-time tracking. No product loss.

It is an excellent choice to deliver big volume goods without delay. 

Some countries are reachable by rail from China. Rail freight is secure, cheap, and fast in delivering bulky goods. 

Rail freight fascinates me. It is cheaper but fast, just like Air freight. So, I choose it sometimes.

You’ll save much budget compared to air and sea transport. Yet, there might be delays due to mechanical issues. 

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Something you need to know when sourcing in Guangzhou


About logistics

Jindong market and Guangda market are not far away from each other. Nearby them, we have three logistics centers.

The first, Jiazhong logistics center can deliver the goods to all parts of the country. The Hutian logistics center and Guangqinglong logistics center can also deliver goods timely.

Furthermore, the sellers will also help in the delivery of the goods.

About language

As foreigners, when you are purchasing, one unavoidable problem is language. But, you don’t have to worry if you ask for help from Leelinesourcing.

It is because Leelinesourcing has professional buyers to help you pick quality goods. They will negotiate the lowest price with these sellers to make sure you save on the purchasing cost.

About shopping

All the shops in the Baiyun wholesale market support retail services. So if you want to buy clothes, you can shop in these markets. 

But if you have any other needs, both Shangxiajiu road and Beijing road are good choices.

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How to go to these markets from Guangzhou Airport?

Years ago, the bus business line was the best way to travel from Guangzhou Airport. Today, you can choose the metro line over the bus line and taxi. 

The metro can bring you around from Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport. It operates from 6am to 11pm.  

You can buy metro line tickets from the ticket machines at the concourse. 

What is the best accommodation area in Guangzhou?

Certain districts have major Guangzhou markets. Our recommendation would be Yuexiu, Haizhu, and Tianhe district. 

These districts have cost-competitive and cozy hotels and residences. You’ll find many markets and plazas accessible by metro line. 

The restaurants and hotels here are also more experienced in handling international customers.

What should I plan for my Guangzhou business trip?

We suggest you plan seven days in the Guangzhou market. You’ll need time to source, compare, negotiate, decide, and buy the products.

You should plan based on your experience and skills to source and finalize your lists. It is also crucial to plan the schedule and routes. 

Don’t forget to research the product prices to make a better purchase decision.

What is the language spoken in Guangzhou?

The Guangzhou locals typically don’t speak English. Instead, they use Cantonese and Mandarin Chinese in daily communication.  

Yet, some who dealt with many international clients might speak English.

What if you don’t speak any of these two languages? You can consider hiring a translator or preparing a translation app in hand.

Final thoughts

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In addition, more and more foreign buyers from Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Africa, South America, and Russia purchase goods directly from Yide road. 

Guangzhou is a wholesale paradise to help you grow a successful import business. You can source here, whether for the retail market or wholesale market.

The bustling wholesale market in Guangzhou is a must-visit for many. These places are conveniently reachable by metro line, bus, or taxi.

In fact, it is hard to find the same market as Guangzhou market access the world. Guangzhou market is more fit for foreign customers, most of the shops here are running their business mainly for exporting.

I hope you find everything useful about the Guangzhou wholesale market in this post. You can also talk to Leeline Sourcing for professional sourcing services. 

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