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Can Leelinesouring help me with my buying program?

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Q: Can Leelinesouring help me with my buying program? A: Yes, Leelinesourcing has a wide range of sourcing related services. Leelinesourcing services are especially valuable for (a) Established import companies who have existing purchasing programs and a lot of experience in China sourcing and who seek better control over their sources; (b) Importers who use agents and who prefer … Read more

where can I get a couple of legit UPC codes?

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Q: Hi just getting ready to launch my first private label product. I bought some UPC codes from Ebay a while back. I just heard those are not good? Can someone tell me where I can get a couple of legit UPC codes? A: You don’t have to. Gs1us for barcodes only if you gonna sell your … Read more

Did you purchase any courses or attempt by researching everything online?

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Q: I am curious, for those of you whom are selling or have a private label product, did you purchase any courses or attempt by yourselves by researching everything online? A: Ever purchased a course for now. I’m lucky to have the time and resources to get the info I need. YouTube and Google answer … Read more

FBA Shipping From China to Amazon : Step By Step Guide

A Step By Step Guide to Shipping to Amazon FBA

Shipping from China to Amazon FBA is a typical and beneficial Amazon business methodology. It isn’t that muddled as it might appear. Be that as it may, it is, without any doubt, a little more complicated than simply requesting the supplier to paste a UPS trademark. In this article, we will have a look at … Read more

Best Private Label Products For Small Business

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Retail companies are seeking new ways for entering in the market, and selling their products for brand loyalty. However, with the increase in the manufacturing costs, many retailers are now opting for private label product marketing. This guide will provide an in depth insight on the private label market, and will cover several important aspects … Read more

How to Promote your Amazon Listings and Drive More Sales?

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Amazon is the global online shopping website where you can buy a wide variety of items. Amazon has helped many entrepreneurs to grow their business. The Amazon sales channel has made it easier for the entrepreneurs to list their products on Amazon, this has allowed thousands of clients to view and buy the items online. … Read more