How To Buy Direct From China: A Complete Guide 2022

Sharline Shaw

If you have a small company or business, which sells the products online, you must buy direct from china.

The Chinese markets offer you the best quality products at low prices. The cheaper you will source the product, the higher will be your profit margin.

But at the same time, buying from China may not be as simple as it is to be, and the whole process seems to be confusing and costly for the first time.

So, if you are searching for a detailed and step by step guidance to buy direct from China, continue the reading, and get to know how you can source goods from China professionally.

Buy Direct from China Wholesale Suppliers

How To Buy Direct From China?

Once you have decided to import goods from China, you must get to know all the factors which are involved in the whole process.

The Chinese markets can offer you a wide variety of goods at economical prices, so if you have decided to buy the goods from China, you should buy in bulk.

It will let you get a massive amount of profit, which can be very helpful in the growth of your business.

Find A Good Product To Import

For a successful business, you must choose the best high in-demand product, as it will let you get high profit.

It is highly recommended that if you want to earn a profit, choose the right product. Unfortunately, if you get the wrong product, it will destroy all of your efforts, and you may lose all of your money.

Finding the right product is not easy to track, and once you get it, you are on the way to make money.

The whole process of product production and sale is a huge task. Therefore, you should take some time and make a wise decision.

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Profitable Products To Import From China

Find Reliable Chinese Suppliers

The supplier plays a crucial role in the success of your business. The supplier is just like your business partner, who can make you either successful or a failure. So choose your supplier wisely.

There are different platforms from where you can get a legitimate and reliable supplier such as Google, wholesale markets, china trade shows, and directories.

You should keep remembering that the production and delivery of the products are very crucial factors.

Once you get the supplier, you must book the order. The products may take 45 days to reach. So it would be an excellent option to get your products in advance or on time, so the customers do not wait and get their products as early as possible.

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Request A Sample And Confirm

After finding and contacting the supplier, the next step is to get the products. Still, before you finalize the deal, it would better to ask for the sample.

The quality of the products is a significant factor, which plays a crucial role in the success of your business. So, before you book the order, always ask for a sample.

Mostly suppliers send photos of the products. Still, it would not be possible for you to get the idea of products from the catalog. Therefore, you should ask for the sample instead of a photo or catalog.

You can get the samples to test the quality of goods; you may have to pay for it. But the sample will be the best option to check the real quality of the products.

Place The Order And Negotiate Payment Terms

After the quality inspection, the next step is to book your order. You can ask the supplier to send you all the required products, so you can start selling them and make money.

But the price is significant; therefore, you must negotiate the price before confirming the order.

You should make sure that your order is specific about the payment terms. You can always find a space for the price negotiation while you are dealing with the Chines suppliers or manufacturers.

Preparing For Your Shipment

The shipping method plays a vital role in various ways; for instance, the shipping method will affect the cost and delivery time.

Ocean shipping is cheaper as compared to other methods, but it will take a long time to deliver the products.

On the other hand, air freight can deliver the products in no time, but it would be quite expensive.

Beside it, the shipment of products requires various documents such as commercial invoices, packaging lists, and bills.

The importers also pay a bond, which is just like the insurance policy in the vent that you default on your customs duty.

Above all, there are certain products which are banned, and you could not import them, so keep all the things in mind when you buy direct from China.

Shipping Your Goods From China

The shipping of goods would be easy, and you will not face the ant issue only when you have all the required documents. If any document is missing, you may face several issues.

The shipping may take time, as the supplier will also need some time to prepare the products. So, always be ready to face all of these issues and to satisfy the customers; in case you get late delivery.

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4 Ways To Find Top China Wholesale Suppliers

If you have a small or medium-sized business and you want to sell the best quality goods, so you can earn a massive amount as profit; buying from China could be a good option.

The Chinese markets are well famous for supplying the best products at low prices, so you must visit China to get the required products.

If you are buying products at lower prices, then you will be able to get a considerable profit by selling them at high prices.

Alternatively, you can also sell the products at lower prices ad; it will let you get the maximum number of customers.

The labor in China is very cheap, and the raw materials are available at the lowest possible prices, so Chinese markets are the destination of the entire all the small businesses.

Therefore, small or medium-sized businesses visit the Chinese market and get a low-cost inventory for their online stores.

Find Chinese Suppliers On The Internet

Google is the ultimate search engine, from where everyone can get the required information. It is a quick and straightforward way of getting information regarding wholesale suppliers.

If you get a list of wholesale suppliers through Google, you will still have to verify them, as they can be scammers.


Alibaba is a well-known Chinese ecommerce site, from where you can get each product at low prices.

The headquarters of Alibaba is situated in Hangzhou, China. It is the best place to source Chinese products for small businesses.

Alibaba is the largest business to the wholesale business website. If you are buying from Alibaba, it means you are buying from different manufacturers who have online stores at Alibaba. The website has higher MOQs as compared to other platforms.

DH Gate

The headquarters of DHGate is situated in Beijing, China. You can get any sort of product here, but you will have to buy it in bulk.

No needs to worry here, as you are buying the products from Chinese manufactures registered by the DHgate.

It is also a business to wholesale business company, which sell the products which are manufactured by either small or medium-sized manufacturers. The website has almost 40 million products listed on the website.

Most of the companies can list their store pages on the website. So, it would be better to contact the supplier in case you have any queries, and it is the best way to keep yourself safe from scams.



The headquarters of AliExpress is located in Hangzhou, China. The Alibaba owned the company, and it is the best platform where Chinese companies can sell their products to the seller from all over the world.

AliExpress is business to business and business to consumer site. You can get a vast range of products as well as suppliers there.

The minimum order quantity may limit several buyers. Keep in mind is all the products available at AliExpress do not belong to the site.

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Through Wholesale Markets

The wholesale markets are an excellent place for wholesale products. You will find a countless number of wholesale markets in China, which can provide you with all the required products at a low price.

Yiwu Wholesale Market

It is the most famous and largest wholesale market in China and as well as in the world. You can get more than 75,000 booths here, which can offer you almost 40,000 types of products.

You can buy hardware, ornaments, crafts, textile, toys, electronics, stationery, auto accessories, and many more. You can find anything very quickly from this market.

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Shenzhen Wholesale Market

This market is famous for providing the best electronic products from the Chinese markets. And if you are running and the online store and selling the electronics, you should visit the Shenzhen wholesale market.

You can get the products of different brands, including Apple, Samsung, Sony, and Microsoft here.

Most of the buyers purchase a lot of products from here. Chinese labor is inexpensive, and therefore you can get all the products at a low price.

Guangzhou Wholesale Market

China has become the world’s factory, and they have been providing the required products all over the world for the last 30 years. Guangzhou is the critical trading hub of china for the last 2000 years.

This market can offer you a wide variety of products, including jewelry, clothing, bags, beauty and personal care products, fabrics, hotel, and restaurant supplies, and many more.

Attend Chinese Trade Fairs

You should import goods from China, and Chines trade fairs are one of the best ways to get Chinese products.

If you got the chance to visit China, you must visit the trade shows. You can find thousands of China suppliers under one roof through these trade shows. So, if you want to contact a reliable and reputable supplier, visit the trade shows.

The trade show invites thousands of suppliers and exhibitors and gives them a chance to have a face to face meeting at one platform. The exhibitors display their products to get the attention of the suppliers.

On the other hand, the buyers show a keen interest in the Chinese products and discuss all of the issues with the supplier regarding the product quality or production capacity.

At the trade shows, you can also inspect the quality of the products, as suppliers showcase their products there.

So, without any doubt, China’s trade shows are a fantastic way to contact the reliable and best Chinese suppliers.

The following are three major Chinese trade shows which attract the multiple numbers of attendees from all regions of the world.

Canton Import And Export Fair

You can attend this trade show twice a year (spring and autumn), and it is held in Guangzhou, China. You should visit China during April/May and October/November; if you want to attend these trade shows.

It is one of the largest sourcing fairs all over the globe. The canton fair is organized in the three phases, and each phase offers you a different product category. So, you can attend a specific phase according to your requirements.

You can get a display of various products, including electronics, consumer goods, home décor, and many more.

If you want to attend the fair, you should visit the English-language version of the canton fair website.

Beijing International Auto Show Fair

You can attend the Beijing international auto show fair twice a year. You can get an exhibit of automobiles and other accessories at this trade show.

Therefore, it is the largest automobile trade show in China. If you are selling automobiles or other related products, this trade show would be a worthwhile visit for you.

You will get a seller from each significant company in China. It is the best destination for all those who are searching for the best vehicles, spare parts, and other accessories.

The East China Import And Export Commodity Fair

The east China import and export commodity fair is just referred to as the ECF. This the most extensive local trade fair of China, which is held in Shanghai. The trade shows are held once a year only.

All the provinces and cities from East China provides the required sponsors for this fair. The buyer comes from more than 100 different countries. The sellers showcase their products.

You can get a display of several products, including arts, gifts, consumer goods, clothes, textiles, and many others.

The trade fair gets the highest turnover as compared to other trades fairs of China. So, you can say that this trade show has the highest on-site deals.

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Buy Directly Through China Sourcing Agent

Instead of searching through Google or other platforms, you can also buy Chinese products from the China sourcing agents. On these platforms, you can get verified and reliable suppliers.


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The Leeline sourcing tries to help you at every step and can make the whole process relatively easy for you.

Easy Imex

The company also helps international buyers in finding and buying high-quality products from the Chinese markets.


This sourcing company has been supplying the best quality of Chinese products from different Chinese markets. The sourcing agent let the buyer get the required products at the low prices.

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Sourcing Agent 101 : How to Find Best Sourcing Agency 2020

How To Find The Best Sourcing Agent To Buy Direct From China?

The China sourcing agent is an essential pillar of your business. It would be best if you choose the supplier wisely; otherwise, it can cause problems for you shortly.

1. Define What Products You Need

Before you start the search for the supplier, it would better to search for the products which you want to sell.

You must choose those products which are trending and are highly in demand. Besides, try to avoid the seasonal products.

You can take help from the Google trends to get the best product for your store. Once you have finalized the product, the next step would be to contact the supplier.

You should contact only those suppliers who can provide you with the required product and check the feedback of the previous customer to check the reliability of the customers.

2. Set Your Sourcing Budget

The quality and price are the two factors on which no one can compromise. Therefore, it would be the best option to get the product following your budget. And always try to get cheap products, as they can offer you a high-profit margin.

3. Research & Compare

You should contact with more than one supplier, and it will help you to get the best products at the best price.

You should do market research and then select the supplier. It will provide you with a space to compare the prices and qualities of all the products available in the market.

The comparison would let you know how much all the suppliers are charging, and through comparison, you would get the best quality goods at a low price.

4. Get Different Offers And Ask For Business Licenses

The suppliers can give you different offers like discounts or free shipments, so you should ask the supplier about their offers.

And you should select the one who will provide you with all the required products at a low price.

If you want to ensure the continuous supply of the products, you must ask the supplier to show you all of his documents and certificates.

The reliable supplier will have all the required documents, but a scammer may not have.

5. Negotiate Payments

The payment negotiation is a significant factor, and you must discuss the prices of the products with the supplier and try t get the products at the least possible prices.

You can have face to face meetings with the supplier and can discuss the price of products. As described above, you would get a huge profit if you are getting the products at lower prices.

So, always try to find the product at an economical price, but never compromise on the quality.

6. Write Down Everything That Was Agreed On

You must note down all the minor and major details, and it will help you shortly. You should write the price, purchase data, delivery date, and much more, as it would help you in the future to calculate the price of your goods.

Write Down Everything

How Leelinesourcing Help You Buy Direct From China

The Chinese markets are the best place to source the product, and they have been proved as the best tactic for the global sourcing for all the businesses.

The Chinese markets are the best place for sources, clothes, shoes, electronics, furniture, household furnishings, and many other products.

It is not easy for beginners to import products from China. It is a costly, complex, and a little bit confusing process. You may not get the expected profit due to the shipping costs and other charges.

The Leeline sourcing is an expert in import from china. So, the company can provide you with a step by step guide to source the products from China.

Identify A Good Supplier

You can get a massive amount of money if you get the right products from the Chinese markets. And if you choose the wrong products, you will lose not only but also all of your efforts too.

If you want to become a successful trader, you should choose the best and reliable products.

It will be better if you search for the product earlier, before finalizing your orders. You should search for the descriptive information if the products.

Beside it, you should try to get the sample so that you can get an idea about the quality of the products.

The descriptive information of the product will let you get an idea about the exact features and quality of the products.

Furthermore, you can also get the closet idea about the exact price and other related costs like shipment and customs clearance.

The customs authorities do not have much time to open each carton and classify the products. All the customs authorities rely on the HS code and determine the classification of the products through it.

Therefore, it is compulsory to make sure that the right code has been written over the carton. Otherwise, it may cause problems.


Negotiateget And Get The Best Product Price

The price of the product is a very crucial factor. Therefore you must consider the budget while purchasing from China.

The price of the product alone cannot decide the exact price of the product, as it always comes with the cost of shipping, insurance, and costs to the port of the destination.

Therefore it is crucial to calculate and sum up all the costs so that you can get the exact price of goods. It can affect your profit margin quite severely.

Place Your Order

It is one of the most critical steps of China import, where you put your first order. Once you have selected the supplier, you can book your order and ask them to ship your products.

When you import from China, keep in mind all the legal requirements and make sure that you are traditionally getting the products.

Beside it, you should ask the supplier to send you a Performance Invoice, a harmonized number, description, and benefits of each product.

The performance invoice is an important document, which shows the weight and dimension of the goods and the period of your purchase. This document is beneficial in the calculation of the price of the product.

Performance Invoice is the only document that provides detailed information about the seller, along with their services and goods.

Tariffs On Chinese Imports Solution

You can select the products from the catalog and get the required one, and no need to visit China.

The only factor which gets affected is quality, so try to get the products from those suppliers who assure you of the supply of the best quality products.

So, the only factor which you should take into consideration is the tariff on the Chinese products, which is imposed by the government. It can increase the price of your product many times and may cause a real problem for you later on.

Therefore, it is better to go through all of these costs and gets the exact landing cost. It is better for you in the calculation of the total price of products so that you can sell the products, in the same way, be keeping the space for profit.


Arrange For Cargo Transport

The transportation of the products is not an easy job, as it may involve several other costs, including the fee of the container, terminal handling, packing of the products, and brokerage charges.

The broker is the one who manages the inventory while transaction and gets his commission. The broker is responsible for managing the products while you are buying them from the sellers.

It can be said that brokers are just like the third party, he is independent, and his services are used in most of the industries. Sometimes the seller or buyer can also act as the broker.

The broker is the one who arranges the meetings between buyers and suppliers. Besides broker also tries to finalize the deals between both the parties.

Furthermore, you can also get all the information from the broker about sipping costs and other charges, which you must know. If you are satisfied with the shipping and other related matter, you can send the contact details to the supplier and can ask for the delivery of the products.

Track Your Cargo And Prepare For Its Arrival

The international shipping of the products is not as easy as it looks, and takes time. The shipping of the goods from China may take 7 to 20 business days.

The taken for the delivery of goods is greatly affected by the method of the shipment you chose.

In the case of air freight, it takes only 7 to 12 business days, and through Express Shipping, it may take 3 to 7 working days.

The air freight is fast, but it can charge you as compared to other services. You can make the best use of this time by checking the Commercial Invoice, landing fee, package list, and many other related factors.

The commercial Invoice is required for the commercial clearance as it contains all the required information about the product.

The commercial Invoice includes the identity of both seller and buyer, date and terms of sale, type of packaging, number and weight of the products, and above all, insurance, postage, and different other costs.

If you found any problem, you must know the steps which you should take to solve that problem. Take special care during the custom inspections.

Obtain Shipment

Finally, when you got the products, you should make the arrangements on the customs broker for the clarification of all the products.

If the whole procedure goes smoothly, without any issue, you can get all the products as early as possible.


Final Thoughts On Buy Direct From China

It would be very convenient for your business if you buy direct from China.  The Chines markets are well famous around the world in supplying the best quality goods at low prices.

Therefore, it would be better to get through all the major and minor details before you buy from China.

FAQ About Buy Direct From China

The following are the question which most of the buyers ask about how to buy direct from China.

How Long Does Delivery From China Take?

The Asian buyers can get their products within 5 to 10 days; American and European buyer can get their orders in 7 to 25 days, while others will get in 7 to 30 days.

Do I Need A License To Buy From China?

Well, as such, you may not need any certificate to import from China. But if you buy certain products from the federal agency, then you may have to show a permit.

Can I Launch My Private Label On Wholesale Products?

You will find a specific number of suppliers who allow you to sell their products with your label or brand tag. So, yes, it is possible to sell the products with private labels.

What Is The Best Website To Buy Direct From China?

Alibaba, DHGate, and Made-In-China are one of the best websites if you want to buy direct from China.

Is It Illegal To Buy From China And Resell?

Yes, it is legal to sell the products which you have purchased from China legally. Once you have bought the product from China in a legal way, it’s up to you to resell them as you want and make money.

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