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How to Import Wholesale Dresses from China: The Definitive Guide

Getting wholesale dresses from China can improve your business’s performance. However you’ll need to have a realiable supplier for it.

The apparel industry offers great margins for profit. Those who have instead of getting wholesale dresses from China are benefiting from various perks.

From low costs to high variety, you can get numerous benefits of importing wholesale dresses from China.

This definitive guide will show you how you to import wholesale dressed from China. In addition, it will guide through supplier selection so that you may choose reliable suppliers.

Wholesale Dresses From China

Why Import Dresses From China Wholesalers?

China is the biggest manufacturing country in the world. It offers a wide range of products and benefits during purchase. Here is why importing dresses from China wholesalers is a good idea:

China Offers Affordable Prices For Dresses Ordered

One of the biggest perks that you can have is affordability. Importing dresses from China wholesalers brings affordability.

As highlighted earlier, manufacturing costs are low in China. This leads to an increase in the number of products to be manufactured.

You can easily source a variety of different dresses at affordable rates. Getting those dresses from someplace else would probably cost you double the amount that you’ll be getting from Chinese suppliers.

China Offers Trendy And Latest Dresses

Another reason why importing dresses from Chinese wholesalers is that they offer the latest trends.

 There’s no point in manufacturing dresses when they can’t relate to the current market trends. That is why manufacturers in China keep an eye on the latest trends to make sure they bring the best for the clients.

In addition, these manufacturers are also in contact with many renowned fashion brands in the world.

The reason is the same; China offers affordable manufacturing. Brands often opt for Chinese manufacturers because it reduces their overall costs. Keeping the products in mind, the manufacturers often alter the design and amend the finished product.

As a result, they’re able to create multiple new products from one design. This leads to an increase in inventory for the manufacturers. Hence, you can see the latest fashion trends that you can pick to sell from your business.

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China Offers A Variety Of Dresses With High-Quality

Again, the reason why importing dresses from Chinese wholesalers is the variety of products. From the latest fashion trends to spectacular dresses, you can find almost every kind of dress from the market.

You can even find dresses based on quality and price. The better the quality, the higher will be the price. However, it’s not high from other brands, and you can easily engage in profits by selling those products from your business platform.

A Variety Of Dresses With High-Quality

What Are The Challenges In Cooperation With China Dresses Supplier?

Even though getting wholesale dresses from China comes with many perks, there are still some issues to be considered. Here are the challenges that you can face in cooperating with a chinses dress supplier:


The first and foremost issue is the language barrier. You’ll have to be an expert or find someone who is an expert in Chinese to seamlessly communicate with suppliers.

This is important because you don’t want to miscommunicate the requirements. It might be not an issue for smaller requirements.

However, ordering big shipments with such a barrier can result in catastrophic results. Imagine getting a shipment of dresses that are for middle-aged women when you’re selling children apparel.

That is why communication becomes the major barrier while cooperating with Chinese dress suppliers.

Trading Policy

The trading policies also hinder cooperation with Chinese suppliers. Every country has its trading policies.

Apart from that, every supplier market has different trading policies too. You need to know what those trading policies are so that you can make a profitable contract. Some policies may include pricing, manufacturing processes, payments, etc.

Trading Policy

Time Difference

Another reason why collaborating with Chinese suppliers is difficult is because of the time difference.

If you’re living in other countries such as United States, UK, etc. you’ll need to manage the time difference for communicating with your supplier.

One solution to this is that you can place a team in China. This team will be responsible for collaborating with the suppliers.

Since the team will be cooperating with the suppliers, you’ll not have to worry about losing any communication.

Culture Difference

Cultural management is also important. There are norms that are considered a part of any society in a good way.

However, the same norms can be considered bad in other countries. That is why you should know the cultural boundaries before cooperating with any supplier.

This will allow you to gain their respect and you’ll be able to get seamlessness in the proceedings.

Culture Difference

Common Types Of Dresses To Wear

Here are some of the common types of dresses to wear that you can choose to import.

Slip Dress

Elegant and beautiful, the slip dress was designed in an undergarment design. This elegant dress comes with spaghetti straps that along with the hanging dress.

It closely resembles a petticoat that can be used for parties and dinners. The dress looks exceptional for every woman and can be cut according to the shape and body.

The use of lace and sheer elements on the dress can even elevate the existing beauty of the dress. If you’re looking to engage buyers, then this might be the dress to start from.

Bodycon Dress

Specially made to make woman body alluring and prominent, the bodycon dress is the perfect choice for someone that wants to be turn heads in a party.

The dress is made from a starchy material and fits around the body perfectly. Though you would need to find the right size based on your figure and cup size.

Size is important because you don’t want to rip this beautiful dress of yours just because you opted for a tight one.

It’s the perfect gift that any guy can give to his girl. This makes it the right choice for you to import it from China wholesale dress suppliers.

Skater Dress

Similar to a frock, the skater dress was inspired by skaters that wore a fitted dress for the top with a frock like a skirt on the bottom.

They are elegant and can be opted for females, including girls. One of the amazing things about this dress is that it allows you to show off your heels.

Ladies take time to choose the right kind of shoes and heels that can pair with the dress fantastically.

This also gives you the opportunity for using the skater dress to direct the customers towards your shoe collection on the store.

Skater Dress

Maxi Dress

Maxi dresses are a combination of top fitting and loose-fitting clothing style. It comes with a top form that fits around the chest area.

The lower part is followed in a loosely cut position. It’s a great choice to wear as it is the most common.

This wardrobe staple can be worn by women on different occasions. Another amazing element about it is that it’s available in different patterns, colours and fabrics that can be chosen as needed.

Hence opting for this kind of dress for your featuring on your business is a great choice that you can consider.

Bardot Dress

If you’re looking for sexy dresses wholesale items, then this is the right one to choose. The Bardot dress is all about glamour.

It comes with the glam, leaving the shoulders naked while covering the chest and thighs. It creates a sweepingly elegant neckline, which is also one of the signs that you can identify this dress from.

Hence picking this dress for a dinner or formal night out will be the best option. This also provides an opportunity for you to get this amazing dress on your site. However, you’ll need a reliable China dress wholesaler for getting the best products.

Sheath Dress

The sheath dress is what you can call perfect for the office and outdoors. It is a tight fitted dress that covers below the waistline.

The skirt portion is also fitted which makes it even more alluring. Many women opt for the sheath dress because it’s perfect to be worn for professional purposes such as attending office hours, meetings or going to corporate dinners.

That is why having this amazing dress on your list is the right option. There are different variants for this dress available as well that you can easily source.

Pinafore Dress

The pinafore dress is a sleeveless dress that resembles like an apron. However, it is better to resemble it with a jumper that can be worn over a blouse.

It’s simple, stylish and elegant. Which is why it can be worn for outdoors, camping, barbeque or even going shopping.

Many women that like to wear tight-fitting but casual dresses often opt for this dress. That is why if you’re looking for something to enlarge your inventory, then this is the dress to add.

Pinafore Dress

Mermaid Dress

Perfect for a wedding dress, the mermaid dress is the most elegant of all. Although it’s a bit hard to carry the appeal is surely jaw-dropping.

As evident from the name this dress comes in a mermaid-like shape. The upper body can be designed in any way.

From tight complete fitting to the low neck, anything can be chosen. The lower body is cut in a mermaid-like structure; hence it’s called a mermaid dress.

It’s a great choice that you can pick for your store, which would enable to attract potential customers.

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3 Best Wholesale Dresses Suppliers in China

Now that you know what kind of dresses you should get for your store, it’s time to choose the best wholesaler dresses suppliers in China. Here are some of the reliable suppliers that you can choose from:


LeelineSourcing has been offering competitive services for the past many years. The company has experience in sourcing solutions and offer competitive rates and results.

That is what makes it an appealing choice for those that are looking to import wholesale dresses from China.

From finding the best products to seamlessly cooperation, you get the best range of solutions from the firm.

How LeelineSourcing Help You import from China and make money from Online Amazon Business.


Alibaba is the biggest retailer in the world that you can find in terms of B2B workability. It’s a great option when you need to source Chinese products.

That is why it’s also a viable choice when you need to look for suppliers for importing wholesale dresses from China.

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LightintheBos is one of the leading suppliers that you can contact if you’re looking for suppliers in China. They have the latest trends and provide amazing products.

You can also take advantage of their deals and discount offers that are available during different seasons.

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5 Tips For Wholesale Dresses From China

Now that you know why importing dresses form China is a great choice, it’s time to follow some tips that will allow you to buy wholesale dresses from China

1.Buy In Bulk

The first thing to do is to find someone and order in bulk. Ordering one or two products will not lead you to anywhere in finding the right kind of suppliers.

That is why you need someone that is offering bulk products that you can buy. Buying bulk will minimize the risk of faulty products.

You don’t have to worry that one of two products may be faulty when you’ll have the entire lot for it.

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2.Stick With Timeless Styles

Sticking with evergreen styles is important.

You don’t want to have products that are going to end after some time with you still having them in stock. That is why choose the styles that are most popular and will stay for a long time.

3.Check For What People Wear At Present

Having the trendiest of the products is important. That is why you can take a look at the products that are available in the market and are under focus by the customers.

Doing this will allow you to take control of the products in your inventory by keeping the ones that are under the focus of the customers.

4.Many Dresses Wholesalers Lack Export Licenses

Before even ordering dresses from wholesales you need to look for someone that is reliable and has the license for selling wholesale dresses.

That is why when you’re working with any supplier, you need to find someone that is licensed and insured. A licensed supplier will provide reliable products and you’ll be able to get the best service.

5.‘Made For China’ Products Are Not Compliant With Foreign Labelling Requirements

If you see made for China on your products then make sure to get them changed or don’t buy at all. As highlighted earlier, every trader and supplier have their policies.

Based on that, chinses products carry different compliances that aren’t compatible with foreign labelling requirements.

That is why you should take a look at the labelling of the goods so that your goods can be approved on foreign soil.

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FAQ For Wholesale Dresses From China

Here are some FAQs that will help you in sourcing wholesale dresses from China:

What Is MOQ For Dresses?

Based on the country that you’re ordering from, the minimum order quantity will vary accordingly.

The MOQ for products imported from different countries such as China is usually higher. It’s because these countries are manufacturing countries that produce in bulk.

How Much Is Tariff When Importing Dresses From China?

Almost less than $2500 is imposed with $6-$9 per every shipment.

How To Ship Your Dresses Order From China?

You can use different shipping methods that are prescribed by the supplier. You can ask for their services or even send your freight from your location.

Apart from that, you can choose freight forwarding that will enable quick delivery.

What Type Of Paperwork Is Involved When I Import Dresses From China?

There are several papers you need. These include a bill of entry, commercial invoice, important license, insurance certificate, purchase order, airway bill, etc.

How Long Will It Take To Get The Dresses To My Country?

It depends upon the shipment method that you’ve chosen for your goods. Even so, the average shipment can take about 1 to 2 weeks to get to your location.

How To Verify A Real Dresses Factory On Alibaba?

Ask the seller for their license and even ask for a sample. Both of these ways will illustrate whether the seller is reliable or scammer. In this way, you’ll be able to get real dresses from Alibaba.

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How To Check The Quality Of The Dresses?

There are various ways that it can be checked. From seeing their texture in bright light to pulling of the fabric you can get to know the quality of the dresses easily.

How Leelinesourcing Help You Wholesale Dresses From China Efficiently

Here’s how leelineSourcing helps you wholesale dresses from China efficiently:

1.Guide You To Find Right Suppliers

The foremost thing is to find the right suppliers. You need someone that will offer competitive services as well as provide reliable products at the best rates.

That is why it’s important to look for reliable suppliers. LeelineSourcing works in a similar manner. It offers competitive sourcing services that allow finding the best suppliers for your needs.

2.Private Label Solutions

If you’re looking to establish your private label business, you’ll need the assistance of LeelineSourcing.

The company offers competitive services in establishing your private label business. Moreover, it helps source the right kind of suppliers that are willing to participate as private label suppliers.

3.Confirm And Follow-Up Your Order

One of the most important thing about coordination with the suppliers is to get communicated regarding its progress.

You need someone that can ensure that your order is underway and is being prepped by the supplier. LeelineSourcing offers competitive services in this matter.

It brings the best communication for your needs, enabling you to get your order updated real-time.

 The company follows up on your order so that you may get coordinated regarding the progress.

4.Best Quality Control And Inspection Services

Apart from order preparation, you need to have quality insured products. This is perhaps the most important element because you don’t want to have your profile ruined because of poor quality products reaching your customers.

That is why LeelineSourcing comes in this matter with its assistance. It ensures the quality isn’t compromised at any step and that the product quality is established according to your requirements. Moreover, it offers reliable solutions for quality inspections as well.

5.Expert In Paperwork To Clear Customs

Now that your product is ready you need someone that can get it cleared through customs. Fortunately, LeelineSourcing is the one that you can count on without any doubt.

It comes prepared with all the paperwork that is needed to get your order cleared from the customs.

Apart from that, you can expect to have reliable shipment proceedings because that is what LeelineSourcing offers.

6.Best Logistics Solution For Your Orders

One of the most appealing elements about this firm is that it comes prepared for all the job and offers reliable services that you can count on.

In doing so, LeelineSourcing offers the best logistics solutions for its clients. From order monitoring to real-time tracking of the order, you get to enjoy competitive logistics solutions that are second to none.

This also ensures the safety of your goods and you’re able to receive the shipment without any hassle. Not to mention the clearance that the firm gets from customs when the shipment leaves and reaches the destination.

In other words, you can count on LeelineSourcing for offering top of the line sourcing solutions that are second to none.

Best Logistics Solution

Final Thoughts On Wholesale Dresses From China

Getting wholesale dresses from China can prove to be quite beneficial. Not only you get better profit margins but also get a wide range of variety that you can choose from.

Make sure that you get connected with a reliable supplier. In addition, you can even take help from a third party sourcing company such as LeelineSourcing to help you assist in this matter.

Choose the right kind of supplier, get the best dresses and sell them without any hassle.

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