Best 20 Yiwu Sourcing Agents In China

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Almost all import and export company owners think about Yiwu international trade city. 

That’s because it is the largest wholesale market for large and small commodities. Be it accessories, crafts, toys, textiles, or any other product!

Besides, If you are looking to import from Yiwu, it’s crucial to find a reliable local sourcing agent for your business.

They will help you check the right supplier and manufacturer.They also offer you the right prices and control the quality of the product that meets your requirements.

This is a comprehensive guide to introduce how to get the best Yiwu sourcing agent for your export business, just keep going.

best Yiwu sourcing agent

Best‌ 20‌ Yiwu Sourcing‌ Agents‌:

We have researched and shortlisted the best 20 Yiwu sourcing companies:


Leeline Sourcing

 Leelinesourcing is one of the top sourcing agents from China.

They are the best company and a professional Yiwu agent. That’s because they are not limited to a certain product.

No matter what product you are looking to buy/import.Leelinesourcing can help you with that. They are also not limited to a certain city or market.

So, despite where you are or what product quality you want to buy.They can help you buy your products.

Also, deal with the Chinese suppliers and have your products shipped to your country.

Service Review:

Leelinesourcing offers a wide range of services. They can cover all the dealings, import, and inspection processes for you.

Their services range from:

  • Dealing with suppliers.
  • Arranging the meetings.
  • Bargaining prices.
  • Quality inspections.
  • Free warehousing.
  • Arranging export documentation.
  • Shipping arrangements.
  • Import documentation.

LeelineSourcing provides all these services under one umbrella and at a low price.

So, no need to worry about importing from the Yiwu markets.

Their services are not limited to these only.Leelinesourcing can customize and arrange any service according to your requirements.

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Pros and Recommended Reasons:

Providing complete services under one company is a perfect reason to choose Leelinesourcing for your Yiwu purchases.

They do not charge you any agent sourcing fee, and all you have to pay is 5-10% of the product goods being imported through them.

The percentage depends on the products you are buying. It makes the whole process a whole lot easier for you.

With Leelinesourcing, you can be assured that you are buying the products at the best prices.

Their strict quality inspection parameters make it possible for you to have peace of mind that you are buying top-quality products only.

Also, you won’t have to worry about finding multiple companies. They provide you with a complete range of services like warehousing and freight forwarding as well.

If you want to buy products from the Yiwu market and have them shipped to your country, you can contact Leelinesourcing for a free quote.

Their easy process makes it convenient for you to have a better idea of the prices and the level of services you will get.

There is a team of friendly and understanding customer support enthusiasts that will understand all your needs. They will be able to provide you with the best possible solution.



Trendimius is a local, Yiwu-based sourcing agent company. They have been in business for over eight years and provide a wide range of agent sourcing services.

They are a reliable company, and you can have a look at the website, to get a better idea of their prices.

Service Review:

Trendimius covers a wide range of services.

They cover all your needs that you may require from a sourcing agent.

Their services range from finding the right product in the Yiwu market.

Moreover, they can bargain prices and do quality inspections.

They can also arrange the shipping of products to your country.


Several qualities make Trendimius a good choice for your sourcing needs.

  • Wide range of sourcing services.
  • Various language understanding.
  • Eight years of experience.
  • Smooth, hassle-free processing.


They are a local Yiwu-based company. Hence, they prefer suppliers from the Yiwu market only.

Suppose you are looking to buy products from different cities and markets in China. They will not be the right fit for you.



JingSourcing is another Chinese agent sourcing service.

They provide a wide range of services ranging from shipping to packaging, finding the right products, and bargaining.

They cover the needs of all Chinese markets. You can consider them if you want the process to be smoother and efficient for you.

Service Review:

JingSourcing is a complete agent sourcing service that covers all your needs.

They provide many services like contacting the suppliers, bargaining prices, having quality inspections, Custom packaging, and more.


  • Fast and effective quotes.
  • Quality inspection.
  • Free warehousing.
  • Arranging the shipping.


Getting services from Jingsourcing may cost you a little bit more.

They have packages that include certain charges that you may not need.

4.Amanda Intl Group

Amanda Intl Group

Amanda Intl Group is deemed as a top Yiwu market sourcing agent. They are locally located in Yiwu and operate from there.

Service Review:

Amanda Intl Group covers a vast range of services to have your products sourced from the Yiwu market.

If you are looking for a Yiwu agent, they can be a good choice for you.


  • One-stop shop for all your needs.
  • Low commission rates.
  • Over ten years of experience.


They are located in Yiwu and focus on the Yiwu market only.

To source products from other parts, it might cost you a little more with Amanda Intl Group.

5.Union Service

Union Service is one of the Chinese sourcing agents providing the services for importers to buy products. It belongs to the Sellers union group.

They have fast methods due to their partners.

Service Review:

Union Service provides all the sourcing services you might need.

They have many partners that make the buying process smoother. It also ensures you only buy top-quality products.


  • Top Yiwu sourcing agent.
  • It belongs to the sellers union group.
  • Locally based.
  • Fluent English speakers.
  • Lots of partners to help.


Union Service has a list of partners they prefer you buy from. So, they are only beneficial for you if you intend to purchase from their partners.

6.Meeno Group

Meeno Group is a small Chinese-based sourcing company that services across the world.

They have a limited capacity for products and can help you source these products.

Service Reviews:

It is the right website for you if you are looking to purchase items with low risks.

They support small quantities and do not have warehousing services.


  • Free quote.
  • 24/7 consultation.
  • Smooth and hassle-free process.


Meeno Group does not provide warehousing or quality inspection services.

They also support only a limited order quantity and a relatively smaller range of products.

7.Golden Shiny

Golden Shiny

Golden Shiny is a small agent sourcing company that mostly relies on other suppliers.

They have third-party contracts for warehousing, inspections, and shipping-related services.

Services Reviews:

Golden Shiny is the agent sourcing service for you if you want to save bucks and not commit to a complete package.

They modify their services, and you can pay what you want.


  • Being located in Yiwu, China, they know the Yiwu market better.
  • Personalized small-scale services.
  • Customizable service plans.


Golden Shiny is a small company that only supports a few countries to which you can import your products.

If you are not from the list of countries they work with, you cannot get help from them.They also help with only the Yiwu market and a limited number of suppliers.


Sourcinglite is a small-scale operation. They are operating locally in Yiwu and support low quantity orders.

If you want to buy products in small quantities, you can get in touch to get a quote.

Service Reviews:

Sourcinglite provides personalized services from arranging your accommodation to a translator and helping you make purchase decisions.


  • Small Scale personalized services.
  • Accommodation assistance
  • Translator assistance
  • Effective negotiations.


Sourcinglite is a small company that can help you with a limited range of products. They also do not support large order quantities.



My Sourcify is one of the most premium sourcing companies in China. They offer a vast range of services and provide optimal support.

They can also inspect the production process on your behalf. They can cover every product throughout China to any country in the world.

Service Reviews:

My Sourcify offers complete sourcing services.

You can secure samples with them, get your products inspected, and have them shipped to your country with convenience.


  • A wide range of services.
  • Online store.
  • Product sourcing.
  • No third-parties involvement.


Their rates are relatively higher as compared to other sourcing services.

Suppose you are on a budget and looking to increase profit margins. It is not an option for you.

10.Goodcan Trading

Goodcan Trading

Goodcan Trading is a locally based company that supports Yiwu and Guangzhou markets.

They are the right choice for you if you want to order from these two markets.

Service Reviews:

Goodcan Trading provides a complete range of sourcing services.

You can rely on them from bargaining prices to finding the right products, quality inspections, and shipping options.


  • Complete sourcing services.
  • Conveniently located close to Yiwu city.
  • Easy processing.


They only support Yiwu and Guangzhou markets and have a limited number of suppliers they work with.

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The remaining top 20 yiwu sourcing agent list :

Company nameservices
Supplyiadropshipping sourcing agent
SkylarkPurchasing agent in yiwu
LinkYiwuTowards safer sourcing in yiwu
SellersunionYiwu Largest Buying Agent 
YiwuenOne stop Yiwu Sourcing agent 
1688sourcingBuy From in yiwu
SistersourcingYour sincere agent in yiwu
YiwuexportingYiwu Christmas Goods Supplier 
Yachina Full services trading company
YiwuthxProfessional Sourcing Agent in Yiwu
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Looking for the Best Yiwu Sourcing Agent?

Leeline Sourcing helps you find factories, get competitive prices, follow up production, ensure quality and deliver products to the door.

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What Challenges You May Face in the Yiwu Wholesale Product Market?

Now, let’s talk about the possible challenges that you may face in this large market.

About Language

There is still a major problem you need to be aware of when purchasing, the language barrier. In the Yiwu market, most of the sellers cannot speak English.

There can be communication problems between you and the sellers in the Yiwu market.

However, there is no need to worry about this as Leelinesourcing has professional buyers to help you recognize high-quality goods.

Not only do we help you avoid cheating, but we also help you negotiate the lowest price. We help you save a lot in the end.

If you have this kind of need, please tell us, and we will help you.

About Logistics

After purchasing your goods from Yiwu, China, you can confirm the detailed packaging forms with sellers and then consign the goods to this district’s logistics center.

About Shopping

If you want to buy luxuries or clothes, Yiwu international trade market is not the proper place.

That’s because there are no proper places for shopping for clothes.

If you want to shop for clothes and luxuries, we suggest going to Business Street in the Yiwu city center.

About Transportation

Although these five districts in Yiwu international trade city are not far away from each other, each district occupies a huge area.

If you only depend on walking, then you will be very tired.

Remember, the Yiwu international trade market is so big. Thus, we will show you some public transport lines you can use:

International Mall NO.1 District to NO.2 District

Take Yiwu, China NO.123 bus; get on the bus at trade mall NO.1 district station.Pass one station and then get off at trade mall NO.2 district station.

There you can find the primary wholesale market complex.

International Trade Mall NO.1 District to NO.3 District

Take Yiwu, China NO.367 bus; get on the international mall phase II station.

Pass three stations and then get off at the international trade mall at the leather ingredients station.

International Trade Mall NO.1 District to NO.4 District

Take Yiwu NO.363 bus; get on the bus at the international trade mall west station.

Pass three stations and then get off at international trade mall phase III south station.

International Trade Mall NO.1 District to NO.5 District

Take Yiwu NO.802 bus; get on the bus at international trade mall No.1 district station.

Pass three stations and then get off at international trade mall NO.5 district south station.

How to Find the Right Product in Yiwu?

Well, finding the right product in Yiwu isn’t easy. Thus, we are listing all major malls available here.

This city consists of so many malls and buildings. Yet, anyone can navigate through this place with ease.

Of course, all credit goes to the suppliers working there.

Besides, behind this simplicity, there is a major role of the Chinese government too.So, here we will list the floor number along with product categories.

NO.1 District of International Trading Mall

NO.1 District of International Trading Mall

First Floor: managing plastic flowers, toys.

Second Floor: managing decoration products.

Third Floor: managing handicrafts.

Fourth Floor: This Floor is a direct selling exhibition area for manufacturers.

You may need to go there only when you want to purchase a huge number of goods.

No.2 District of International Trade Mall

No.2 District of International Trade Mall

First Floor: Managing bags and suitcases and umbrella

Second Floor: Managing hardware tools, electrician products, lockset, vehicle.

Third Floor: Managing hardware kitchen and bath, home appliances, telecommunications equipment, electronic instruments, timekeeper, and so on.

Fourth Floor: Exhibition areas for local commodities.

Fifth Floor: Foreign trade purchase service center.

The NO.2 district supports functions and service organizations such as Industry and Commerce, tax administration, local police station, bank, restaurant, logistics, postal service, telecommunication service, etc.

What’s more, there is a four-star hotel with a loop line tourism car that offers you convenient transportation and accommodation.

NO.3 District of the International Trading Mall

NO.3 District of the International Trading Mall

First Floor: Managing glasses, pen, ink, paper products.

Second Floor: Managing working and studying tools, sporting articles of use, sporting equipment.

Third Floor: Managing cosmetics, washing and protecting skin products, hairdressing, beauty, equipment, mirror, and comb.

Fourth Floor: Cultures and sports tools, cosmetics, glasses, button, zipper.

Fifth Floor: rooftop parking lot

The NO.3 district has a surface parking lot and rooftop parking lot, modern logistics, e-commerce, trade, financial service, and other complete service functions like accommodation, restaurant, entertainment, etc.

NO.4 District International Trading Mall

NO.4 District International Trading Mall

First Floor: Managing socks.

Second Floor: Managing general merchandise, glove, hat and cap, needle, and cotton.

Third Floor: Managing shoes, string, rope, lacework, necktie, woolen yarn, and towel.

Fourth Floor: Managing underwear, belt, scarf

In the NO.4 district, there are modern logistics, dollar stores, e-commerce, trade, financial service, eating area, and drinking service.

What’s more, you will also find the following industries here, including finance, entertainment, etc. There is a 4D dynamic cinema, tourism, shopping, and some other characteristic commerce services.

NO.5 District of International Trade Mall

First Floor: Managing jewelry decorations, handiwork, food, health care products, general merchandise, clothes, shoes, hats and caps, African products.

Second Floor: bedclothes

Third Floor: the raw material of spinning and knitting.

Fourth Floor: It contains car accessories and mountings.

Fifth Floor: trade service area.

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Why Do You Need a Yiwu Sourcing Agent?

While buying from the Yiwu market, there are certain complexities involved. The suppliers in any largest market do not speak the English language.

Thus, you need a translator to communicate with them.

Also, you cannot have the right idea of pricing, and to strike a profitable bargain, you need help.

These Yiwu product sourcing service providers make the process easier for you. They can help you from finding the right products to having them shipped to your country.

In short, a reliable agent handles most parts of the supply chain.

This way, you can efficiently make purchases in the Yiwu wholesale market. Suppose you do not have prior shopping experience in Yiwu or are looking for a hassle-free shopping experience.

You must choose the right Yiwu Sourcing agent to assist you.

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What Services Do Yiwu Agents Offer?

Yiwu Sourcing Agent, especially from eastern China, provides a vast range of services.

While some agents are limited to certain services, you can find the right agent that can cover your whole process.

Some of the Services provided by top sourcing services, such as LeelineSourcing are:

  • Finding the right supplier
  • Communication with supplier
  • Striking a Bargain
  • Negotiating best prices
  • Sample arrangement
  • Quality control and inspection
  • Warehousing
  • Export documentation processing
  • Freight arrangement
  • Import documentation processing

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How Much is Yiwu Sourcing Agent Commission?

Commissions for a Sourcing Agent vary and are based on the reputation and the quality of services an agent provides.

You need to discuss the commission with your sourcing agent beforehand to avoid any inconvenience later.

The commissions are negotiable.These commissions depend on the product quality, type, and requirements.

Leelinesourcing is the top company that does not charge you any sourcing fees at all.

Besides, the procurement process is also straightforward. All you have to pay is 5-10% of the actual value of goods.

The percentage depends upon what products you are buying and what services you require from the Sourcing agent.

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Do Yiwu Sourcing Agents Offer Quality Inspection Services?

That depends on the agent you are using. It is recommended that you ask your agent beforehand if they provide quality inspection services.

Certain agents use third parties for Quality inspection services for your products.

Leelinesourcing is the top agent in mainland China that provides in-house quality inspection with high-quality metrics and free warehousing to ensure the safekeeping of your products.

Can Yiwu Agents Do Factory and Supplier Verification?

Yes, most agents do factory and supplier Verification. Some of them also inspect the product manufacturing process on your behalf.

It is a good practice to ensure that you are conducting safe business.

Besides, ensure that the supplier you are working with is reliable. Some countries require a factory audit certificate. 

Hence, it is necessary to ask your agent about the country’s requirements to export your products from China

Also, make sure you do adequate quality control inspection. Besides, factory and supplier verification are essential.

Leelinesourcing offers a detailed verification report.

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Can Yiwu Agent Repack Products?

Suppose you are looking to repack/re-brand the products. Yiwu Sourcing Agents can do that for you as well.

Most sourcing agents use third parties to have the products repacked for you.

Leelinesourcing allows you to have your products repacked without getting any third party involved.

They can communicate with the suppliers to brand the products with your packaging and logo.You can also ask them for repacking at the same price that you are paying.

Are There Risks Dealing With Yiwu Agent?

Risks Dealing With Yiwu Agent

Yes, there are certain risks dealing with the Yiwu agents.

In comparison, most of the agents in the Yiwu wholesale market are reliable. Some are not.The risks that you can face while dealing with a Yiwu Agent are:

  • Some sourcing agents get a commission from you and suppliers and do not negotiate the prices to the lowest possible.
  • Some agents also compromise on quality and only have certain suppliers they conduct businesses with.
  • Hence, while conducting business through a Yiwu sourcing agent, you must ensure that you choose a trustworthy sourcing agent like Leelinesourcing that has a transparent process.

How Can You Find a Reliable/Trustworthy Yiwu Agent?

To find a trustworthy/reliable Yiwu agent, you must conduct proper research. You need to check the testimonials of that Yiwu export agent.

If their services attract customers, it means they are reliable.

You can also check their background history, the companies they have worked with before, and the number of products they have sourced so far.

Leelinesourcing is one of the top companies and the most reliable ones. They have thousands of happy customers across the globe.

If you are looking for a Reliable/Trustworthy Yiwu agent in China, you should give them a try.

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Can Yiwu Agent Help You Negotiate Prices in Yiwu Market?

Yes, most china Yiwu Agents help you with the negotiation of prices in the Yiwu market. It will be hard to get the best price if it is your first time in the Yiwu Market.

Remember, you can claim more discounts if you buy seasonal products.

For example, a supplier can give you a decent deal on Christmas decorations in December.Likewise, you may not get reasonable prices on random products, like wall clocks or household appliances.

Thus, you must consider taking help from a sourcing agent to bargain the prices for you.

Sourcing agents know the Yiwu market and trends better. They can strike the right bargain for you, depending on the order quantity you want to purchase.

So, suppose you are looking to have the products bought at the right prices.

You may need to have the right sourcing agent like Leelinesourcing to negotiate on your behalf with the suppliers.

Will Yiwu Agent Facilitate Shipping from China?

Yes, top Yiwu sourcing agents Facilitate Shipping from China. The nearby Yiwu airport in Zhejiang province makes the product shipping process via air freight much straightforward.

You can ask your sourcing agent for the services to import products.

Yiwu agent provides warehousing services until your shipment waits to be loaded. That makes the whole importing process more flexible.

These Yiwu suppliers support certain shipping methods. Be it high-speed train shipping or air freight!

The shipping methods most commonly used are Air Freight, Sea Freight, and Train Freight.

Most suppliers support shipping the products to the Airport, seaport and having them loaded to be delivered. They also help you with the import/export documentation required.

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10 Hot sale products on amazon 2023 from Yiwu

purchasing agents

Hundreds of products are being sold on Amazon that is manufactured and exported from Yiwu city.These products are unmatched in terms of pricing and have the optimal build quality and finish.

10 top products on Amazon in2023 from Yiwu market are:

  • Leather bags
  • Glasses
  • Socks
  • Shoes and boots
  • Men’s clothing
  • Home Textile
  • Home Appliances
  • Car Accessories & Spare Parts
  • Chinese Toys
  • Electronic products
  • Jewelry
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Who are the top and reliable Yiwu agents in china?

As you can see, there is so much to learn about Yiwu international trade city. Likewise, there are many sourcing agents who are providing agent sourcing services.

However, LeelineSourcing is ahead of them all with its exemplary services.

They are offering a wide range of services and at a fraction of the cost.

Are you looking for the most reliable, affordable, and best quality Yiwu Agent for your sourcing needs for buying products in the Yiwu wholesale market or across China?

Leelinesourcing is the best choice for you.

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Final thoughts

sourcing from Yiwu

In this unique guide, we discussed everything about the China market and Yiwu sourcing agent.

It isn’t easy to explore the Futian market in a single visit. Thus, it is essential to get and deal with the right local agent.

A good Yiwu agent can check the company account and compare different suppliers. It falls under their factory audit service.

Besides, they can also visit the companies operating in the Yiwu market. It helps them examine the quality control procedures followed by the supplier company.

So, get in touch with Leelinesourcing to start importing your products from Yiwu now!

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