Private Label Soap

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Private Label Soap

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Wholesale Best Private Label Soap

Antibacterial Soap

Wholesale Antibacterial Soap

Bar Soap

Wholesale Bar Soap

Body Soap

Wholesale Body Soap

Liquid Soap

Wholesale Liquid Soap

Moisturizing Soap

Wholesale Moisturizing Soap

Natural Soap

Wholesale Natural Soap

Our Private Label Services Include:

Product Development

Product Development

You get sourced, packed, and labeled products ON YOUR DOORSTEP or warehouse. We have experienced graphic designers to design your product’s packaging.

You raise your brand’s awareness by working with us, leading to more success.

Confirming Samples

We SAVE you from wasting your TIME AND MONEY on faulty products. Leelinesourcing ensures sample confirmation before ordering the BULK QUANTITY you need. We communicate with suppliers to SEND YOU THE SAMPLE of the product.

You choose from available options according to your needs. 

Confirming Samples
Following Up Production

Following Up Production

We pay utmost attention to the production process to ensure quality and speed. You get bulk orders ON-TIME with no delays, keeping your inventory full.

Leelinesourcing sends REGULAR UPDATES to YOU to keep you acknowledged of your order.

Quality Inspection

Our quality check team keeps an eye on quality. We maintain industry standards to ENSURE EACH OF YOUR CUSTOMER GETS the BEST.

Before packing, your products get checked to drop faulty ones. 

Quality Inspection
Fulfillment and Shipping

Fulfillment and Shipping

Our quality check team keeps an eye on quality. We maintain industry standards to ENSURE EACH OF YOUR CUSTOMER GETS the BEST.

Before packing, your products get checked to drop faulty ones. 

Why Choose Us?

Cost Savings

Leelinesourcing sources price-competitive products that save you 40% budget. YOU get 24/7 live updates from us through videos and calls. It saves you TIME and gives you cash flow. You get plenty of time to work on other important business tasks. 

Quality Assurance

Our team is HIGHLY SKILLED AND EXPERIENCED. We adhere to strict quality standards ensuring you make double profit margins. Selling high-quality products brings in more customers to buy your product.

Access to Expertise

 We have a team of experts in different areas to help you complete any project. YOU enjoy Leeline’s 10+ years of experience in the industry. You excel in your business. 


 We offer flexible solutions to meet your needs. No matter if you require a short-term or long-term solution. Leelinesourcing offers a wide range of services to suit your needs and budget.

Hear it from fellow Private Label Wholesaler

I enjoyed working with Leelinesourcing. They provided excellent service and took great care of us throughout our project. They kept us updated every step of the way and made sure we got the best results possible. I recommend Leelinesourcing for any sourcing needs.

– Robert, Texas

Source Your Private Label Soaps and Make Big Money

We offer the best wholesale price and high quality private label soap to help you boost your business.

Top 6 Private Label Soap Suppliers

Excited to start your journey of making a private-label soap brand? 

Finding affordable, reliable manufacturers to source private-label soap takes time and effort. 

Leelinesourcing has 10+ years of experience in connecting suppliers with sellers. You’ll GET THE DETAILED KNOWLEDGE from this article. 

It helps YOU to figure out the best practices for YOUR private label business.

Keep reading!

Top 6 Private Label Soap Suppliers

1. Oregon Soap Company

Oregon Soap Company

Buy organic soap wholesale private label made with essential oils from Oregon Soap.

Being the top-rated private label soap company, they’ve provided handmade soap bars.

They also help YOU save your maximum budget with premium offers. You get 30% off buying bulk from them.


  • They responded QUICKLY TO my INQUIRIES and issues. That is GREAT. It helps more customers to join them without difficulty.
  • Oregon Soap Company offers customization options for its products. Allowing customers to choose their DESIRED fragrances, colors, and other characteristics.


  • A LIMITED PRODUCT SELECTION may not appeal to all customers.

2. Vermont Soap

Vermont Soap

Searching for a private-label soap company to get chemical-free bulk soap? 

Vermont Soap has the highest quality soap, perfect for starting a soap business or brand. Their handmade soap-making process includes coconut oil and organic shea butter.


  • Vermont Soap offers a wide range of body butter and body care products. These include soaps, lotions, and more. YOU have more options to choose from. 
  • They produce high-quality products free from harsh chemicals and other harmful ingredients. More customers would prefer to buy from YOUR STORE.
  • Being environmentally conscious, using natural ingredients that get recycled or reused. By reselling their products, they help you play your role in SAVING THE ENVIRONMENT.


  • Vermont Soap products tend to be more expensive than other brands. It may be a deterrent to some customers.

3. Sabunaria


Want to know about the best private label soap manufacturer? So you sell all-purpose handmade soap bars made with essential oils? 

We recommend Saburina company due to their affordable prices and LOW MOQ.

They sell liquid soap, bath bombs, and other sensitive skin castile soap. You get a huge variety to add to your labels.


  • You have the opportunity to source handmade products safe for all skin types. YOU sell more soap products. This engages HIGH CUSTOMER COUNT. 
  • Customize the soaps based on your customer’s needs. YOU remain ahead of the game and create a competitive market product.
  • Sabunaria sells relatively cheap products allowing you to make more profit. Their worldwide shipping is a bonus here.


  • Customer service works slowly; that’s not favorable. 

4. Singapore Soap

4 4

Have the opportunity to add custom labels on certified organic soaps.

Singapore Soap uses industry-specific best, quality soap-making equipment. Castor oil remains an important component of their product line. They have strict quality control standards ensuring the highest quality vegan products. 


  • They help to establish your brand in the market. Giving customers a reason to remember your company and product.
  • Their prices are less expensive than branded scent soaps. It increases my margins and helps me make some more bucks.


  • Some customers claim to cope with all the trouble themselves. It means they’ve low customer service.

5. Tropical 

5 4

Enjoy natural and handmade soap products with all-natural formulas made with coconut oil.

You get the finest ingredient in large quantities of soap. With their low minimum order, they offer a business opportunity. 


  • You get in charge of producing your private-label soap. Giving you full control over the scent ingredients. It allows getting CUSTOMIZED products.
  • You offer unique vegan scents or create a unique packaging design with them. It helps you to STAND OUT FROM THE COMPETITION.
  • They provide high-end soap products for daily use. You foster CUSTOMER LOYALTY and keep customers coming back for more.


  • Less reliable than other private-label soap manufacturers.

6. Value Max 

Value Max

Source from Value Max to enjoy extra services for your online soap store.

You bring prosperity to your life by enhancing your current list of soap products.

They offer full service for all soap bars. You won’t have to look anywhere else for any customization.  


  • A well-known brand with various products to select to sell with your name. You sell top-quality products making more revenue.
  • I always enjoy the ease of working with them. Seamless experience makes it possible. 


  • Their products appear more expensive to some customers.

How do you package your private-label soap?

Packaging is important to get your product recognized among customers. Improper packaging leads your product to failure. Ensure you select high-quality packaging material that protects your product.  

Try the below-mentioned ways to get successful packaging for your private-label product line.

  • Choose Right Packaging

I use attractive and protective packaging for your soap bars. You should never underestimate the power of packaging. It gives the BEST RESULTS. The purpose of the packaging must be focused on giving branded look to your products. Also, add easy-to-read labels for your own brand.

  • Focus On Size And Shape 

Of course, if you need to pack soap, the packaging must be of its size. Don’t use bigger packaging or weird shapes. Remember, packaging gives the first impression of your product.

  • Add More Features 

Adding labels or extra information to the packaging increases its value. You might add puzzles or other games to enhance the audience’s interest in your private label soaps.

  • Use Various Branding Opportunities

The packaging gives an extra opportunity to brand your soaps to the customers. You add detailed information, links, and more to it. Your business logo is the basic representation. Yet, you can use other options too.

Looking for the Best China Sourcing Agent?

Leeline Sourcing helps you find factories, get competitive prices, follow up production, ensure quality and deliver products to the door.

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FAQs about Private Label Soap 

Which license is required for a handmade soap store?

Different countries have various rules and needs for licenses to sell soaps. You ask around or research on Google to know what permits are required in your area. Commonly you’ll need a private label soap selling license.

What is the best way to sell soap?

Making your online retail store and advertising on social media could be the best ways. You also start a shop, but that might not work better. The reason hides in the fact that online store increases your outreach. It helps to bring more customers, selling higher product quantity.

Which soap is best in the market?

Each soap contains many ingredients that determine its purpose. So it’s hard to consider a single soap as the best. Depending on skin type and need, different soaps fulfill the purpose.

What’s Next?

With its variety of options, private-label soap can get tailored to meet the needs of any user. You have an excellent CHOICE with the right manufacturer to start your business.

Looking for reliable business partners to guide you?

Contact us, Leelinesourcing helps you find reliable handmade soap manufacturers.

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