Professional Packing & Shipping Service

Professional packing and shipping wins the HEART, let our experts be your BARD!

WHENEVER you want to be in the heart of the customer, provide EXCELLENT packaging. At the same time, shipping does 100% ROLE in the impression.

For example, Packing & Shipping Service generated 3 billion USD. (IBIS WORLD)

That shows how many sellers use, such services.

Our experts at LEELINE SOURCING offer the top quality professional packing and shipping services. You get PROPER branding and higher identity. Make more revenue with more customers.

I will elaborate on Packing and Shipping service. Let’s know!

What is Packing & Shipping Service?

Packing involves placing the products in a box of appropriate size, with the right packing material to ensure the safest delivery of products.

Well, to reduce the shipping cost, you should keep the orders within the smallest number of boxes. And the essential factor is to use the right material for packing. You can also hire experts to get benefit from their best packing services.

The shipping services or company is responsible for handling the shipments or cargo and look for custom duties. And they ensure the safest delivery of all the goods at your door on time safely.

In case of damage or loss, the company is responsible and pays for the loss.

Packing & Shipping Service


When Do You Need Professional Packing & Shipping Services?

You may pack all of your belongings well enough and reached your new home successfully without any risk of damage. Well, this is only possible when you fulfill the given conditions:

  • You are experienced at packing and moving
  • You can pack each item with carefully with patience
  • You are using quality packing material
  • You are going to pack a few items like clothes, books rather than heavy furniture or large household items, household appliance or fragile objects
  • You have to travel for a short distance, and the weather is fine

And under all these circumstances, your packing skills will be more than enough to ensure the safe delivery of goods.

On the other hand, there are various conditions where your packing skills are not going to ensure the safety of goods during your journey.

  • If you are going to travel over long distances, your goods will be on the road for a long time. And there will be so many stops. Thus, the shipment can be at high risk. And if your goods need to be packed safely and correctly so that they can be protected from extreme weather conditions, they can be severely affected by the bad weather, high temperature, or vibrations.
  • If you are going to travel at short notice, you may not get enough time to pack the goods safely.
  • If you have challenging to pack items like crystal glasses, delicate artwork, musical instruments, electronics, household appliances, furniture, antiques, or bulky goods, you may need professional packers.
  • If you do not have packing experience and do not know how to pack the delicate pieces, you must hire a professional.
  • You can call the experts if you want to ensure a reliable packing of all of your belongings.

And, all of these are good enough reasons to hire professional packers. You need to avoid unnecessary risks and have to save precious time; professional packers are the best option you left with.

Similarly, you should consult some experts for the shipment of your luggage. They can guide you in a better way and can find you some economical shipments.


Packing Services

Now you can hire the packers and can get from their expertise. You will have to take help from experts while you are going to ship delicate products over long distances the benefits and disadvantage of packing services is given below.

  • Benefits of Professional Packing Services for Dropshipping
  1. I save my precious time. No need to go thinking for hours to craft a creative design or spend time packaging.
  2. You can get rid of stress
  3. All of your goods will be packed in a professional way
  • The disadvantage of Professional Packing Services for Dropshipping
  1. It can be an expensive option for you
  2. You need to schedule it
Packing Services


Shipping Services

Even though several shipping companies provide the shipping services, you need to consider the pros and cons before hiring the shipping company.

  • Benefits of Professional Shipping Services for Dropshipping
  1. Convenience. I just check how the COMPANY WORKS. If it keeps me convenient and ships easily, that is my BOY!
  2. Flexibility
  3. More competitive transport rates
  4. Expertise
  • The disadvantage of Professional Shipping Services for Dropshipping
  1. Cost is high
  2. Hand on control
  3. Impact on reputation
Shipping Services


Best Packing & Shipping Services for your Businesses:

Keeping all the factors in mind, here are the best shipping & packing services for the small businesses, based on the businesses’ needs.

·  Leeline Sourcing

I recommend LEELINE TEAM to everyone

The reason? 

They have experience. Shipping is FAST. Warehousing is Free for 14 days.

International packing and shipping were never easy like this ever before. Leeline sourcing offers you affordable and cheap shipment services, which facilitate the delivery of parcels, goods, or documents from one country to the other.

Here, you can enjoy the best international packaging and shipping services according to your requirements and needs anywhere. The shipping price and shipment days are greatly affected by various factors.

Like which is the destination country and which shipping way you are going to choose, like air, sea, or land. Furthermore, weight is another important to consider.

So, all of the factors mentioned above are important when you ask for the shipping price. And as it varies greatly, the exact amount cannot be discussed here.


·  United States Postal Service

Everyone is much familiar with the United States Postal services or USPS when it comes to the shipment of small and lightweight items. And no one beat their prices.

Generally, if you are shipping a product whose price is less than five pounds, USPS will offer you the best price regardless of the size of the goods, deliver speed, or distance traveled.

USPS gives a variety of additional service options, such as Priority Mail Express, USPS Retail Ground, and Media Mail for the distribution of the periodicals and books.

In the case of pickups and drop off, you can find various USPS offices and drop boxes in every corner of the country.

If you can buy your postage and shipping labels online, you will not pay any extra amount. And you can leave your products directly for the pickup. The tracking of shipments and liability insurances is included in the shipment cost.

For the volume shippers, USPS offers the commercial pricing; that is cheap than the price you would pay at the post office. USPS also has open access to the PO boxes and mailboxes, which no one of its competitors can complain about.


·  UPS

Though USPS will offer you the best shipping services for the small shipments, and the UPS is more favorable when you have large loads.

For instance, shipping a 20-pound package from New York to Los Angeles costs $47.92(one to five days) and $59.64 (two to eight days) through USPS Retail Ground.

Items more substantial than five pounds are cheaper to ship through UPS. However, UPS does not offer flat rates like USPS.

The UPS provides various options for small businesses, including fast delivery or overnight delivery via ground, to take three days through the air. The company offers its services to over 220 countries all over the world.

UPS is operating from more than 63,000 locations all over the world. UPS can pick up the luggage from your business location, and you will pay an extra fee for it.

All the UPS shipments are insured up to $100, and you can also enroll in Quantum View, which allows you to track the shipments.

The tracking process is quite easy. I get the TRACKING ID and use many apps like ParcelApp to trace the REAL-TIME LOCATION of my products.


·  FedEx

FedEx (Federal Express) is famous for its fast delivery. If you are searching for fast shipping services, Federal Express is the best option.

The various shipping option you can get includes the same day shipping, overnight shipping, or two to three days shipping. FedEx offers all of these services for both international and national customers.

Well, when it comes to rates, FedEx costs $17.35 (one to four days) while shipping from New York to Los Angeles.

FedEx offers its services from few locations as compared to UPS. Just like UPS, you need to pay an extra fee when you schedule a pick up from your business location. The insurance cost of FedEx is $100 and also offers tracking services.

One of the essential benefits of FedEx is Saturday delivery, unlike UPS. It will significantly cut down your delivery time.


·  DHL

If you have a small business and offer international shipping services, DHL is the best choice for you. DHL has more than 2.6 million customers all over the world and provides its services to 220 countries and territories of the world.

The item DHL ships for its customers vary so much. It is quite challenging to tell the exact shipping charges offered by the DHL. You can befit equally from the DHL services even if you do not have a DHL account.

The most prominent feature of DHL is its high delivery speed, and therefore, DHL is renowned all over the world. The average delivery time is almost three to eight days worldwide.

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What to Consider in a Packing & Shipping Service?

Well, when it comes to packing & shipping, the essential factor you need to consider is the cost. The professionals may cost you high, but the packing service you will, as a result, will make your life quite easier.

And the same with the shipping services, you need to consider the price associated with the shipping products.

·  Privacy

One thing I don’t compromise on is PRIVACY. Before choosing a company, I ask them how they protect and provide privacy. It keeps customers safe and wins their trust.

The professional packing services will air out all of your dirty laundries. They will pack each and everything that you own. So, be aware; there will not be much privacy.

While choosing the packing and shipping services, try to consider the following factors, as the price will depend on them.

The professionals will pack everything like your action figures, ugly sweaters, or old clothes. So, the packers have seen all of your own goods, but they are not going to judge.

But if you are not comfortable with strangers packing your things like this way, the professional packing services might not be suitable for you.

·  Additional Costs

It is quite apparent, and professional packing services are not cheap at all. If you have a strict budget, make sure that you may not spend all of your money just on packing.

Even after the packing, you will need money for transport, new furniture, or you may need to deposit a specific amount of money for security issues.

You can save money by using Dolly for moving help. The service will provide you truck and muscle for transportation. And they will also ensure the safest delivery at an economical price.

·  Unpacking Services

Your packers can be your un-packers. But keep in mind the un-packers may no put all the items exactly where you want at your new place.

Professional packing companies are an excellent solution for all the packing issues. Well, before hiring the professional packing services, you need to weigh all of your options and then select the perfect one according to your needs. Well, if you are facing any kind of problem, Dolly can be the best option for you.

Unpacking Services

·  Volume

How often you ship can significantly affect the price of the shipment, you will pay. If you ship more often like in e-commerce, you may pay a minimal amount per item. And if you use shipping services occasionally, the charges will be higher.

For example, I have some REGULAR CUSTOMERS. Subscription boxes save me a LOT OF COST compared to normal shipping boxes.

Some e-commerce platforms like Amazon or Shopify may offer in house shipping services at the discounted rates, with third party providers.

·  Size

The shipment cost of smaller and lighter objects is quite less as compared to heavy and larger objects. A small business owner used to measure the weight of the goods before searching for shipping services.

It will help the businessman to have an idea about the shipping charges. And by comparing the shipping charges, the economical rate can be selected.

·  Cargo

The type of the object you are shipping can affect the price of the shipment. In most of the cases, you may have to pay extra charges in case if you are shipping some hazardous materials. Furthermore, fresh items like food, vegetables, fruits, and meats need to be kept insulated during shipping. That’s why they may require extra charges.

·  Time Of Delivery

Generally, the fast delivery of goods charges a high amount. I have compared the prices of a 10 days air delivery with a 30 days sea delivery. 10 days delivery has 2-3 times higher costs than the 30/days. 

The shipments may reach either on the same day or within one day, depending on where you want to send the products. And if you demand a fast delivery, you will need to pay extra money.

While in standard transit time, you are not required to pay an additional cost. But the shipment time may vary between one to five days.

·  Shipping Method

Most of the products are shipped via ground like a truck, rail, and sea, or air. It is a matter of fact the shipment time is affected by the method of shipment.

For example, express shipping cost me $8 per kilogram for a ship to the US. In air shipping, the shipping service charged me $5 per kilogram. That is a big difference.

Ground and air shipments are considered to be the fasted delivery methods as compared to the sea or ocean.

·  Distance Being Shipped

The distance is an essential factor, and it has a significant influence on the price of the shipment. Most of the shipping services offer calculated shipping costs over a specific destination, depending on where you are shipping from.

·  Pickup Locations

Pick up and drop up are the locations where your products are brought while they have to be shipped. If you use the shipping services, you will want a shipment with many pick up locations for your convenience.

You can also arrange your special deliveries, where the purchases are directly picked from your place of business. But this service may charge you some extra payment.

·  Claims

Well, you are working with a third-party service; you are familiar with the freight dues. Freight claim is legal and is demanded by the shipper to the carrier, in case of damage or loss.

Different shopping services have different claim processes. You need to get familiar with the claim process of your provider so that you have some resources in the event; if something goes wrong with you.

·  Insurance

Mostly shipping providers offer various opportunities to buy the insurance policies. The type of insurance depends on the value of the items you are shipping, shipping origin, shipping destination, and the shipping method.

The carrier liability insurance is the most basic type of shipping insurance is. It depends on the goods which are being shipped. The cost of the shipping must be up to $100 in case of any damage or loss. In the case of international shipping, you will have to buy international shipping insurances.

You can purchase the shipment insurance from the third-party provider. The most popular third party shipping insurance providers are ShipWorks, Shipsurance, and Parcel Insurance Plan.

Different shipment providers will cost you different rates depending on the factories mentioned above. Before you sign a contract, determine your shipping policies concerning shipping.

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insurance services


How to Choose the Suitable Packing & Shipping Service Company?

Packing and shipping are two essential factors when it comes to international business. And without packing & shipping, your parcels cannot reach the destination.

And without proper packing and shipping company/services, you cannot ensure that your customers are getting their required products.

By choosing the right company, you can ensure the success of your business. And before you select the company, keep in mind two crucial factors in your mind the products and shipping and packing needs.

The following are things you consider while choosing the packing and shipping services or company.

  1. What is your packing budget
  2. What is your warehouse space like?
  3. Quality of packing materials
  4. Where are you going to supply your items
  5. Type of your products
  6. Size of your products
  7. Do your products need special care as fresh items need
  8. The average size of your order
  9. Delivery time of your shipments
  10. Do you want to track shipments
  11. Insurance options
  12. Live rates integration
  13. Must consider if the company offers free or flat rate shipping
  14. Real-time carrier rates
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Packing & Shipping Service Company


Some Tips for Packing and Shipping Items

Packing and shipment that is going to cross the international borders are subject to more security and handling as they travel. So, while packing and shipping them need special care.

The products are at higher risk of damage or loss. Therefore such goods need special care. While moving through the customs, the less sophisticated packing and shipping facilities may result in various issues.

For example, my wrong packaging got the ITEMS DAMAGED in transit. Customer left a negative review. It is a HEADACHE for business.

The following are the best tips and tricks you need to follow while dealing with international packing and shipping of items.

  1. Do not skimp on the box
  2. Check the weight limit of the box
  3. Cushion the items well
  4. Use the proper packing material
  5. Check the movement of products
  6. Seal the packages in a better way
  7. Label the packages properly
  8. Get enough wrapping material before shipping
  9. Protect the items from elements
  10. Attach the wrapping securely
  11. Do not wrap the things too tightly
  12. Label your insurance
  13. Consider the insurance

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Some Tips


Frequently Asked Questions

There can be several queries in your mind related to packing and shipping; all of them are given below with the best possible answers.

·  What is the packing and shipping experience?

For the packing and shipping, one must have the following

  1. High school diploma, GED or equivalent
  2. Expertise in packing the materials
  3. Scanning and sorting the incoming and outgoing luggage
  4. Pulling, packing and loading
  5. Strong sense of time organization
  6. Experience of logistics, retail, or customer services for six months
  7. Forklift certification within 90 days of the job entry
  8. Familiarity with radio frequency equipment

·  How do you pack heavy items for shipping?

Only the best mater can ensure the safest packing of massive bodies. The best packing material for the heavy frames is thermocol and cardboard. It is essential not to use the masking tape, as it can break under the high weight.

·  How do I calculate shipping costs?

The shipping cost can be calculated with the help of the dimensional weight. It takes into account the size of the package, length, width, and height of the box to calculate the shipping price. Or you can visit Alibaba, then use the professional calculator to estimate your shipping costs on Alibaba.

·  How do you pack a crate for shipping?

While pacing a crate, try to pack it as full as possible. Pack the heavier items at the bottom and place the lighter items on the top. And you can also use the packing material to fill the extra space.

·  How do you ship valuable items?

While shipping the value able items, you need to take special care. You can use the crates or boxes while packing valuable objects. Try to wrap them tightly, as it is the only way to secure the safest delivery of goods

· What is the cheapest way to ship heavy items?

The cheapest way of shipping is via FedEx, as it provides a cost-effective way of transportation.

·  What is the best packing material for fragile items?

For packing the fragile items, you have various options like packing tape to secure the boxes, bubble wrap to protect the subjects and airbags from filling the empty spaces.

·  What is the best packaging material?

The best packing materials include gel packs, locks, poly bags, bubble wrap, and vermiculite.

How Leeline Sourcing Help You pack and ship your items

It has become effortless to buy and import products from any region of the world. And it is possible just because of the freight and shipping services. These days’ companies can sell in any part of the world.

The beast shipping services can offer you flexibility, like large and small parcel shipments in different regions of the world. And if you can ship from one country only, it will be quite helpful for you. You may get some discounts too.

If you are going to ship internationally and want a company to handle all of your shipping issues, Leeline Sourcing is the best solution to all of your problems.

It is a Chinese company which can provide you not only products but also helps you in handling the shipments. And the company controls the whole process during delivery.

The weekly status of the Leeline Sourcing helps the clients to get updates regarding the shipments. The company holds the responsibility for any loss or damage. But you will need to pay for it.

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Final Thoughts on packing & shipping

Best Packing & shipping services can ensure the safest delivery of the goods. And you can get benefited from these companies and can enjoy their expertise at a reasonable cost.

The company not only makes sure the secure delivery but also look for the customs duties. Furthermore, it can also pay in case of any loss or damage.

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