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Q: Does amazon automatically approve your listing and product or do you have to request approval I don’t want to bump into restrictions with them I want to follow their rules and have everything go smoothly,sorry it’s my first time doing this i just want some advice. A: Check the list of restricted products, categories...
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Q: If i put upc barecodes in the cartons its works how ? A: Amazon requires sellers to provide box content information for each box sent to Amazon includeing the unit quantity of each SKU per box, expiration dates (if applicable), and the box weight and dimensions. _____________________________ If you have any more questions about...
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Q: How much is AVERAGE cost difference between air shipping and sea shipping? My profit margin is very low with the air shipping. Thanks a bunch in advance. A: It depends on how big and heavy your shipment is. Air is about $6/kg and sea is normally cheaper if your shipment is over 1 CBM....
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Q: Which packaging is better my supplier offers PE bags and OPP bags? A: Have them send you a picture or sample with it wrapped in one and a spare of the other type in the box. _____________________________ If you have any more questions about Amazon business, please do get in touch so we can assist...
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Q: My product finally arrived at amazon earlier today! How long should I expect before they become available for purchase? A: In my experience it could take two or three days to a week after your shipment is delivered. Once I couldn’t wait so called FBA and I was told it could take up to...
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Q: Do you know if “made in china” label has to be on each of the unit? Or just outside the box is fine? A: Just on the main box will be good,If Customs catches you your products could be sent back to China, they could be destroyed, and you could be fined. Because of all...
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Q: How many people here are looking to break out of their 9-5 jobs with Amazon FBA? A: Yes, I am 6 months pregnant working 9-5 my plan is when I go on maternity leave is to have everything set for me and my family so I don’t have to go back to that 9-6...
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Q: What is the ASN number that my carrier is asking me for to send a pallet delivery into AMAZON? A: For a freight shipment, you are meant to tell the carrier the number of pallets/cartons/units in the shipment. They should put that on their “delivery note” paperwork which Amazon stamps on delivery. You then...
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Q: If I integrate Amazon with shopify and keep fba as a shipping method for both but I’m only selling products on Amazon USA, will Amazon fulfillment center be able to ship internationally with the order coming from shopify? A: Once it is, just turn on International Shipping.Type “Expand Offers Internationally” in seller central search....
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Preparations for the fourth quarter are underway! Most of the Amazon sellers are anxious, excited and anticipate a lot. With such mixed feelings, they need to make good preparations for the peak season sales. Do not let any small bugs drag your sales down. Today at Leelinesourcing, we will give suggest preparations for the fourth...
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