How to Optimize Your Amazon Product Listings

Amazon algorithm is an efficient and iterative search methodology, which reads, scans, and analyze the data.

This search methodology determines the products, which are ideal matches for the customers’ query and most relevant to the customer’s search.

Therefore, to rank the products on the top for the relevancy of the customers’ searches, the sellers will need Amazon Listing Optimization.

If you want to improve the Amazon Listing Optimization, continue the reading, you will learn the ways to optimize your amazon product listings.

How to Optimize Your Amazon Product Listings

What is Amazon Listing Optimization?

Amazon Listing Optimization is the process through which you can upgrade the product pages so that you can improve their search visibility.

Beside it, through Amazon Listing Optimization, you can also improve the click-through rate and conversion rate, which ultimately generates more sales for your store.

The Amazon Listing Optimization includes the keyword discovery, optimization of the listing text, and product image. So you can get more number of reviews.

It is a fact that Amazon Listing Optimization is one of the essential tools, which an Amazon seller should use to get potential buyers.

The following are the fundamental approaches for product optimization:

  1. Search terms: keyword search and on-page activity
  2. Contest: product’s information, text, and images
  3. Reviews: reviews of customers, and their queries

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Why do you Need to Optimize Your Amazon Product Listings?

If you want to rank your product higher in Amazon search results, you need to use the Amazon SEO. It will help you in Amazon Listing optimization and will increase the traffic and sales at your store.

·  Improve Product Search Visibility

Do you want HIGHER VISIBILITY? I believe every seller has this aim on the TOP of the selling.

To successfully sell the products to your customers, you need to ensure that customers can easily see your products.

The customers use the left navigation tool to browse the shops and categories. And the main search bar remains the most common method of locating the required item.

So, you should use the Amazon SEO approach to your product’s keywords and optimize them accordingly.

The product title should be descriptive, helpful, and easy to understand. You should avoid punctuation and caps, as the customers do not use them while searching for the products.

Furthermore, do not include the title, merchant, and brand information in your character search terms.

Most of the people used to search the products through the search bar, but many customers use the left-hand navigation column too.

So, always use both the browse nodes in your product listing to ensure that users can get to your product when drilling down into the product category.

  • Click-Through Rate (CTR)

Just like the other search engines, Amazon has its algorithm to rank the products based on the search queries.

Amazon works on the principles of the click-through rate. The CTR determines the ranking of the products.

The products with more clicks can get higher ranks in the Amazon product listings, as compared to others who have fewer clicks through rate.

So, if you want to optimize your product’s listing, improve the click-through rate. The product images play a vital role in increasing your product’s CTR and help to maintain the higher ranks in Amazon search.

The listing optimization is also an essential factor for the Amazon search algorithm.

  • Conversion Rate (CR)

The product conversation rate is also an important factor, just like the click-through rate.

The CTR increases the amount of traffic at your store, while CR increases the % of that traffic into potential buyers. So, both of these elements are necessary for the sale.

The conversion rate is more about the rational and emotional brain. Shoppers should note that they are getting the best products that meet their needs. Therefore, it is the best exchange of value for money on Amazon.

·  Improve Product Ranking

The optimization tools help a lot to improve the product rankings. Amazon tries to help the customers in improving the availability of their products.

You can use keywords and many other tools to enhance the product rankings. Beside it, the click-through rate and conversion rate also play a vital role in improving the product’s classification.

·  Increase Product Traffic and Sales

Being an Amazon seller, you need to improve the product traffic and sale. And the best way to get the customers is by enhancing the product ranking.

You should try all the tools to attract buyers, so try to present your product in a better way. Try to upload the product images, its description, and products’ reviews.

It will help the customers to learn more about the product’s features. And the customers can also compare the product with others to know about the benefits of your product.


How to Optimize Your Amazon Product Listings?

Amazon product listing can be broken into seven different components, which are given below.

Every section leads the buyers to your store and helps them in deciding if they should purchase the product or not. Your listings should be search friendly and unique.

So, you can get the attention of buyers. You can also use the Amazon listing optimization tools for this purpose.

The complete description of all the seven components is given below; you can get through it to optimize each element in your Amazon listing.

1.  Product Title

For most of the categories, Amazon permits the sellers a product’s title length of 250 characters. And when you are listing your products, you can use all the real estate Amazon offers you.

The title plays a very crucial role, as the title gives enough information to the buyers; so they can easily decide whether they will buy or not.

Try to include the most vital information, which you would want to see while searching for the product like brand, model, size, color, quantity, and many more.

Once I made a MISTAKE in writing a big-length title. The result was a TOTAL failure. 

You should include the keywords and brand name in your title, but keep in mind that you are writing for the humans, not for the robots.

  • Don’t Use All Caps

It is highly recommended not to use all the caps. It may not appeal to the customers, and it may look like someone is yelling at you.

  • Capitalize The First Letter Of Each Word

Instead of using all the caps, it’s better and appealing to capitalize each word of the title.  Do not capitalize on the conjugation, article, or preposition.

  • Use “And” Not Ampersands (&)

According to experts, one must use “and” instead of ampersands (&), as “and” looks more appealing and adds the beauty to the title.

  • All Numbers Should Be Numerals

In the product title, you must use the numerals instead of using the numbers, like use seven instead of 7.

Furthermore, the units of measurements should be carefully spelled out; for instance, use 6 inches instead of 6” and 6 pounds instead of 6lbs.

  • Don’t Include Price And Quantity

It is highly recommended not to mention things like fees shipping, price of the items, and quantity of goods.

  • No Promotional Messages Such As Discount Or Sale

Do not mention the reference things like free shipping or running scale, and do not list the actual price in the product title.

  • No Symbols

Try to avoid the symbols; it may make your title less appealing.

Product Title

2.  Product Images

Amazon allows the sellers to upload nine product images at a time, including the lead image. You can include many high-quality photos as you want with the size of 1000 pixels wide and 500 pixels high.

For most of the products, try to use a white background for the main image. And for the other photos, try to show your product from different angles, show the product in use.

You should also upload a picture of product packaging. According to Amazon, an image can fill at least 8% of the image.

The photos also demonstrate the size and scale of the product that you are selling. So, try to upload the best pictures, as they can help the customers to decide whether they should buy or not. Overall, you should include more than one photo.

  • Use Images With A Size Of 1000 X 500 Pixels

You must upload an image of 1000 x 500 pixels so that the customers can get a better idea about the product. And make a better decision.

  • Using A White Background For The Main Image

While uploading the main image of the product, make sure that it must have a white background.

  • Show Your Product From Different Angles

Amazon allows you to upload mulitple photos, so you have to choose to upload the multiple images. You can take pictures of a product from different angles and upload the. It will let the customers get a better idea of the products.

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Product Images

3.  Key Product Features

Amazon gives almost 1000 characters to the sellers so that they can describe the key product features.

And I regard it as the BEST 1000 characters to describe the products. You should be METICULOUS at this point. 

So, use it wisely and try to explain that your product is better than the competition by explaining the benefits of your product.

Put yourself in the customer’s shoes and give them an idea of how they will look after wearing the shoes. And this way, you can also explain the benefit of using your product.

You can use bullet points to highlight the benefits and key features of the product. The length of the bullet points depends on the product category that you are selling.

  • Highlight The Top Five Features You Want Customers To Consider

You should mention the key features of your products; it will help the customers to get an idea about your product at just one sight.

  • Begin Each Bullet Point With A Capital Letter

You should use the bullet points to add the description of your product. It helps the customers to go through all the details of your product very quickly.

  • Be Specific With Product Features And Attributes

Try to mention only those features which make your product different from others. So, customers can understand what differentiates your product from others.

  • Do Not Including Pricing, Shipping Or Company Information (Amazon Prohibits This)

Amazon does not allow using the price and quantity of the products. And you should also not mention the offers like sales, offers or free shipment.

  • Use A Consistent Tone

You must keep the tone consistent while describing the description of the products.

amazon key product features

4.  Product Description

The next important component in Amazon listing optimization is the product description. I am very DETAILED at this point. Do you know why? Because it can GENERATE more sales.

The product description allows the sellers to demonstrate how their product is superior to the others, and why they should buy your product.

Amazon offers more than 2000 characters to show the potential customers what your product is and what it does.

Try to use all characters so that you can elaborate on all the features of your product in a better way.

You must use short sentences, as it is easier for the buyers to read. Furthermore, you can also highlight critical information.

You can include all the essential details about the product or company at this step.

Do not try to add every minor detail about the product or embellish here. It may mislead the customers.

  • Use Light HTML To Break Up Paragraphs And Embolden Essential Information

It is better to keep the sentence s and paragraph short, so the customers can easily read them. Therefore, you can use the HTML to break the paragraphs.

  • Include The Keywords That You’ve Don’t Have In Your Title Or Backend Keyword Section

Try to include all the keywords, which you have already used or note. It is the best place to use all of your keywords, and the Amazon keyword tool may help you here.

  • Don’t Include Your Seller Name, Website URL, And Company Information.

Amazon does not allow using the name of the seller, website URL, and the company’s information. So, we must avoid them in describing your product in a better way.

Product Description

5.  Keywords

For Amazon Listing Optimization, you can use the keywords. But the sellers must know what keywords they are targeting and ranking for.

Do not misuse the keywords, as most of the Amazon sellers do; it is the most common mistake that most of the sellers made.

Try to use the relevant keywords, and you can add the keywords to your title or product features.

You should add the keywords to the appropriate places and place them as your product features. And to find the keywords, you must think like a customer looking for your product.

At this platform, you can also use the backend keywords, which Amazon offers to its sellers; so you can enhance their product desirability.

But do not use the same backend keyword which you used in the title, as the Amazon can penalize you for keywords stuffing.

  • The Misuse Of Keywords: Only Use Relevant Keywords

Amazon facilitates the sellers to describe their product in a better way, but keep in mind that you must not overuse the keywords. The misuse of keywords can be a real problem for you.

  • Don’t Use The Same Backend Keywords That You Use In Your Title Etc.

Amazon facilitates the sellers by providing the backend keywords, but make sure these keywords have not already been used.

Amazon keywords

6.  Product Reviews

The product reviews are critical on Amazon. The product reviews provide the social proof of which product is of a high standard. But, getting product reviews is not easy, especially for new sellers or new products.

You can also use the automated feedback services, such as FeedbackExpress can take the hassle out of the requesting product reviews.

Requesting the reviews has been a GREAT idea for my business. Ensure the client doesn’t get irritated. 

You want to win from your competitors, use the templates. It offers higher levels of engagement for the buyers.

  • Run Campaigns And Promotions To Get More Product Reviews

The sellers can also run campaigns and promotions. It can help them to get more product reviews from the customers.

  • Using Templates Proven To Result In Higher Levels Of Engagement From Buyers

You can use the templates, which have been proved to be the best engagement tools for getting reviews from the sellers.

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Ask Customers for Reviews

7.  Competitive Pricing

The final element for the Amazon Listing Optimization tool is competitive pricing. You should make sure that the prices of all the products have been selected competitively.

Keep in mind that all the sellers are offering the same products, so you should provide a competitive price to get the customers, as the price is a crucial factor.

You can also use software like RepricerExpress; it can help you to keep your listings competitively priced.

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The latter will provide you the products direct from the factory.

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Competitive Pricing

How Leeline Sourcing Helps You Properly Optimize Amazon Listing and Find Reliable Amazon Suppliers

When you are looking for a product, the buyer enters the keyword on the Amazon search bar. The results generated by the platform offers the relevant results from their catalog and rank them according to the keyword relevancy.

The algorithm of Google is different from Amazon. The following are the significant factors that contribute to your product’s ranking on the search result page of Amazon.

  1. Product conversion rate
  2. High relevancy is likely to gain a more top ranking.
  3. Customer satisfaction and retention

The Leeline Sourcing helps in the factors as mentioned earlier. It helps to optimize the product’s listing and in finding reliable suppliers.

The company offers a list of reliable suppliers and their details. So the buyers can contact them and source the products.

The company also visits the company to ensure the quality of goods. You can also visit the factory; it will help you to know about the quality of goods. The company tries to help Amazon buyers so that they can get the best products.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The following are the most relevant question, which an Amazon want to ask while Amazon Listing Optimization.

·  What Is A Good Amazon Sales Rank?

Amazon sale rank demonstrates how well your product is selling as compared to other products of its category.

The product sales rank is a number which is given according to the demand or sale of the product, and smaller the number the best will be the product.

·  How Do You Increase The Amazon Reviewer Ranking?

To improve the Amazon reviewer ranking, follow the given tips:

  1. Leave reviews and as many as possible.
  2. Try to use professional language while reviewing the product.
  3. Try to provide the details of the products, including photographs.
  4. Format your reviews into bullets, and mention the good and bad points separately
  5. Keep in mind that customers are reading your reviews, and they will buy the products.

·  Are Fake Reviews Illegal?

No one will punish you for good reviews, even though if they are fake. It is not illegal to give fake reviews, as there are so many people who did it.

·  What Sells The Most On Amazon?

Amazon prepares a list of best selling products. And this list includes all types of products such as toys, books, video games, and many others.

Furthermore, they used to update the list hourly. The following are the top-selling products:

  1. Books
  2. Clothing, shoes, and jewelry
  3. Electronics
  4. Toys and games

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Do I Need To Private Label To Sell On Amazon

·  How Does Amazon Manage Quality?

If you are an Amazon seller and try to sell the low-quality goods, Amazon will cancel your listings.

Furthermore, Amazon will limit or suspend or may be blocking you, and you may not sell the products. They also remove your FBA inventory and withholds the payments.

To ensure the availability of the right quality products, Amazon used to do the followings:

  1. Amazon does the pre-shipment inspections
  2. Check the labeling and packaging of the products

Final Thoughts about Amazon Listing Optimization

Being an Amazon seller, if you want that your products appear on the top of the list whenever a customer searches them, you need Amazon Listing Optimization.

You can create the best title for your product by using different keywords that will help your product to appear at the top of the Google search page.

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