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Wholesale Sunglasses from China

  • Leeline can find best Sunglasses suppliers for you
  • Leeline can do Sunglasses factory audit for you in China
  • Leeline can be your quality control agent and do product pre-shipment inspection
  • Leeline can help you transport Sunglasses from China at the lowest logistics rate
  • Leeline also provide amazon fba prep servce if you sell Sunglasses on Amazon
  • 2000+ customers strongly recommend!!!
Wholesale Sunglasses from China

Heart Sunglasses

Importing Heart Sunglasses From China

Heart sunglasses may have a plastic or metal frame, and vintage shape is common among ladies.

You can wholesale them from China at low prices, and they sell them in your local market to earn the profit.

Plastic Frame Sunglasses

Importing Plastic Frame Sunglasses From China

Plastic Frame Sunglasses are one of the popular Sunglasses and have a huge profit margin. These types of sunglasses go best with round, square and rectangular shapes. 

All of these suppliers are specialized, verified, and experienced in the manufacturing of Plastic Frame Sunglasses. 

Metal Frame Sunglasses

Importing Metal Frame Sunglasses From China

If you are looking for the best Metal Frame Sunglasses supplier and manufacturer, China is the right choice.

But don’t forget to double check the certifications for safety. Finding the right manufacturer will help you save time and effort.

Importing Round Sunglasses From China

Find your ideal Round sunglasses from the leading manufacturers found in China.

China manufacturers are supplying all brands of Round sunglasses. They manufactured high standard Round sunglasses to meet the needs of your business.

One-Piece Clear Lens Sunglasses

Importing One-Piece Sunglasses From China

One-Piece Clear Lens Sunglasses are most common around the globe. People of every age prefer to wear them and look stylish.

Leeline can recommend to you a kind of supplier who can handle the whole process for your safe product delivery. Providing fast efficient shipping process. 

Leeline Help You Import Sunglasses From China

Product Sourcing

provide Product Sourcing

We find the best Chinese factory for you, get the lowest product price and increase your product profit.

Factory Audit

ensure that the factory meets your requirements.

It is very necessary to have a further understanding of the cooperating factories, which can greatly solve our time and later communication costs.

Product Inspection

product quality inspection is very necessary

Ensure that the products can be produced according to your standards and delivered on time.

Amazon FBA Prep

the best FBA Prep center in China

We can customized your brand packaging , and print and stick FNSKU labeling ,Bundle same or different products into one package as your request

Shipping To Amazon FBA

Amazon freight forwarder parter

Let leeline help you transport goods from China to the Amazon FBA warehouse, we provide you with the most competitive prices and the most stable shipping time.


We will be your order fulfillment center and Ship Your toy order directly from our warehouse to your customers.

Need Leeline to Handle Your Sunglasses Shipping from China

Sea Freight Shipping from China

Shipping products by sea

Shipping usually takes 30-50 days to ship from China to all parts of the world. The transportation time is longer than air transportation, but the transportation cost is much lower.

Air Freight Shipping from China

air freight delivery plan

When you have requirements for logistics timeliness, air transportation is the fastest logistics solution, which can guarantee that your goods will be delivered to the warehouse within the specified time.

Rail Freight Shipping from China

Rail Freight Shipping

Leeline helps more than 2,000 customers to import goods from China by rail transportation, providing you with the most competitive rail transportation prices.

Door to Door Shipping from China

door-to-door transportation

Air, sea and rail transportation can be realized door-to-door transportation, as long as you tell us the pick-up place and destination, Leeline will arrange some delivery arrangements for you.

How to Wholesale Sunglasses from China: Ultimate Guide


Are you wondering how to wholesale sunglasses from China and boost up your sales?

Here is all about the variety, suppliers, packaging, shipment, and tips you need to know. Additionally, you will come to know how LeelineSourcing can help you wholesale sunglasses from China.

The most frequently asked questions for China sunglasses wholesale are at the end.

China sunglasses wholesale market is enormous. China has the biggest sunglasses market and manufacturers in the world.

They export sunglasses in bulk around the globe. Knowing how and where to start its business can prove groundbreaking.

Wholesaling sunglasses from China could be very beneficial. It can uplift your economic level. This article will help you reach your destined goals.

We hope it is beneficial for you to achieve the most out of your business. Here is what this article offers knowledge on:

  • Different types of sunglasses found in the markets of China.
  • How to find sunglasses suppliers in China?
  • Largest supplier groups and manufacturers
  • Tips on running sunglasses business
  • How LeelingSourcing helps you wholesale sunglasses from China

HOW To Wholesale Sunglasses from China

Why Start Your Wholesale Sunglasses Business?

People around the world happen to need to wear sunglasses. People wear sunglasses to protect their eyes from the harmful radiation of the sun.

Many people wear it while riding a bicycle, motorcycle, water jet, etc. Most of the youngsters wear it for non-medical needs or to look attractive. Athletes wear it while playing their games. Sunglasses have many more uses too.

In short, it is a basic need of the people and has become an essential product. It is consumed all around the world by people of all nationalities.

Wholesaling and selling sunglasses can be cost-effective. The sunglasses business is worth billions of US Dollars. There is a great demand in stores and online. Hence, the sunglasses business is profitable and fortune-deciding.

Different Types of Sunglasses

You can find a variety of different sunglasses in the wholesale markets of China. The list is given below:

Fashion Sunglasses

This category contains glasses that are used for ornamental purposes. They have eye-catching frames, at the most, used by youngsters. Fashion sunglasses are in great demand everywhere.

Most of the people use it with casual dress. Photographers also use it during shoots because of their charming looks.

These glasses attract a lot of customers and are capable of generating fruitful revenue. Hence, the demand of fashion sunglasses is evergreen. That is why you must import this type of eyewear in bulk from China.

Fashion Sunglasses

Round Sunglasses

Round sunglasses have a round-shaped frame. These glasses have sharp angles and represent a bright look that goes best with a round face.

Heart Sunglasses

These sunglasses have a heart-shaped frame. Heart sunglasses may have a plastic or metal frame, and vintage shape is common among ladies.

Cat-Eye Sunglasses

These types of sunglasses go best with round, square and rectangular shapes. Cat-eye sunglasses have a trendy style. Many celebrities use to wear this type of sunglasses.

Cat-Eye Sunglasses

Metal Frame Sunglasses

Metal frame sunglasses have metal frames. The frames on these sunglasses have a shiny look. These sunglasses are more durable and long-lasting.

Plastic Frame Sunglasses

These types of sunglasses have plastic frames. They are generally cheaper than metal frame sunglasses.

One-Piece Clear Lens Sunglasses

These sunglasses come with the transparent glass. One-piece clear lens sunglasses enter the market without a prescription and have no tint. The glasses protect the eyes from ultraviolet rays.

Rectangular Sunglasses

As the name implies, these sunglasses have a rectangular frame. They are most common around the globe. People of every age prefer to wear them and look stylish.

Rectangular Sunglasses

Square Sunglasses

Square sunglasses come with a square-shaped frame. This style looks best on the square jawline. This shape always remains in trend.

Semi-Rimless Sunglasses

This style is unique and the most stylish among men’s sunglasses. These glasses have a delicate frame compared to full-frame sunglasses.

Aviator/Pilot Sunglasses

Many people wear these sunglasses irrespective of their age. Aviator or Pilot sunglasses are versatile and go best with three-piece suits.

Sports Sunglasses

These sunglasses protect athletes from eye damage. Sports sunglasses also protect their eyes from the sun while playing. These glasses are in great demand. Different varieties of sports sunglasses found in the market are:

Cycling Sunglasses

Cycling sunglasses have lenses that have a hydrophobic coating. Hydrophobic means water-hating/repelling. Cycling sunglasses are more useful during the rain.

These glasses protect your eyes from water droplets. Also, these don’t let water stains remain on the coating.

Cycling Sunglasses

Ski Goggles

Ski goggles are an important part of the skiing kit. These goggles protect your eyes from the elements that are harmful to your eyes.

Ski goggles don’t let snow, wind, and UV rays reach your eyes. These goggles keep your vision clear during skiing to focus and enjoy more.

Wayfarer Sunglasses

Wayfarers were first made in 1956. These glasses consist of a broad upper rim and plastic. The style of Wayfarer sunglasses is quite popular.

That is why most people go for it. You can find wayfarers sunglasses of any size and shape. Apart from sunglasses, vision-correcting wayfarers are also available on the market.

Polarized and Non-Polarized Sunglasses

Polarized sunglasses have such a glass that reduces glare. The reflective glare could be from the sun, water, mirror, or any reflective media.

The glare could be harmful to your eyes. Hence, polarized glasses have a medical benefit. These glasses also clear the vision during a bright sunny day. The figure below shows how polarized sunglasses reduce glare.

Polarized and Non-Polarized Sunglasses

How to Find China Sunglasses Suppliers?

You can find sunglasses suppliers either through the internet or by going to China. Many businesses tend to find sources online.

It is because of no cost or consumption of time. Finding reliable sources online might have been difficult, but not now. The following are different ways you can find sunglasses suppliers in China: 

Sunglass Sourcing Agents

It is difficult to find sunglasses manufacturers in China online. When you can’t find quality products online, you can use sourcing agents.

An online source such as “LeelineSourcing” is the best way to find suppliers. They assist you in finding reliable sources.

They also inspect and cover the complex policies required. The sourcing agents relieve you of the worries and deals swiftly.


Find China Sunglasses Suppliers Online

Finding sunglasses suppliers online is quite easy. But it is quite difficult to find the product of your choice. Also, they might not let you customize.

Anyways, the process is fast and accessible anywhere. You only need a good internet connection and recruit knowledge of researching. You can browse many suppliers online. The prominent online suppliers in China are:


Alibaba is owned by a Chinese business tycoon, “Jack Ma”. It is China’s and by some statistics, the world’s largest online business platform.

It has grown in over 200 countries. Alibaba has millions of online users and hosts millions of businesses. Alibaba is fast-growing and has broken the 500 billion USD valuation mark.

Alibaba offers a sound and secure buying and selling experience. It encourages sellers by providing product security.

Its interface is user-friendly and offers secure payment options. The platform is a masterpiece in this growing age.

You can import sunglasses in bulk from China using Alibaba. Since it is protected, most businesses prefer using it for bulk orders.

“” is an interrelated site from Alibaba. It got launched in 1999. The platform aims to grow its online business.

It is one of China’s main business-to-business (B2B) platforms. It has an estimated 120 million users. So, wholesalers can use this platform for products of their desire.

The platform is offering a great way for international businesses to buy from China. You can wholesale sunglasses in bulk from China using this website.

The website offers a great interface to reduce human effort. It hosts about 10 million companies that sell their products.

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How to Buy from The Ultimate Guide

Made in China

It is a China-based product. “Made in China” manufactures, sells, and exports products. It was launched in 1996.  It came into existence to provide a simplistic and decent forum. It has many customers and offers sourcing requests.

The platform provides its services for millions of products. You can find China-based sunglasses of different varieties there.

It allows businesses to import sunglasses in bulk from China. Wholesalers can hunt for the desired products using this site.

Optical Fairs

Besides going to the China markets and searching for online stores, you can use optical fairs. You can find reliable sunglasses wholesalers on optical fairs. Some of the Chinese optical fairs are mentioned below:

Guangzhou International Optical Fair (GIOF)

Established in 1996, Guangzhou International Optical Fair supports trade, wholesale, and distributions. Its locality is in South China. GIOF provides an easy pathway for buyers and sellers to connect.

It is a source of connection between Chinese suppliers and international buyers. GIOF runs the whole year in full swing to attract investments in China.

Address: Tongle Rd, Changi Road Shopping Leisure Street, Yuexiu District.

Time Frame: From 31 October 2019, 09:30 until2November 2019, 18:00

Product categories found in GIOF are:

  1. Lenses
  2. Sunglasses
  3. Sports sunglasses
  4. Fashion sunglasses, etc.

Wenzhou International Optics Fair (WOF)

Wenzhou International Optics Fair (WOF) is an international exhibition for eyewear. It features and exhibits sunglasses, sports sunglasses, fashion sunglasses, lenses, and many more.

WOF provides special services for international visitors.

Address: Wenzhou International Convention & Exhibition Center, Wenzhou, China.

Time Frame: 18 September 2020 to 20 September 2020.

You can buy wholesale sunglasses from China through this fair. It serves as a surrogate between the suppliers and the wholesale buyers.

Hong Kong Optics Fair (HOF)

Hong Kong International Optical Fair presents a matchless trade platform. It allows suppliers and wholesalers to connect with buyers from all around the globe.

HOF displays sunglasses, fashionable sunglasses, sports sunglasses, and many more eyewear products. In 2019th edition, it premiered almost 230 brands.

Address: The Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Center

Time Frame: Wed, 4 November 2020 – Fri, 6 November 2020

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China Trade Shows

Largest Sunglasses Wholesale Markets in China

China has many wholesale sunglasses markets. Most of these markets are small. China, due to its high population, requires big markets.

That is why China holds a large part of the world’s sunglasses business. The main markets providing wholesale sunglasses bulk quantities are:

Yiwu International Trade City

Yiwu international trade city is famous for being the largest wholesale market. It offers services for small businesses around the world. The sunglasses are available on the 1st floor.

There are thousands of booths that offer you several options. You can find anything that you can think of. The sunglasses in this wholesale market are there for export.

There is a wide selection of trendy styles. So, you can choose the best one for your business.

The MOQ is also very attractive, normally 300-1000 pcs/color. So, if you plan to buy many sunglasses, you must visit the Yiwu market. You can find sunglasses at varying price tags.

It depends upon the quality, design, and product used. The standard plastic frame sunglasses are cheaper than that of metal frame sunglasses. The ones with polarized glasses are sold at a bit more price.

You can also customize the sunglasses. Your brand identity or any picture can get printed on the frames. The suppliers in the Yiwu market can cover all your needs. They charge differently for each service. You will have to pay more for custom made sunglasses.

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Buy From Yiwu Wholesale Market

Nanfang Glasses Professional Market

Nanfang Glasses’ Professional Market is located in the middle of the professional market. It twinned with the government departments because of the vast developmental expansion.

It continuously improves the eyewear markets of China. NGPM is one of the three major distribution centers for the sunglasses industry of the country. Due to its high impact, it is of dire concern to the industry. 

Address: No. 317 Renmin Zhong Lu. 

Guangdong International Eyeglasses Center

It is the simplistic and most professional sunglasses trade center in China. GEC has a large variety of branded eyewear. It also wholesales other eyewear accessories like contact lenses and prescribed spectacles, etc.

The center hosts exhibitions for sunglasses sale. It attracts a large amount of small and big foreign businesses.

Address: No. 313, Guangfu Zhong Lu, Liwan District, Guangzhou.

Yue He International

Yue He International optical center has a specialty in spectacles and sunglasses. It is one of the largest wholesale markets in Guangzhou.

The optical center deals with spectacles and sunglasses. You can find trending sunglasses in this market. It is not completely filled with people and is clean all the time.

The center is a modern-day market for wholesale sunglasses bulk trading. 

Address: No. 322, Renmin Zhong Lu.

Guangzhou Xinjiang Yanjing City

Guangzhou Xinjiang Yanjing City market deals with high-end eyewear products. The main products or services provided are sunglasses. Sunglass accessories, optical products, etc. are also there.

The MOQ of sunglasses suppliers in the Guangzhou market is generally small. Small businesses tend to prefer it because of 10-30 MOQ.

The prices are a bit higher compared to other wholesale markets due to less MOQ. This market deals with metal and plastic spectacle frames.

You can also get children sunglasses. You can find spectacle cases, spectacle cloths, polarized sunglasses, etc.

Address: No.250 Renmin Zhong Lu.

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Guangzhou Xinjiang Yanjing City

International Glasses City

This marketplace is the best place in town to buy glasses. Over 100 shops sell sunglasses here. The products available here are cheap and modern.

Plastic framed sunglasses and trending sunglasses are available here. It is currently the largest and the best quality eyewear-themed shopping mall. The International Glasses City wholesales the most professional sunglasses in China.

It sites in Zhabei District in the base of the Shanghai optical industry. International Glass City has a long production and development history.

The first eyewear factory in the country is located in Zhabei, a center for sales of eyewear products. The wholesale market has become the major trade center for the sales of sunglasses.

Address: Railway Station North Plaza, 1688 Zhongxing Lu, near Henfeng Bei Lu.

Fuming Glasses Market

This market has around 200 shops and stalls. It is a bit old market. The Fuming Glasses Market is not very crowded. The least order quantity is low.

You can get about 5-10 pieces in stock. And in production, you get about 30-60. Due to this reason, it attracts a lot of small businesses and wholesalers.

Wholesale sunglasses vendors buy from there and earn profits in return. Small and large businesses wholesale sunglasses from here.

China’s wholesale sunglasses markets are eminent economic builders. It benefits the buyers and the sellers considerably. Being a wholesaler, you must look for the suppliers mentioned above. 

Address: Yuexiu area, dade road 11.

Some Tips to Help You Run Sunglasses Business Successfully

1.Be Aware Of Every Detail Of The Selling Sunglasses

Understanding all the details of your product is necessary. It produces new ideas in your mind and makes you understand customers’ demands.

This ability distinguishes you as a professional wholesaler. Thus, it attracts more customers. Knowing sunglasses enables you to:

  • Understand the different products used in glassmaking. For instance, it allows you to differentiate a polarized glass from others.
  • Differentiate between its types and shapes such as oval, round, square, or rectangle, etc.
  • Differentiate between color codes of your frame and glass
  • Know about trendy brands in the market

2.Trace the Fashion Trend

People not only wear sunglasses to protect their eyes from sun rays, they also consider the aesthetic factor. Trendy and branded sunglasses make you look modern and futuristic. Some famous fashion sunglasses brands that people mostly like are:

  • Prada
  • Ray-Ban
  • Tory Burch
  • Michael Kors
  • Burberry
  • Emporio Armani
  • Maui Jim

3.Use Social Networks to Expand Your Sales Chains

Selling on the internet is not an intricate process. Millions of businesses have grown their online websites. It has become a need of the time.

People find online shopping easy. The online buying/selling process is more convenient for most people. Selling online is a great success.

You only need to set up a website and upload exciting clicks of your sunglasses. You can promote specific products by applying Google and Facebook Ads on them.

The use of social networks to increase your sales is of extreme importance. You can link your online store to Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and Youtube.

It can boost up your sales and attract a lot of customers since many people use it. The use of social media has become a fruitful promotional method for businesses. Promoting your online store through Instagram will create a long chain of customers.

Social Networks

How LeelineSourcing Help You With Wholesale Sunglasses from China

LeelineSourcing offers the following services to its customers:

Guide You to Find the Best Sunglasses Supplier

LeelineSourcing guides you to find the best sunglass suppliers in China. It assists you and reduces your effort of browsing. LeelineSourcing connects you to the leading China wholesale sunglasses markets.

It bargains from your side to ensure the quality of your product. LeelineSourcing helps you increase your profits. It also assists you in the first step of starting your sunglasses business.

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Confirm and Follow-up Your Order

LeelineSourcing will ensure the status of your order. It oversees the duration of your order. After that, they observe and examine the timely approval of your deal.

LeelineSourcing reduces your effort and worries. It assures you of your order placement according to your needs.

Quality Control and Inspection

LeelineSourcing investigates the quality and soundness of your order. It assures the high standards after inspection. The experts there treat your order as their own to make sure of the quality.

Certification and Testing of Products

Sunglasses businesses need specific certifications. Since sunglasses are medical products, you must get the relevant certificates.

The testing of products is also necessary to import from China. LeelineSourcing provides you this facility. It covers your testing and certification phase before shipping it.

LeelineSourcing knows which certificates your product needs for shipping and customs clearance. They will tackle and solve all the certification problems.

In that way, your product will reach you without any effort. The certificates required for exporting to different countries are different. The following is the list of specific certifications for exporting to major countries:

  • US FDA (Food and Drug Administration) certification, Drop Ball test
  • EU: EN ISO 12312-1 certification
  • Australia: AS/NZS 1067:2003 certification
  • Russia: GOST certification
  • Germany: TUV certification

Certification and Testing of Products

Build Your Own Private Label Brand

LeelineSourcing will help you build your own private label brand in the following ways:

Design Your Brand Look

LeelineSourcing designs a futuristic brand identity for your product. It also makes branding attractive to invite a large number of customers. 

Product Specialization

LeelineSourcing focuses on product specialization. It increases the demands of a specific product using business techniques. In return, the inflow of that product increases.

Competitive Pricing

It is a strategy for setting the price at the same level as your competitors. This method depends upon the pricing efforts that are already made by competitors.

This aims to equate the prices when several suppliers are present in the same market. The above theory states in light of classical economics. In this way, newly started businesses can reduce pricing errors.

High Quality/Low Defects

LeelineSourcing ensures the standard and inspects the product. It ensures no manufacturing defect occurs. LeelineSourcing cares about the complete satisfaction of its customers. Its experts meet with manufacturers to seek out the best possible deals.

Packaging of Sunglasses

The packaging is a necessary aspect of every product sale. Sunglasses need to be taken great care of. Most sunglasses manufacturers do not offer individual packaging.

Thus, LeelineSorcing steps forward to your aid. They take great care of packaging your precious products.

The sunglasses can get packed in the following two ways:

1.Spectacle Case

 Spectacle cases use plastic, wood, paper, metal, leather, or EVA.

Spectacle Case

2.Spectacle Pouch

Spectacle pouches make use of cloth or leather.

The prices of the packaging materials are different. It depends upon the product/material that it uses.

Spectacle Pouch

Loading and Shipping of Sunglasses 

The final finished products get packed in the following way:

  • A pair of sunglasses gets packed per pouch.
  • Twenty pairs of sunglasses get packed in one box.
  • Twenty-Five boxes or 500 pairs get packed in one carton. 

The box and carton sizes may differ for different factories. The quantity they fill may also be different. Some pack 600 pairs in a single carton, while others pack 400.

Usually, the weight of 500 pairs of sunglasses is about 16kg. LeelingSourcing looks after the quality packaging of your products.

They ensure timely arrival and proper packaging. They make sure all your belongings return to you in sound conditions.

The LCL charges applied on a shipment are dependent on volume. The more space it covers, the more you are going to pay.

The capacity covered by 500 pairs of sunglasses comes to about 0.08 cubic meters. The prices of the packaging materials are different. It depends upon the product/material that it uses.

The main LCL charges around the world are:

  • US: 250 to 300$/ cubic meter
  • Europe: 250 to 330$/ cubic meter
  • South America: 300 to 350$/ cubic meter
  • Africa: 300 to 400$/ cubic meter
  • Southeast Asia: 100 to 200$/ cubic meter

Note: The pricing is in the US Dollar.

How Leeline Sourcing Help You Find Best Ecommerce Wholesalers And Manufacturers

Final Thoughts on China Sunglasses Wholesale

There are a lot of benefits of buying directly from the factory. The results came out very impressive. But some factors need to be addressed before placing an order from China.

You must know the number of sunglasses required before placing the order. It is a factor of topmost concern. Before ordering directly from a factory in China, you must aim to place an order for a large sum of sunglasses.

For example, you can’t request less than 100 pieces of a single item. You must not confuse item with a “Brand”.

But it depends upon the MOQ of the market you are buying at. The factory wants to know about the smallest quantity required. After that, they start manufacturing. That is due to the positive results in the production factory.

Ordering wholesale sunglasses bulk could be cost-effective. Once production is complete, the product is then short of imports from China. The shipping procedures and costs will be the same as explained above.

FAQs for China Sunglasses Wholesale

How do you find trusted wholesale sunglasses suppliers?

The first step towards finding the right suppliers is to understand your demands. When you come to know your interests, it becomes easy to meet the right supplier.

Then, you can find a large number of wholesale suppliers in China. Guangzhou is the center of the wholesale markets. You can find a lot of leading suppliers.

LeelineSourcing connects you to trusted suppliers. It reduces your efforts to find a reliable supplier in China. You can search online for the right suppliers.

Online e-commerce websites help you to get it done. B2B platforms such as and Alibaba connect you to a large sum of online suppliers from China.

What is the best website to buy wholesale from China?

Many online business platforms are running in China. The leading ones are Alibaba,, and Made-in-China. These marketplaces let you order wholesale sunglasses from China.

Alibaba and its interrelated web sources are the best of all as they provide user security and friendliness. They provide credit security to buyers.

Alibaba is an easily accessible online platform. It exports sunglasses in bulk to other countries, and their operations are simplistic.

What brand has the best sunglasses?

There are many leading sunglasses brands in the world. A few of them are well-known for their quality. One of the best sunglasses manufacturers is Ray-Ban. It is an Italian brand found in America in 1936.

Ray-Ban is the best-selling sunglasses brand in the world. It produces top-notch products that attract a lot of masses.

Due to high quality and fame, Ray-Bans are quite expensive as compared to the other brands. Ray-Ban manufactures all types of sunglasses. Their glasses are well-engineered to create trends worldwide.

How do I make my sunglass brand?

You can make your own sunglasses brand by doing wholesale from China. As discussed earlier, you can customize and print your brand logo on your sunglasses.

In this manner, you can run a new chain of business of your own. Wholesaling a large number of sunglasses is beneficial. It helps your brand run smoothly.

Apart from importing sunglasses from China, you can also manufacture them yourself. You would need to have your own factory. 

A factory would need a large sum of investment and employees. But it can generate profitable revenue in return.

What type of sunglasses is trending on the streets?

Everyone in the fashion industry has their own opinion of what to use. The color, shape, size, and style of sunglasses matter the most.

Classic eyewear is always on-trend. Their fame and trends do not fade away and will remain favorites for fans. Most adults and grown people have a taste for it.

The designs and shapes of the new trendy sunglasses remain almost the same. The only difference comes up in the frame size, color, and styles. The commonly seen sunglasses on the streets are:

  • Aviator/ Pilot
  • Round/ Oval
  • Square
  • Cat-eye
  • Geometrics

Which country wears the most glasses?

People from all around the globe happen to wear sunglasses. They do so to tackle the scorching sunlight. Many people wear it for non-medical purposes.

Wearing trendy sunglasses is aesthetically pleasing. It discerns your lifestyle from others. Stylish sunglasses make you look futuristic. Almost all countries have people wearing sunglasses. According to a recent survey, the results are as shown:

The number of people wearing sunglasses is greater in Slovakia than in any other country. Serbia is second to Slovakia in following the trendy lifestyle. Then it is followed by the UK, Denmark, Finland, and so on.

Import From China

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