Amazon Seller Performance: Ultimate Guide


Amazon is working hard to achieve and maintain a high level of customer service.

So, the sellers can meet the requirements of customers and provide the best quality products.

Amazon seller performance let the Amazon monitor the performance of sellers at every step.

So, this way, Amazon sellers work proactively and resolve the issues of the customers as early as possible.

If you have started selling products on Amazon and want to know about the Amazon seller performance, you can continue the reading; hopefully, this guide will work for you.

Review Seller Metrics

What is Amazon Seller Performance?

Amazon seller performance has the authority to approve, block, or suspend the selling accounts.

Amazon has a team, which monitors all the activities of the sellers. The team monitors the way sellers are selling the goods and their dealings with the customers.

And if they found that a seller is supplying prohibited products or is unable to ship the orders on time, Amazon can suspend the account of the seller. Amazon cares about their customers.

How Does It Work?

Amazon tries to keep an eye on the performance of sellers through Amazon seller performance. And the following are the errors you need to avoid as an Amazon seller.

Order Defect Rate

If the sellers fail to fulfill the requirements of the sellers, they will leave negative feedback for you.

That is what I never expect from my customers. Therefore, I try to provide them with PREMIUM SERVICES.

Amazon will take notice of your performance and may suspend your account. The defective order rate should be less than 1%. Otherwise, it can harm you a lot.

Pre-Fulfilment Cancel Rate

Being a seller, you should make sure not to cancel the orders; it will make the customers unhappy. Your pre-fulfillment cancel rate should be less than 2.5%.

Late Shipment Rate

The customers cannot wait to get their orders, so try to deliver the orders as early as possible. Your late shipment rate must be below 4%, and this happens mostly with non-FBA sellers.

I have got my ACCOUNT suspended by Amazon just due to HIGH late shipments. It is agony for business.

Policy Violations

Try not to violate the policies, and for that purpose, you must keep all of your documentation complete. Furthermore, you must keep the inventory updated and read all the emails which Amazon sends to you.

On-Time Delivery

Most importantly, you should make sure that the customers are getting their orders on time. Otherwise, they will cancel their orders, and you may face the consequences.

Contact Response Time

How will you feel if you get a late response from a seller? A buyer would SURELY move on to the next seller. Therefore, I remain ONLINE and REPLY fast.

It can be harder for new sellers. Being seller, you have only 24 hours to respond to the sellers’ emails. It means you must have a person who can respond to these emails all the time.

What Actions Can Put You At Risk Of Trouble With Amazon Seller Performance?

If you are a seller at Amazon, you should focus on your performance and try to satisfy the customers. The following are the factors that can put you in trouble.

Amazon Account Isn’t “Healthy.”

Account health is a summary of seller’s Amazon performance based on six categories, including cancellation rate, order defect rate, late shipment rate, on-time delivery, policy violation, and contact response time.

It is essential to keep the account healthy; otherwise, you may have to face the circumstances. If you are a seller and your account is not healthy, you should take an Amazon performance review.

It will help you to know the pints where you need to pay attention to improve your amazon performance; otherwise, you may lose all of your money and efforts.

Amazon Account Suspension

If the sellers fail to perform well on this platform or they may not fulfill the orders on time, the Amazon can take notice, and your account may get suspended.

Amazon always keeps an eye on the performance of the sellers. Whenever they find any issue, they can suspend the account of the seller.

There can be many reasons for the account suspension. Still, above all, it happens when the seller fails to make the customers happy.

Amazon will not suspend your account at once, you will have to pay the penalty, and meanwhile, you will get a chance to improve your performance.

So, if your account health is not good enough, you must pay attention to improve your performance.

Amazon Account Suspension

Account Closure / Termination

If the sellers fail to show ant improvements, and Amazon keeps on receiving the claims from the customers, Amazon will take strict action and will suspend the account of the sellers.

Therefore, it is better to improve your performance as a seller, as Amazon can never change its mind regarding a suspended account.

How To Manage Your Amazon Accounts?

Amazon seller performance plays a vital role in the success of your career. Excellent performance can make you a success story; otherwise, it will ruin all of your efforts and money.

1. Serve The Amazon Customer

The customers are significant as they can purchase the products and give you a considerable amount of money in return.

And I crave that amount. I am providing GREAT quality products to all of my customers.

So, you must try to take the entire required step to satisfy the customers and to make them happy. It is the only way to improve your Amazon seller performance.

Being a seller on Amazon, try to provide the best products to your customers. And also make sure the customers are receiving their parcels on time.

Otherwise, it will ruin all over your efforts and money, as Amazon will suspend your account.

2. If In Doubt, Contact Seller Support

If you face any problem while selling on Amazon, you need to contact the seller support. It’s better to inform the Amazon first before you take any action.

3. Know and Communicate With Your Suppliers

If you are facing any issue regarding the product quality or any problem, let the supplier know about it.

It the products are not according to the requirements, the quality is low, or products seem to be expensive; you can ask the supplier about replacement or refunds.

This type of issue mostly happens with the non-FBA sellers; in the case of Amazon FBA sellers, the customers are always happy with the Amazon seller performance.

I have always NEGOTIATED with the suppliers. It reduces any CONCERNS or misconceptions about being a HURDLE in business deals.

4. Keep Organized All Of The Purchase Order And Shipping Paperwork

Being Amazon seller, you must keep your product listings updated and shipping papers always ready; otherwise, you may face serious issues.

Above all, it will keep you always ready to receive and ship the orders. And you can deliver a large number of orders these ways, which can benefit both you and your career as Amazon seller.

Keep Organized All Of The Purchase Order And Shipping Paperwork

How To Reinstate Amazon Selling Privileges?

Amazon keeps an eye over the sellers, every minute, and every second, so their performance can be monitored.

Amazon evaluates the performance of the sellers after every sale and also monitors the emails of the sellers.

Amazon monitors the seller at every step to make sure that the seller is performing within some specific limitations in this marketplace.

It is beneficial in keeping the Amazon customers happy and informed. Amazon tracks and monitors the performance of the customers on a series of customer services.

According to Amazon, if a seller is failed to make the customers happy, it will not put your account into negative standing.

Still, if you got to fail to show improvement, it will affect your account negatively.

All of these issues may restrict your selling privileges on the Amazon. So, if it has happened to you, you will have to take the following steps.

Step 1: Find Out The Reason Why Your Selling Privileges Are Restricted Or Removed

If your selling privileges are restricted or removed, then you need to consider a lot of things. For instance, you must consider your performance as a seller on Amazon.

Being a seller on Amazon, try to follow all the rules and sell only those products which Amazon allows you. Otherwise, they will restrict your selling privileges.

  • Sell Counterfeit Products

Amazon has stringent rules which they follow at every step and also expect from you to take steps according to them.

But if being seller, you are not performing according to their rules; you are going lose all of your investments.

If you sell any sort of fake or cheap quality products, Amazon will warn you, and it may affect you negatively. So, it can be a reason for the restriction of selling privileges.

  • Sell Prohibited Products That You Don’t Know

Amazon let the sellers sell only a few products, and prohibit selling some specific items. So, before you start selling products on Amazon, you should know about the allowed and prohibited products.

If you have sold some prohibited products, you may have to pay the penalty for it. Amazon can restrict your selling privileges

Find Out The Reason Why Your Selling Privileges Are Restricted Or Removed

Step 2: Review Seller Metrics And Determine Which One Does Not Meet The Performance Targets

Amazon monitors the performance of a seller based on a series of customer service metrics. And if being seller, you become fail to succeed on these metrics; your account can get in trouble.

The other side is also essential, and if you perform well according to these metrics, your featured merchant status may remain in good standing.

You will find many metrics on this platform that remains in trouble with these performance metrics. The account of such merchants is not suspended, but they lose their featured merchant status.

  • Order Defect Rate

The order defect rate depends on three measures. Amazon, through the order defect rate, makes sure that the orders of the sellers are not falling into defect mode; and if they fall, it should not be more than 1%.

  • Negative Feedback Rate

The negative feedback rate defines the number of orders which received the negative feedback, divided by the number of orders in the period of interest.

Negative FEEDBACK means I am not providing what customers need. At that point, I get FEEDBACK about the improvements in products.

  • Make Sure You Run An Honest Business With Legitimate, High-Quality Product

Being the seller on Amazon, you have to be an honest and reliable seller. You should try to sell the best quality goods, which must fulfill the needs and standards of the customers.

Otherwise, the customers will not be happy with your performance, and you may have to face negative feedback.

Review Seller Metrics
  • A-To-Z Claim Rate

It is the number of the orders which have been received an A-to-Z guarantee claim divided by the number of orders of the period of interest.

While computing the A-to-Z guarantee claim rate, all the claims of the customers are considered, in any status, filed by the buyers.

Such types of claims, most of the time, happens when the customer fails to satisfy the customers and fails to sort out the problem of the buyers.

If the customers are not happy with the performance of the seller, they can contact the sellers. But of both sellers and buyers fail to resolve all the issues through emails or other ways.

The buyer has the authority to contact the Amazon. The buyer can use the fall-back option to contact the amazon and let them know about the whole issue.

The customers can have many issues; for instance, the quality of the product may not be according to the charged price.

Therefore, customers can ask for refunds, and the seller may not agree to pay the money. So, in this scenario, the customer can file the A-to-Z claim directly to the Amazon and can resolve the issues.

A-t-Z claim is like a piece of bad news for the sellers because it shows that the customer is not capable of resolving the issues. Therefore, Amazon handles all the matters and resolves all the problems.

After submitting the claims through A-to-Z claims, customers will not be able to blame the Amazon. Amazon did not consider the conversation between the sellers and customers.

  • Try To Work With The Customer To Resolve The Issue

If you have any issues with customers, try to resolve them as early as possible, and satisfy the customers. And if you fail to satisfy them, then customers will use the A-t-Z claims to let the Amazon know about your performance.

After the customers have filed the claims through A-to-Z claims, Amazon handles all the issues it is self.

The primary purpose of this check and balance is to make the Amazon customers happy and satisfied and to monitor the performance of the sellers in this marketplace.

So, Amazon seller performance is constructive for knowing the performance of all the sellers on this platform.

Review Seller Metrics Check
  • Service Chargeback Rate

The seller performance at Amazon is significant and crucial for the success of the business.

If the sellers can make the customers happy through their performance, then they can be allowed to continue their career as a seller on Amazon. On the other hand, Amazon can suspend their account.

You can calculate the service chargeback rate, and for that purpose, divide the number of orders which have been received the service card chargeback with the number of orders in the period of interest.

The service chargeback includes chargeback issues except which are not a claim of unauthorized or fraudulent use.

Amazon guarantees the sellers that they will not be responsible for this type of issue. Mostly service chargebacks include the non-receipt or damaged or improperly described merchandise.

  • Cancellation Rate

The cancellation rate is the number of canceled orders by the sellers before they were shipped.

For instance, if you got 100 orders but canceled five before you got around to ship-confirming them, you will have a 5% cancellation rate.

The sellers can cancel orders because of many reasons; for instance, the seller may not have enough inventories in stock, or an unexpected issue occurred in the price of the products. In both of these situations, the seller will have to face the penalty.

If the seller has canceled the order, the seller may face a significant rise in the cancellation rate. Furthermore, the situation gets worse when the seller faces negative feedback due to the cancellation rate.

In such type of situations, Amazon cancels the seller privileges. So, being a seller, you should track the entire inventory on time.

If you are selling at different marketplaces, you can make use of software to know about your inventory. And if you are not using any software, you can also think about Amazon FBA.

You will not only get the inventory through FBA, but they will also store your inventory, ship them, and will also handle the refunds or returns.

  • Track Your Inventory In Real-Time

You should keenly observer your inventory, and so you can ensure a constant supply of goods to your customers; otherwise, it can be problematic for you.

You can take help from different software or Amazon FBA to manage your inventory.

If you are using the Amazon FBA, then make sure that you are posting the real inventory levels on the Amazon. For instance, if you have ten pcs, you must mention that you have seven pcs.

It will keep you safe from negative feedback and many other problems. And it will also give you some buffer.

You can play with the buffers, depending on how good you are at monitoring the real-time inventory. But above all, the best option to ensure the constant supply of goods is through FBA.

How to Master amazon fba inventory management for your amzon business
  • Late Shipment Rate

It is a very crucial factor for the success of a business. The customers can become happy only if they get their parcels on time.

They will not wait long to get the products and will search for some alternatives. And as a result, you may have to face some issues.

So, being an Amazon seller, you must be able to ship the orders on time. Otherwise, the late shipments will lead towards customer claims and negative feedback, which can affect your seller performance Amazon.

The issue happens mostly with the non-FBA orders, so to keep yourself away from such types of situations, you can take help from the Amazon FBA.

  • Let Your Orders Ship Through FBA

It is better to use the FBA shipping, as they are fast enough to deliver the orders on time.

The non-FBA orders can never reach on time, which causes a sudden increase in the number of orders; which a seller cannot handle.

Therefore, it is quite better to let the FBA handle your inventory as well as shipping.

Instead of delivering all the orders through FBA shipping, you can move some products to FBA during the peak periods.

Otherwise, you will have to hire more staff to do order fulfillment, but you will not be willing to do so for just a short period.

Amazon fulfillment centers know how to handle all of these problems, so make it Amazon’s problem, not yours.

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The Benefits of Amazon FBA

Step 3: Create A Plan Of Action

The seller performance team, Amazon will not accept lame excuses from your side. The Amazon wants to listen from you what has happened exactly, and you will have to explain the sections actions that you are taking to eliminate the root causes.

If you have done something wrong, it is better to admit your fault; explain what has precisely happened to the seller performance team Amazon.

The seller performance team just wants to know the exact issue and their possible solution from you. So, it is better to prepare an action plan to satisfy them.

  • Be Clear, And Concise.

The seller performance team Amazon just wants a detailed description from your side about the exact reason and their possible solution to the issue.

So you should have to be concise and clear through your plan of action. And try to avoid some extra details.

  • Explain all issues

Being a seller, you should try to provide the exact reasons for the issues to the seller performance team Amazon.

So, they can get an idea about the issue and can help you in finding the possible solutions.

If you failed to provide the required explanations, the seller performance team Amazon would take action against you. Amazon may cancel your selling privileges or may suspend your account.

  • Include Supporting Evidence For All Items

It is better to support all of your points through evidence. The sellers used to make mistakes, but keep in mind that you must have the evidence or data to support your point.

If you are getting what is happening exactly, you can formulate a hypothesis to provide an explanation to the seller performance team Amazon about the exact happenings.

  • Highlight Areas In Your Supporting Documents

You can also high light those areas which are in your support. So the seller performance team Amazon can decide in your favor.

Otherwise, you will have to pay the huge cost of every mistake you made in this marketplace.

performance team Amazon

Step 4: Send The Plan To The Seller Performance Team Along With The Request For Reinstatement

You can send you to plan to the seller performance team Amazon and can ask them for reinstatement.

You can let the seller performance team Amazon know about the exact issue, the main reason for all these happenings, and the possible solutions through the action plans. You can also provide the pieces of evidence and

Step 5: Watch Your Email For A Decision From Amazon

After the submission of the action plan, you will have to wait for the email from the seller performance team Amazon.

Amazon takes 1-2 WEEKS or even less time. I wait until AMAZON gives me a reply.

So you can get to know about their decision. You should try to make sure that you will not repeat the same mistake ever again.

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Watch Your Email

How Do I Contact Sellers Amazon Performance Team?

If you are a seller at Amazon and your selling privileges have been restricted, contact the seller performance team Amazon.

You can inform them about your problems through seller performance amazon email.

You need to take notice of the exact problem and then create the plan of action and send it to the seller performance team Amazon and can take help from them.

The following are the mail addresses of the seller performance team Amazon, working at different marketplaces.

US: [email protected]

If you want to contact the seller performance team Amazon in the United States, you can use this email address. You can discuss all of your issues with them.

UK: [email protected]

If you want to contact the seller performance team Amazon working in United Kingdom, you will have to use this email address. And let the seller performance team Amazon to know about your issues.

FR: [email protected]

This email address can be used to discuss any issue with the Amazon team. And especially if you’re selling privileges have been restricted.

DE: [email protected]

If you are facing any problem while selling at the platform of Amazon, you can contact them at any time. Amazon tries to help the sellers and sort out all the related issues.

JP: [email protected]

If you want to contact this great marketplace, you can send them an email by using this email. And hopefully, all of your issues will be resolved.

ES: [email protected]

Amazon tries to help the sellers at every step, and you can contact them through the above-given email; in case of any issue.

IT: [email protected]

The Amazon seller performance can also make a mistake. If you feel so, you can contact them through the above-given email address and ask them to help you out in this situation.

CA: [email protected]

In case of any problem, it is better to contact Amazon and let them know about suffering. You can contact the Amazon seller performance team through the above-given email address.

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How Leeline Sourcing Help You Reinstate Amazon Selling Privileges And Find Reliable Amazon Suppliers.

Leeline sourcing helps the Amazon sellers to maintain and improve their Amazon seller performance in several ways.

The company helps the sellers in finding the best products from Chinese markets and inspects the quality of products.

The company makes sure the supply of all the quality goods on time and also handles all the documentation.

So, you can contact them and handover all of your dealings to them. In this way, you can focus on your performance as a seller on Amazon.

And if you are an FBA seller, Leeline sourcing helps you in the same in sorting out all of your problems.

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Amazon FBA Sourcing Agent

FAQs About Amazon Seller Performance

The following are the questions, which most of the sellers as about the Amazon seller performance.

1. How long does it take to get approved as an Amazon seller?

It may take just 15 minutes or several months to get approved your account. It depends on the products which you are going to sell on Amazon.

2. What Cannot be sold on Amazon?

Being a seller on Amazon, you must be aware of the products which you can sell on Amazon. And if you try to sell the prohibited products on Amazon, it may lead you towards account suspension.

At the platform of Amazon, you cannot sell alcoholic beverages, sky lanterns, gift cards, vehicle tires, loose packages, batteries, defective items. Furthermore, you cannot sell all the products which are copied illegally.

3. Is Amazon saturated with sellers?

Amazon FBA is not saturated. During the first quarter of 2019, t53% of the paid units were sold by the 3edparty sellers. So, it means there is no shortage of buyers.

4. What are the best products to sell on Amazon?

The following are the best selling products on Amazon.

Clothing, shoes, and Jewellery
Toys & games

5. What can I sell on Amazon as a new seller?

Amazon lets the sellers sell whatever they want at his platform but within the specific limit, and that’s why prohibiting the sale of a few products also.

If you are a new seller, you must search for the products which you can sell on Amazon to earn money.

Amazon is a great marketplace to start your
online business. If you are a new seller, then you can sell batteries, mobile phones, clothes, shoes, and other electronic products in the beginning.

You should keep calm at the start, being Amazon seller you will take some time to get the positive feedback.

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Final Thoughts about Amazon Seller Performance

Amazon Seller Performance lets the sellers deal with the customers professionally.

If sellers fail to provide the required products on time, Amazon has the authority to cancel their selling privileges or even suspend their accounts.

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Aaron Patel
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Fantastic insights into improving Amazon seller performance. The strategies discussed here are actionable and can really help enhance visibility and sales. Great read!

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Your insights into Amazon seller performance metrics are invaluable. Could you share some strategies on improving customer feedback scores?

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This guide on optimizing Amazon Seller Performance is a lifeline for sellers! Your insights into managing account health and avoiding common pitfalls are invaluable. Has anyone successfully navigated account reinstatement after suspension? Would love to hear about your action plan and tips!

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Amanda Martinez
April 3, 2024 9:26 am

Improving seller performance on Amazon requires understanding nuanced metrics. This article provides a solid foundation, but real-world tips from experienced sellers would be invaluable.

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The insights into maintaining optimal seller performance on Amazon are invaluable, offering actionable strategies to improve ratings and customer satisfaction.

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Maintaining high seller performance on Amazon is key. This article provides useful strategies. Anyone willing to share their own tips for success?

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Maintaining high performance on Amazon is crucial. Any advice on managing customer feedback and keeping performance metrics in good standing?

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Optimizing seller performance on Amazon is key to success. What metrics do you consider most critical for new sellers to monitor?

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Fantastic article on boosting Amazon seller performance! The detailed strategies, especially on optimizing listings and leveraging FBA, are spot-on. A must-read for any Amazon seller looking to improve their game.

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Noah Kim
March 25, 2024 9:30 am

Super informative guide on Amazon Seller Performance! As a new seller, understanding the metrics and maintaining account health is daunting. The emphasis on customer satisfaction and the detailed steps for managing account issues are particularly helpful. I’d be interested to hear how others have successfully navigated performance improvements, especially in terms of reducing order defect rates.

March 23, 2024 2:16 am

Maintaining high seller performance on Amazon is crucial for success. Your tips and strategies are incredibly helpful. How often should one review their performance metrics for best results?

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March 22, 2024 8:47 am

This article on Amazon seller performance metrics is a game-changer! How often do these metrics get updated, and what’s the best way to monitor them in real-time?

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March 21, 2024 8:56 am

Great article! The emphasis on customer satisfaction metrics is particularly enlightening. Have you found any innovative strategies for improving customer feedback scores that you could share?

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