Urgent Message: US Has Stepped Up Amazon FBA Clearance!

Amazon FBA

We have an urgent message for you!

The United States has stepped up its FBA clearance. Your shipment is in danger!

In an emergency notice, the DHL said US government agencies had stepped up their clearance of imported FBA cargoes under the 321 Act (U.S. Customs Regulation 19 CFR 10.151.Sec 321).

For any importers that meet the following criteria, they are no longer eligible for the 800USD/shipment tax exemption:

1. The same person sends the n (n>1) different goods to the same Amazon US store in a single day.

This n-ticket will be treated as a “split shipments” by the United States government, thus all of them will be converted to legal formalities requiring a formal clearance, regardless of whether the value of a single ticket is less than 800 USD.

3. According to US Customs clearance, Customs Clearance Regulation, the official clearance shipment needs to provide the recipient Employer Identity Number (EIN), but US Amazon does not provide any customs clearance support for FBA shipment.

On the basis of these procedures, all FBA shipments to the United States will be refused entry by the United States government once the above characteristics have been met and DHL can only return such items back to their place of origin.

With Prime Day about to open, Amazon stores have begun to overflow, and now the U.S. has enhanced customs clearance for incoming FBA shipment, a clear sign that it will be harder for US-based suppliers to clear their goods during the peak season. If the goods you have in stock in the peak season end up stuck in the customs and they get returned by DHL, then this year is basically unproductive for you. Remember the big promotion is a logistics relay, how does the seller coordinate the logistics service security and distribution economy during the promotion? (Related Article: How to Find A Suitable FBA Logistics Company in china For Amazon Selling)

FBA shipment

First, are the three common logistics predicaments.

1 Delay In Clearance

During the period of great promotion, the number of goods entering the country increases significantly. At this time, the state will strengthen the review of the customs clearance of goods and increase the inspection rate. Currently, the United States has distinctly increased the number of FBA audits.

2 Package Delivery Delay

Due to the increase in the number of packages all over the platform during the promotion period, the logistics channels are likely to crack into the stores, resulting in delays in delivery.

3 Loss Of  Package And Low Delivery Accuracy

The sudden increase in the volume of packages during the promotion period often results to loss of packages, as well as an increase in the probability of delivering the wrong goods, which may lead to a decrease in the seller’s overall rating.

Amazon FBA

Secondly, the reasons for the seizure of the goods.

a) The declared value of goods is too low (customs has reason to suspect tax evasion). The U.S. tariff threshold is 800 USD, but now the U.S. has new regulations, such as the new regulations published. Although Amazon’s FBA warehouses are all located in duty-free states, they may also generate new taxes and obligations within the FBA customs clearance process.

b) The goods and commodities filled in an unspecified and unclear manner. It is necessary to provide the certification letter again and specify the name of the goods and their use.

c) Incomplete product list and the certificate. Some special products need to be provided with the necessary documentation, such as eyeglasses, beauty accessories, and medical equipment. These products must be cleared by the U.S. Import Agency as “FDA”. If these documents cannot be provided, the products cannot be imported.

d) Anti-dumping products checked. These products are reflected in your commercial invoices, and 80% of them will be seized in the United States customs.

e) Counterfeit. According to US Amazon FBA shipping requirements in the United States, counterfeit products in Los Angeles or New York airport clearance 90% will be investigated, and thus the U.S. Amazon FBA has a high chance of being thoroughly scrutinized.

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Amazon FBA

What happens after the investigation of the FBA goods?

When the seller encounters FBA shipment seizure by the customs, the first thing is to examine the reason for the seizure. Because the customs regulations of each country and region are different. In the United States, the relevant customs department will give you an explanation. The sender or recipient must cooperate with the customs to provide the relevant documentation.

In the United States, the relevant customs department will give you an explanation. There must be a reason for the seizure. The sender or the recipient must cooperate with the customs and provide relevant documents.

The biggest difference between e-commerce and traditional trade is that e-commerce suppliers often have no actual trade consignees when they ship, unless some e-commerce sellers have set up their own companies as consignees in the United States and the European Union, but the U.S., EU shipping officials or Other companies are unwilling to accept tax and legal risks as trade consignees. Once the goods are confined, the seller not only faces the trouble of loss of goods but is also likely to end up in a sticky situation where both money and goods are lost. Therefore a serious and cautious supplier will prefer a logistics company with relatively strong clearance knowledge and connections to help with customs clearance, which can minimize risk occurrence.

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If you have any more questions about Amazon FBA, please do get in touch so we can assist you in getting the right information.


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