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How To Find a Sourcing Agent in China?

How To Choose Your China Supplier And Sourcing Agent

Getting a reliable Chinese agent is a great idea to help your business. The sourcing business has been growing fast in China for the past few years. Due to the limited geographical factors and language, or so on.It’s crucial to find a reliable local sourcing agent for your Chinese business. To do so, you can … Read more

Top 20 leading B2B E-commerce platforms

China accounts for a quarter of the worlds 20 leading B2B E commerce platforms

There are several B2B e-commerce platforms around the world that have been around for decades. T his article will list the top 20 B2B platforms in the world to make it easier for you to buy and sell products. The top 20 B2B Trading Platforms in the world 1. Amazon Business Amazon is one of … Read more

How not to lose money when sourcing from China?

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Q: How not to lose money when sourcing from China? A: Sometimes the letter of credit states that funds transfer to the seller upon provision of bill of lading (meaning the goods are on the boat and ready to ship). However, if the seller shipped you a box of rocks, you wouldn’t know until after … Read more

What are the advantages of working with Leeline sourcing?


Q.What are the advantages of working with Leeline sourcing? A. We are highly experienced at facilitating manufacturing in China and do not use agents. Our team based in China visit the factory directly to ensure you get the best price possible. We convey this information directly to you. This will improve your profit margin; we … Read more

How to Buy On Alibaba And Sell On Amazon?

How to Source Products From China on Alibaba for Amazon FBA meitu 4

Are you a seller on Amazon? To achieve a place among top sellers, you need to develop better quality control, lower prices, and, most importantly, trust for the buyer. So, where do you get all these? By sourcing properly. For example, buy on Alibaba and sell on Amazon. You might wonder, why? It helps you … Read more

Are You Selling Restricted Items on Amazon Marketplace?

leelinesourcing lulu Amazon Marketplace

Amazon is an online market place that has made life easy for many. Millions of various products are sold here. However, there are Amazon restricted products that could slow down your sales if you are looking to make that dollar. Quite often you may have a definite money making product that you want to sell … Read more