How To Choose Suppliers When Wholesale From China

Sharline Shaw

The Chinese economy has shown tremendous growth over the last years. That’s why; demand for Chinese products has been increased all over the world.

China has also become a leading producer and owns the top wholesale market in the world.

Therefore, China offers a fantastic platform to earn high profits for those to buy in bulk from China.

If you want to know about how to source from China and how you can get the best suppliers for your bulk buying, continue the reading.

The article will provide you an ultimate guideline in this regard.

How To Choose Suppliers When Buying In Bulk From China

Why Buy In Bulk From China?

There are many advantages to buying the products in bulk. Above all, it reduces the price per unit item, and it is a significant advantage.

While you are purchasing the products, you almost save the money on every product. It can be a small difference, but if you bought the products frequently, the money would be added up rapidly.

When you buy in bulk from China, it makes your products further cheaper. Beside it, the bulk buying enables you to keep the products in stock. And in this way, you may not face a shortage of products.

Bulk buying is environmentally friendly, as it requires less packaging peruse than the smaller purchases. Furthermore, buying in bulk makes it easier to handle the products.

Why Buy In Bulk From China

How To Buy In Bulk From China?

You can easily buy in bulk from China and can earn a huge profit by reselling the goods. You can purchase the products from China through the following platforms.

·   Canton Fair

Canton Fair is held in Guangzhou, China, twice a year. It is one of the largest sourcing shows in the world.

The trade show offers a platform to all the traders from all over the world to connect. Both the suppliers and buyers can use this platform to sell or buy the products.

The trade shows give a great platform to the suppliers where they can display their products and can attract buyers.

At the same time, the buyers can get a chance to contact with the suppliers. They can ask about their products and can ask any questions related to their products.

The canton trade show consists of three phases. The first phase of this trade covers the electronics.

The second phase includes consumer goods, gifts, home decor items, and the third phase offers textile, garments, shoes, and office supplies.

If you are going to purchase in bulk from China, visit the trade show, get a chance to meet the suppliers, and purchase the Chinese goods.

·   Global Sources Tradeshow

Just like the Canton Fair, the Global Sources Tradeshow is another excellent way to get access to Chinese products direct from the factory. This trade show happens twice a year.

The Global Sources Tradeshow has happened just before the Canton Fair in Hong Kong. So, you can get access to both the shows through your single trip.

The critical difference between both the trade shows is that the Global Sources Tradeshow focuses on the education of the traders.

During this tradeshow, a conference is held, where they try to teach you how to run a successful business.

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Global Sources Tradeshow

·   Yiwu Wholesale Marketplace

It is the biggest marketplace in China. You can get a variety of different products at small prices. Unlike trade shows, the market is opened every day.

You can get a huge variety of products here. The suppliers provide everyday goods from different categories, such as handbags, accessories, textiles, watches, and many other goods.

You should understand that the suppliers at this platform are not the manufacturers. Instead, most of the merchants that you find here are trading companies.

It is the best place to get cheap products at low prices. Well, the products that you will get from here do not have any brand. The marketplace may also offer you free shipping of products.

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·    Panjiva and Import Genius

Most of the people do not know that every single shipment is documented on the public record.  And you can find where these companies are providing their products by simply searching in the public record.

You can learn about all shipments that a company has made by just typing its name and who was the manufacture of the goods.

So, if you see any product online, you can get the one easily ad can reach the exact manufacturer.

·    Jungle Scout Supplier Database

Panjiva and Import Genius was the first company that allows people to search for the US import database. But you can get all the required information through Jungle Scout Supplier Databases, at a cheap rate.

So, with your just one click, you can find where your Amazon suppliers are sourcing their products. Beside it, you can also search what exactly they are providing to their consumers.

Jungle Scout

Top 6 Chinese Suppliers Websites

Many people want to import the Chinese goods, but coming to China personally to find the legitimate supplier can be a hassle or entirely impossible for some.

The easy solution to get reliable Chinese wholesalers is searching them through the Chinese wholesale websites. You can get not only reliable suppliers but also the high-quality Chinese products this way.

The following are the leading Chinese wholesale websites, which lead you to reliable suppliers.

·   Alibaba

When you think about buying in bulk from China, the name only name which comes in the mind of everyone is Alibaba.

Alibaba offers a wide range of products and suppliers. But it can be a difficult task for those who do not know how to differentiate between a fake and legitimate supplier.

While searching for reliable suppliers, you need to focus on the product. With time as you will get the experience, you can get to know how the best supplier for your business is.

Generally, at Alibaba, the consumer goods will have a minimum order quantity, except large machines and other electrical products. The minimum order quantity at this platform is from $500 to $5000.

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·   AliExpress

At the AliExpress, the big sellers are either factories or trading companies. Factories can prepare a large number of products, and the companies have enough funds to buy the goods.

Mostly, companies purchase goods from factories in bulk and resell them at low prices at AliExpress.

The other group of suppliers that you will find here is the small sellers, who are just beginners at AliExpress. And they want to expand their business by attracting a large number of buyers.

Therefore, they sell their products very cheaply. So, as a result, you can get Chinese goods at a meager price.

·   DHgate

At this platform, you will get the factories and small or medium-sized trading companies. The factories can offer a great variety of goods.

The small or medium trading companies purchase goods from the factories. These companies just made the inventories, until you do not buy the products.

Here you may not get the same product from the same supplier all the time. Therefore, whenever you made reorder, try confirming first that the same product will be available from the same supplier or not.

The company does not have any minimum order quantity. You can purchase either a single piece or even in bulk. But the price of products can vary according to the amount you are purchasing.

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Aliexpress vs Dhgate Which is better

·   Global Source

The suppliers are mostly factories and large trading companies. It is tough for small companies to enter the market, as it requires a lot of funds.

The company sold the products in bulk, as a single product may not offer much product margin. The delivery time here is almost 25 days, and it can vary according to your geographical locality.

The company takes a lot of time because the goods are not in stock and they have to manufacture them.

·   Made In China

Just like other companies, you can get products from both companies and factories. The company is well known for providing high-quality goods at the lowest prices. And you may have to wait for three weeks to get your product.

To connect with the supplier, you can use the chat now and send an inquiry. The company offers you many ways to make the payments. But to make the money transfer more reliable, you can negotiate with the supplier.

·   Yiwu go

On this platform, small commodities are sold, and you can find the complete list of products from various categories.

Most of the suppliers have come from the Yiwu international city, which they have a factory.

The minimum order quantity may vary from supplier to supplier. You can get just one piece, while in other cases, you have to purchase at least ten items. The price of the products may vary according to the purchased quantity.

You can contact the supplier through send inquiry, or click the contact. And both of these options will provide you all the personal details of the supplier like phone number, email address, and many others.


 Top 18 China Suppliers Markets for All Products

Bags, jewelry, clothes, toys, electronics, and a lot more, indeed, you can get everything from the China wholesale markets.

Chinese markets are considered to be the best place if you want to purchase high-quality goods at a low price.

Here top 18 suppliers from different product categories have been provided. You can look up for any one of them to get Chinese products at the lowest possible prices.

·   Bags

To buy items in bulk, China is the correct destination for your search. You can the desired products at the economical price, which offers a massive profit margin to the wholesalers.

The following are the best places to get bags in China.

Guihua Gang Leather Bags Market

To buy the best leather products, you need to visit China. The world’s largest leather market is in China. It is the largest leather market in china.

It is the wholesale market for leather products, and if you want to get the high quality of leather goods, you should visit this place. Furthermore, the market also has the most significant sales volume.

The market has more than 5,000 leather brands. You can find many top brands such as Marino Orlandi, MARSHAL, Crocodile, Valentino, Juden, Valentino Rudy, Napoleoris Dieam and Dissona.

If you want to visit the market, its address is 1107 Jiefang North Road, Sanyuanli, Guangzhou.

Baoding Baigou Bags & Cases Trading Market

It is the most important place to buy professional bags and cases at the wholesale price. It is also known as The Bags & Cases Capital of China.

The market not only fulfills the needs of the country but also export the bags to different other countries like Russia, Australia, France, and many other countries.

Indeed more than 100 countries and other geographical get the bags ad cases from this marketplace.

If you want to visit the market, 236 Fuqiang Road, Gaobeidian, Baoding, Hebei is its location.

Reusable Bags

·   Electronic

With time, China has become one of the largest suppliers for electronic goods. China is considered to be the hub of electronics.

The following are the major suppliers of Chinese goods. You can visit them to get the best electronic products.

Huaqiang Bei Electronic World

Huaqiang Bei Electronics World is the world’s largest electronic market. The small or medium businesses used to visit this place every day so that they can get the electronics goods at the lowest prices.

You can find more than 50 electronic markets in Huaqiang Bei, and almost all of them are engaged in the phones.

So, it can be said that you can assemble your phone here by getting all the required components from the market.

1015 Hua Qiang N Rd, Futian District, Shenzhen, Guangdong is the address of the market, go and buy products in bulk at the lowest possible price.

The low cost of Chines products gives a vast space to the wholesalers to earn the profit margin.

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Yiwu International Trade City, District 2

It is China’s largest platform for the small commodity export bases and the world’s largest wholesale market for the electronics.

The market has an area of almost 4 million square meters, 70,000 booths, and more than 200,000 passengers flow daily.

The market has been divided into five districts; you can visit any one of them according to your requirements.

District 2 offers you a wide range of products from different categories like suitcases, bags, umbrella, hardware tools, and electrical products.

So, if you want to buy the Chinese electronic products, visit this district.

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Electronics and Media

·   Hardware

Chinese markets are getting popularity all over the world, as they are providing a fantastic product to their customers across the globe.

To get the best hardware products, visit the following places.

China Technology Hardware City

China’s technology hardware city is the largest hardware market in China. And it is the third-largest hardware market in the world.

The market has spread over more than 1 million square meters. You can get the machinery hardware, decoration hardware, daily hardware, tools hardware, building hardware, and electrical equipment.

The market offers thousands of products from more than 19 categories.

According to estimation, if this market does not produce the hardware products for just one day, the whole world will face hardware products shortage.

You can visit this great marketplace at Wangchun E Road, Yongkang, Jinhua, Zhejiang.

Shanghai Hardware City

It is said that Shanghai Hardware city is the first market of hardware products in the world. Shanghai Hardware City is the largest commercial market in the town.

And this marketplace tries to facilitate through convenient transportation and peripheral manufacturing industry.

It is Asia’s largest hardware industrial exhibition center, information center, and procurement center. This platform allows the production and sales of the hardware products in one place.

You can visit this marketplace at 60, Lane 5000, Baoqian Road, Jiading District, Shanghai.


·    Glasses

If you want to get the glass and glass products of high quality from china, you can visit the under given marketplaces.

China Danyang Glasses City

Danyang Glasses City, Guangzhou Glasses City, and Beijing Glasses City; are the leading wholesale markets of the china. You can get all the required from here very quickly.

The China Danyang Glasses City fulfills more than 55% of world demand. You can also get the high-speed train sponsored by the Danyang.

You can visit this amazing marketplace at: 1 Chezhan Rd, Danyang Shi, Zhenjiang, Jiangsu.

Duqiao Zhejiang Glasses City

This city is one of the four significant glasses of cities in China. You can find many glass factories here, which can meet the self-production and self-marketing.

Besides providing the products in the local market, the city also fulfills the demand of customers from all over the world.

Besides the wholesale business, you can also have the optometry here. The wholesale price of cheap frames can cost more than $4.

If you want to get these products in wholesale, visit this marketplace at 283 Fuqian Street, Duqiao Town, Linhai, Taizhou.


·    Toys

To get the best toys, you can visit China. As many markets in China deal only with the toys, and you can buy the stuff in bulk.

Furthermore, the toys give you a huge profit margin as you can capture the attention of kids very easily.

Wanling Plaza

Wanling plaza consists of more than six floors, and all of them give you a wide variety of toys from different categories.

You can get all types of toys, such as remote control, education, and boutique.

Besides, you can also get a satisfying item in this market. You can gift all of these goods to your loved ones as they are perfect in quality.

The shops are decorated like the boutiques so that the customers may get attracted. Therefore, the shoppers do have hell fun of shopping over here. And kids may feel like they are in the fairy tale’s world.

Go and visit this fantastic place at 39 Jiefang South Road, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou.

Shantou Chenghai Plastic City

Chenghai District is also known as China Toys City and is supported by the Chinese government. At the present day, this city has more than 50,000 types of crafts for Christmas, remote control air crafts, cars, and many others.

You can get more than 100 new products there every month. You can get various products as a result of this weigh, as the suppliers are manufacturers too. Therefore, you can get all the products at low prices.

To visit these stores, go to 66 Zhongshan North Road, Chenghai District, Shantou, Guangdong.


·   Stationery

Well, this product category has a huge profit margin. Every child needs stationery and demands for attractive and unique goods. You can get all the required from China and can sell them in the local market to get a massive profit.

Guangzhou Chaoyang Stationery Market

Guangzhou Chaoyang stationery market is the largest marketplace for the trade of stationary, where you can get a wide variety of products under one roof. It is considered to bet the best place to buy high-quality stationery items.

The market has a large warehouse, so you do not need to worry about the availability of the goods.

They used to have more than enough products to fulfill the demands of the customers. In this wholesale marketplace, you can get a pen at $3 whose worth is more than $10.

Go and visit this market at 238 Huadi Avenue, Liwan District, Guangzhou.


·   Socks

Surprisingly, socks also offer a high-profit margin. Therefore, most of the traders used to get the socks at low prices and sell unique products at high prices to earn the profit.

Datang Stocking Industry Market

The market has become the largest distribution center for the hosiery machines in China. The annual turnover of this market is more than one hundred million Yuan.

The market has been divided into more four significant portions, i.e., textile raw materials, socks, hosiery machines, and physical distribution.

You can find the stores of well-renowned brands such as Yves Saint Laurent, Dunhill, and Valentino here. If you want to visit this marketplace, go to Yongping Road, Zhuji, Shaoxing, Zhejiang.


·   Clothes

The textile industry offers a huge profit margin to all the traders. Chinese clothes are available at low prices, and you can earn a huge profit margin by selling them. The following are the most popular marketplaces for getting the right quality clothes at high prices.

Hangzhou Evergreen Clothing Market

It is the largest clothing market. Hangzhou evergreen clothing market is composed of the Yifa clothing market, Zhidi International clothing market, New Hangpai clothing market, and many others.

It is the second-largest clothing market in China and earns almost 10 billion Yuan per year. The market deals with the wholesalers. You can get clothes from all the categories very quickly.

You can visit the market at 31-59 Hanghai Road, Jianggan District, Hangzhou, Zhejiang.

Guangzhou Baima Clothing Market

Because of its geographical location, this marketplace is well famous all over the globe. The market is near the Guangzhou Railway Station, 2 Km away from the Old Canton fair buildings.

The market is the largest clothing market in China, with the highest turnover in Guangzhou. You can get high-quality women clothes.

Well, you might find the clothes a little bit expensive over here as compared to other markets. Therefore, the quality of the clothes is quite good.

All the staff is prepared in the local market. Therefore, the market tries to provide high-quality goods. You can visit the store at 16 Zhannan Road, Yuexiu District Guangzhou.


·  Machinery & Accessories

With time, China has become self-sufficient, and therefore, the country is supplying its goods all over the world. These days you can found Chinese all around you.

The Chinese markets offer high-quality goods at low prices; therefore, they are getting the attention of buyers from all over the world.

The following are the best stores for getting pieces of machinery and other accessories from China.

Linyi Car & Motorcycle Fittings Town

Linyi Car & Motorcycle Fittings Town is the largest trade center of motor vehicles and their parts; in East China. Here you can get auto parts, agricultural machinery parts, motorcycle parts, car accessories, tires, and many more.

·  Commodity

Besides the fantastic products, the Chinese market is also well known for providing high-quality raw materials and other products. You can visit the under marketplace to get the raw materials at the wholesale price.

Wuai Small Commodity Wholesale Market

It is the biggest commodity distribution center in China. This great marketplace covers more than 1.2 million square meters. You can visit the store at 65 Renao Road, Shenhe District, Shenyang, Liaoning.


·   Jewelry

Jewelry offers a huge profit margin to traders from all over the world. You can get huge amount of audience and potential buyers by providing unique and trendy items.

The following is the best place to get trending jewelry.

Shuibei International Jewellery Exchange Center

It is the largest platform where everyone can get high-quality jewelry from China. The market manages the silver, pearl, jadeite, gem and precious metal, and many more.

This market has a lot of buyers from all over the world; therefore, they are earning millions of Yuan annually.

Here you can get more than 500 gold jewelry manufacturers, and the annual industrial output value exceeds 50 billion Yuan.

You can get the fabulous jewelry at 2 Beili North Road, Luohu District, Shenzhen Shi, Guangdong.

·   Shoes

Along with clothes, shoes also offer a massive profit margin. The customers demand trending and unique products, and Chinese markets are providing all the required goods quite efficiently. You can visit Guangzhou Metropolis Shoes City to get the best shoes.

Guangzhou Metropolis Shoes City

In addition to leather products, Guangzhou is providing shoes to its customers from different parts of this world. According to a survey, you can get more than 90% of the suppliers in this market.

You can visit this market place at 88 Jiefang South Road, Guangzhou.


How To Choose A Supplier When Buying In Bulk From China?

The supplier is a crucial but most important factor for the success of your business. You rely on the suppliers for the supply of goods.

They play a vital role in making your journey successful. If they supply you products of low, you may also ruin all of your money and efforts.

So, you need to choose the supplier wisely and must consider the under given critical factors while selecting a Chinese supplier.

·    A Large Minimum Order

While searching for the best suppliers for your business, you may encounter many who do not ask for any MOQ.

But contrary to this, there will be many suppliers who will ask you many requirements and one of them is MOQ.

So, whenever you search for the supplier, ask them about their MOQ. If their minimum order quantity suits you, you may do the deal; otherwise, search for the alternative.

·    Long Lead Times

Try to get a supplier who can supply you with the required products as early as possible. The customers are essential for any business, and they do not wait long to get the orders. So, you have to provide their required goods as early as possible.

If a supplier takes a long time to prepare the products, you can move on to the other. Try to choose the one who can supply you with all the products in the minimum time, as it is the only way to maintain the traffic at your store.

·   Quality Control

The quality of goods is the only factor which can make the customers happy and can make your business a success story.

So, when you fix the deal with the supplier, try to ask for the samples. And you can also visit the factory to check the quality of goods.

·   Payment Methods

It is a very crucial factor; try to choose a reliable way of money transfer. You need to be very wise while transferring the money, as a wrong decision may destroy all of your efforts.

·   Shipping Methods

Shipment and shipping methods affect the businesses at the international level. You need to consider the cost and shipping charges in mind while selecting a shipping method.

Try to choose the one which can deliver you all the products in no time with minimum expenses.

How To Contact And Negotiate With A Supplier?

The most crucial step that comes in every business is to search the supplier to source the products.

Negotiating with the supplier does not mean that you are getting what you want. You can consult with him about many other factors like delivery times, payment terms, and quality of the goods.

The suppliers can assure the success of your business, as you rely on them for the delivery of high-quality goods. You would like to deal with a supplier only when he fulfills all of your requirements.

So, to make the deal successful, both parties should consider all the concerned factors. And not all the meetings need to become fruitful and make everyone happy.

When you are negotiating the suppliers, try to put all your terms and condition in front of them. Chinese suppliers are very cooperative and attempt to facilitate all of their buyers. So, you also need to understand your supplier.

Being a buyer, you need to provide the new markets to the suppliers. So, they can supply all of their goods to every corner of this world.

Beside it, try to change the way you used to buy. For instance, you may vary the minimum order quantities.

And in the end, if you get fail to convince the supplier, try to search another one. You can find them at the best Chinese supplier sites. These sites can provide the best Chinese suppliers, the most suitable for your business.

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Chinese suppliers

How To Prepare Your First Supplier Shipment?

The following are the documents that you have to get before your first shipment. And you consider the under given factors while importing goods from China.

·   Documents required for transportation:

The following, you must have while shipping the goods at the international level.

Customs Documentation

The custom documents are needed when you import the goods. The documentation required depends on the types of assets that you are going to export.

These documents carry the necessary details of the product, the number of products, and many other things.

Customs Entry

Custom entry is like an official statement, describing all the details regarding the products that have imported. The custom entry form lists information like country of origin, description of the goods, cost, insurance, and freight values of the assets.

The document also contains the custom classification number, amount of duties that you need to pay on the goods, and many more.

Customs Duty

Customs duty is the tax that is imposed on the goods. The rates of customs duties can be fixed or may vary according to the value of products or countries.

Customs Entry Bond

It’s a contract, which ensures that all duties, fees related to products have been paid according to the rules.

·    Don’t Always Choose Sea Shipment

The sea shipment is quite economical, but it may not always suit you. If you want to get the products as early as possible, you can also choose air freight or rail.

But they may cost you a little bit expensive. So, try to select the when which is best for you in all respects.

·    Don’t Take A Risk For Low Cargo Value Declaration

Customs get through all the documents before they declare the products to deliver in another country. So, make sure that you have mentioned all the factors correctly.

·    Try To Avoid The Shipment Peak Seasons And Make A Plan For Staggered Shipments

You can also reduce the shipment cost by avoiding the peak seasons. It can be beneficial in many ways; it will reduce the price as well as it will decrease the risk of any fracture or breakage.

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Professional Packing & Shipping Service

Frequently Asked Questions

The following are the questions which most of the users to ask when they buy in bulk from China.

·   What are the best items to buy in bulk?

The following are the products; you can buy in bulk from China.

  1. Vehicles
  2. Iron, steel
  3. Plastic
  4. Apparel
  5. Footwear
  6. Furniture
  7. Toys, games and sports equipment

·   Is it cheaper to buy in bulk?

Yes! it is quite cheaper to buy the products in bulk. When you purchase the products in size, it decreases the per-unit price of the products. You can save money this way.

·   Do I Have To Pay Import Duty From China?

While importing from china, you will have to pay the duty. And it depends on the cost of products and the country to which the products are being introduced.

·   Do I Need A License To Import From China?

Well, no general permit or license is needed to import from China. But you may need a license to import from the federal agency so that you can import certain products.

·   How Are Customs Duties Calculated?

To calculate the custom duties, you have to add the values of freight and goods, insurance of products, and any other additional costs. And then multiply the total amount with a duty percentage rate.

How Leeline Sourcing Help You Buy In Bulk From China

Leeline Sourcing tries to help buyers from all over the world to source products from China.

The company gives a list of the most reliable suppliers, which can assure you of a constant supply of products.

Furthermore, the company also assures the supply of high-quality products. And for that purpose, Leeline Sourcing arranges the factory visits so that the buyer can get the best products. The company provides a list of the best product with its manufacturers.

How Leeline Sourcing Help You Find Best Ecommerce Wholesalers And Manufacturers

Final Thoughts about buy in bulk from china

You can find Chinese products all around you, which shows their high demand across the globe. Therefore, China has become a great marketplace for all the merchandise.

The buyers from all over the world buy in bulk from china, resale in the local market, and earn a massive amount of money.

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