Products with Low Competition and High Demand must be Sold Well!

What is a niche product? How do you know the market demand for a product? Where can you find trend products? Let’s give you the answers in the analysis below.

Why should you choose niche products?
When choosing products to sell, many sellers opt for niche products because of the following reasons:

Products with Low Competition and High Demand must be Sold Well!-11.Low competition
Niche products are defined as products that are limited in terms of supply and demand. These products usually have fewer buyers and sellers in niche markets, leading to less competition. While the mass market has more buyers, there also exist many big sellers vying for the attention of customers. When finding niche products to sell, you can use tools like Jungle Scout to help understand the products demand, competition, seasonality, price points, and more.

2.Low marketing expenses
Marketing campaigns usually become cheaper when the market has few sellers for the same product. This is because there are few people bidding for it. However, advertising prices go up when the market is filled with many sellers.

3. Return on investments are higher
Targeting niche markets is a wise and effective way to do e-commerce. For less competitive products, it is unnecessary to spend much time and money competing with other sellers for advertising or other things. Little expenditure on ads usually means higher returns on your investments.

4.More likely to be successful in the long run
Successful niche marketing offers sellers long-term success that mass markets cannot offer. However, you will not be able to sell the same product for decades without competition. Instead, you will have the advantage of progressing with the market and learning how to choose products that stand the test of time. You will be able to follow market trends, find profitable niches and expand your customer base. This knowledge helps ensure long-term success regardless of how the market changes.

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How to know market demand and look for trend products?

Some sellers make a life-or-death business mistake when choosing a niche product — ignoring the market demand. You ought to know what products will sell well when the demand is huge.
Therefore, sellers need to survive the market demand and the specific demand of the target customers or potential buyers.

1. Look at market demand from Google trend
Google is the largest search engine tool on the Internet with 500 million monthly active users. It shares a wide range of data that can help you know the search demand for your product. A product with a high search volume usually has high demand and is good for sale.

In addition to looking at the trends of a product at different times of the year and regions, sellers can also look for the hottest trending news and know what is winning over people’s attention..

2.Listen to your customers on community BBS
On Reddit and Quora, sellers can easily view the hottest current topics and commonly discussed content. They can also search for a topic and view other users’ “conversations.” If a product becomes the Top topic, then it’s likely a top product that will sell.

Even better, asking questions about a specific product will give varied answers from different people with interest in the product. People naturally join conversations on issues that affect, relate or concern them.

3.Explore trends on social media
Every social media platform like Facebook and Snapchat can offer valuable insights into any segment of the market. It only takes a few hours on social media for sellers to get a view of the trends.
For Instagram and Twitter, sellers can quickly find trending products by searching for hashtags. When you need more specific information, you can easily join Facebook groups and fan pages and get to understand what people are saying. You can easily learn more about your potential customers here and their buying habits.

4. Look at other entrepreneurs’ opinions on TrendHunter
TrendHunter is by far the largest online trending community with over 20 million visits per month. It has over 137,000 members and more than 3 million followers. It is a place for aspiring entrepreneurs to share ideas and draw inspiration. The site will not only offer niche ideas but also tell users what to focus on when starting an e-commerce business.

5. View trend reports from TrendWatching
If your interest is in industry reports written by professionals analyzing consumer trends, then you need to spend some time viewing TrendWatching.

TrendWatching is a global company that looks for trending products, analyzing market changes and consumer trends. They have offices in London, Sao Paulo, New York, Sydney, Lagos and Singapore that report regional trends.
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