Wholesale Bamboo Shoes Suppliers

LEELINESOURCING is your sourcing agent in China who handles supply chain management from product procurement to order fulfillment. With our savvy negotiating, your company’s bottom line can increase by as much as 40%. Pay Least Cash TO MAKE MORE MONEY By acquiring successful wholesale bamboo shoes.

Wholesale Bamboo Shoes Suppliers

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Wholesale Bamboo Sandals

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Wholesale Bamboo Slippers

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Wholesale Kids’ Bamboo Shoes

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Wholesale Men’s Bamboo Shoes

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Our Bamboo Shoes Manufacturing Services Include:

Sourcing product suppliers

Sourcing Bamboo Shoe Suppliers

You easily find suppliers for any specialized NICHE market with us. We guarantee a response to your inquiry within 2 business days. Your stock store is free for a whole month!

Bamboo Shoes Quality Control

Our quality assurance group checks each product several times to guarantee full SATISFACTION. Your products check based on their appearance, color, thickness, packaging, and quality.

Product Quality Control
Private Label & White Label

Private Label & White Label Bamboo Shoes

You have your trademarked logo printed on your products. It helps to raise your brand’s awareness among consumers and BOOST sales. Our distinctive packaging and premium products raise the worth of your company.

Dropshipping and Fulfillment

You sell BAMBOO shoes online without touching the stock with LEELINESOURCING. We combine your orders from the same customer into a single package and send to them. You reduce shipping costs without sacrificing revenue.

Dropshipping & Fulfillment

Hear it from fellow Bamboo Shoe Wholesaler

Leelinesourcing has become one of my preferred sourcing agencies. When I contact them, they begin sourcing low-cost, high-quality products and efficient services for my company.

– Johnny, California

Source Your Bamboo Shoes and Make Big Money

We offer the best wholesale price and high quality bamboo shoes to help you boost your business.

Top 7 Wholesale Bamboo Shoes Suppliers

How can you imagine the value of bamboo products is expected to reach $12.4 billion by 2032?

Surprisingly Yes!! 

The demand for bamboo shoes has also increased. WHOLESALE Bamboo shoes are the way to go if you want to stand out from the CROWD and boost your shoe sales.

We know what your CRITICAL consideration is. Finding a wholesaler who sells high-quality bamboo shoes at competitive prices.

YOU MUST be asking, “Where can I find bamboo wholesale shoe manufacturers?

LeelineSourcing experts have compiled a list of 7 top wholesale bamboo shoe suppliers. It helps you find trustworthy suppliers for your business. 

Keep on reading to find out everything you need to know about them.

Top 7 Wholesale Bamboo Shoe Suppliers

1. Hot Miami Shoes 

Hot Miami Shoes 

Hot Miami Shoes” is full of swanky footwear at bargain pricing. Their low pricing allows you to save money and increase your profits.

Hot Miami makes it simple to get wholesale quantities of stylish bamboo shoes. They add dozens of brand-new items daily to their already extensive inventory. 

Isn’t that awesome?

You shop CUTTING-EDGE and trendy bamboo wholesale shoes here. And get your order from all over the world. Their new “Follow Up” service helps you after your order’s departure.

2. Bamboo Shoes

Bamboo Shoes

When it comes to bamboo shoes wholesale, look no further than “BAMBOO SHOES.” Bamboo Shoes sells several kinds of shoes like flats, sandals, boots, wedges, and pumps at wholesale prices. Each pair of shoes is unique.

As a market leader, they consistently produce high-quality footwear for ladies. The Bamboo footwear collection features several styles, from sexy to professional.

You can visit their U.S. store to get up to 50% off on bamboo shoes.

HOW COOL! Right?

Not only that, all the shoes come with a 30-day money-back guarantee and FREE shipping on orders over $100.

Your customers may avoid FOOT ODOR in a completely natural method. Sneakers padded with bamboo will keep their feet dry and comfortable all day.

Your customers can wear BAMBOO SHOES year-round due to their thermoregulating properties. So, you sell the shoes from summer to winter in any season. They ship products to countries, including Europe, Southeast Asia, North and South America.

3. Shoe Sensation

Shoe Sensation

Do you want to sell the brand name BAMBOO SHOES? 

Shoe Sensation provides brand-name shoes for your whole clientele. You get exclusive deals and FREE shipping on all orders above $49.95.

Want to hear how awesome this is? 

You can take advantage of large price reductions when you buy in bulk from them. Using this method, you can avoid spending money on shipping, handling, and other minor fees.

The popular brands you’ll find at Shoe Sensation increase your sales. Because people already know, love, and trust them. 

4. Faire


Faire offers simple online wholesale ordering and great help from their staff. It is a global wholesale internet trading company. Faire integrates small businesses and MAJOR brands.

Your Faire portal ENABLES you TO keep track of leads and customers. You can also MANAGE communications with them in one place.

You get access to thousands of brands’ discounts when you sign up as a retailer.

They provide FREE returns on all opening orders to mitigate any concerns about trying a new brand for the first time. They’ll provide Prepaid return shipping labels if you’re not satisfied with your order.

Net 60 conditions allow retailers to buy and sell products without advance payment.

5. DHgate


You avoid middlemen and buy directly from the manufacturer’s factory on DHgate to cut costs. Your company gets a FANTASTIC opportunity to attract brand new clients thanks to the wide variety of products it offers.

Let’s take a closer view!!

Joining the platform and making use of it is completely free of charge. You also receive coupons for use on BULK orders. That ultimately reduces the final price of the goods purchased.

Your personal and financial details will be safe due to buyer protection and a safe payment mechanism. You can purchase wholesale bamboo sandals, boots, disposable slippers, etc.

Suggested reading: Is DHgate Safe?

6. Alibaba


You should expect a healthy markup on ALIBABA since many items come directly from China.

You find millions of options for your footwear business on Alibaba. You can make completely original, personalized designs from the beginning.

Wait, Wait, That’s not all!!

Buy in LARGE quantities from the manufacturer to maximize your profit.

New users get a leg up on the competition with so many options. The company’s Trade Assurance program protects all payments made through Alibaba. You shouldn’t worry about phony Transactions.

Suggested reading: How To Buy From Alibaba: Ultimate Guide

7. Made in China

Made in China

Do you ever think of acquiring 40 million product information in one place? Not only that, you get 6,000,000+ registered Chinese suppliers and 3800+ categories as well.

YES, that’s “Made in China.” The site is full of unusual, stylish, and top-quality stuff.

Cool, Right?

It is the TREASURE of Chinese products. There is so much available here that you won’t run out of stock.

You shouldn’t worry about authenticity with Made-in-China since all top suppliers are VERIFIED.

You get many benefits if you create an account with them. Members can place, accept, complete and deliver online orders with minimal effort. Buyers can use their tools to find out hot-selling bamboo shoes. 

How to find wholesale bamboo shoe manufacturers?

Shoes’ quality depends on the manufacturer. So, make sure you choose a reputable and right supplier.

Follow the techniques outlined here. You’ll have no trouble finding reliable wholesale suppliers of bamboo shoes.

#Step1: Find out hot sellers 

The first step is determining which wholesale bamboo shoe suppliers are most popular. You enter the keyword “bamboo shoe” into Google Trends. This free website provides data on searches and INTEREST over time. This comprehensive data will enhance your bamboo shoe-sourcing performance.

#Step2: Search bamboo manufacturers

Using the INTERNET is a way to find reliable bamboo shoe suppliers. There are lots of wholesalers online that sell all types of products. You can also use the supplier’s directories to find the best suppliers of bamboo shoes. Make a list of all the wholesale suppliers.

#Step3: Check the reliability

It is important to know which one has a good reputation. Ask around before you decide to do business with any supplier. Look for a reputable company that sells only high-quality goods. Find reviews of their products and also ask them to provide references of past customers.

#Step4: Check quality and wholesale prices

You should pay attention to the price of the shoes, style, design, and other factors. Avoid buying cheap shoes from unreliable suppliers, because the quality of the shoes will be poor. Consider consumer feedback when choosing wholesale providers.

#Step5: Select wholesale manufacturer and order

Finally, you get a list of reliable bamboo shoe manufacturers. Select the best one among them and place your order.

Suggested reading: Best 10 China Shoes Markets

Looking for the Best China Sourcing Agent?

Leeline Sourcing helps you find factories, get competitive prices, follow up production, ensure quality and deliver products to the door.

FAQs about Wholesale Bamboo Shoes

How do you attract customers?

It’s all about how you present your business. Build trust and brand awareness to help customers trust your brand.
You can provide great customer service. From there, you confidently move forward and let your products and services speak for themselves.

Can I sell my shoe design to Nike?

No, Never. The submission of DESIGNS and artwork was not considered by Nike. They even don’t consider copyright registrations, slogans, trademarks, or other similar materials.

Which website is best for selling shoes?

The Best websites for selling shoes are-
• Third-party markets like Amazon and eBay.
• Social networking sites like Instagram and Facebook.
• Your own web store using a platform like Shopify.
• Specialized shoe markets like StockX and GOAT.

What’s Next

The wholesale price of Bamboo shoes is extremely cheap. But you must know where to source. To make a high profit, ensure your supplier has TOP-NOTCH products. They provide fast service and give you a solid return on investment.

For your convenience, our experts have researched and gathered all the information. The above-mentioned BAMBOO SHOE suppliers are among the best in their manufacturing fields. Choose one of these 7 suppliers according to the requirements of your company.

Any Doubt about the suppliers of wholesale bamboo shoes? Contact us Immediately.

We have an expert team here to assist you in locating desirable products.

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