International Package Shipping: The Ultimate Guide

Sharline Shaw

International package shipping was never easy and affordable than ever before.

It allows the delivery of parcels or documents from one country to another very smoothly.

Now you can get the best international package shipping services according to your priorities and requirements anywhere.

Here a brief description of various dropshipping companies has been provided.

You can have a look at them, and after making a comparison, you may become able to choose the best service.

International Package Shipping

Type of International Trade

International trade refers to the exchanges of goods and services between countries. It means trade is the import and export of products and services.

International trade supports the world’s economy. The prices, demands, and supply are affected globally.

In many countries, trade represents a significant share of GDP, industrialization, globalization, advanced transportation, multinational corporations, and outsourcing. All of these have a considerable impact on the international trade system.

Well, without international trade, nations will have a limited supply of goods and services produced within their borders.

Foreign or international trade is different from domestic trade. International trade is all about import and export, fulfill a particular need. Foreign trade is a legitimate way to diversify the country’s economic basket.

For the practical purpose, international trade is divided into three types, i.e., import, export, and re-export.

· Import

Import is the purchase of goods or services that are made in another country.  These services or products cannot be produced in a sufficient amount or at the competitive cost in your county.

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· Export

Export refers to the sale of goods from one country to another. Or it can be said that export is an outflow of products from the home country to a foreign country.

· Re-export

In re-export, goods are imported from a foreign country and then re-exported to the buyers in some other foreign countries.

Type of International Parcel Delivery

International shipping is the term used to describe the parcel delivery. In international parcel delivery, the parcel is taken from one country.

It is delivered to an address present in another country. Many online sellers offer international parcel services to attract the audience from other countries.

Several methods are available for international parcel delivery, such as the ocean, air, land, and rail. Well, choosing the better one depends on your needs. If high speed is needed, it will be better to choose air freight shipping.

While on the other hand, ground shipping is quite cheap. It can be a good option for a businessman who ships almost hundreds of parcels every month.

So, while choosing the parcel delivery methods, it is essential to consider every variable. Also, consider the priorities of your organization. Strategic planning will ensure the selection of the right approach and successful delivery every time.

· Ocean

Sea freight is a good option for bulk shipping. It is a very cheap cost option. A study suggested that ocean freight is about five times less expensive than air freight.

But it is a very slower service. You will have to wait for weeks or even for months for your shipment.

Sea freight is not possible in every part of the world. For instance, if you are interested in importing from one of the big industrial centers like China, unfortunately, it will not be possible via sea freight.  Some of those cities are far away from the nearest harbor.  On the brighter side, sea fright is ecofriendly.

  1. Advantages
  2. Shipment cost is low
  3. Ecofriendly
  • There is a lot of room on vessels so that it can transport bulky goods.
  1. Risks
  2. Time-consuming
  3. Not available everywhere

· Air

Airfreight is the best choice when it comes to international shipping services. It is a well-known fact that plans can fly much faster and can go anywhere on the planet. So, it will be a good option for international parcel delivery.

And if you talk about the downside of air freight, it is the cost. It is quite clear that air freight is a little bit more expensive than any other shipping method.

It will be the best of shipment if you are going to transport goods all over the world. But in international trade, the cost of air freight may cut your profit margin.

The space inside the plane is quite limited. Therefore, the weight will be a significant factor that may not allow you to transport your entire cargo in one go.

  1. Advantages
  2. High speed
  3. Global reach
  • Highly accurate shipment dates
  1. Shipment tracking
  2. Lower risk
  3. Risks
  4. Size and weight limitation
  5. Weather dependent
  • High cost

· Rail

Rail freight is the transportation of products through a network of railroads and stations. Various wagons are collected behind the locomotive, which goes directly or partly to the end of the destination.

Rail freights can be a good option while shipping large quantities of products, sending raw materials like coal, metal ore, and so on. If you want a high-speed delivery over long distances, choose rail for shipment.

  1. Advantages
  2. Huge capital quantity
  3. Ecofriendly
  • Cheaper service
  1. High speed over long distances
  2. Secure delivery of goods
  3. Risks
  4. Delays in shipment
  5. Not economical for shorter distances
  • Lack of flexibility
  1. Lack of door to door service
  2. Booking formalities

· Road

Road freight is the transportation of cargo by road using motor vehicles. So, the drive will be the route from the point of departure to the end of the destination.

In certain conditions, the road is the only way to transport the products. Compared to the other types of transport systems, the maintenance cost of the road is quite cheaper.

  1. Advantages
  2. Delivery of goodwill be on time
  3. Cost-effective and economical for short distances
  • Door to door movement
  1. A more comfortable option for tracking of cargo movements through GPS
  2. Risks
  3. Several limitations such as cargo and weight
  4. Maybe not a cost-effective option for longer distances
  • Limited due to weather and road conditions
  1. Not environmentally friendly

· Multimodal

Multimodal transportations involve more than one mode of transport to ship the customer’s goods from origin to the final position.

This mode of transportation makes the cargo faster and efficient, especially when it comes to the operation of greater complexity.

The modes used on multimodal transportation can use the air, sea, road to rail freight to transport the goods. It depends on the particularities of every demand.

  1. Advantages
  2. Centralizes all the movements under your control
  3. Offer competitive fares
  • Makes the freight more agile
  1. Faster delivery of parcels
  2. Risks
  3. Needs to build partnerships in all areas
  4. More bureaucracy for the forwarder

Which International Package Shipping Company is Better?

It has become quite easier to buy and import the products all over the world. It is just because of the internet and the improved freight shipping services. Now the companies can sell anywhere in the world.

The best international freight shipping services can offer you flexibility, including the large and small parcel shipments, ocean, and air options.

If you can do most of your shipping with just one company, then you can better discounts based upon your volume.

If you are interested in shipping and want to find a company to handle all your overseas shipments, read the under given details of top shipping companies. Hopefully, they will help you to get the best one.

· Leeline sourcing

Leeline sourcing is a Chinese company, provides not only the products but also handles its shipment. Leeline sourcing follows the whole process during the delivery.

The weekly status of Leeline Sourcing helps the clients to get the updates and make sure that everything is under control and is on schedule.


· FedEx

FedEx is an American multinational delivery services company. Its headquarters are in Memphis, Tennessee. FedEx is famous for its overnight shipping services and pioneering a system that can track the packages.

The company can provide a real-time update on the package location. Well, most of the companies implement this factor. It is one top contractor of the US government.



Express Mail Services is ideal for those customers who are looking for an economical way to ship the packages internationally. This company uses the global postal network to deliver your packages.

EMS gives a cheap delivery option for items up to 65lbs, which do not require any specific delivery time. EMS provides its services for more than 180 companies.



United Parcel Services is the world’s largest parcel delivery company and leader of transportation services.

James Casey was the founder of this organization. Initially, it was known as the business American Messenger Company, based in Seattle, Washington.

UPS delivered 1.8 million shipping parcels in 200 countries and produced 3.8 billion packages worldwide. UPS has kept pace as a global leader in the package delivery industry.



DHL connects people from more than 200 countries and territories worldwide.

This company is driven by the power of more than 380,000 employees. It helps in managing and transporting letters, information, and goods.

The company was founded in the United States in 1969 and expanded its services throughout the world by late 1970.

In the 1970s, DHL becomes an international delivery company. Furthermore, DHL has taken care of the environment by using alternative fuel vehicles.



TNT Express is an international courier company, and its headquarters are in Hoofddorp, Netherlands.

The company provides road and provide delivery services in Europe, America, and the region of the Asia Pacific, Africa, and the Middle East.

In 2014, TNT introduced the rail freight to provide support to its business in the United Kingdom and reduced the carbon emission.


Points To Note About International Package Shipping

The world is shrinking very quickly. Messages can be sent in instants, and people can travel from one place to another in hours.

And just like that, sending packages to the loved ones internationally has become quite easy and affordable for everyone.

International package shipping is growing day by day, and more and more packages are going across the borders. So, keep in mind the under given point before shipping internationally.

· Select A Shipping Type

Each shipping type has several advantages and disadvantages to be considered before shipment.

You need to do research and understand all the factors if you have a deadline. You will find many cheap services but they will either be dealing locally or will lack many facilities.

While if you want all your shipments on time. And also, willing to track your parcel from origin to destination, then you will have to pay high for it.

So, after analyzing all the offered shipping companies, choose the one which gives you the best services at the cheapest cost.

· Check The Mail Ability

Tracking international shipments is one of the essential features of stress-free online shopping experience. Tracking enables you to locate your package while it is on its way.

It can be done with the tracking numbers or emails. Try to choose the mail for shipping, which can track the parcels and cheap.

While tracking the international shipments, the carriers offer you different services if you want to track your purchases through email using one of the following shipping companies.

  1. USPS
  2. FedEx
  • UPS

· Check Rates And Delivery Days

You can find several options while shipping internationally. It is vital to know what you are going to pay for.

You can choose several cheap services such as USPS, but it has a few shortcomings. The parcels can be tracked in the United States; once it left the US, you cannot get any info about it.

Beside it, you can choose UPS, DHL, or FedEx. They will charge you high but provide you a door to door tracking of your packages. It helps to ensure that parcels will remain safe during customs clearance.

So, you can choose a service according to your requirements. If you are paying high, you are also getting all the required facilities at the same time.

Similarly, at low prices, international shipping will be stressful and nothing more than a headache. While keeping all of your priorities in mind, try to choose the best shipping service.

· Packing/Filling Out The Required Documents

Different items require different types of documents or paperwork. The most common document required for almost all types of shipments is a Commercial Invoice.

It is the detailed list of the sender, receiver, and a list of all the products which are to be shipped. This document also includes the price of all the items and country of origin. If you are sending the papers, there will be no need to fill out the commercial invoice.

There can be many other papers to be filled before shipping, depending on the items and place of shipment. Textile usually needs an additional article. The following are the documents required for international deliveries.

  1. Certificate of origin
  2. Shipper’s export declaration
  • NAFTA certificate of origin
  1. Electronic export information

How To Ship An International Package?

You can follow the under given steps to get your parcel on time, without getting caught in customs.

· Ensure The Item Can Be Shipped As Intended

Various factors determine what kind of commodities can be shipped across the country’s border and who will be able to receive the packages.

You can quickly get the import and export requirements of more than 125 countries at

Depending upon the products and the restrictions of the country you are exporting from may require you to get an export license. Some parties may also prohibit receiving the parcels. Try to make sure this is not going to happen in your case.

FedEx has some specific requirements for certain items, which will need additional shipping restrictions.

· Select A Customs Broker And Determine The Terms Of Sale.

Custom brokers make sure that shipments will clear the custom without any holdups or delays. Anyhow if there will be any problem, your broker is there to resolve the issue on your behalf.

The seller and the buyer must know about all the terms of sale, known as the International Commercial Terms. These terms specify that where the ownership will be transferred from the seller to the buyer while shipment transitions.

Well, the point of transfer also clarifies which party will pay the cost of brokers, customs clearance, and insurance services.

· Gather Important Information.

You need to get the answers to the following questions, so that you may get the necessary information.

  1. What is the purpose of your shipments?
  2. Are you shipping a document or a commodity?
  • What is the value of the Commodity?
  1. What is the origin of the commodity?
  2. Do you have any idea about the commodity code in the Harmonized System?
  3. Do you want to estimate the duties or taxes?
  • Who will be the importer?
  • Who will pay the transportation charges, duties, and all the taxes?

· Determine Which Customs Documents Are Required.

The most common international document you will need for a commodity-based shipment will be the Commercial Invoice. It gives the necessary information to the customs authorities. It provides access to move goods across different borders.

Besides, it also helps to determine the duties and taxes required. Various other documents include Pro Forma Invoice, Packing List, and certificate of origin.

· Create An International Label.

It is easy to complete the international shipping label and other required documents online or at the FedEx office. FedEx Ship manager allows uploading all your documents while creating an international label online.

While filling the international shipping label, you need to provide the sender’s and recipient’s names, addresses, and phone numbers. You can also add the description and values of the commodities present in the shipments along with the weight.

The rates and transit times are determined according to the commodity that you are shipping, how quickly you would like the shipments to arrive, and its destination.

Finish the package preparation and print the label. Paste it on the clear plastic pouch along with other required documents. Remove the entire adhesive firmly and attach it to the most significant flat side of the shipping container.

· Complete And Submit Customs Documents.

Keep the descriptions of the shipments consistent and detailed, will help you to reduce the customs delays. You must answer the following questions for each of the commodities being shipped.

  1. What is it?
  2. How many pieces are there?
  • What is the composition, or from which material it is made up of?
  1. What is the intended use of the item?
  2. What is the origin of all the products?

· Package Your Item.

An appropriate packing will help your shipments to reach the destination safely and in the intended condition.

You can also get several free packing supplies online at You need to use the bubble wrap to pad the packages if necessary.

· Get The Package To Fedex.

If you live near the FedEx store or dropbox, you can directly drop-off packages that you have labeled and paid for online. You can also visit the FedEx office to fill all the customs documentation and pay for the shipping there.

Guide To International Package Shipping

International package shipping is easier than ever. Here a complete guide to international shipping has been provided as follows.

· Select The Mail Tab And Print It

First of all, select the mail tab and open the print on the drop-down menu. Then choose what you will print on the plain paper or print a variety of the adhesive shipping labels.

· Choose The Destination Country

In the second step, you will need to choose the destination country for the packages.

· Enter A Delivery Address

Here you will have to enter the delivery addresses, either from your contact list or add it manually.

· Weigh Your Package

Weigh your parcel. With the help of the digital postal scale and an Auto box checked, the weight of the package will appear automatically. Now weigh each item present in the box, even if there is only one item in it, make a note of it. You will need the item weight later on.

· Select The USPS Service That Best Fits Your Needs

Open the services drop-down menu so that you can select the USPS services that best fit your needs. All the UPSP mail classes will be available for the country you are shipping to at display.

· Add Extra Insurance For High Value Shipments.

You will need to add extra insurance for the high value shipments.

· Customs Section

In the customs section, click the edit button.

· Packaged Items

The customer information window will appear on the screen. You can open the package contents drop-down menu and select the type of materials you are going to export.

Prepare the international shipment labels and paste them on the parcels. Do not forget to add the necessary details to the labels.

· Start Shipping

Congratulations, you have completed the process, and now you are ready to start the shipping of parcels internationally.

What Mode Of International Parcel Delivery Should You Use?

There is a wide range of international dropshipping companies available, and you can choose one of them to import/export your parcels internationally.

While in international dropshipping, unlike the domestic dropshipping, you need to consider a lot of factors. And price and time are some of the most important factors to take in the notice.

First of all, you should check all the available dropshipping services. Try to select the best service, which will let you transfer all of your products on time.

DHL, ePacket, FedEx, TNT, and UPS are the best dropshipping companies at the international level. Choose any one of them to deliver your parcels.

Parcel Delivery

Best International Dropshipping Transport Companies To Partner With

Here is a brief detail of international dropshipping transport companies to do a partnership with. You can have a look at it to get benefits.

· ePacket

ePacket is a global courier service, which has made the deliveries faster from countries like China, Korea, and Hong Kong to the United States e-commerce sellers.

This company can offer you various benefits, including fast deliveries between 4 to 9 days. Beside it, ePacket also provides lower costs than the domestic first-class dropshipping services. It offers you a door to door tracking.

Above all, free returns on undeliverable orders. So, undoubtedly, it is the best choice to make a partnership and to start the dropshipping business.


· Hong Kong Post

Hong Kong is a government department of Hong Kong, which is responsible for the postal services. It was founded in1841 and was known as the Department of the post office.

This company offers you several benefits, such as the delivery of parcels on time and tracking your parcels. You can get the online tracking information on the delivery status of the registered mail or packages which have sent to the selected destinations.

You can all the required information by just entering the tracking number. So, it is the best company to start a partnership.

Hong Kong Post

· Deutsche Post

Deutsche Post provides the mails and parcels in Germany and around the globe. It is an expert in giving dialogue marketing and press distribution services as well as corporate communication solutions.

The Deutsche Post is growing day by day and provides you a better platform for investments. So, you may select it as your dropshipping partner.

Deutsche Pos

Shipping International Package from China to the USA

The shipping from China to the US is severely affected by the coronavirus. Production in China is back to normal.

But the COVID-19’s situation in America is creating several challenges and has decreased the demands of Chinese products. Additionally, the restrictions at the ports are also creating severe issues.

Well, before the COVID-19, it was quite easy to import from China to the US. The US was importing several goods from China.

The import from China is not a difficult job. You can find various companies like ePacket, FedEx, and many more, offering cheap services to transport the products to America.

Using international courier’s service is the most reliable and faster way for dropshipping. Express freight is the cheapest service; it will charge you $5 per kg. But you can also search to get more affordable services.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The most frequently asked questions about dropshipping with best possible answers are below.

· How Do You Ship Valuable Items?

Whether you are a business owner selling the expensive items or an individual looking for the safest way to send the valuable overseas, you will need a dropshipping service.

Sending the expensive goods via courier is the best option to ensure the most reliable delivery of goods.

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· Where To Ship An International Package?

You can select the dropshipping service depending on the country where you want to send the products. Well, many dropshipping companies do not deal internationally, so, choose the service wisely.

· How Much Does It Cost To Ship A Package Internationally?

The shipping cost depends on various factors like the weight of the parcel, times needed for shipment, and lastly, the destination point. For instance, the minimum shipping cost for a 1 lb parcel will be $111.84.

· How Many Stamps Do I Need For An International Package?

Assuming that you are going to deliver a 1-ounce parcel within a standard packet, it will require $1.15. Or if you are using “Forever” stamps, you will need about three stamps for the delivery of your letter.

· What Does International Standard Shipping Mean?

International shipping is import and export of goods between different countries through the ocean, air, and rail or by road. In international shipping can be a little bit complicated, as it suggests many rules and policies.

For the successful import and export shipments, you will have to follow the specific rules and will need a few documents. So, your freight can pass all the customs clearances.

· What Is The Cheapest Way To Ship Internationally?

The cheapest way to drop ship internationally is USPS. Their rates are quite affordable, even at the international level, as compared to the other shipping companies. Try to get business while shipping internationally; otherwise, they will charge you quite high.

How Leelinesourcing Help You Ship Your International Package

Leeline being a sourcing company, will help the customers to find the best Chinese products at the lowest cost.

Beside it, the company also provides the shipping facilities at the international level.

The services of Leeline Sourcing are focused on the Amazon sellers. The company provides product sourcing, quality inspection, FBA prep services, and FBA Shipping Services.

The charges of Leeline Sourcing are low as compared to other companies.

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Final Thoughts on International Parcel Delivery

The international package shipping companies are always ready to provide their best services at any time.

They can offer you guaranteed time-definite delivery of products worldwide.

You can select any of these according to your needs.

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