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Hi guys! Welcome to my ASTM International Standards review

I consider this a big part of my success. Today, I will share my secret of success – by applying ASTM standards to my business. 

As entrepreneurs, Leeline Sourcing’s TOP priority is improving product quality and services. You build consumer confidence when you follow specific STANDARDS or obtain certain CERTIFICATIONS. 

Also, you SAVE time on research and development. It also helps maintain integrity in your business.

The ultimate guide to ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) is here. Let’s dive in! 

ASTM Standards

What Does ASTM Mean?

What Does ASTM Mean

ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) is a NONPROFIT organization. 

You can also call it the developer of International Voluntary Consensus Standards.

It is a NOTABLE standards developer in the United States. They focus on creating INTERNATIONAL voluntary standards. It involves products, materials, systems, and services. 

ASTM uses a consensus process. It supports HUNDREDS of volunteer technical committees.

It also develops and distributes over 12,000 technical standards. 

You can rely on ASTM for test methods and material specifications of all kinds. For instance, materials plastics, petroleum products, and textiles.

Here is why you must choose ASTM:

  • To get the BEST quality products
  • Products COMPLY with industry standard
  • Comprehensive WARRANTY

Interested in knowing how ASTM helps in your business? Read down below. 

How are ASTM Standards Developed?

How are ASTM Standards Developed

Volunteer committees of users, producers, and consumers create ASTM standards. I’ll share with you its development process:

First, research is done, and a DRAFT is created during the standards writing process. A set of thorough review procedures are then conducted. 

Next, members of the ASTM International organization VOTE on the draft standard. The ENTIRE ASTM International organization must approve before publishing the standard. 

Several protections are included in the development process to ensure FAIRNESS:

Technical Committees

Committee membership or subgroup needs to be balanced. It requires a proportional representation of stakeholders. Besides, the membership should not have over 50% of producers.

Voting Procedures

Each producing business can make ONE vote to ensure fairness.

ASTM Form and Style Manual

ASTM assures UNIFORMITY in its technical standards. But how? 

They use an internal document, the ASTM Form and Style Manual

The manual includes various information for ASTM technical standards, including:

  • Official guidelines
  • Templates
  • Sectional descriptions
  • Legal instructions.

ASTM International neither requires nor enforces compliance with its standards. However, in many cases, the criteria are mandatory. 

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The Importance of ASTM Standards

The Importance of ASTM Standards

You might be wondering, is ASM safety standards really that good?

The short answer is YES.

Many organizations HEAVILY use it to guarantee the materials’ consistency and quality. It’s also WIDELY accepted worldwide.

It covers areas like: 

  • Metals
  • Paints
  • Plastics
  • Textiles
  • Petroleum products
  • Construction
  • Energy
  • The environment
  • Consumer products
  • Medical services and devices like sterile barrier systems
  • Devices and electronics
  • Flexible barrier materials

Now let’s look at its BENEFITS: 

  1. Enhance the Quality of Products

ASTM ensures that ONLY high-quality raw materials are used to manufacture industrial goods. 

I’ve tried using it for my manufacturing company, and guess what? They provide reference material grades and the ASTM procedures. It really helps a lot! With this information, I no longer worry about my product quality! 

  1. Elevate Worker Safety and Health Standards

Constantly DEALING with significant safety, consumer protection, and environmental issues? Then ASTM is right for you.

You use it to specify proximity alarm systems and enhance worker safety. It keeps cranes and utility trucks away from high-voltage power lines. 

Besides, it AVOIDS accidents in the construction industry. You also conduct environmental site assessments for a standardized operation.

  1. Increase the Market’s Support for All Trades

I repeat one more time – ASTM standards are accepted worldwide. 

It allows MARKET access for enterprises ANYWHERE. 

Hence, you get exposed to new markets and opportunities. Your company SAVES time and money on research and development. It also keeps you UP-TO-DATE on concerns affecting your business.

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Different Types of ASTM Standards

Different Types of ASTM Standards

ASTM Standard Test Methods

It covers DETAILED instructions on test methods and procedures. You must perform these practices during testing, where applicable. For instance, the standard test methods for testing gross leaks in packaging.

These standards describe the following: 

  • Test apparatus
  • Test specimens
  • Test methods
  • Any computations. 

ASTM Standard Specification

Need the details of products, systems, and services? ASTM standard specification is right for you. 

They SUGGEST various techniques for testing. This standard specification also decides whether or not each CONDITION is met. Examples of such specifications are:

  • Physical properties
  • Mechanical properties
  • Chemical properties
  • Safety
  • Quality
  • Performance

Fewer quality issues. Better specification compliance. More satisfied customers!

ASTM Standard Guide

It doesn’t suggest any particular course of action. Instead, you get different DIRECTIONS where you decide which is best based on cases. More flexibility for you.

ASTM Standard Practice 

Seek for precise, targeted guidance? This standard practice has you covered. It conducts SPECIFIC procedures or duties. Examples are:

  • Application
  • Assessment
  • Cleaning
  • Collection
  • Inspection
  • Preparation
  • Sampling
  • Training

ASTM Classification Standards

It CATEGORIZES different components, services, or systems. These requirements relate to the product’s origin and physical or chemical properties. 

ASTM Terminology Standards

What about acronyms, abbreviations, and symbols from different sectors? Use ASTM Terminology Standards. It contains those commonly used in a SPECIFIC field of business.

Confused about chemicals that are frequently given different names? ASTM has a list of common names for scientists to use. 

My company has practiced ASTM for the last two years, and the result was CRAZY. All the processes are getting smoother than ever! SIMPLER process, LESS time wasted, LOWER costs in manufacturing! 

FAQs about ASTM Standards

1. Is it a must to comply with ASTM standards?

No. As a matter of law, ASTM does not enforce compliance. 
Most industries conform to these standards rather than government enforcement. However, businesses, governments, or contracts may do so. The purpose is for quality assurance and product warranty.

2. What is the ASTM standards annual book?

The ASTM yearly book has featured products of more than 12,000 standards. You can find new criteria updated yearly in the book. 
This book is accessible online and in print. You can buy the volumes separately, in sections, or as a whole set. 

3. What is the difference between ISO and ASTM?

ISO standards cover a more comprehensive range of fields and businesses. Whereas ASTM is a national organization that belongs to the ISO organization. 
The main topics ASTM covers include materials, goods, systems, and services. 

What’s Next

ASTM Standards featured products and services are now used by many organizations. It’s because they offer examples of how to handle production or raw material. It includes petroleum products, carbon steel, and others. 

They also provide test methods or standardization methodologies for various services. You’ll be able to enhance your company’s reputation. Additionally, it offers workers the FINEST safety practices for handling various materials. 

Interested in implementing ASTM into your business? 

We are ready to help with our decade of experience of sourcing and inspecting in Leeline Sourcing

Contact us RIGHT NOW to SCALE your business! 

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