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To ease cost pressures, the Mediterranean Shipping Company announced a temporary measure to deal with the rising prices. The Company imposed an emergency Bunker adjustment factor around the world due to rise in fuel prices. That has dramatically affected the Container Shipping Company’s operational environment. In a note to customers, the container shipping line said...
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Q: I have a question. I have a very light-weight product that I would like to source, however the supplier is telling me that shipping is $600 for 1,000 units (via Air) is this around the normal range for a very light weight product or am I just being overcharged? A: That depends on how light they...
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Q: How not to lose money when sourcing from China? A: Sometimes the letter of credit states that funds transfer to the seller upon provision of bill of lading (meaning the goods are on the boat and ready to ship). However, if the seller shipped you a box of rocks, you wouldn’t know until after...
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Q.What are the advantages of working with Leeline sourcing? A. We are highly experienced at facilitating manufacturing in China and do not use agents. Our team based in China visit the factory directly to ensure you get the best price possible. We convey this information directly to you. This will improve your profit margin; we...
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Q: How can I know which Amazon warehouse to send my products to? A: You need to create the shipping plan on Amazon first, it will show the address of Amazon warehouse. For your reference, here are some resources relating to your situation: Amazon FBA logistics service How to Find A Suitable FBA Logistics Company...
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