Anyone here dealt with Amazon removing ALL their reviews, even the organic ones?


Q: Anyone here dealt with Amazon removing ALL their reviews, even the organic ones? My listing’s reviews got removed completely, and my sales been down since. Please advice. A: Amazon is inconsistent from that respect. It’s always best to do it legit bro. Don’t do black hat stuff. You can never tell what amazon will do. … Read more

Shopify vs Amazon – Where to Sell Your Products

Shopify vs Amazon Where to Sell Your Products

Amazon and Shopify are two big names for e-commerce players. They all offer great opportunities and excellent e-commerce solutions for both online shoppers and you. However, Amazon was founded as early as 1994, while Shopify was founded in 2004.   Shopify catches up Amazon, and is becoming the latest buzzword in the e-commerce arena. Shopify … Read more

Pay Attention! These are Practical Rules for Stocking up, Promotion and Sales


Preparations for the fourth quarter are underway! Most of the Amazon sellers are anxious, excited and anticipate a lot. With such mixed feelings, they need to make good preparations for the peak season sales. Do not let any small bugs drag your sales down. Today at Leelinesourcing, we will give suggest preparations for the fourth quarter season as … Read more

8 New Infringing Products On Amazon You Should Pay Attention

Please Pay Attention to These 8 New Infringing Products 2

Earlier this morning, cross-border e-commerce sellers claimed that their accounts had been shut down for infringement. The received emails were showing, “a temporary injunction to remove products from shelves.” Similar incidents have been reported frequently of late with some of the brands that initiated the lawsuit in the past remaining unknown to sellers. Based on … Read more

Amazon Outlet Deals are not known to 99% of sellers


There are so many sellers on Amazon that have no idea on Outlet Deals. Today, we at Leeline Sourcing write this post to introduce you to the Outlet Deals promotion activity. I hope it will be helpful in your Amazon business. I. What is Outlet Deals? Outlet Deals is a time-limited seckill promotion like LD and BD. To be … Read more

4 Points Help You Right Analyze Competing Products

Sourcing Products 1

We often say that success cannot be replicated. However, we must also acknowledge that there are many self-improvement methods, skills and thinking that we can learn from other successful people. The same idea can be applied to Amazon’s operations where competitive analysis is a required course for every seller (especially new sellers and small sellers). … Read more

Amazon Sales Tax Related Questions Answered You Need to Know

Amazon Sale Tax 2

American sales tax once became a hot topic discussed among cross-border e-commerce sellers. Today, Leelinesourcing discusses the questions about the American Amazon sales tax and answers them for you. The U.S. consumption tax is a tax levied by the federal government and state governments on some goods. US consumption tax is divided into federal consumption … Read more

36 Knowledge about Sourcing Products from China

Sourcing from china

Despite the several books on purchasing in the society and so many corporate purchasing training programs, Leelinesourcing recommends getting practical knowledge from those in the industry. The most basic knowledge of purchasing is usually the most important one. It is also a must for those that are new to the industry. However, books and training … Read more

11 Amazon’s Latest Policies Changes You Need to Read Carefully

timg 4

Recently, Amazon came with the following dynamic updates on some of its policies. As the leading sourcing agency in China, Leelinesourcing gives you a summary of Amazon’s policies changes. It is our hope this will help you understand the Amazon market better and make good preparation to sell. 1. Amazon cancels online customer service The … Read more