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Wholesale Sunglasses In Bulk

LeelineSourcing Find The Best Sunglasses Suppliers and Manufacturers In China For you.
  • Leeline can help you save a large amount of money on your shipping and delivery. 
  • You don’t have to invest your money in heavy machinery, training, or equipment during the delivery of sunglasses. 
  • The possession of more work department will help you gain more insight into the Asian market and broaden your business. 
  • For only a fraction of your expectations, Leeline provides high-quality and cheap products. 
  • Leeline has its priority to please customers, so you definitely can expect the products to deliver without delay.
  • Leeline has a variety of products based on customer requirements.

10 High Demand Sunglasses In China

1.Women Sunglasses

Importing Women Sunglasses From China

One of the world’s leading stores in China is the women’s sunglasses industry. There are also varieties of products you can’t find anywhere globally. They are with high-technology innovations and uniqueness. 

China plans to be the number one supplier of wholesale sunglasses. They have a competitive price range and versatility.

2.Men Sunglasses

Wholesale Men Sunglasses From China

The most popular outsourced product from China is men’s sunglasses. Chinese companies make and ship more than 70% of these sunglasses. 

Sunglasses manufacturers offer premium products. They have high-quality products. Sunglasses are on par with certain well-established brands. They also par with other well-developed economies on the market.

3. Sports Sunglasses

Buy Sports Sunglasses From China

In the world, China has the leading sunglasses suppliers. You can find your desired products in China. They are the biggest producers of sunglasses.

You can find sports sunglasses with different characteristics. They have different parameters at a competitive price in China. Many Chinese producers also export these sunglasses to the wholesale market.

4.Polarized Sunglasses

Wholesale Polarized Sunglasses in Bulk From China

The variety with the highest demand when it comes to the sunglasses sector is polarized sunglasses. The arcade lets you enjoy the advantages of your growing manufacturing and distribution market. 

Wholesale manufacturers of sunglasses in bulk provide buyers with discounted deals. The country is taking drastic steps to increase the world’s use of high-tech products.

5.Ladies Sunglasses

Wholesale From China  Ladies Sunglasses Suppliers

In the market for ladies’ sunglasses, the Chinese market has a very high reputation. Wholesale sunglasses from china are well-coordinated. The producers are enhancing their capacity for craft and innovation. 

You can now get an excellent wholesale deal for yourself and grow your company even more. For many centuries, cultures have been importing Chinese sunglasses to boost their industries.

6. Prescription Sunglasses

Wholesale From China Prescription Sunglasses Manufacturers

The prescription sunglasses industry in China is also a vast market. Many Chinese exporters of suitable sunglasses provide prospective buyers with affordable deals. 

China sunglasses manufacturers provide any product of your choice. They produce cheap to mid-range and costly models. The most significant advantages here are the competitive price range and quality.

7. Aviator Sunglasses

Importing Aviator Sunglasses From China

In China, you will find some of the most reputable private label sunglasses manufacturers. The aviator sunglasses market is very exceptional and traditional. The quality of the brand reflects the creativity of the producers.

The most evolving trade in China is the wholesale supply of sunglasses from China sunglasses factory.

8. Vintage Sunglasses

Wholesale Vintage Sunglasses From China

In China, the wholesale market for sunglasses is growing at a rapid rate. China’s economy and society are transforming through the dramatic expansion of production skills. They are among the leading manufacturers of vintage sunglasses in China. Good deals, promotions, and some percentage off on quality products are available. They facilitate the rising consumer consumption and cooperation from China sunglasses suppliers.

9. UV Protection Sunglasses

Buy UV Protection Sunglasses From China

The UV protection sunglasses industry is being paid more attention to by investors. It is a traditional time. They want to increase the bulk outsourcing of wholesale sunglasses. They will also produce private label sunglasses.

Are you also looking for wholesale Chinese sunglasses? For a shallow and competitive price range, contact reliable manufacturers and get your product shipped.

10.Fashion Sunglasses

Wholesale  Fashion Sunglasses in Bulk From China

The increasing introduction of new styles and varieties of sunglasses encourages Chinese fashion sunglasses for exquisite outfits.

The market players are focused on providing high-quality sunglasses to the buyers to meet requirements. Private label sunglasses wholesales also offer discounts that attract a large clientele base with low cost and product versatility.

Leeline Ensures that You Can Buy Sunglasses from China Smoothly

Product Sourcing

Sunglasses Product Sourcing

Leeline offers product procurement to reduce your financial burden. You get to relish reduced costs and increased production output. You get favorable long-term outcomes in each aspect.

Factory Audit

Sunglasses Factory Audit

We help you ensure the providers are honest and trustworthy. You will see the supplier’s operating practices entirely in line with the image of your business or brand.

Product Inspection

Sunglasses Product Inspection

The Leeline quality assurance measure is product inspection. You can calculate the quality of your desired goods and reduce losses, if any.

Amazon FBA Prep

Sunglasses Amazon FBA Prep

Leeline is ready to ship your inventories to Amazon by FBA preparation. This field focuses on marking and packaging products along with inventory inspection.

Shipping To Amazon FBA

Sunglasses Shipping To Amazon FBA

You can save time, resources, and effort with Leeline services. We have the best method of shipment in real-time of your wholesale sunglasses to FBA stores.


Sunglasses DropShopping

Our dropship service enhances the leverage and flexibility of your customers. It helps wholesale purchasers and your products. With minimal effort, it makes your business profitable, prosperous, and booming.

Why Choose Leeline To Buy Sunglasses From China

  • Leeline can make your job a better quality and cheaper one. By providing services, you achieve cost savings of up to 60%. 
  • They have a long history in the business, resulting in greater efficiency and productivity in the wholesale purchasing process. 
  • There is no use for investment in infrastructure. 
  • Leeline has skilled and well-educated resources. They have great expertise in handling your business needs. 
  • Leeline delivers high-quality products so that your product reaches the market more. 
  • You have more employees with Leeline for your temporary and permanent work needs.

Best 20 China Sunglasses Suppliers

1.Wenzhou Eugenia Eyewear Factory Co., Ltd.

1. Wenzhou Eugenia Eyewear Factory Co., Ltd.

Established in 2003, Wenzhou Eugenia Eyewear Factory is one of the leading providers. They produce metal, plastic, metal-plastic. They have eyewear accessories for sunglasses. They have reading glasses. In the US and Europe, their primary markets are of exquisite businesses. They have developed a good reputation by offering high quality. They have value-added solutions in the market. They have complete commitment to customer satisfaction. 

Main Products

The company has over a million customers in more than 78 countries worldwide. They have essential products, including optical glasses, sunglasses, and reading glasses.

Why Choose Wenzhou Eugenia Eyewear Factory Co., Ltd

Their key characteristic is being efficient in quality. The factory has a massive list of solution suppliers. They have material benefactors. They offer low prices and high-quality services. They assist in pioneering products at your doorstep.

2.Taizhou Hongxi Glasses Co., Ltd.

2. Taizhou Hongxi Glasses Co., Ltd.

Taizhou Hongxi Glasses Co., Ltd., based in Linhai City, Zhejiang province, capital of Duqiao glasses. They are China sunglasses manufacturer of plain glasses. They also make polarizing glasses, reading glasses, glass frames, and glass frames. They produce anti-fatigue anti-radiation glasses, goggles, optical frames, and other products. 

Main Products

They sell high-quality items such as sunglasses, mirrors for girls, and presbyopic glasses. You can also get personalized logos, goods. They provide packaging with high-quality materials at fair prices when working with this business. Their door-to-door service will save you up to 70% of the cost. The brand enjoys a win-win scenario for the consumer.

Why choose Taizhou Hongxi Glasses Co., Ltd.

The company has an impeccable R&D capacity. They have advanced production equipment. They have product craftsmanship and reliable quality. They have fashionable, affordable products with a range of operating characteristics. They help you keep up with the global fashion trends and credit operations. They do contract keeping. They maintain product quality.

To gain their customers’ confidence, they make use of the concept of small profits. They also have fast turnover. Friends are welcome to join the business from all walks of life.

3. Shaoxing Zhulu Network Technology Co., Ltd.

3. Shaoxing Zhulu Network Technology Co., Ltd.

Zulu is an import and export company with five years of experience. Their company specializes in household products. They specialize in indoor fitness equipment. They also produce blankets, sofa covers, socks, bedding sets for babies, and yoga. They aim to be a one-stop global business purchasing platform. One of their main priorities is to please their customers. They hope to grow with their customers. They also help them achieve success by ensuring corporate values.

Main Products

They are professional producers. They specialize in the manufacture of sunglasses, blankets, covers for cushions. The company exports its products to many regions/countries worldwide. Thanks to its experienced, competent, and professional team.

Why choose Shaoxing Zhulu Network Technology Co., Ltd.

They have various stages of production and shipping. The company has well-equipped facilities with outstanding quality control assurance. They guarantee full customer satisfaction for their clients. 

They have shared payment and productive business relationships. They always welcome new and long-term customers from every region. Their main aim is to do global business. They help you become competitive in the industry and affluent.

4.Guangzhou W&M Optical Limited Company

4. Guangzhou W&M Optical Limited Company

Guangzhou W & M Optical Limited Company, located in Guangzhou, China. They are producers and exporters of eyewear goods. They own over 200 different machines and equipment. They build 50 new models every month. Every year, they produce approximately 3 600,000 private label sunglasses. They also produce optical frames.

Main Products

They manufacture sunglasses, reading glasses, and optical glasses. They produce related accessories such as cases, pouches, and show stands. Their goods are marketed and trusted by patronizers. They always meet diverse consumer demands. They strive to satisfy the ever-changing economic and social wants.

Why Choose Guangzhou W&M Optical Limited Company

They have several new stock-to-sale models. They also accept OEM and ODM services. They supply pharmacies and optical chain outlets. They supply dealers, fashion accessories stores, and convenience stores. They have supermarkets and discount shops. They have advertising companies worldwide, ensuring high-quality items. 

Every year, they take part in the glasses trade fair of different countries. They expect to meet and discuss face to face with their customers. For potential business partnerships and shared success, they invite clients from worldwide to contact them.

5. Taizhou Two Circles Trading Co., Ltd.

5. Taizhou Two Circles Trading Co., Ltd.

Taizhou Two Circle Trading Co., Ltd. specializes in global B2B glasses. They work as a specialist service firm. The plan to be the best service provider, the most exquisite producer, and the best trader in China. They aim to gain mutual benefits and long-term partnerships. They look forward to developing friendly and collaborative business ties with you.

Main Products

Taizhou Two Circles Trading Co., Ltd. specializes in producing very high quality and durable sunglasses. They produce optical glasses and reading glasses.

Why choose Taizhou Two Circles Trading Co., Ltd.

To experience some fun of quick shipping and distribution, you can decide to select them. Several means of service provision fix all client concerns. They make them have the best shopping experience. 

Their business has powerful OEM & ODM capabilities. They are always ready to ship. They have the highest quality service. They have good shopping experience for clients.

6. Taizhou Jiaojiang Europedee Glasses Co., Ltd.

6. Taizhou Jiaojiang Europedee Glasses Co., Ltd.

This China sunglasses factory has been manufacturing other related products for 20 years on an ongoing basis. Taizhou Europedee Jiaojiang Glasses Co., Ltd., specializes in the manufacture and sales of sunglasses. They started in 2016. They have different channels for online sales to replicate, design, study and improve their output. 

Main Products

Taizhou Jiaojiang Europedee Glasses Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of different varieties of high-quality sunglasses.

Why Choose  Taizhou Jiaojiang Europedee Glasses Co., Ltd.

With their reliable services and lucrative price range, they have garnered massive public praise. They are involved in the production, growth, and advertising of wholesale sunglasses in bulk. To establish strong and lasting relationships with worldwide business partners. The factory rolls out around 50,000 units a month. 

This manufacturer of Chinese sunglasses provides creative and high-quality sunglasses. They can significantly contribute to your business’s success. 

7.Jiande Wudi Glasses Business

7. Jiande Wudi Glasses Business

Sunglasses Wudi co,.ltd., is located in Taizhou’s excellent seaside town. They are considered China’s glass capital. They are professional sunglasses manufacturers, sports sunglasses, and reading glasses. They produce polarized glasses of all kinds. Together, they integrate development and production. 

Main Products

Jiande Wudi Glasses Business is into fashion glasses, optical glasses, sunglasses, sunglasses case, and lens.

Why Choose Jiande Wudi Glasses Business

Their products enjoy great favor among customers. They have delicate structure, stable quality, and low price. They also have reasonable prices, practical, and timely production. They have good after-sales service. For mutual development and benefits, they hope to cooperate with more clients. 

Their annual output is 5,000,000pcs. They meet international quality standards for their products. To contact them, they always welcome potential buyers.

8.SYL (Suzhou) Supply Chain Co., Ltd.

8. SYL (Suzhou) Supply Chain Co., Ltd.

SYL (Suzhou) Supply Chain Co., Ltd. is committed to providing small and medium-sized customers. They have high-quality glass products. All their goods have enough inventory to provide fast delivery to buyers. They are happy to provide you with customized services if you have your product design ideas. 

Main Products

Many exquisite products are made by this company. They have high quality and durable products. They produce sunglasses, glasses, reading glasses, and optical frames.

Why Choose SYL (Suzhou) Supply Chain Co., Ltd.

SYL (Suzhou) Supply Chain Co., Ltd. has a well-regulated supply, plant, logistics, and transportation system. They are committed to offering high-quality products, quick service, timely. They make perfect delivery to customers. 

They can be your reliable partner in China. They are consistent in fashion, high quality, timely response rate, and delivery. Your satisfaction is their relentless pursuit.

9. Wenzhou Mike Optical Co., Ltd.

9. Wenzhou Mike Optical Co., Ltd.

In 2011, China established Wenzhou Mike Optical Co., Ltd. Their company has over 300 workers. Their products are well sold in over 30 countries in Europe. They are also well exported to the Middle East, Asia, and Africa. They produce various lenses and eyeglasses made of resin. Their business’ approved according to the standards of ISO9001. Registration of their goods with the CE and FDA.

Main Products

They are one of the producers of glasses and spectacles in China. They produce a wide range of products. They include optical frames, sunglasses, reading glasses, glasses box, and lens.

Why Choose Wenzhou Mike Optical Co., Ltd.

There is approximately 200 staff at Mike Optical. They have more than 20 professional eyewear designers who ensure quality control. Together with a quality control system in line with the ISO standard, the r with CE and FDA. They also have a strong R&D capacity and production system.

10.D & L Industry And Trade (Xuzhou) Co., Ltd.

10. D & L Industry And Trade (Xuzhou) Co., Ltd.

They are manufacturers with a long history and professional ability to produce sunglasses. They have extensive overseas trading experience. By offering timely services, they provide high-quality private label sunglasses. They ensure customer satisfaction. They are willing to build long-term relationships with clients around the world.

Main Products

They produce durable and high-quality glasses such as promotion sunglasses. They also produce metal fashion sunglasses and large square frames. They produce women sunglasses and sports glasses.

Why Choose D & L Industry And Trade (Xuzhou) Co., Ltd.

They have strong consumer demand for their goods. Business engineers are bringing new solutions to the market to respond to this demand. They are more relevant to your requirements. 

The manufacturers strengthen the product line. They work towards bringing innovations. In various parts of the world, each of their products sells well. 

11.Wenzhou Kenbo Imp. & Exp. Co., Ltd.

11. Wenzhou Kenbo Imp. & Exp. Co., Ltd.

Ken-bo Eyewear (Wenzhou Kenbo Imp. & Exp. Co., Ltd.) is an eyewear maker. They revolutionize the eyewear market. With eye-catching shades, optical lenses, and reading glasses of different brands, the business offers unique eyewear types. Ken-bo Eyewear offers a wide range of custom sunglasses. They include simple, classic, fashion models, and many more. They come in an impressive variety of styles and colors.

Main Products

They specialize in manufacturing items of different kinds. They produce sunglasses, reading glasses, frames for drinks, and optical glasses. They have unique eyewear styles for your brands of eye-catching designs.

Why Choose Wenzhou Kenbo Imp. & Exp. Co., Ltd.

They have an outstanding product sourcing team. They have 20 years of experience in glass manufacturing. They also have strict quality control that guarantees you the highest quality at very competitive prices. For wholesale buyers, they provide exceptional services that make their products available. For customization orders, the smallest number is 600 parts in 2 colors.

Their products follow the European CE and FDA requirements. They sell very well in the US, South America, Europe, and the Middle East. They also have a strong commercial reputation in different countries.

12. Taizhou Three Hippos Glasses Co., Ltd.

12. Taizhou Three Hippos Glasses Co., Ltd.

Taizhou Three Hippos Glasses Co., Ltd was founded in 2016. The pioneer in the design, manufacture, and distribution. They have premium male, female and unisex sunglasses. Three Hippos is a global innovator and maker of high-quality optical lenses. They produce reading glasses, blue light frames, and wholesale sunglasses. They have related accessories with value-added value. As a leading provider of metal, plastic, metal-plastic, acetate, and titanium private label sunglasses. 

Main Products

Taizhou Three Hippos Glasses Co., Ltd. specializes in producing varieties of glasses and spectacles. They produce sunglasses, blue light blocking glasses, eyeglasses, and reading glasses.

Why Choose Taizhou Three Hippos Glasses Co., Ltd.

They offer services beyond value and quality. They create deep and lasting customer relationships. It has always been their goal to be a trustworthy value-added manufacturer. They have deep product expertise and unparalleled customer support. 

They also provide their customers with the unique opportunity to improve and maintain business. They have personalized services, stable quality, product creativity, and integrated solutions. Their focus on full customer service has allowed them to become a trusted supplier. They supply to China’s long-term business partners.

13.Wenzhou Flyer Import And Export Co., Ltd.

13. Wenzhou Flyer Import And Export Co., Ltd.

Founded in 2009, they specialize in optical lenses, sunglasses, and reading glasses. They made of various materials. They include metals, plastics, titanium, and aluminum. They have more than 100 staff. They can manufacture around 200,000 pcs per month. They accept instructions for both OEM and ODM. They have certificates such as CE, FDA, and ISO.

Main Products

They specialize in producing optical frames, sunglasses, and reading glasses. Their products are accessible and of very durable and standard quality.

Why Choose Wenzhou Flyer Import And Export Co., Ltd.

In the sector, their quality insurance and excellent service system make them a famous name. Moreover, they include many well-known domestic and foreign brands. They have ODM and OEM services. Because of their high-quality product, they have earned immense popularity from many international markets. 

The factory covers over 9500 square meters. They have over a thousand workers employed in it. With sophisticated working technologies, they have acquired many production lines.

14.Danyang River Trading Co., Ltd.

14. Danyang River Trading Co., Ltd.

Danyang River Trading Co., Ltd. is a distributor and manufacturer of a one-stop service. They have lens cloth and clean lens spray. They produce optical lenses, optical frames. They provide other optical supply accessories. They also have well-equipped test equipment. They have muscular technical strength. Located in the city of Danyang, province of Jiangsu. Their products’ usage in optical accessories. and other industries. They are with a wide range, good quality, reasonable prices, and stylish designs.

Main Products

Danyang River Trading Co., Ltd. specializes in producing high-quality optical lenses. They produce microfiber cleaning cloths, lens cleaning spray, and eyeglasses cases.

Why Choose Danyang River Trading Co., Ltd.

First, their motto is customer service. They always keep this slogan and provide outstanding customer service. Producers always welcome buyers at any time of the day to visit their factory offices. There, they can agree to build a professional relationship. They have many reputable brands. They have developed long-term and close business partnerships. 

Providing them with excellent service, right quality products, timely delivery, and unique designs. Their affordable prices always try to exceed their client’s expectations. You can be assertive that you have a leading brand for your business. You can partner with this company.

15. Yiwu Hongchen Glasses Firm

15. Yiwu Hongchen Glasses Firm

Hongchen Optics Co., Ltd. is a joint venture involved in the manufacture and sale of different optical lenses. Their factory has 350 skilled workers. They work across 3000 square meters of infrastructure. They have a 40-person management team. They have introduced advanced production systems and test tools into their plant.

They have CR-39 lenses, round top bifocals, flat top bifocals, mineral lenses, and photochromic lenses. PC lenses, progressive lenses, sunglasses, and optical frames are part of their product range.

Main Products

Yiwu Hongchen Glasses Firm specializes in producing high-quality sunglasses. They also have optical frames, and polarized sunglasses. They produce children’s glasses and sports sunglasses. You can trust them for transparency and timely delivery.

Why Choose Yiwu Hongchen Glasses Firm

They have qualified employees, high-level management, and advanced technology. They make their products’ quality level first class. They have also improved their service quality. They ensure that they again meet up with customers’ different requirements. 

They hold the principle of quality stability, timely delivery, and reasonable price.

16. Wenzhou Zhongxin Glasses Co., Ltd

16. Wenzhou Zhongxin Glasses Co., Ltd

Wenzhou Zhongxin Glasses Co., Ltd are sunglasses manufacturers of optical frames and reading glasses. Their network covers an area of 5000+ square meters. They have about 150+ workers. Walmart, Foster Grant Group, and Pugs are high-quality suppliers. They also provide OEM & ODM services. 

Main Products

They specialize in producing varieties of spectacles. They include reading glasses, sunglasses, blue light blocking glasses, and optical frames.

Why Choose Wenzhou Zhongxin Glasses Co., Ltd

You can assertive that they are high-quality suppliers of services. They are related to Walmart, Foster Grant Group, and Pugs. They also offer top-notch OEM & ODM services. They include products from Amazon FBA. They range from manufacturing, packaging to shipping. Their facilities are efficient and inexpensive. They are timely and coherent.

17.Yiwu Guyuan Eyewear Co., Ltd.

17. Yiwu Guyuan Eyewear Co., Ltd.

Guyuan co,.ltd., is located in Taizhou’s seaside city. They are considered China’s glass capital. They are professional manufacturers of wholesale sunglasses. They produce sports sunglasses. They produce reading glasses and polarized glasses of all kinds. They integrate development into manufacturing. For mutual development and benefits, they hope to collaborate with more clients.

Main Products

Yiwu Guyuan Eyewear Co., Ltd.’s products include high-quality and durable sunglasses. They produce sunglasses case, sunglasses lens, and optical frames.

Why Choose Yiwu Guyuan Eyewear Co., Ltd.

Based on your requirements, what they do is to produce customized products. They give priority to the production of high-quality products. Under tough confirmation, screening, and official standards. They manufacture all their products at the base. They have a team that is experienced and professional. 

The business has a good reputation among customers. They welcome more potential customers. They welcome business associates at all times.

18.Taizhou Mocoo Industry & Trading Co., Ltd.

18. Taizhou Mocoo Industry & Trading Co., Ltd.

This business is an integrated, high-tech company. It includes research and development, manufacturing, sales, and trade. Different glasses, such as sunglasses, optical frames, presbyopia lenses, are the top products. The company’s sectors work with one another. They create a practical, useful, and cooperative enterprise culture.

Main Products

Taizhou Mocoo Industry & Trading Co., Ltd. produces varieties of sunglasses. They have kids sunglasses, reading glasses, sports sunglasses, and optical glasses.

Why Choose Taizhou Mocoo Industry & Trading Co., Ltd.

This business integrates research and development into production and sales as a whole. Because of its outstanding service, the company has committed itself to be a manufacturing enterprise. The most significant benefit is that their products are capable. They meet requirements of your ODM and OEM. 

Shenzhen Xing Xing Technology Sports Co., Ltd. aims to ensure that its valuable customers can access affordable products. 

19.Guangzhou Fansun Outdoor Products Co., Ltd

19. Guangzhou Fansun Outdoor Products Co., Ltd

Founded in 2011, Guangzhou Fansun Garments CO., LTD is a professional company. It is also a manufacturing, trading, and exporting company. They are engaged in the design, development, and manufacture of outdoor sports products. They have thread products. Located in Guangzhou, and they have convenient access to transport. 

Main Products

Guangzhou Fansun Outdoor Products Co., Ltd. specializes in producing high-quality and durable outdoor products. They produce sports goods, glasses, tents, and inflatable products. Their products are reliable and accessible.

Why Choose Guangzhou Fansun Outdoor Products Co., Ltd

They are enabling customer satisfaction by their well-equipped facilities. They have excellent quality control throughout all stages of production. They have gained a global sales network that reaches many countries and regions. They include America, Europe, India, and Africa.

20.Linhai Shangzi Glasses Co., Ltd.

20. Linhai Shangzi Glasses Co., Ltd.

Linhai Shangzi Glasses Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of sunglasses. They produce optical frames, 3D glasses, and accessories for reading glasses. Established in 1998, they export their products to North America and Europe. They also export to the Middle East, South America, and Southeast Asia. Their motto and theme is humanity, precision artistry, perfect design, and constant improvement. They always offer continuous service and reasonable cost to clients.

Main Products

There are various types of sunglasses produced by this company. They sell them for the best possible competitive price. Varieties of sunglasses, sports, and fashion glasses comprise the field of expertise.

Why choose Linhai Shangzi Glasses Co., Ltd.

This company’s culture reflects honesty and responsibility towards the client. They are working on getting potential customers to work in this culture with them. They are the region’s manufacturer, distributor, and wholesaler of Chinese sunglasses. At the moment, they have more than 50 varieties of products linked to market trends. 

Their brands are also top-rated in wholesale. They have offline and online businesses in the local and international markets.

Leeline is Your Trusted Shipping Agent in China

Sunglasses Sea Freight Shipping from China

Sunglasses Sea Freight From Shipping

Option for the transportation of goods overseas. They include products of all shapes, sizes, and weights.

Sunglasses Air Freight Shipping from China

Sunglasses Air Freight From Shipping

They intend to fast freight transportation to many major cities around the world.

Sunglasses Rail Freight Shipping from China

Sunglasses Rail Freight From Shipping

China to other destinations with the fastest, safest, and convenient option and bulk volume orders

Sunglasses Door to Door Shipping from China

Sunglasses Door to Door From Shipping

It saves you effort and time—a unique way for individuals who are new to shipping procedures.

Wholesale Sunglasses In Bulk From China: Ultimate Guide

Do you want an easier way to import sunglasses from China? 

China is the world’s biggest exporter of sunglasses. It has an unrivaled ability to produce a large number of items. It means that only freight forwarding companies importing wholesale sunglasses from China will increase Chinese products’ demand.

Sunglasses in the Chinese fashion category are the right choice for investing money. There are over hundreds and thousands of suppliers and producers of wholesale goods. While expanding your business to various parts of the world. They can provide you with multiple types of sunglasses.

How To Grow Your Business With Importing Sunglasses From China?

What Is Sunglasses Business?

Sunglasses business means domestic and international bulk exports of sunglasses. The market for sunglasses has grown in the past few years. It is projected, according to studies, to maintain its growth in the future as well.

In a diversified range of shapes, sizes, and styles, sunglasses are available. And for your targeted audience, there are so many options. So there’s plenty of market space to occupy if you’re thinking about getting into this business.

What Are The Benefits Of Importing Sunglasses From China?

  • Importing wholesale sunglasses in bulk from China has many advantages, such as:
  • The prices are very low for wholesale sunglasses.
  • In various parts of the world, many products have their innovations to be sold with high demand.
  • They are durable and attractive sunglasses. They have the best price and quality.
  • Before they are ready to be shipped, every item undergoes strict quality testing and analysis.
  • In the sunglasses business, the profit margin is relatively high.
  • Your company expands and grows more.

Who Uses Sunglasses?

Our culture and society become more connected via technology and fashion trends. People from all walks of life use sunglasses to step up their fashion and outlook. It is never possible to state in words the beauty and style that comes with sunglasses.

Sunglasses 1

There are portable and convenient ones that can be put on all day long. They have proved to be more useful over the years in many ways. Innovations are happening in this field. Thanks to the revolutions and progress in the industry. Future days have more scope for the company.

How To Choose The Best Sunglasses Manufacturer?

To ensure that your buying process is easy and smooth, check out the following tips and suggestions.

  • Before making any commitment, ensure to do your homework.
  • Track down previous clients and ask about their experiences. Confirm the quality of the products. Confirm the transparency of the procedure for the shipment.
  • Try to look in on the facility at least once. Consistently ask for documented and verified information.
  • Ask for records of manufacturers and ISO compliance certificates.
  • Keep track of the production cycle from raw materials to the final analysis of the sunglasses’ quality.

How To Negotiate With China Sunglasses Suppliers

Some negotiation tips are:

  • Discuss the lead time, as well as the date of shipment. Whatever they tell you, according to your internal planning, add more time.
  • Keep reminding them that according to approved standards, the quality needs to be maintained.
  • Use your product knowledge as leverage and as a source of negotiation.
  • Do not concentrate on the sunglasses’ price. Concentrate on payment, bundling services, and guarantee.

How To Ship Sunglasses From China?

Sunglasses 2

You can ship sunglasses from China using one of these methods.

  • Sea Freight Shipping of sunglasses from China
  • Air Freight Shipping of sunglasses from China
  • Rail Freight Shipping of sunglasses from China
  • Door Shipping of sunglasses from China

How To Sell Sunglasses Online To Earn Money

Follow this guide to sell sunglasses and earn money.

  • Use the internet as your finest bet. To connect with potential buyers, opt for online platforms.
  • Be aware of your targeted audience. To link to a broad audience, use various marketing strategies.
  • For a broad range of sunglasses, use long-term SEO strategies as an effective marketing method.
  • Select a quality drop shipping service and set up your company to achieve ultimate success.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Import Wholesale Sunglasses From China?

  • To import sunglasses from China in bulk, follow the steps below.
  • Before bringing Chinese products into your country, understand your import rights.
  • To avoid losing time and money, choose the most appropriate products for the company. Go with the uniqueness of the item and the one you can ship in bulk quantities.
  • With authorization, make sure they deliver the sunglasses you want in your area.
  • Classify the items and then calculate your cost of landing. Then, find an appropriate supplier in China and place your order in bulk for wholesale sunglasses.
  • Has your cargo transport arranged and wait for your order to arrive?

Is It Legal To Wholesale Sunglasses From China And Resell?

The import of sunglasses from the sunglasses factory from China is very legal. These are genuine and not counterfeit products. Besides, while importing products from China, one must be careful of frauds and scams. Get written assurance to ensure the authenticity from the manufacturer. Also, check to verify the quality of the items with the trademark owners.

Is Importing Sunglasses From China A Profitable Business?

Chinese sunglasses are cheap and less costly. Importing and selling them is profitable because of their affordability. Online, you can read many success stories. Individuals who began with little are making a living in their country. They sell these sunglasses and have experiences to learn from them.

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Do I Need A Permit To Import Sunglasses From China?

There is no need for you to get an import permit to import and sell sunglasses. But, their requirements may differ. You might need to obtain a license to import goods from federal agencies.

What Documents Do I Need To Import Sunglasses From China?

Some of the most prevalent documents that you need are:

  • Technical write up
  • Industrial license
  • Registration cum membership certificate
  • Documents for duty benefits
  • Entry bill
  • Airway bill or lading bill
  • Import license
  • Insurance certificate
  • Buy an order or credit letter.

Final Thoughts On Wholesale Sunglasses form China

In production and manufacturing, China is fast becoming a superpower. They are now responsible for producing a large number of consumer goods in the world. They produce sunglasses. China uses its successful tactics in this department to become a global source of sunglasses for various brands. It means that you also have an outstanding opportunity as a buyer and reseller. You can boost your business.

Often, it’s not as effortless as it seems. The process of imprinting is very complex. It requires comprehensive understanding. To select a reliable supplier to start a successful and flourishing e-commerce business. You need this information as a guide.

Import From China

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