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Q: We are a USA company that wants to set up a 100% owned factor in PRC. We also heard some good reasons to set up a Hong Kong holding company for the PRC entity, but wanted to get your opinion. Please let us know what you feel are the benefits of setting up a...
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It is very important to analyze a product scientifically before you even plan to sell it. This article by Leelinesourcing is based on complete research data and analysis of the selling situation, profit margin, and future development trend of artificial succulent plants. Make sure you read it before any purchase of artificial succulent plants. I. Industrial Profile Artificial succulent plants...
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Q: Looking for a service that reviews listings and can give me suggestions on ways to optimize my listing’s conversion. A: Try out seller tools for optimization. They have a 14 day free trial period that will link up to your account and you’re able to put together your own listing and work off of...
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Q: How much is AVERAGE cost difference between air shipping and sea shipping? My profit margin is very low with the air shipping. Thanks a bunch in advance. A: It depends on how big and heavy your shipment is. Air is about $6/kg and sea is normally cheaper if your shipment is over 1 CBM....
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Q: I’ve been interested in FBA For a while now and will soon pull the trigger. Just curious where everyone stands as of now, is anyone living off FBA money alone yet? Thanks. A: Just do it. You will never “know everything” I thought I did, but until I finally jumped in, there’s so many...
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Q: I would like to know if you can have just one account and put different logos on products from different niches. Does anyone know something about this ? A: Yes just make different brands names for each niche. When filling out a listing it’s asks you for the “brand”. _____________________________ If you have any...
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Q: Anyone here dealt with Amazon removing ALL their reviews, even the organic ones? My listing’s reviews got removed completely, and my sales been down since. Please advice. A: Amazon is inconsistent from that respect. It’s always best to do it legit bro. Don’t do black hat stuff. You can never tell what amazon will do....
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Q: If you have viral launch do your product launch, do you still need to run PPC or does virtual launch cover everything for your product launch? A: Viral launch will help you knowing stats….ppc is required as its your product advertisement after listing. _____________________________ If you have any more questions about Amazon business, please do get...
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Q: Which packaging is better my supplier offers PE bags and OPP bags? A: Have them send you a picture or sample with it wrapped in one and a spare of the other type in the box. _____________________________ If you have any more questions about Amazon business, please do get in touch so we can assist...
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Q: Would you guys suggest ppc without reviews yet? Just launched yesterday and started ppc immediately. A: I recommend you sell some items, maybe by way of PPC and then reviews will build up over time. I have plenty of products selling with no reviews, and if you LOOK on amazon, you will see lots...
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