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Q: Hi, I have just launched my first product. I got in touch with someone who helps in launches. When she looked at my listing, I was told to lower my price to a point that there is no more profit after PPC, and that I am in a very broad niche that it will...
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You must have a full understanding of the product you will sell before you start your niche business. This is how yo help you avoid business risks. In this post, Leeline Sourcing offers you a report analysis of the rubber hose business based on various statistics and research. It will analyze the market sales of rubber...
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To make your products profitable, you have to take into consideration many elements. Some of these elements include healthy competition, strong sales force, large market share and stable market demand. If you’re interested in selling highlighters, then this article will be a great source of information. We at Leelinesourcing want to share a industry report...
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