Best 7 Amazon Marketing Strategy You Should Know

The lead of Amazon has been increased tremendously within the last few years.

Therefore, manufacturers and sellers are offering their products through Amazon so that they can get the benefits from the vast sales potential of Amazon.

The rise in sales at Amazon is because of Amazon’s marketing strategy, which forces the shoppers to get engaged more intensively with the Amazon sales channels.

Amazon’s marketing strategy helps the sellers and vendors to introduce their products with their customers.

If you are selling your products via Amazon, and need to know about their marketing strategies, get through this article. It will provide an ultimate overview of the Amazon marketing strategy.

Amazon Marketing Strategy 2020

What Is An Amazon Marketing Strategy?

To use the full power of Amazon is by using its advertising capabilities. Amazon advertising strategy is the best way to introduce your products to the world.

It lets you get a reach to the consumer market, as it is a unique channel for advertising the specific products, building your brand, and many others.

Amazon is an incredible platform where you can get a chance to contact a large number of customers from all over the world.

Amazon is an incredible outlet where you can showcase your products; ad can earn more sales. You can also create awareness about your products among the buyers through Amazon.

Amazon offers the most useful Amazon marketing campaigns so the sellers can make their product most popular among its consumers.

Amazon advertising strategy uses the data to discover the products which are high in demand in every category.

The pricing algorithm makes those products competitive and bids heavily on the advertisements to get the attention of people towards these products.

Once your consumer is on the Amazon, they will get all the products at the full price.

You should use the Amazon advertising platform to introduce your products with the buyers. The marketing or advertisements, through the Amazon advertising platform, is not a difficult task and makes your business a success.

Further, the Amazon advertising cost is not much high, which makes it accessible to everyone.

Amazon’s marketing strategy enables sellers to offer a wide range of products. Amazon is the largest internet retailer in the world. And most of the products available at Amazon are from third-party sellers.

Amazon offers a user-friendly interface. The technology giant has a customer-friendly interface, which integrates the personalized recommendations and recent browsing history, among others.

The Amazon marketing strategy makes the advertisement of products very easy for all the businesses.

You can target many online marketing channels, such as Associate program, sponsored search, social and online advertisements, TV ad, and many others through Amazon marketing strategy.

Why Do Brands Fail On Amazon?

Amazon is a sophisticated platform and needs a lot of moving parts to understand the whole process.

The following are the mistakes brands most of the time made while executing the Amazon marketing strategy.

·   Not Diversifying Products

Product diversification is required for the success of your business. One of the major mistakes which brands made while selling on Amazon is by not diversifying the products.

It is good to know about your market. Still, a niche can limit you to a tiny audience or decrease the number of potential customers.

For the success of your business, you should provide a variety of products. You can also add the most popular products to your store.

You can also examine the reviews and comments about your existing products. You can check which new and trendy products you can offer to your customers.

·   Getting Undercut By Competitors

At the platform of Amazon, if your prices are continually being undercut, you need to review your buying strategy.

No one likes to get undercut by other entrepreneurs. To solve this issue, you can buy the products in bulk; it will let you price competitively.

·   Having Too Many Competitors

If you have too many competitors around, you should change your Amazon strategy; otherwise, it may lead you towards failure.

To get the attention of customers, you can give sell amazing and unique products. Furthermore, you can also give different offers or discounts, and it may also help you to rise above the crowd.

It is difficult to rise in an oversaturated market. Still, if you want to be a success story, you will have to work differently to get potential customers.

·   Not Optimizing Listings

If you are a seller at Amazon, your product listing must be optimized; otherwise, you are going to lose everything. In most of the failures, the product listings of the sellers are not optimized.

You can sell the best products, which no one is selling the market, but that does not mean that you are going to have a successful business.

If you are failed to optimized the listings by using the Amazon SEO, it means your products will be failed on both Amazon and Google searches.

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How to Optimize Your Amazon Product Listings

The 7 Amazon Marketing Strategies For 2020

Amazon marketing is a set of actions that a buyer takes to permute and sell the products. You can use the Amazon SEO, which will help you to optimize the product pages to improve the visibility of them in the Amazon organic research results.

The Amazon advertisements help the brands and other products to get fame and popularity among their users.

1. Optimized Amazon SEO

Search engine optimization one of the best-known methods for online marketing. SEO is my personal favorite. It is because it takes only the fast RESEARCH process.

Search engine optimization helps the sellers to appear as high as possible in the search results for some specific queries.

Now product searches are started directly on the Amazon rather than Google, which makes the Amazon top search engine for the required products.

You should make sure that your products rank high in the Amazon search engine. Amazon search engine helps the customers to make sure that their products will appear at the top of the list.


The keywords are the core of Amazon SEO marketing. If you have successfully selected the most relevant word for your product, your product will be displayed most of the time as someone will search for those keywords.

The right keyword is significant for the raking higher your product. So, try to choose the keywords wisely; it can give you a chance to earn money and fame by selling more products.


The keywords and title of the products both play an essential role in getting the buyers. If you have successfully got the best title for your product, it will let your product to get the top position at the search bar.


While you are creating the description of your product, you need to follow the instructions given by the Amazon.

You should add the bullets, and capitalize each word. All of these help the sellers to make an adequate description of your product.


To improve the search for your product, you can also add the images. The image of the product should show all the sides of the products.

And for that purpose you can take photos of your products from different angles, it will help the customers to view your product from all sides.


The reviews and question answers help the customers to learn about the quality and features of your products. You can add the real reviews of customers.

Further, you can also add the queries of your customers; it helps the other buyers to get a little bit more info about your goods.

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Amazon Keyword Research

2. Affiliate Marketing

It is a beneficial marketing strategy, as it can direct new traffic towards your Amazon page. You can feature your products on different sites, which will help you to get a new stream of customers.

Amazon Affiliate Program

Amazon offers the Amazon affiliate program, which allows the website owner to advertise their products from Amazon on their sites. When a person will click on these links, and buy that product, Amazon gets the commission.

3. Amazon Advertising

Amazon advertisements put your products in front of the customers, who may not have found them on their own. You can get benefit from the under given three types of the Amazon.

Sponsored Product Ads: Amazon PPC

The sponsored product ads are pay per click ads, which is very popular. And they appear everywhere.

Sponsored Brand Ads

These ads feature a headline, logo, and up to three of your products. It helps to create brand awareness.

Display Ads: Amazon CPC

Amazon display ads are cost per click, and they can be displayed on the website of Amazon and app. But the adds can also appear on the other websites and apps.

4. Third-Party Advertising

Maybe you are selling the products on Amazon. Still, it does not mean that your advertisements are limited to the platform only.

The third-party ads can help the sellers to increase the click-through and conversation rates.

Google Ads

Google gets more 63,000 searches per second by making it a valuable marketing channel. Google ads can take advantage of many features, such as retargeting and email marketing.

What I use; 

I use Google Ads most of the time. It has BILLIONS of users visiting every day. So, exposure is quite HIGH. 

Facebook Ads

Facebook lets businesses advertise their products and get buyers. Through this platform, you can push an entirely new audience to your Amazon store.

5. Ratings and Reviews

The reviews and ratings of customers are critical. And the importance of review and ratings increases tremendously in the ecommerce, where the shoppers cannot buy from the physical stores.

In online shopping, the customers cannot touch or see the products; therefore, they rely on the reviews and ratings of other customers.

Therefore, if you have some positives comments about your product, it is going to very helpful for your business.

At the Amazon, you will find that more than 90% of customers do not shop a product that has less than three stars.

Therefore, Amazon recognizes the power of customer reviews and ratings, as they can change the mindset of a customer.

You can get the reviews and comments of customers about every product available at the Amazon.

The buyers can view the images, filter reviews suggested by the keywords, sort reviews by stars, and search for content within reviews. Furthermore, the customers can also review the questions, answers of the customers.

All of these help the customers a lot. Whenever customers shop at  Amazon, they always browse reviews and ratings of customers, who are using the products already.

Therefore, as a seller, you should prioritize the reviews of the customers. They can force the buyer to make a stop at your store and buy something from you.

You can ask your customers to give you their reviews. And here are the few ways to ask them to do so:

  • Include a thank-you note, and review the request in your product shipment.
  • You can also send a follow-up request through a review request.

Amazon lets the sellers respond to the reviews of the customers. It is a better way to involve the customers and to express gratitude and address the complaints or issues.

It is the best way to get a chance to connect with the customers, as you can know about their reviews about the products. You can know whether they are like or dislike the products.

Amazon Ratings and Reviews Marketing

6. Email Marketing

One of the easiest and quick ways to get the potential buyers is through email inbox. You can try to be authentic and to your company and brand.

If you have the vision of your brand in mind, you can choose different Amazon marketing strategies.

The email marketing strategy helps the shoppers to build their reputation among the customers, and they can have a feeling of belonging to your organization in this way.

When someone shops from your store, you can ask for their reviews or comments. And for that purpose, you can send the emails or text messages, thanking them for shopping with you.

After developing a secure and trustworthy relationship with the buyers, you can periodically follow up with them. You can also ask the Amazon reviews or can give those offers for their next shopping.

You can also run different types of promotional deals, which can be available on our email list only.

So, customers may feel unusual. And you can also show them an appreciation as they buy something from you.

Furthermore, you can also incorporate a monthly, bi-monthly, or annual newsletter to introduce the customers with your products. And you can also let them know about your offers or discounts.

In this way, you can also remind your company about your new products, which can be worth considering them too.

For marketing through email, you can also take help from different software, for instance, email marketing automation software. It can make the whole process simple and easy for you.

If you want to make your business a successful journey, you need to keep in contact with your customers. It will save you time and will help to avoid stress.

You should make sure that your followers are turning into buyers. And if yes, you are on the right path.

But if you are not getting any buyer, you need to go through your strategy once again so you can get the buyers.

The more lead or follow up you will get through the email marketing, the more you will be able to get the customers.

Email Marketing

7. Social Media Marketing

Suppose you have an account at different social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. You can use these platforms to get the customers, as they have been proved to be the best marketing platforms.

Different platforms have different demographics that you can use to target the customers. The customers you will get on Instagram can be different from those which you can have through Facebook.

I use FACEBOOK for marketing. Spending $5 on ads gets me access to 1000 users. Isn’t it great? 

Everyone spends almost five hours every day on these social sites. Therefore most of the businesses use this platform to catch the attention of the buyers.

Social media influencers are a huge trend in the present time, so you should look into the joining movement. The partner influencer makes the landing page with the collection of different Amazon products.

It will be a best valuable step towards the success of your business if you get a huge fan base through theses platforms.

On these social channels, you can use the sponsored posts, due to which your ads or posts will appear at the top.

Further, you can also customize your audience through various demographics and locations to get the traffic to the Amazon page through third party social media applications.

Social Media Marketing

Improving Your Amazon Listings Should Be A Top Priority Of Your Marketing Strategy:

The following are the tips to improve your Amazon listings.

1. Provide Free Shipping

Everyone needs free shipping, and it can be a tempting trigger to get potential buyers. I target FREE SHIPPING. It encourages my buyers to purchase more products. 

The customers may not purchase the goods because of the shipping costs. In that situation, the free shipping triggers the buyers on a purchase.

2. Provide Fast Shipping

The shipping time is a very crucial factor for the success of the online business. People want their products as early as possible. They cannot wait to get their parcels.

Quick and fast delivery of their orders will make them happy and motivate them to shop again. But if you fail to supply them parcel on time, it may make them unhappy, and they will leave negative comments. Furthermore, they can also demotivate other buyers to buy from you.

Amazon is well known for delivering the products within two days, and anything slower than this will not be meeting their standards.

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3. Do A Giveaway With A Content Creator

You can contact a content writer, and it will help you to get a new group of customers for your brand or shop.

Have you tried it? I recommend it to everyone. It is a GREAT WAY to try.

4. Review Your Seller Analytics

For the growth of the business, information plays a key factor. Amazon offers the “Seller Analytics” feature, which provides access to data through which one can know about the performance and demand of a product.

By using seller analytics, you can get important information, which can help you to decide on your business.

It will help you to choose the customer segments on which you have to focus, to improve the performance of your business.

My opinion! 

If you want to beat your COMPETITOR, the analytics give you mistakes. Correct these mistakes. It is that simple.

5. Test Different Advertising Methods

You can test different Google, Facebook, and Amazon ads, editorial links to get the data. And later on, you can use this data to optimize your Amazon marketing strategy.

Furthermore, you can also use this information to get an idea of which ads can work better and compare them with others. You can also find that certain ads work well with a specific customer segment.

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How Leeline Sourcing Recommend You The Most Effective Marketing Strategy And Help You Import Amazon Hot Sale Products From China

Leeline sourcing helps the buyers in finding the best marketing strategy for your business. You can take the help of analytics and marketing teams of Leeline sourcing.

They will give you a list of platforms that you can use to advertise your products. And this will help you to save your time.

And you can use this time and energy to make your business more successful by selling more products.

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FAQ About Amazon Marketing Strategy

The following are the most commonly asked question about Amazon’s marketing strategy. You can continue the reading if you have any query your mind regarding Amazon marketing campaigns.

·  Are Amazon Ads Worth It?

Yes, it will help you to get access to the millions of buyers who love to shop at this vast marketplace.

·  How Much Does Amazon Advertising Cost?

You may have to pay $5 per day on the Amazon sponsored ads. So, in this way, you may have to pay about $150 per month.

·  How Do You Use Testimonials In Email?

These emails help the buyers to get the potential buyers, as they increase the conversations with the buyers and can let the buyers purchase your products. to use the testimonial in your emails, you can

  1. Incorporate short product reviews
  2. Utilized the user-generated content
  3. Can send the video testimonials
  4. Share the complete customer’s stories
  5. Personalize your use of testimonials

·   Can You Use Amazon Reviews In Marketing?

Yes, you can use the Amazon reviews for marketing, as it is the best option for the growth of your business

·  Do I Need Permission To Use Customer Testimonials?

If you are using the names, pictures, or videos, you will have to take permission from customers. It can make your testimonials trustworthy.

Final Thoughts On Amazon Marketing Strategy

Through Amazon’s marketing strategy, the sellers can effectively advertise their products.

It helps the shoppers a lot in generating a lead for their store, which can be converted into potential buyers later on.

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