20 Best Yiwu Sourcing Agents: Scale Your Business

Wanna get the BEST and cheapest deals from the largest wholesale market in China? Hiring the BEST Yiwu sourcing agent is the KEY.

These agents know the Yiwu International Trade Market in the palm of their hands. You get better-than-expected SOURCING RESULTS! 

I’m a Yiwu agent with 10+ years of experience. If you’re here to find a trusted agent, this is the RIGHT PLACE.
This article compiled the top 5 Yiwu agents, along with 15 runner-ups. You also discover the services they offer and the best way to find them.

Through this article, you save time from the endless research. You will find the best fit for you in no time. You grow your business with the most profitable products in Yiwu.

Wanna know who tops this list?

It’s no other than LeelineSourcing! The NUMBER 1 sourcing agent in Yiwu. Our services are the cheapest out of all agents listed below. We implement a strict supplier background check. Allowing us to filter the best suppliers and manufacturers in China

Expect only the HIGHEST QUALITY products in your store! Continue reading to find your future sourcing partner!

Yiwu Sourcing Agents

What Is Yiwu Agent?

What Is Yiwu Agent

Yiwu agents are professional purchasing agents.

They connect buyers with the MASSIVE NETWORK of reliable Chinese suppliers in Yiwu. Also known as the largest wholesale market for small commodities in the world.

These individuals know the Yiwu wholesale market BETTER than anyone else. 

They find suppliers, negotiate prices, and handle the logistics. So, instead of stressing about the language barriers. Your Yiwu agent does ALL that for you. 

But wait ’til you hear the best part. 

Yiwu sourcing agents ARE CHEAP. Hiring them can significantly reduce the import cost when sourcing products in Yiwu.

Best 20 Yiwu Sourcing Agents Are Listed Below

Dropshipping FulfillmentLocationRating
LeelineSourcing1. Beauty
& Personal Care
2. Festive & Party
3. Kitchen Supplies
4. ToysHome
5. Deco
SupplyiaDo not maintain
a product catalog
YesHeyi E-
Yiwu, China
TonySourcing1. Education Toys
2. Stationery
3. Dinosaur Toys
4. Kids Bicycles
5. Dolls
and more
City, China
BestfulfillDo not maintain
a product catalog
YesGuangzhou, Guangdong,
Do not maintain
a product catalog
YesShenzhen, Guangdong,
JingSourcing1. Toys
2. Pet Supplies
3. Electronics
4. Bags and Cases
5. Beauty
Meeno Group1. Daily
Consumer Product
2. Toys
3. Electronics
4. Kitchenware
5. Jewelry
& Accessories
NicheDropshipping1. Accessories
2. Adult Toys
3. Art Supplies
4. Bracelets
5. Cosmetics
and more
YesHangzhou, Zhejiang,
My SourcifyDo not maintain
a product catalog
Goldenshiny Trading1. Decoration 
2. Kitchenware
3. Light & Lighting
4. Arts & Crafts
Sellers Union1. Bathroom
2. Beauty & Personal Care
3. Kitchen Storage
Sourcing BroDo not maintain
a product catalog
Just China It1. Cosmetics
2. Daily Necessities
3. Decorations
4. Small
Hardware Products
5. Stationery
Shenzhen, Guangdong, China
SKylark1. Handphone
2. Bag
3. Household Appliance
Ejet SourcingDo not maintain a product catalogYesGuangzhou, China⭐⭐⭐⭐
Easy Imex1. Home & Garden
2. Pet Products
3. Electronics
Skab-BeratungDo not maintain a product catalogYesShenzhen,
China Purchasing AgentDo not maintain a product catalogYesShenzhen,
HunterSourcing1. Cases & Bags
2. Sports & Fitness
3. Gifts & Crafts
4. Beauty & Personal Care
5. Consumer Electronics
Zhejiang Province,
B2C SourcingDo not maintain a product catalogYesNingbo,
Zhejiang Province,

5 Best Yiwu Sourcing Agents

Here are the TOP rated Yiwu agents:

1. LeelineSourcing 


LeelineSourcing is the king of efficiency when it comes to buying from the Yiwu market.

It’s been leading the sourcing game in Yiwu for over 10 years. Helping almost 10,000 SATISFIED clients reach their importation goals. And source up to 30,000 types of products! 

Here’s what makes LeelineSourcing stand out from other Chinese trading companies

100% CUSTOM solutions tailored to your needs. Avoid generic service packages. Only pay for services you need and can GROW YOUR BIZ! 

Yup– it’s THAT good. And if you’re wondering what exactly this company offers… 

Just remember this phrase: everything related to buying wholesale from China


  • Zero hidden fees: Pay ONLY what you’re quoted. LeelineSourcing always PRESENTS the price of suggested services. No unexpected pocket-draining fees. You protect your business’ assets. 
  • Hagglers: We ALWAYS bring our A+ game during the price negotiation stage. Expect the cheapest factory prices from the Yiwu market. Increase your profit margins! 

Key Services Offered:

Customer Review: 

“My experience with LeelineSourcing has been very positive. They’re honest and liable, and I recommend their services to anyone who has a business. And for those who need to ship products from China or need to have them inspected.”

Julie on Youtube

Looking for the Best Yiwu Sourcing Agent?

Leeline Sourcing helps you find factories, get competitive prices, follow up production, ensure quality and deliver products to the door.

2. Supplyia — Best for simplified pricing 


Next on the list is none other than Suppyia. A Yiwu sourcing agency that’s been SERVING AMAZING records since 2013. 

Supplyia focuses on the finer details of product sourcing. So, from the very beginning. Which often involve product procurement and quality inspection. All the way to the LOGISTICS part of the process. Expect this company to be involved and invested.

Avoid silly mistakes and let EXPERIENCE pave your business’s success. Definitely one of the best sourcing and dropshipping agents from China. 


  • REVOLUTIONARY packaged plans. Think of them as Spotify subscription plans but on an eCommerce level. You may pay per service. Or, on a bigger scale, a specific percentage of your total product value. 
  • A wide array of services. Supplyia offers over a dozen efficient services. Have a reliable partner that can GROW your business in multiple ways. No need to waste time contacting multiple sourcing agencies. 
  • Free services. This sourcing agency offers other services for free. Including virtual product sourcing, brand building, and import/export consultation sessions. 

Key Services Offered:

  • Free Product Sourcing Services
  • ODM/OEM Brand Building
  • China Warehouse Storage
  • Product Quality Inspection
  • Price & MOQ Negotiations
  • Production Scheduling Follow-up
  • Custom Packaging Assistance
  • Other Customized Services

3. TonySourcing — Best for sourcing toys 


Unlock the WORLD of unlimited fun by working with TonySourcing! 

This is the #1 toy sourcing agent in the Yiwu market. Closely working with over 2k suppliers from China’s LARGEST toy distribution center

Quite literally– this Yiwu wholesale market agent can source you all kinds of toys! Whether you’re into classic dolls, modern tech-focused gadgets, or educational crafts. 


  • Offers customization services. Make your business KNOWN as its own brand. Not just a retailer of already-established products. Enjoy bigger rooms for growth! 
  • In-person market visit support. If you plan to visit the Yiwu market yourself. TonySourcing can make the trip SO MUCH EASIER. They have translation services and airport pickup and can even book a hotel for you. Talk about HUGE convenience for foreign buyers. 
  • Specialized quality control. TonySourcing exclusively sources toys. So, best believe that their QUALITY CONTROL is on another level! They know the ins and outs of toy manufacturing. Guarantee customer satisfaction when you sell your products. 

Key Services Offered:

4. Bestfulfill — Making order fulfillment easier


BEST BELIEVE that next up on the list is Bestfulfill! One of the best import/export companies in China

With the MISSION to make order fulfillment easier. This company provides some of the most efficient product-sourcing services. From the Yiwu market to other markets in China. 

And hey– this sourcing agent isn’t just great AT THE BEGINNING. It has FREE resend or refund services for defective or flawed products. Other sourcing agencies can never! 


  • Free product photo. This feature is VERY impressive, considering that not many agencies offer this. PROS can take all the pictures for you. No need to stress about it or learn the craft from scratch. Make your photos entice customers to buy! 
  • Branding support. Bestfulfill implements your logo and brand name in the products and packaging. Turn generic products into BRAND premium items by implementing branding. Stand out from the competitive market. 
  • Efficient customer service: Solve your issues in no time with 1 on 1 customer service. You may request a refund, cancel orders, or ask questions anytime. Receive responses within a day. Always have peace of mind. 

Key Services Offered:

5. Ruizhi Sourcing — Best for manufacturing needs 

Ruizhi Sourcing

Turn BUSINESS IDEAS into bustling, successful realities! 

That’s how Ruizhi Sourcing aims to help business owners in their sourcing journey. It has served almost 1000 businesses. By cooperating with over 400 factories. 

This sourcing agency may be relatively small. But that just means it’s so much more delicate when helping its clients. 


  • Product development support. This company isn’t just a purchasing agent. It also helps businesses CRAFT their own products from scratch. Providing services like mechanical drawing and prototyping. Turn your ideas into tangible products! 
  • Tons of value-added services. Receive help with package design, quality inspection, and certification of your products. No need to stress about the tiny details. 
  • Travel guide. If you’re planning to visit China for business matters, Ruizhi Sourcing can guide you through it. It’ll arrange accommodation and provide interpreters. Make business trips extra convenient! 

Key Services Offered:

  • Manufacturing Sourcing
  • Package Design
  • Factory Inspection
  • Quality Inspection
  • Mold Development
  • Certification for importation 

Who Needs A Yiwu Agent?

1. First-time Foreign Buyers

First-time Foreign Buyers

Just like how tourists need a tour guide when exploring new countries. An agent in Yiwu HELPS YOU navigate the market with ease. 

When you’re sourcing alone. The time zones and language differences are your BIGGEST HURDLES. And the worst thing that can possibly happen to you is to GET SCAMMED. You may also end up working with unreliable suppliers offering low-quality items.  

Luckily, with a good agent on your side, these rookie mistakes can all be AVOIDED.

Expert Tip: NOT ALL sourcing agents are trustworthy. While they can be a huge help, it’s important to choose carefully. So, before you hire one, research their track record first. 

feng (sunfeng) sun, China Yiwu Guangzhou Market Sourcing Agent

2. Buyers With Unique Requirements and on a Budget 

Yiwu wholesale market is home to thousands of suppliers offering small commodities. Every industry, every niche. There’s gotta be at least one that can cater to your unique needs. 

Whether you need customization or you’re trying to stick to a budget. A local Yiwu agent like LeelineSourcing could be just what you need. 

We help Amazon FBA sellers rank their products higher through our private-label services. Our sourcing team finds Yiwu manufacturers offering low MOQ. And ASSISTS you with product development. 

You also request product samples before you FULLY COMMIT. Once production wraps up, we collect your products for quality inspection. Ensuring they MEET YOUR STANDARDS.

3. Buyers Looking to Import Special or Dangerous Goods

Buyers Looking to Import Special or Dangerous Goods

Apart from product sourcing, Yiwu agents are EXPERTS in import regulations. 

From customs clearance to product standards and labeling requirements. They’re well-versed in all these aspects, ensuring there are NO HICCUPS at the border. 

With their help, you can dodge all the don’ts of international trade. And make sure your products are always COMPLIANT. Ready for smooth shipping.

Quick Tip: Ask for a quotation since agents charge differently.

Looking to find a reliable Chinese supplier?

As the best China sourcing agent, we help you find factories, get competitive prices, follow up production, ensure quality and deliver products to the door.

Why Do You Need Yiwu Sourcing Agents?

Is finding a sourcing agent from China to buy from Yiwu worth it? The answer is ALWAYS gonna be a yes. Let’s discuss the reasons why. 

1. Local Expertise and Connections

Local Expertise and Connections

Yiwu agent is your GATEWAY to the local market. A backstage pass to all the best suppliers, manufacturers, and deals in town. 

Through their network of contacts and expertise. They can EFFORTLESSLY FIND anything you desire. Even the niche products you didn’t even know existed!

2. Streamline the Sourcing Process

If you’re new to sourcing, chances are, you’ll face challenges you’re not familiar with. That’s where LeelineSourcing comes in. A DECADE-LONG sourcing agent trusted by many. 

We efficiently source in China, streamlining the entire sourcing process on your behalf. 

Our one-stop service includes sourcing, supplier verification, factory inspection, and order fulfillment. You SAVE TIME, as we do the heavy lifting at a very REASONABLE PRICE. 

3. Mitigate Language and Culture Barrier

Mitigate Language and Culture Barrier

Let’s face it: doing business in a foreign country is tricky. Especially when you’re dealing with language and cultural barriers. 

But with a Yiwu agent, they can bridge the gap between YOU and LOCAL SUPPLIERS. All your customization needs, MOQ requirements, and budget will be well communicated. Guaranteeing smooth negotiations every step of the way. 

Sourcing Tip: Always double-check if your agents have the legal documents to operate.

Grace Ji, Yiwu Sourcing Agent

How Much Do Yiwu Sourcing Agents Charge?

How Much Do Yiwu Sourcing Agents Charge

There is no one-size-fits-all answer as to how much sourcing agents will charge you. 

You see, commission fees VARY from one agent to another. Since different agents have different ways of PRICING their services. 

Some charge you a flat fee for their TIME and EXPERTISE. While others might take a commission based on the TOTAL VALUE of your order. And hey, there are even agents out there who work on a combination of both.

Refer to the table below to see what we charge our clients:

Order AmountService ChargePayment Term
Less than $1,000$100100% payment upon placing an order
$1,001 – $3,00010%
$3,001 – $6,0009%
$6,001 – $$10,0008%30% deposit and balance before shipping
$10,001 – $15,0007%
$15,001 – $20,0006.5 %
$20,000 and above 6%

At LeelineSourcing, one of the best China sourcing agents, everything is TRANSPARENT. There are NO HIDDEN FEES. You only pay when you’re satisfied with the products. Fees are also negotiable when reaching a certain value. 

We also provide a FREE QUOTATION, so you know what you’re paying for. Rest assured, you experience high-quality sourcing when partnering with us.

Expert Tip: Discuss EVERY DETAIL of your sourcing requirements with your agents. Be sure to ask about their pricing upfront. That way, you’ll know exactly what you’re getting into. 

KD Classic, International Trade and Business Management Expert

What Services Do Yiwu Agents Offer?

Sourcing agents are your ultimate allies when trying to navigate the Yiwu market. Here’s what they can bring to the table:

1. Choosing the Best Supplier

Choosing the Best Supplier

Yiwu agents FIND YOU the perfect supplier regardless of how complex your needs are. They ensure you partner with the most dependable and cost-effective one. Offering the BEST PRICE and QUALITY.

2. Product Development

Got a killer idea for a new product? Your Yiwu agent works hand in hand with you and local manufacturers. They ASSIST in developing prototypes and refining designs. Bringing your ideas to life.

Pro Tip: REGULARLY request updates during the production process. Just so every specification is precisely met.

3. Helps in Negotiation

Helps in Negotiation

Communication is KEY in sourcing. Without it, transactions won’t be as smooth as they could be. Especially if you don’t speak their native language. Fortunately, agents help iron out details. 

Our LeelineSourcing agents are multilingual. We speak not just one language but different languages. Rest assured, suppliers UNDERSTAND your exact requirements for each product.

4. Ensuring Quality

Quality is non-negotiable when sourcing. That’s why we at LeelineSourcing implement STRICT quality control measures. 

Our professional inspectors VISIT each supplier’s factory. Conducting pre-production inspections of materials. And leaving no equipment unchecked. So 100% you guarantee to receive the best China products to import

5. Minimizing Payment Risks

Minimizing Payment Risks

Dealing with payments can be tricky. Especially when you’re working with suppliers halfway across the world. A reliable sourcing agent implements secure payment methods and overseas transactions. This way, you’re LESS LIKELY to get tricked, keeping your investments safe.

6. Resolving Issues Quickly

If things don’t go according to plan, your Yiwu agent is there to save the day. Whether it’s a production delay, product quality issue, or shipping. They’ll work tirelessly to resolve any hiccups and keep you ON TRACK.

Tip: Due to time zone differences, contacting agents in China may be a challenge. (Suppose you live in the U.S.) The best way to receive timely responses is to set a response time.

yue sun, Yiwu Sourcing Agent

SAFE + EASY Importing from China

We do the hard work in China, so you don’t have to: Product sourcing, quality control, shipping, and more.

How To Find The Right Yiwu Sourcing Agent?

1. Research Online

In today’s world, where everything’s online. The internet is the perfect place to KICK OFF your search for a Yiwu sourcing agent!  Simply head on to Google and type in “agent in Yiwu.” In seconds, you’ll get the list of MOST BROWSED agents. 

A GOOD Yiwu agent has a solid track record, positive reviews, and industry experience. So, spotting the right one should be easy.

Tip: Don’t forget to peek at their websites and social media profiles, too. That’s where you’ll get BETTER INSIGHTS into their services. 

2. Attend Trade Shows

Attend Trade Shows

Trade shows are where the best Yiwu agents usually gather. The Yiwu International Trade City or Canton Fair, for example. This is where you can meet agents face-to-face. Just don’t be afraid to strike up a conversation, though. It’s your chance to see if they’re the RIGHT FIT for you.

3. Get Referrals

Reach out to your fellow entrepreneurs. Those who have firsthand experience sourcing in Yiwu. Chances are, they’ll be happy to point you toward a Yiwu agent they’ve worked with. Personal referrals are often a reliable way to find TRUSTWORTHY PARTNERS.

Expert Tip: Be sure to do a background check on the information you’ve gathered. Sometimes, recommendations are NOT for everyone.

Mauricio Ricardo Gomez Metral, Overseaas Agent for the Yiwu Market Procurement Trade

4. Interview Potential Agents

Interview Potential Agents

There’s no better way to find the right agent than interviewing them yourself. You just need a narrowed list, 3 agents, for example. Then, you can set up interviews or video calls with each of them. 

Ask about their experience, process, and pricing. How they can help you achieve your sourcing goals. Then choose the one that BEST SUITS your needs.

What Challenges You May Face In The Yiwu Wholesale Product Market?

1. Language Barrier

Language Barrier

To reiterate, the language barrier is a MAJOR HURDLE you’ll face in Yiwu. It’s hard to communicate your needs and negotiate with sellers and manufacturers. As most of them do not speak English.

This is exactly the reason why you need sourcing companies like LeelineSourcing.

If you need help communicating your sourcing requirements. We have a team of professional purchasing agents ready to assist you. We relay your needs in detail and help you SECURE the best prices. 

2. Logistics Complexity

Managing logistics is extremely daunting. Aside from adhering to all import regulations, an export license is also a MUST-HAVE. Before you can export any item from the Yiwu market.

As one of the best shipping agents in China. LeelineSourcing can help STREAMLINE your operations. 

We pack, ship, and deliver your items safely and on schedule. Consolidate your goods so you can further increase your SAVINGS. And expedite custom clearance processing to get your shipment as fast as 2 days! 

3. Product Category is Limited to Small-daily use Items 

Here’s the thing. Yiwu might be the largest China wholesale market. But that doesn’t mean you can find every product category there. 

The Yiwu market is specifically FAMOUS for small items. You can find over 70,000 booths selling ALL KINDS of daily-use small commodities. 

Quick Tip: If you’re planning to source fashion textiles or food machinery. Then, go to Guangzhou instead.

4. Walking isn’t the best option

Walking isn’t the best option

From experience, I do not recommend exploring Yiwu by foot. The market spans more than 6 km long. Even if you try to explore it by just walking, you probably can’t finish it in a day. And it probably feels like a workout!

If you want to travel around Yiwu, you can travel by taxi or private car service. 

Tip: Taxi drivers do not speak English. If you don’t speak Mandarin, book a private car service instead. Visitors often choose this since the service includes an interpreter.

Alfredo Lin, Yiwu Agent – Global Supply Chain Manager

Can Yiwu Agent Help You Negotiate Prices in Yiwu Market?

Can Yiwu Agent Help You Negotiate Prices in Yiwu Market

Yes, most China Yiwu Agents help you with the negotiation of prices in the Yiwu market. It will be hard to get the best price if it is your first time in the Yiwu Market.

Remember, you can claim more discounts if you buy seasonal products.

For example, a supplier can give you a decent deal on Christmas decorations in December. Likewise, you may not get reasonable prices on random products, like wall clocks or household appliances.

Thus, you must consider taking help from a Yiwu sourcing agent to bargain the prices for you in Yiwu wholesale market.

Sourcing agents know the Yiwu market and trends better. They can strike the right bargain for you, depending on the order quantity you want to purchase.

So, suppose you are looking to have the products bought at the right prices.

You may need to have the right sourcing agent like Leelinesourcing to negotiate on your behalf with the suppliers.

Looking for the Best Chinese Products?

Leelinesourcing helps you find the Best Products Made in China with high quality at an attractive cost.

10 Hot Sale Products On Amazon 2024 From Yiwu

purchasing agents

Hundreds of products and small commodities are being sold on Amazon that is manufactured and exported from Yiwu city. These products are unmatched in terms of pricing and have the optimal build quality and finish.

10 top products on Amazon in2024 from Yiwu market are:

People Also Ask About Best Yiwu Sourcing Agents

1. Can Yiwu agent repack products?

Yes, repacking is one of the things that you can BENEFIT from a Yiwu agent. Most of them provide private-labeling services. Simply place an order. Tell them whether you want to repack the items using your brand. Then, wait for it as they ship those items to you. 

2. Will Yiwu agents facilitate shipping from China?

Yes, Yiwu sourcing companies provide one-stop sourcing services. And that includes shipping. If you’re unfamiliar with the customs regulations when exporting from China. These agents do. That’s why a lot of foreign buyers LEVERAGE their expertise when sourcing in Yiwu.

3. What are hot sale products on Amazon 2024 from Yiwu?

There’s actually a ton of them. Such as LED submersible lights, scented candles, portable projectors, and Bluetooth speakers. These are among the hot-selling items on Amazon from 2024. 

4. Are there risks in dealing with Yiwu agents?

Of course, there is! NOT ALL agents are trustworthy. We’ve heard stories of agents trying to scam first-time buyers. That’s why it’s important to hire an agent who has a GOOD TRACK RECORD. And has been in the industry for MORE THAN a decade. LeelineSourcing, for example.
Our company has helped more than 10,000 satisfied customers around the world. Not only do we aid in sourcing the best items. But we aim to help small businesses GROW their companies.

5. How do sourcing agents get paid?

A professional sourcing agent gets paid a percentage fee. Note, though, that there is no standard fee for all agents. Every agent charged customers differently. I recommend asking for a quotation first to avoid surprises like HIDDEN FEES.

What’s Next

The Yiwu market stands as the capital of small commodities. However, to navigate this market EFFECTIVELY, a Yiwu sourcing agent is essential. They provide invaluable knowledge. Linking you with the best factories and suppliers in Yiwu. Moreover, they are experts in negotiation, so you can win the best items at the BEST PRICE.

Want to start sourcing in Yiwu, China?

Call LeelineSourcing, your trusted sourcing partner in Yiwu! We offer end-to-end sourcing solutions to meet your needs. Have the peace of mind as we do all the heavy lifting. Expect QUALITY SOURCING for a low price.


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  4. nichedropshipping.com –  We Work Hard, Have Fun, and Help Our Customers Succeed.
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