How to Create an Amazon Brand Store

What is Amazon Brand Store?

Amazon Brand Store is a service provided by Amazon.

In this service, sellers can make their own stores on Amazon to increase recognition.

In other words, sellers pay Amazon and they create their own store page as an extension to Amazon itself. Amazon Brand Stores help big companies to verify themselves.

This also helps them to maintain their reputation and trust. Amazon has many individual sellers.

Some of these sellers are not as efficient and dedicated as others.

When sellers create an Amazon Brand Store, they usually show that they are verified and dedicated.

In this article, we will learn the basics of Amazon Brand Stores and how you can create your own.

Amazon Brand Store

What is Amazon Brand Store?

First of all, we must learn what Amazon Brand Stores are. itself is a big place. Buyers can have trouble recognizing good sellers from dishonest vendors.

Sellers who are dedicated to their trade also need to showcase their merchandise freely. When sellers use Amazon for their selling schemes, they are limited.

They cannot display all their products in co-ordination with others and they cannot freely apply their marketing efforts.

When sellers use Amazon Brand Stores, they can create a page just for their business. Amazon Brand Stores can be defined as exclusive web pages for sellers.

These pages can be excessed via Amazon itself. There is an option in the menu when you visit Amazon. There is a category marked ‘Store’.

In this category, you can see the efficient sellers who have set up their own mini-platform for selling their products. Usually, big companies and quality sellers make their own Amazon Brand Stores so they can stand out.

How does Amazon Brand Store look like?

Generally, Amazon Brand Store looks like any other online shop website. The difference is that you are accessible through Amazon.

However, you can uniquely design your Amazon Brand Store by using templates and other customization methods.

These methods may include the way you showcase your products, the text, and the arrangements of the tiles etcetera. There are different options one can choose from and make their Amazon Brand Store unique.

How does Amazon Brand Store look like

Why should you create an Amazon Store?

What exactly are the benefits of creating an Amazon Brand Store? There must be some perks that Amazon Brand Store owners have.

In fact, there are. There are several benefits that you can obtain if you open an Amazon Brand Store. Some of them are:

Stronger Amazon branding strategy and brand affinity

When you use Amazon Brand Stores, you can experience many benefits. Amazon branding strategy refers to the method of making a good repute for your company.

When you create an Amazon Brand Store, you can create a reputation for being trustworthy and reliable. On the other hand, brand affinity means the relationship a customer has with a firm.

Therefore, I recommend focusing on both brand affinity and branding strategy. Only then you get faster results.

Highlight your product’s unique selling points with rich content

Amazon has got 300 MILLION ACTIVE CUSTOMERS. That means my products will be visible to such A LARGE NUMBER of buyers.

When you are an individual seller, there aren’t many options you can choose. When you have your own store, you can highlight the better points of your products while maintaining an honest relationship with your customer.

Heightened visibility and traffic for your products

When you have a separate store for your merchandise, you can attract more attention. A unique and standing out seller has more chance of selling goods than normal sellers. People without Amazon Brand Stores are thought to have lesser traffic.

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Increase Product Traffic and Sales

How to create an Amazon Brand Store?

There are a few steps when creating your own Amazon Brand Store. When done properly, they shouldn’t be too much of a hassle. These steps include:

Step 1: Create a professional seller account

The first step is to create a professional seller account. This step is not so difficult. Amazon is a user-friendly platform.

Everything is clear and in front. When you need to create a professional seller account, go to Amazon and scroll down. You will find ‘Become an Amazon seller’.

Under the heading will be an orange button. This is the Sign-Up button. Press this and you will be taken to the seller profile creating procedure.

Tip: Look. Amazon has two account types. When registering, you must choose a professional account.

Step 2: Register with Amazon Brand Registry

This is the next step for creating your own Amazon Brand Store. If you want to register, you have to go to Amazon. The procedural page is easy to find. You will need to fit some requirements, however. You should take care to see if you are eligible for this process.

Step 3: Create your store’s homepage with an appropriate template

Creating a unique store homepage is important. You must have recognition and identity. This can be to some extent by a nice homepage. You can choose between several templates and layouts to make a distinguished look for your store.

Step 4: Build your store pages

How do you keep your products? By creating the page. Am I right? You should think the same here.

After that, you have to create your store pages. These will include the products you are selling. Making separate pages for separate categories is also beneficial. This helps in organizing your online store. You can create your store pages however you like.

Step 5: Add the content tiles to every page

After you have created the pages, you must input the tiles. The tiles show products on your web pages. These tiles have to be input so that you can showcase your merchandise.

Step 6: Upload your products

This step is where you upload the details about your product. This involves the specifications and an image of your product. You can choose what the mode of the display should be.

Product pages are nothing without products. I upload my products and manage them.

Step 7: Submit your created store pages for review and then, publish

After you have readied your pages and uploaded your products, this is the final step. You have to submit your store page(s) for Amazon to approve. After that, you are good to go.

The in-depth details of all these steps can be obtained from Amazon itself or other sources.


How to design your Amazon Brand Store?

Templates that you can use

The first thing you should learn about is templates. Templates are important when you are designing your own Amazon brand store.

Using the correct template can make your content look for fitting. You should use the correct template that is suitable for your business.

What I suggest is careful research. You get a SUITABLE THEME indicating your brand goals.

For different products, different templates are used. We will discuss a few templates that you can use.

The Marquee

The Marquee is a simple template. If used correctly, it can be an effective way to display your products. It involves a simple layout where your products are displayed next to some content.

This content can typically contain text about your product i.e. details.  The image for the product and the text can be displayed side by side for the customer’s ease. The Marquee resembles the style used by most online shops.

The Storefront

This template is more image-based. This means that the image of the product takes more space than the text. The text is used just barely.

This emphasizes the visual appeal of the product. This is also a good template to use when you create your Amazon Brand Store.

Product grid

This is a simple format that you can use. In this format, the products are displayed simply with a brief description.

There is no specific emphasis on a specific part of the product. However, customers can prefer this template because it is easy and simple to see.

How to design your Amazon Brand Store

General layout and appearance you can design

Here are some layout elements and things you can add to your site. These things make the site appear more professional and user-friendly.

The header images

The header images appear on the top of your website. You can display an image of your product on the header to show the customers what you offer. You can also put your company logo on the header. You can decide on this yourself.

Text or text-based tiles

Text is an important part of your website. You cannot make do with graphics alone. The text shows the details of the products.

The text also explains your business and other things etcetera. Text can be written in two ways. It can be written freely or it can be written in tiles.

Images or image-based tiles

Similar to text, images are important to the business as well. Images of your product can give the customers an idea of what you are offering.

Images can be on your website randomly. Or they can be displayed as tiles. Tiles can be used to display both images and texts.

Product + Text tiles

This is where the tiles on the website contain text and images. The text takes a certain space of the tiles. The image takes up the rest. These elements should be balanced to show your product in the best way.

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Best Brand Stores on Amazon

Here are some examples of some of the best Amazon Brand Stores there are.


Apple is quite a popular name. Apple is an electronics manufacturer, most well-known for its line of smartphones.

I have used an Apple device. Airpods, iOS DEVICES, and many things are popular.

Apple is one of the top brand stores on Amazon. Aspiring businessmen can learn from its layout to improve their own sites.


Bear Paw Products

Bear Paw Products is also one of the more notable stores on Amazon. Bear Paw Products focuses on BBQ products that are necessary for kitchen use and for use in Barbeques.

You might wonder like me about the BEAR PAW PRODUCTS. But believe me; they have excellent quality.

Bear Paw Products is not a very large company. However, their efforts on Amazon are commendable as they rank in the top stores.


Coleman is ranked in the top Amazon stores as well. Coleman provides camping and outdoor gear and is quite popular. It is one of the more well-known companies that rule the roost on Amazon as well as real life.


Nespresso also exhibits a nice use of tiles to showcase their products. They have a professional-looking page with elaborate pictures of their machines. They are one of Amazon’s top brand stores.



Scotts is unequivocally an amazing example of what an efficient store page should look like. Scotts sells lawn-related products like seeds and fertilizer etcetera.

They display their products in a very amazing manner. Each product has a clear title and an image fits in the back. Effective visualization has impressed me a lot. You can APPLY THE SAME strategy to drive sales.

Customers can clearly see each product and read the details. The Scotts store page is an example of simplicity used perfectly.

8 Trending Private Label Products Idea Help You Build Your own Amazon Brand

If you are wondering what products you can sell to start your own business, here are some ideas.

Water Bottles

I drink mineral water every single day. And these are the water bottles that help me out.

Water bottles are an everyday necessity. People need to carry water for all sorts of occasions. Thus, water bottles are a good product to choose for your own business.

Your efforts and marketing strategy is very important. Good sellers can please and attract customers with the simplest products.

Water Bottles

Outdoor products

Outdoor products for fitness activities is also a good idea for products. There are a plethora of options you can choose from.

Phone accessories

Phone accessories are also a good idea for your business. Apart from buying phones, people also prefer to buy headsets, protective covers etcetera. You can start selling the necessities related to mobile phones as your own business.

Reusable Bags

The reusable bag is a HOT TOPIC. I have sold it in my store. And the result was a large number of sales.

Reusable bags can be used to carry goods. The good thing about reusable bags is that they can be used over and over again. This makes them a worth-while purchase.

Smart backpacks

Smart backpacks are like normal backpacks other than some tech addition. Usually, they can charge your devices or have specific compartments for your tech goods. They are also useful for outdoor trips or other occasions.

Smart backpacks

Workout accessories

Workout accessories include items one can use to carry out their workouts at home. Mats, exercise items etcetera are some examples.

Everyone does not go to the gym. That point made me learn about HOME WORKOUT ACCESSORIES.

LED lights

LED lights are also quite a popular item you can sell. LED lights are used as a necessity in the form of LED bulbs. You can deal with these necessary products and make your own brand.

Rain Ponchos

I got the idea of selling a rain poncho when I was OUTSIDE on an adventure. It has a high demand.

Rain ponchos are also very useful as well as a famous product. People need to keep themselves from getting wet when it rains and umbrellas can be a bit of a hassle. You can just put on a rain poncho and save yourself from getting wet.

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15 Ways To Make Money On Amazon

How LeelineSourcing Help You Find Best Private Label Manufacturers in China toExpand Your Amazon Brand Business

LeelineSourcing can help you by finding private label manufacturers in China so you can increase your field of operation. They can help you out by providing the following services.

 1. Guide you to find Right Private label manufacturers

LeelineSourcing will help you to find proper and authentic manufacturers. You can avoid time-wasters and low-quality manufacturers.

Leeline is the best SOURCING service I have ever used. More than a decade of experience makes them a top choice.

Instead, you will be able to find the proper manufacturers who will be able to help you. By providing quality products, your business will be able to grow.

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Right Private label manufacturers

2. Provide OEM and ODM service

OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturing while ODM means Original Design Manufacturing. These two are different from one another.

OEM is when the company makes the products on its own and then sells them. ODM means the directions for manufacturing are given by the receiving company. These are also some services provided by LeelineSourcing.

3. Private label design

Private label design means the way the private label product will be finalized and sold. LeelineSourcing will help you make a nice design so you can attract customers.

Private label design can be more difficult than it sounds. When you are selling your product, you have to create a design that can attract a shopper.

4. Confirm and Follow-up your order

Confirmation and follow-ups are important when ordering. Confirming an order makes sure that the order contains the right number of ordered items.

If you make a mistake when placing an order and you don’t get to correct it, it can lead to some major problems. When you confirm your order and review it, you will hopefully be able to avoid such problems.

My experience: 

Leeline does the tracking job for you. It is essential to know their current status with exact follow-up.

5. Quality Control and Inspection

Quality control and inspection are fundamental when buying goods. If you order products and accept them without checking them, who knows what you can take in by mistake?

LeelineSourcing helps you to maintain the standard of your goods. This is done by selecting only the right products and leaving out the defective or low-quality specimens.

6. Expert in paperwork to clear customs

Customs are a headache especially when customs require the certifications like CE or UL.

Paperwork is necessary for this sort of purchase. There are legal procedures that need to be taken care of. LeelineSourcing can help you by providing assistance in the paperwork so you can clear customs easily.

7. Arrange for Cargo Transport

Finally, when everything is taken care of, you need to move the products. Leeline Sourcing can help you by providing suitable means to move your products. This step also requires care and attention so that all your goods can safely reach you.

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FAQs about Amazon Brand Stores

Here are some frequently asked questions:

1. Who Can Create an Amazon Brand Store?

Sellers with the professional seller account can create an Amazon Brand Store. They will need to register with Amazon Brand Registry and fit a certain criterion if they want to open their own store on Amazon.

2. How to Get the Most Out of an Amazon Store?

You can get the most out of your Amazon Store by customizing it in an attractive manner.

You should use the correct method of displaying your products so that customers can easily see everything. You should showcase your products properly with suitable text for ease and efficiency.

3. Is creating an Amazon Brand Store free?

Yes, it is free. Creating an Amazon Brand Store is free for brand owners. If you fit a certain criterion, you can make your own store. There is no additional charge.

4. How long does it take to create an Amazon Brand Store?

There are a few steps included in the process. The time taken can depend upon various factors. This involves what you want to sell, how you want to showcase, and similar aspects.

You create the pages for your site yourself. If you want to make many pages and edit them, it will take a long time. If your business is small and you are offering a small range of products, then your time taken will be less.

5. How to Measure the Performance of Amazon Brand Store?

While there are many ways to see how a brand store is doing, you can see the performance by the Store Insights.

Store Insights show how the store is doing. There are various sorts of analyses you can see and decide how you can improve.


Final thoughts on Amazon Brand Stores

Amazon Brand Store is a good service provided by Amazon. It can help small and big companies to showcase their products efficiently and easily.

They can apply their own innovative methods of displaying products. They can create a number of pages to show categories and different products.

This service is useful and effective if used correctly. Serious sellers can use this to make their presence known online.

There are many different ways to customize your store. There are various existing stores that can help you realize what aspects must be shaped.

This was some basic information on Amazon Brand Stores. Amazon Brand Stores are a nice service and they can be very helpful to a business.

If used correctly, Amazon Brand Stores can take a business from one level to another. A separate platform for your products can mean a lot to the company.

By showcasing everything with ease and freedom, the company can please its customers and show them what they want to see.

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