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Amazon selling
Q: Are you suppose to get profit from Facebook ads? I’m getting like 30 cent clicks on my FB Ads but I’m not really getting many sales from it. Is it my traffic quality/conversion rate or is this typical for Facebook ads? Do you guys get profit from FB ads or are you just using...
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Q: What other fees Amazon charge per unit except fba and sales commission? Amazon is charging me promotional rebate. Whats that? Anyone please? A: Amazon don’t charge you any promotional rebate. Rebate means this is a rebate payment back to you. Amazon give some special discount to buyer like 50% off out of good will. Not...
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Q: Hey guys, how many days we need to sell the same units as top guys for the keyword in order to rank on first page? It’s 7 or 10 days? Someone tested this? A: If you know how much they sell and you sell more? I have read it’s around 7 or 10 days. I have...
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Q: Hi I need an opinion. I have a product and I need to reorder again but I want to improve my product and it will be come less units in the pack so this is mean I will have to change the listing title and pictures. Can I do that or amazon will suspend my...
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Amazon is an online market place that has made life easy for many. Millions of various products are sold here. However, there are Amazon restricted products that could slow down your sales if you are looking to make that dollar. Quite often you may have a definite money making product that you want to sell...
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