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shipping from china to amazon fba
Q: When sending directly from China to FBA, do you change the “ship from” address to your supplier’s address for FBA label? A:1. Either do you write your supplier, or address on the ‘ship from’, would be OK; 2. For fnsku sticker, you can label on any place of your sale unit, but advise to...
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Q: Hi, everyone! What do you think is the best and cheapest way to send 8 – 50lb boxes with oversized items to a fulfillment center? A: Pallet is the cheapest way to move oversized, heavy items. You will need to get a pallet that fits amazons standards as well as be able to shrink wrap....
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To ease cost pressures, the Mediterranean Shipping Company announced a temporary measure to deal with the rising prices. The Company imposed an emergency Bunker adjustment factor around the world due to rise in fuel prices. That has dramatically affected the Container Shipping Company’s operational environment. In a note to customers, the container shipping line said...
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Q: What is the way to pay border duty Tax when creating a shipment plan on FBA Seller central? A: Ask your supplier to give you a quote including all customs expenses. _____________________________ If you have any more questions about Amazon, please do get in touch so we can assist you in getting the right information....
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I often need to send samples and key components to my supplier in Shenzhen. I find that I have lots of problems when I send via air direct to Shenzhen, but not so many problems if I send via air to Hong Kong then overland into Shenzhen. Can you help explain this? 1. Local customs...
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