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Amazon fba prep services
Q: If i put upc barecodes in the cartons its works how ? A: Amazon requires sellers to provide box content information for each box sent to Amazon includeing the unit quantity of each SKU per box, expiration dates (if applicable), and the box weight and dimensions. _____________________________ If you have any more questions about...
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To buy from amazon, each shipment has a packing dimension and weight. The dimension is about the outer container, and the weight is involving all the material in the package. You should also accomplish the step of assuring the amount of weight is right before continuing. Also, it is essential to have reliable product which...
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Q: Do you handle samples checking and then send the final product to Amazon? Or you are not responsible for checking samples? A: Our service includes: find suppliers and sourcing products from China, and quote to customers the best prices; negotiate with suppliers for samples, production and packaging; customize logo and packaging; quality control; arrange shipping...
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Q: My package is leaving China today. UPS Tracking says it arrives on 06/15/18. I paid for DDP service. Is that to the US Customs or to the actual Amazon FBA Warehouse? (I’m assuming it’s to Customs, not Amz) A: The estimated arrival date is for the final destination provided to UPS. If you check...
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We have an urgent message for you! The United States has stepped up its FBA clearance. Your shipment is in danger! In an emergency notice, the DHL said US government agencies had stepped up their clearance of imported FBA cargoes under the 321 Act (U.S. Customs Regulation 19 CFR 10.151.Sec 321). For any importers that meet...
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Q: Can Leelinesouring help me with my buying program? A: Yes, Leelinesourcing has a wide range of sourcing related services. Leelinesourcing services are especially valuable for (a) Established import companies who have existing purchasing programs and a lot of experience in China sourcing and who seek better control over their sources; (b) Importers who use agents and who prefer...
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Q: What is the timescale? A: Different projects will have different timelines, and we begin to work from receiving your order. We will take care of everything including arranging the logistics (the freight from the factory to the port, the shipping to the USA and the delivery from the USA port to your address – including...
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Q: FBA is so messed up. Anyone can accuse you of copyright infringement and then your listings gets removed and you’re screwed, you have to create a removal order make a whole new listing etc. They really need a better way to handle this, everyone is selling the same products but with a different label....
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Best Private Label Products For Small Business 2021 Retail companies are seeking new ways for entering in the market, and selling their products for brand loyalty. However, with the increase in the manufacturing costs, many retailers are now opting for private label product marketing. This guide will provide an in depth insight on the private...
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The purchasing agent assumes an essential part among the universal exchange currently in China, it is a scaffold for dealers and buyers, however, it is difficult for buyers to choose a decent purchasing agent in China as well.
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