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Q: Can someone help explain to me how another seller can have a buy box for my product at a lower price on Amazon? A: Shouldn’t be possible if you’re not supplying any one else. Has someone ‘borrowed/hijacked’ your listing?This happened to us in January, so we flung our arms around in a fit of rage…...
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Q: I run PPC auto campaign for 3 weeks now, from the report, I see keywords but has no conversion on all KW. Should I run those KW on manual campaign? Will it help to boost sales? A: You should take the relevant, converting Custoemr Search Terms And add them to an exact match campaign.You...
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Q: Is it wise to get three or four suppliers send you samples before you choose the final supplier to place your order? A: Testing a sample is a must-do before placing the order, actually inspecting some random samples in your order before delivery is also necessary. I would ask for samples from 3 suppliers,...
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Q: What is the return limit % to keep from being banned from FBA? So far I am getting returns and it’s %10. Any ideas? Any Amazon rule to be considered? A: You don’t get banned your listing gets closed down but you can just relist it and tell Amazon how you’re fixing the problem....
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Q: Hi, I have just launched my first product. I got in touch with someone who helps in launches. When she looked at my listing, I was told to lower my price to a point that there is no more profit after PPC, and that I am in a very broad niche that it will...
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We often say that success cannot be replicated. However, we must also acknowledge that there are many self-improvement methods, skills and thinking that we can learn from other successful people. The same idea can be applied to Amazon’s operations where competitive analysis is a required course for every seller (especially new sellers and small sellers)....
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Q: If my product is getting a lot of impressions in ads but not too many clicks and the ACOS is low what should I do? A: Optimize your main picture, title, price. _____________________________ If you have any more questions about Amazon, please do get in touch so we can assist you in getting the right...
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Q: Any strategies for helping prevent Amazon from re-stocking customer returns? (By turning off the ‘Repackage Unsellable Customer Returns’ option, this simply tells Amazon to pull the product if it looks like it is unsellable upon return – which is determined solely by the underpaid/overworked warehouse worker.) A: If you use packaging that the customer basically...
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Q: I am thinking about putting my logo in the corner of each of my Amazon listing photos (except for the main image). It would be pretty small. Idea is to help get some brand recognition (it is the first product of this brand). Any thoughts on this? A: Well since people share pictures on...
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Q: I have a question who knows for how long we are blocked to not receive reviews by Amazon after massive deletion of reviews? A: Very good question. For me, it’s more then 21 days…so I guess the 3 weeks version it’s not real. _____________________________ If you have any more questions about Amazon, please do get in...
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